The Costume Party 2

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Nervously Tsuna enter his room. Inside 2 girls with mask waiting for him.

"Welcome, Sir. We will help you dressed up." One of them said. Tsuna look at them closely. The mask and the girls voice. It remembers him about Cervello girls. Ah, I must be thinks too hard.

"So, what costume will I wear?"

The girls give him a dress. Alice in Wonderland costume. "Uhm, I am a boy," he said slowly. Maybe the girls made a mistake in his costume.

"We know, Sir. But this is your costume." Then Tsuna realizes. That's true. When he enters the room they called him Sir.

"Uhm, okay. What should I do?"

"Please wear the costume and then we will help your makeup."

In 10 minutes Tsuna wear the costume. But it took him 45 minutes to makeup. It's too long. Will the others waited for me?

"You are finished, Sir. Please take a look at the mirror."

Tsuna cannot believe what he see in the mirror. He really turns into a girl. Well he knows that he has a petite body. But the costume and make up it turn him into a different person (a cute girl actually but he doesn't want to admit it). No one knows that the person in this costume is him. "Uhm, thanks." He turns around to see the girls are gone. "Well, maybe they are busy to help the other guest."

Walking out of the room he meets his family. He almost cannot recognize them. Gokudera is in Cowboy costume. His hat covers half of his face. It really suits him. But still there is his characteristic. On his waist are not guns but dynamite (Tsuna hopes that it is a fake but sadly it's real). Yamamoto is in Pirate costume. His right eye is given an eye patch. The black one. Ryouhei is in Mummy costume. With all that bandages is hard to recognize him. Chrome is in Witch costume. The black cape covers her body. Her triangle hat covers almost all her face and hiding her renowned shaped hair too. Hibari is in Dracula costume. It is very suit his bloody thirst self. Tsuna fell like Hibari's blood thirst raise. But the maxi coat and fake eye-tooth plus Hibat quite hiding him. Everyone will look at him as a real Dracula.

"I'm sorry I'm late. They took a long time dress me up. Let's go!" with that they enter the hall.


The hall is full of people. Some of them are in fairytale costume. Others in Halloween costume. Even Santa clause is here. They can't believe what they see. Peoples keep smile while talking or drinking. There are a lot of foods served from every country. The waitress serving them the drink. Wine and so, because they all still underage they politely refuse.

"Wow, I didn't think that the party will be this great!" Tsuna feel shocked. It's the most marvelous party in his life.

"Very great!" said Yamamoto.

"Of course. This is the biggest mafia party. The food, the drink, the guest and the place is the best." Proudly, Gokudera explain.


"Yeah. The best boxing…...? Is there a boxing ring?" Gokudera ask. Rolled his head to see the lawn head finger.

"There," Yamamoto said convince him. Tsuna and Gokudera cannot believe what they see. Why there is a boxing ring in a party? (Ehm, this is a mafia party. So, it's a common sense that mafia habits to fight is all around)

"See? I told you there is a boxing ring in here. EXTREME FIGHT!!!" with that the mummy runs straight to the ring.

"Wait, onii-san!" Tsuna called him. Sadly it's useless. I hope he doesn't make a problem. Any problem thought Tsuna.

"Relax Tsuna. Sasagawa-ani will be fine." Yamamoto patted him from behind. Turn around Tsuna see Yamamoto and Gokudera look at him. Wait. Gokudera and Yamamoto?

"Ano, where are Hibari-san and Chrome?"

Immediately they realize. Both of them have gone.

"I think Hibari-senpai gone already since we enter this place." Yamamoto smile shapelessly while scratching his cheek. "And the girl. I think she's gone a moment ago."

"That arrogant bastard and stupid girl. I've told them to stay still already.!" Gokudera just frustrated. How could they always give a hard time for his juudaime (sadly he hasn't realize that he gives a hard time for his boss too).

"… Maybe they just had an urgent business. Let's have fun too."

Tsuna look at Yamamoto and smiles. He always makes him relax (Yamamoto blush lightly knowing that Tsuna smile cutely at him). "Ah, Gokudera. Let's have fun too."

"Hai, Juudaime!"

"So, where you want to go Tsuna?"

"Ehm, Reborn said to talk to others as much as possible. So, let's try to find someone to talk first!"

So, they move from one guest to other guest. They meet an old man (From the voice cause is hard to guess his age coz he wear a bear costume). They talk about subordinates work. How youngsters become lazier then the older. It's very funny to hear a bear talk about age. Then they talk with the Demon Lord. He keeps talking about mercy to his opponent. How sometimes mercy is useful in the future. Tsuna very agree with that. Wow, the Demon Lord and Alice were talking about mercy. What a strange combination. After that they talk with Jason. He brings his axe around. Tsuna didn't afraid of him. Why? Cause he gives a nice atmosphere and drinks tea like an English gentleman. They talk about weather in Italy including global warming. Wow, mafias are care about earth too. Tsuna never know that. Next they talk with a lady. A dignified lady. She is with his bodyguard. A boy in eighteen with blond hair. He brings billiard stick around. Maybe his role is a pro billiard player. She keeps talking how cute her subordinates. Tsuna just laugh when they talk. They keep talking for 30 minutes until her bodyguard growl. He is angry because she keeps laugh at him.

"I'm sorry. Seems like I had to go." She said. Still laugh while erase her tears.

"Yes. It seems your bodyguard has reaches his limits." Tsuna just smile while look at him and his friends. They said nothing but he knows they are at limits too.

"Hope we meet again, Alice-chan!" she blinks her eyes.

"Yes, Salazar-san!" Tsuna bows deeply while moving to his friends.

"What an interesting boy!" she said while walk away too.

"But, Mam. She is a girl." Her bodyguard raises an eyebrow. From any side she is definitely a girl.

"You a green horn. He looks like it but he is not." She said again. Leaving a big question mark to her subordinates.


"It seems you spend a good time with Salazar," Yamamoto smile welcoming his friends.

"Yes. She is a very interesting person. She really cares about her subordinates."

"I think I've seen her before. But I don't know when." Gokudera keeps his eyes keen.

"Ma…ma… don't think too hard. We are supposed to have fun. We don't need to know them."

"That's right Gokudera-kun. Ah, have you talked with anyone yet?"

"Yes, we have. With a silver samurai. He is very interesting. He loves Japan so he tried to speak Japans."

"Yeah, make a whole different meaning!" Gokudera just growl.

"That's good. I thought you've been bored."

"No. Not at all Juudaime. We….." before Gokudera finish his talk the light off.

"Eh? What happen?" Afraid Tsuna holding the closest person arm tightly. Which is Yamamoto who smiles brightly.

Gokudera who realize is growls. "Don't worry Juudaime. It means the dance party is begun."

"Dance party?" Great. From boxing competition to dance party.

"Juudaime, your arms."

"Eh?" Tsuna look at his hand and raise his head to see Yamamoto. "Aahhhh… I'm sorry!" He quickly releases his hands much too Yamamoto displeased.

"It's okay Tsuna. You can hold me again if you scare." Yamamoto gives him assuring smile. Tsuna just nodded. Embarrassed.

"You baseball-freak. How dare you insult Juudaime!"

"Ma…ma… Gokudera. It's okay if I comfort Tsuna right?"

"You…!!" Snapped, Gokudera light his dynamites and begins attack Yamamoto who evades them nicely.

"Both of you stop!" sadly no one hears him. Sighed Tsuna walk away. Hoping after take a drinks his friends will stop fight.


"Excuse me can I have a drink?"

"Yes, Miss. What do you want?" ask the bartender politely.

"Ehm, Ice Cocoa please."

"Here you are."

"Thanks," Tsuna looks around. I wonders where Hibari-san and Chrome. I haven't seen them. Suddenly someone stood in front him.

A man in Napoleon costume bows deeply. "Would you dance with me, my Lady?"

"I.. ah I…" Kyaa… what must I do. I don't know how to dance. I don't know this man. Worst, I am a boy. How could I dance with a man? "I'm sorry. I don't know how to dance." Please go away.

"Don't worry. I will teach you."

"Ah, I …" anybody please help me. And just like voice from heaven. Hibari speak from behind him.

"She already promised to dance with me." He said coolly then takes Tsuna's hand. Walking further. "Have you learned to refuse politely?"

"I'm sorry. My mind went blank. Ehm, Hibari-san where were you all this time? I cannot find you."

"Right behind you." Eh? How could I don't realize it?



"Your hands. We gonna dance, aren't we?"

"Ah, hai." What song is it? The music voice startled him. Eh!! Blues? Why? Leaving no chance to run, Hibari his left hand on Tsuna waist. His right hand holding Tsuna's hand. Different from his behavior. Hibari is very gentle with him right know. This is an unforeseen side of him and Tsuna glad for it. Lean against Hibari he raises his head. "Uhm, Hibari-san. Why you joined in this party? I thought you don't like crowd at all."

Hibari quiet for a moment. "The baby promised me something if I joined this party."

As I thought. That Sadistic Reborn promised something. "Can I know what he promised?" I thinks it's correlate with me.

Hibari look at him in the eyes. "Not now." He said calmly while kissing Tsuna lightly one the lips and go. Tsuna just stood. Frozen on the spot. What the hell happened? For God sake. Was Hibari-san kissed me? Yes, he kissed me. Why? Poor Tsuna. Too innocent to realize that his guardian already fall in love with him.

Leaving the dance floor Tsuna's mind full of the kiss.


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