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Chapter 1 – Summer's ending

Summer was ending. For each and every teenager between the age of ten to eighteen this fact alone would already be a reason to fall into depression. Very deep depression. Not just because they'd have to go to school – or hell, as most of them declared – again, no, they'd have to put up with useless homework, teachers, who annoyed the hell out of them, their free time melting until nothing was left of it, getting along with people they normally wouldn't even acknowledge and in some cases they even had to put up with bullying. Anyways, for every teenager, who wasn't really dump, the start of school after summer vacation never was a reason to party.

Unless you were called Sharpay Evans and known as the party queen nobody in New Mexico could keep up with if it came to throwing a party. Always searching for a reason to finally party again she had gladly snatched this opportunity at the end of summer and had done everything she possibly could to make her summer ending party to a party everybody would be talking about, even it was over a long time ago. She wouldn't be disappointed; one would speak about it even three weeks after, but not because it had been so amazing.

It wasn't gonna be a flop, in fact it was far away from becoming a flop, but something wouldn't go quite as it had been planned.

If Gabriella Montez had known what this evening would hold for her, she would have never decided to accept her best friend's invitation to her summer ending party. But now here she was, oblivious to the events coming to her, searching for the perfect party outfit with her two best friends, Sharpay Evans and Taylor McKessie.

She was just looking through a mass of dresses, as a piercing shriek rang in her ears. Sharpay came running towards her, a red party dress in her hands. Having found their party outfits already, Taylor and Sharpay had taken to helping their best friend to find hers and now it seemed like Sharpay had finally found something that would live up to her standards. Gabriella sighed heavily. How could she explain to her that she wasn't looking for a dress like one she would wear for prom or homecoming, just for a simple party outfit? Knowing Sharpay, she knew she would have to put up with an upset friend if she'd dare to criticise any of the proposed outfits too heavily.

So she examined the dress really carefully before finally deciding that it was much too much dressing up if she'd wear it at a simple house party, even if it was the Evans' household. She threw a desperately for help begging look to Taylor who had approached them as she had noticed that Sharpay had found something. Taylor, being the helpful friend she was, took the dress out of Sharpay's hands and looked at it. Cocking one eyebrow, she shook her head.

"You can't be serious, Shar! This is a dress I would wear for prom! We're looking for a plain outfit Gabriella can wear without being in the centre of attention all the time, just because she looks like she's gone nuts to wear such a thing on a house party!", she exclaimed. Sharpay looked slightly offended.

"But it's so beautiful! Do you know how stunning she would look in that dress?" She pointed at the dress Taylor had already put back where it had been. Gabriella chuckled. Of course, that was a reason for Shar to buy a dress. Not because it suited the event, but because she would look stunning. Leaving her two friends bickering, she left the store making sure Taylor saw her, so they would follow her, and entered the next one.

Thoughtlessly, she looked through the pile of clothes, lying on a table next to the entrance. That was when she spotted a boy standing in front of the changing rooms. She could only see half of his back, but she'd bet that he was immensely bored. After all, this was a shop for women clothing. She giggled as she thought about the only reason there could be that the boy was in here. There was no doubt that his girlfriend had threatened to do something horrible to him if he didn't come shopping with her.

Her giggles ended abruptly as she recognized the boy. He had looked familiar and now, seeing his whole backside because he had moved, she immediately knew who he was. There was no mistaken; his well-built body you could make out under his clothes, the sandy-brown hair and his unmistakeable features, for example his bright-shining blue eyes, that were never dull, that she could make out as he slightly turned his head in her direction, but still without seeing her.

Troy Bolton. The player of East High School. The best-looking student the school had ever seen. The boy each girl would kill for to be his girlfriend. The most annoying dickhead if you'd ask Gabriella. And her ex-boyfriend. The person she had loved more than everybody ever before. The person that was now the one she hated the most. Her knees went weak as she thought about the consequences if he saw her.

There was no chance they would get out of the store without getting into a huge fight. And that was because that was what they always did if they did so much as taking a glimpse at each other. After all, they weren't known as enemies for no reason. Anger flashed through Gabriella's body as she thought about what he had done to her in Sophomore Year. Deciding that she really wasn't in the mood to start a fight in a public place, she turned on her heel and headed out of the shop. Under no circumstances she'd let Troy Bolton ruin her shopping trip.

Outside she looked for her friends. Since they were nowhere in sight, she concluded that they were still arguing. Laughing, she shook her head. Leave it to Taylor and Sharpay to draw out an argument to incredible length. Suddenly she heard bickering coming from the other side of the street. She looked over and saw her best friends coming out of the shop Gabriella had left over ten minutes ago. Heaving a sigh of relief she ran over to them and pulled them along with her, not caring for the idle protest coming from Sharpay.

Taylor, knowing the look in Gabriella's eyes, let herself being pulled along with her, since they were out of eyeshot of the shop Gabriella had seen Troy in. Coming abruptly to a halt, Gabriella let herself fall onto a park bench. Seeing Troy Bolton had been the last thing she had wanted to do at her last day of vacation.

"Gabriella Montez!" Sharpay's high pitched voice rang in her ears as the blonde threw herself into pose standing in front of Gabriella, hands on her hips. "What the hell, do you think, have you done right there?!" She pointed backwards to the shopping alley, obviously scandalized because someone had dared to make her come along without her accordance.

Taylor rolled her eyes. That was so typical of Sharpay. Never caring for anyone but herself, not taking the slightest hint that something could be wrong with another person. Well, maybe that was exaggerated. Taylor knew that Sharpay could be a good friend, the best when it came to love and heartbreak, to friendship and family, but of course also when it came to breaking rules, partying and – not to forget – shopping.

But right now Sharpay was anything but the helpful, understanding friend she could be. She was furious. "We were looking for an outfit for you and then you just come out of the blue and pull us with you! Why the heck did you do that?"

Gabriella took a deep breath. "Bolton!", she managed to get out, her blood still boiling just because of seeing him. There was no other person she despised more than him. Not only had he managed to steal her heart and break it afterwards, no he had had the cheek to stomp on it, too, not caring what she was feeling by him doing so. And so, instead of suffering – she had refused to do so after all he had done -, she had taken to hate him. And now, nearly two years later, her hatred hadn't worn off at all, if anything it had become more.

Sharpay instantly shut her mouth after Gabriella had mentioned Troy's name. Worried she threw a look to Taylor, who shrugged helplessly. None of the two had a clue why Gabriella would mention her ex-boyfriend without being forced to.

"He was there. In the store next to the one you two were bickering in. In the one I went in." Gabriella felt the need to explain herself. Taylor's and Sharpay's eyes widened in shock. "He hasn't seen you, has he?" the two of them asked synchronously. Neither Sharpay nor Taylor wanted to imagine what could have happened if Troy had actually seen Gabriella.

"Did you hear any screaming?" Gabriella asked them, grinning slightly. Her best friends released a breath both of them didn't know they had been holding. "Thank god!" Taylor groaned relieved. "I really didn't need a fight like the two of you have been brought about a quarrel last week."

Gabriella just made a face at the very present memory. "Ughh, me neither. I really don't have the energy for anything like that at the moment. And I still don't have an outfit for your party, Shar." She changed the topic of their conversation, not wanting to talk about Troy any longer.

"Oh my god, you're right!" the blonde exclaimed and threw her hands up in horror. She looked at her watch. "Damn it, we just have six hours left till it starts and we'll need at least three hours to get ready. What do we do now?"

Taylor looked at Gabriella. "We should go back to the mall and try to avoid Troy as much as possible. Anyways, why exactly was he in a store for women's clothing?", she asked bewildered, not catching the point in that.

Gabriella just shrugged with her shoulders. "I don't know and I don't care. Probably going shopping with one of his sluts. What's her name this week? I' afraid I'm not up-to-date since it's still summer vacation and all." Sharpay just shook her head at Gabriella's sarcasm. "You really need to quit calling all these girl sluts, Gabs. Most of them really think they have a chance with him for longer then one week."

Gabriella cocked one eyebrow. "And your point is?" Sharpay sighed in defeat. "Okay, no point in trying to change your mind about that, is there?" Gabriella didn't even bother to answer. She just turned and went back to the mall, her friends following closely behind her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two and a half hour later the three girls arrived at the Evans' mansion, totally worn out from their shopping trip. But none of them cared. After all, they had reached their goal and finally found some hot outfit for Gabriella to wear at the party. Chatting and giggling they stormed through the front door and had to stop abruptly to not bump into Ryan Evans, Sharpay's twin brother.

"Woah there, girls!" he exclaimed, shocked by the sudden arrival. Sharpay just put him off and turned to Gabriella. "Wow, I almost thought we'd never find something fitting for you. You took ages to eventually agree to that top!"

Gabriella laughed. "It was twenty minutes, Shar! That's not that long. Besides, may I remind you of the last time you wanted to buy a pair of shoes? You took over two hours to decide between ten different pairs! That's what I call long!"

Ryan could only roll his eyes. Girls and shopping! He silently swore that that was a complete different world from the one that was called reality. However, he was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts by Taylor, who had approached him.

"Hey, Ry!" she greeted him friendly. "What's up?" The blonde smiled. "Oh, not much, you know. Just getting ready for the party tonight. You?" The brunette smiled back. "Trying to avoid a conversation about who takes the longest time when we're shopping." Ryan nodded sympathetically. "I know what you mean. You don't know how many times I've already had to listen to Sharpay's endless stories about this top or that blouse, these trousers or that skirt…. It can get on your last nerves."

At that moment he felt someone smack his head. "Ry, I heard that!" Sharpay exclaimed and instantly checked her nails if they were broken from the smack. Ryan just shook his head at his sister while trying to stop it from hurting. "You were supposed to." He just replied calmly before taking off in a different direction to prevent himself from getting smacked again.

Gabriella and Taylor bursted out laughing, while Sharpay pouted. "That was mean!", she complained, watching her best friends practically rolling on the floor. "Come on, it wasn't that funny! Let's go upstairs to get ready for tonight. After all, we want to attract a lot of attention from everybody, don't we?"

Taylor agreed immediately, but Gabriella wasn't so sure. "Well, depends on who the attention is from.", she whispered barely audible, as a thought struck her. She came to an abrupt halt as they were climbing up the stairs. Taylor, going directly behind her, crashed into her back and brought the two of them to fall.

"Owww!" Both of them let a piercing shriek out. Sharpay, who had already reached the end of stairs, turned around ungraciously. As she caught side of her two fallen friends, she cocked one eyebrow. "What are you two doing down there?" Gabriella unwillingly lifted her head. "We're enjoying the view, what do you think?"

Sharpay opened her mouth to answer, as Taylor came to her help. "That was sarcasm, Shar." The blonde shut her mouth. "Oh!" Gabriella just rolled her eyes and came back on her feet. "I stopped and Taylor crashed into me, we fell and that's why we were laying there.", she explained and then answered to Sharpay's questioning look: "I just wanted to ask,… Is Bolton gonna be there? At the party, I mean."

Taylor's eyes went big. She, too, hadn't thought about that one. With pleading eyes she looked up at Sharpay, whose mouth hung wide open by now, but her friend couldn't meet her wish. "Uhhh, look Gabs, I know you didn't want him here, but what should I have done? A party isn't a party if Troy Bolton's not there, you know? A party without East High's golden boy, that's impossible!"

Gabriella let out a groan. "I really should have bought something that would attract less attention!" Sharpay let out a shriek. "What! No way! What has the outfit you're gonna wear to do with the fact that Troy's gonna be here?"

Gabriella met her eyes unbelieving. "Are you serious, Shar? The moment he gets to see me, he can't control himself and starts a stupid fight, because he's an arrogant, impossible jerk who needs to have every girl in his immediate vicinity at his feet, worshiping the ground he walks on!"

"I am grieved!" Sharpay gave back with attitude in her voice. "Aww, come on, Gabs, you don't have to speak with him. Hell, this house is big enough. If you're lucky, you won't even get a glimpse at him!" Gabriella threw her an evil look. "He better doesn't come near me, or he is in for a big surprise!"

Sharpay and Taylor looked at each other and sighed. It was going to be a really long night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Troy Bolton was confused. He could have sworn that he had seen Gabriella Montez, a girl he really didn't like to think about, earlier this afternoon in a women's clothing store, but as he had decided to take a closer look, she had already vanished out of his sight. If it had been her, of course. He wasn't really sure about that, but the girl he had seen had matched Gabriella's features. The long, dark-brown, curly hair, her petite frame and the beautiful brown eyes. But the little bit he had seen hadn't been quite enough to fully recognize her.

And after all, Troy was sure, if it had been Gabriella, she wouldn't have just vanished, she'd have come over to start a fight or at least an argument about something really stupid. So, in his opinion, he shouldn't worry about it.

Which left him to think about the reason why he had been in there. Not having an official girlfriend at this time – not that he had had an official girlfriend since Sophomore year -, he was being followed by a lot of girls, whether they were attending East High or not. Hell, even girls from West High were attracted by him and their schools were enemies. And he liked it.

So when one girl had come up to him this afternoon while he was hanging out at the city centre, he hadn't said no when she had asked him to tell her his opinion about a few clothes she'd like to try on. After all, it meant a full-blown make-out session for him afterwards. And who was he to say no to something like that?

Troy Bolton liked the attention he got from all those girls. Not because that meant he could have them. It meant that he could forget the one girl he couldn't have any longer. Gabriella Montez. Having gone out with her in Sophomore Year was the best thing that had ever happened to him this far – and the worst. Because after one little mistake towards the end of the school year, she had completely brushed him of. Avoided him whenever it was possible, slapped him numerous times in front of the whole population of East High, even in front of a few teachers, yelled at him too many times to count and managed to get out of all this without getting in detention even once.

She even took to blaming him whenever something went wrong. Well, to be honest, he had been the one to blame for most of the things, but not for all. And on top of that, she had managed to embarrass him way more than one time in front of girls he liked to impress.

So, after uncounted weeks of trying to get her to forgive him, he had finally taken to hating her. Why should he beg for her to take him back when she wasn't even willing to give him a second chance? He didn't find an answer to that question and so he had just given it up. Hating her was so much easier than waiting around for her to come to her senses. And so they had become the enemies everybody knew to stay away from when they fought.

Not that he liked fighting with her, plainly because he had lost a few with her, and Troy Bolton never got beaten in fights. Except for the ones with her. And he wasn't fond of that.

On the other side, he sometimes enjoyed fighting with her. It was a welcomed change to his normal life. Being the golden boy of East High meant that nobody dared to disagree with him and the girls laid at his feet without even questioning themselves or him.

Gabriella and her two best friends, Taylor and Sharpay, however weren't afraid of him and had already yelled at him for different reasons more than one time. He had expected Taylor to take Gabriella's side after their break-up, even though her boyfriend was Chad Danforth, Troy's best friend, after all she was Gabriella's best friend. What really had surprised him, was that Sharpay had taken her side, too. He hadn't known the ice queen as one to be sensible, but after they had broken up, she had pulled Troy by side and they had had a talk that hadn't been very pretty in Troy' opinion.

To tell the truth, it had been one of the very rare moments, Troy Bolton had been scared. Trust me, you would have been, too, if there'd be a blonde girl with a very red face, her blood boiling because of something you had done, yelling at you, you'd be scared out of hell.

Gabriella still didn't talk to him, aside from yelling and using a very dangerous low voice. There hadn't been one time they had had a normal conversation in the last year and a half.

Anyways, after a few weeks the huge fight had been laid aside, waiting to come up again, and now he was on speaking-terms with both Sharpay and Taylor.

And that was the reason why he had been invited to Sharpay's summer ending party. He was sure that it'd be a sensational party, nobody could keep up with Sharpay if it came to partying. And Ryan was the best DJ you could find in whole New Mexico. So, as he took off in his car at a quarter to eight, he was optimistic that this night would be a quite good one. He didn't know how wrong he was.

As he pulled up at the Evans' household the party had already started. Loud music could be heard playing from the house and the huge amount of people that were standing and dancing in the garden showed how many people had accepted the invitation. To Troy it seemed like the whole population of East High was there.

Making his way through the crowd without once having to ask people to give way, he entered the living room. The light was dimmed and numerous people already were dancing on the dance floor. From across the room he spotted his best buddies, Chad Danforth, Zeke Baylor and Jason Cross, among with a lot of other team mates from the basketball team, whose captain he himself was. Flashing his most brilliant smile right and left, he made his way over to them, but not without winking at two or three girls, who started giggling the instant he set his eyes on them. Convenient he smiled as he greeted his friends with a manly hug.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Upstairs in Sharpay's room Gabriella was nearly getting a heart attack. "How could you let me buy this thing?!", she exclaimed, looking at Taylor, indicating to her top she was wearing. "It's way too low-cut. People are gonna think I'm a slut or something like that!"

Sharpay only rolled her eyes and cut her off. "If you use the word 'too' ever again tonight, I'm honestly going to kill yourself." And after some thinking she added: "Or myself. Depends on which is easier to do."

That didn't really ease Gabriella's nerves. So she just threw a dark look in Sharpay's direction and turned to Taylor. "What do I do now?", she asked panicking, while pacing up and down.

"Hey, watch yourself, you're making a hole in my floor!", Sharpay said, receiving an unpleasant look from both Taylor and Gabriella. "What!", she defended herself. Taylor let out a heavy sigh. "This isn't gonna go anywhere. Let's just go downstairs. The party has already lasted a good forty-five minutes and what's a party without its host and her best friends, huh?"

Sharpay gave her a nod. "Right you are!", she agreed and grabbed Gabriella's arm. "And you, missy, are coming with us now. Unless you want to be dragged down the stairs and make a complete fool out of yourself!"

This time it was a terrified look Gabriella threw towards Sharpay. She knew that her best friend was one to fulfil every threat she had ever said loudly. "I'm coming!" Desperately she tried to pull her top up a little bit one last time, before following Sharpay and Taylor out of the door.

As the three girls walked down the stairs, every head was directed into their direction. Several mouths were wide opened and most of the girls in the living room grew red out of jealousy.

The girls looked absolutely stunning in their outfits.

Taylor was wearing a silvery, sparkling halter-neck top, which looked fabulous to her darker skin, with black hot pants, that went very well with her top. Her high heels were a lighter grey, so they matched her top section.

Sharpay had decided on a black cocktail dress, even though she knew that it was only a house party. The dress was cut right above her knees and hugged every curve of her body with grace.

And Gabriella was wearing a red low-cut, backless top that was also hugging her well-built body. After debating for a good five minutes with herself, she had eventually bought black hot pants, similarly to Taylor's. She knew that Taylor wouldn't complain about nearly wearing the exactly same trousers.

Even if Gabriella was worried about her top, she forgot it the instant she had reached the bottom of the stairs. She was happy with the way she looked as a result to the many boys starring at her undeniable longingly. She enjoyed the attention she got. Not half as much as Sharpay would do, but still… it was something.

And during the last year Gabriella had gotten used to getting attention, since she had become captain of the new founded dancing team at East High. Having been a dancer before moving to Albuquerque she was quite a good one and had eventually been nominated as the head of the squad.

That hadn't gone by without getting attention and so she didn't care any longer about that. Looking right and left she searched for any familiar faces besides Sharpay's and Taylor's. Her face lit up as she spotted Chad, Zeke and Jason from across the room, but it went dull as she saw Troy standing with them.

Taylor followed the gaze of her best friend, curious about why her face had gone dull. As she spotted the guys she threw an apologetic look to her. Gabriella just shrugged. Of course Taylor would want to go and greet her boyfriend, probably even hang out with him the whole night long. And it was the same with Sharpay. Ever since she and Zeke had gotten together in Junior Year, the two of them had been inseparable. She had known that and also that Troy was most likely with them.

So, after waving at Taylor and Sharpay, she made her way in the opposite direction, looking for someone to have some fun with. She didn't intend on meeting up with Troy anytime soon.

After three hours music was still blasting through the house and most people seemed to be having a blast. Gabriella smiled. It couldn't have been any different, after all Shar had planned the party in every little detail. And she intended on letting loose tonight and having some fun, too.

She slowly made her way up to the bar to get herself a drink. "One coke, please!", she ordered as the barkeeper nodded and turned around to get her one. "What? Gabriella Montez doesn't drink anything alcoholic?", an unpleasant voice asked from beside her. She recognized it the instant the boy had said his first word. Brandon Grant, one of the members of the football team, had approached her.

Gabriella knew that Brandon had had a crush on her since she had started to go out with – shudder! – Troy Bolton. The very thought of him already made her sick. But not half as sick as the male sitting right next to her. Therefore, she excused herself as soon she had gotten her coke and started her way in another direction but she didn't make it very wide.

After five metres she felt a hand grabbing her shoulder. Immediately she turned around to see who had had the guts to stop her from walking. It was Brandon, again. She sighed heavily, but it went unheard by Brandon.

"Come on, Gabriella, dance with me. You know you want to.", he said cockily, constantly holding onto her arm. Helplessly she tried to wiggle free from his grasp, but wasn't very successfully.

Until someone came to her help. In one swift motion he grabbed Brandon and threw him to the floor, not giving a damn about his protest. "Man, don't you know when a girl says no, it usually means no?", the someone yelled at Brandon who was still lying on the floor.

Gabriella, who had been relieved that someone had come to her rescue, jolted with shock. The one was no other than … Troy Bolton! Anger was starting to boil up inside of her. Why the hell had he done that? Didn't he think she was strong enough to deal with a boy? Did he think that she was too weak to defend herself?

Obviously, nothing of the above was the case. As Troy turned around to look at the girl, he froze in shock. He had just helped Gabriella Montez! How the hell hadn't he recognized her as he had seen Brandon stalking a poor girl? If he had seen that it was her, he would never have come over to her rescue.

Which she obviously wasn't very fond of, he concluded as he saw her starring at him in rage.

"Bolton!", she screamed at him. "What the hell do you think are you doing?!" He starred at her in utter bewilderment. Was it possible?

"I can't believe you!", he responded, head shaking. "If you haven't noticed, it looked like you wanted to get away from him", he pointed to Brandon who was now again standing next to Gabriella, "and all I was doing is helping you."

"Which I regret deeply, if you're wondering about that!", he added and then yelled at Brandon: "What the heck are you doing, still standing here? I think the message was clear enough, even for a dump head like you!"

By this time, the argument had already attracted the attention of all the students partying in the living room. Taylor, Sharpay, Chad, Zeke and Jason headed over to Troy and Gabriella, obviously worried about what was going to happen.

"How dare you!", Gabriella screamed at the top of her voice. "Don't you think I'm strong enough to deal with him? Do you think I need help from a jerk like you?" She couldn't believe him. There he was, standing in front of her and trying to defend his more than stupid actions to her. Who, did the boy think, was he?

Troy's face hardened as he heard the word 'jerk' coming out of Gabriella's mouth. He wasn't going to let that comment going by unpunished. "Yeah, I really thought you were too weak to deal with him. After all, you can't deal with very much, can you? You've proven that in Sophomore Year, I think!"

His friends gasped as he yelled in Gabriella's face. He had broken an unwritten rule they both clung onto while they were fighting. No one of them had ever dared to bring up Sophomore Year. And it was more than Gabriella could take.

With one swift motion she raised her hand and slapped him hard across the face. Gasps could be heard all around the room. Slowly Troy raised his hand up to his face. Not because it was stinging that much, but he did it to cover the red mark that was forming there. He had gotten used to Gabriella slapping him sooner or later. But she had never dared to do it in such a public place like this.

Satisfied, Gabriella made the attempt to grin at a newly frozen Troy Bolton, but she could only offer a half-looped smile. Turning on her heel once again, she gradually made her way to the stairs and upon them. She didn't want to stay here at the party, but it already had been agreed on that she'd sleep over at the Evans'.

Not daring to show how much Troy's comment had hurt her, she held her head high, as she ascended the stairs. Never letting her guard down until she reached Sharpay's room – you never knew if a couple had made its way up to make out or something like that – she refused to let herself cry.

But the instant she closed the wooden doors behind her, she couldn't hold them in any longer. Tears spilled out of her eyes and started to fall down her cheeks, before she completely broke down on Sharpay's bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Downstairs everybody was still frozen in shock. What would East High's golden boy do now? One half expected him to run after Gabriella to get even for the slap, the other half, however, expected him to let her be and ignore it, because she wasn't important enough to him.

He did the latter, but not because of the reason everybody was assuming. He just didn't do it, plainly because he had been the only one seeing a single tear roll down Gabriella's cheek, as she had tried to contain herself.

He knew for sure that she'd be sitting on Sharpay's bed right now, crying her eyes out. And that was something he couldn't deal with. He could deal with flirting, laughing, giggling, even annoying girls, he could deal with yelling, slapping and screaming ones, but there was one emotion Troy Bolton had never been good with. And that was sadness.

And so, even if he was eager to yell at Gabriella for what she had done a few minutes beforehand, he tried to restrain himself from rushing up the stairs. And for once in his life he was able to contain his anger.

He relaxed visibly as he had decided on what to do. Seeing that, everybody else did, too, and Sharpay was the first to move.

"Okay, guys", she shouted. "Get back to partying, there's nothing else to see here, end of offering!", she tried to break the crowd up, but nobody did move. However, one furious look from Troy was enough to split them up.

The music that had been stopped during the fight was blasting again and everybody went back to dancing, talking, flirting or making out. Even so Troy didn't make one single attempt to move. Being watched by his friends he displayed all of the previous events.

Had he hurt her that much by bringing up Sophomore Year? He shuddered. You can't honestly pity her! After all she has done to you, he reminded himself of the former years. But he didn't do a very good job of ignoring the little voice in his head that was saying: And after all you have done to her? Don't you think she deserves a bit pity?

No! Everything in his body responded. She had it coming to her. It only serves her right. He nodded, satisfied with himself. Never take the blame for any actions that occur without your doing, he repeated to himself and a grin spread across his face. Scratch Gabriella!

Troy shook his head to get rid of his thoughts about Gabriella. He really didn't want to spend the rest of the night thinking about the person he hated with passion. Especially, when she had just made a fool out of him in front of the entire population of East High. Shaking his head, he headed to the bar to grab himself a beer. There he saw Amber standing, looking slightly exhausted because of the fight with Gabriella. Changing his mind about the beer, he grabbed her by the hand instead and took her over to one of the sofas standing in the room. A good make out session would the best to forget about his ex-girlfriend, he decided. And Amber was more than willing to be the person Troy Bolton had decided to make out with.

So, being occupied with some other things than thinking, he finally was able to ban every memory of Gabriella from his mind. And it if was his choice, he'd do everything to make things stay this way.

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