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Recap of the last chapter:

Gabriella just shook her head. "You know what? I don't want to do this. I don't want this moment ruined by someone like you, Amber. And I would heavily advise you to do a bunk… otherwise I'll arrange for you to get it done by someone else." Amber swallowed. Seemingly she was overruled here. Backing away, she spat out: "I'll go for now, Montez! That doesn't mean you can allow yourself to be lulled into a sense of security! The opera ain't over until the fat lady sings!", she threatened, but Gabriella just laughed. "Are you trying to say that you're that fat lady?" Amber's face grew red with embarrassment while everyone else broke into a laughing fit. With one final glare, she turned around and stormed off.

Gabriella gazed after her, not feeling the slightest bit of regret. Amber had deserved everything she had got, having brought it upon herself with her constant plotting. Feeling strong arms surround her petite body from behind, she turned around smiling, looking into Troy's eyes, feeling quite content with her life. "I can't believe it's finally over!", she susurrated, letting relief wash over her body. "And I can't believe I'm holding you into my arms!", he gave back, nuzzling his nose into her neck, making her giggle. "Enemies turned lovebirds, aren't we?" Troy nodded, giving her free only to pull her to him again. Leaning down, he captured her lips in a sweet, caring kiss. The world seemed to stand still for a moment, all problems solved, a new time about to begin. And there was no mistaken. They were definitely more lovebirds than enemies.

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Chapter fifteen: Epilogue

It was like the calm after a heavy storm. Summer holidays had ended only two week ago, but that didn't mean that summer was over. Right now, the sun did everything in its might to prove all of those wrong who had claimed the sunny time to be over with the beginning of school. And she definitely was successful. Spreading her warmth all over New Mexico, everybody who could walk was outside, savouring the feeling of the sun beams dancing on their faces and every other part of their bodies. Students were either lying outside in the sun, relishing the warmth or they had fled the sun after having been at her mercy for way too long and were now seeking the coolness of the shadows inside the schools.

Music could be heard being played from several I-Pods and the chatter from groups scattered all over the school grounds. At the moment nothing reminded of the dreadful thoughts every teenager had had to a greater or lesser extent on the last days of the holidays. Homework wasn't an issue right now and there was no teacher in sight. At least for now nobody was stressing out over school work, instead indulging in having a lot of free time on their hands spent on hanging around with the old cliques.

East High School wasn't making the blindest bit of difference there. And neither did Troy and Gabriella. Deciding that the weather was too fine to stay inside, they had searched for a secluded place to settle down for a few minutes before heading off to the detention they had been assigned to. Making themselves comfortable, Troy had lay down on his back, Gabriella's head resting comfortably on his stomach. Each absorbed in their own thoughts, no one spoke, just enjoying the company of each other. It actually was the first calm minute they had gotten together, seeing as their friends stubbornly wouldn't leave them alone for good. Always having at least two of them around, both Troy and Gabriella had awaited eagerly a moment to be alone.

And now it finally seemed as though they had gotten it. Letting out a content sigh, Gabriella turned her head slightly to look at Troy's face. Meeting his gaze, she smiled slightly, taking his hand in hers. "God, you don't know how glad I am that we could escape that insane lot at last!" Troy smiled at her. "Yep, it definitely was time!" Gabriella raised her eyebrows playfully. "For what?" Troy grinned down at her, before propping up on his elbows and pulling her up to him. Capturing her face in his hands, he whispered: "For this." He brought his lips down to hers, detaining her lips once again, feeling her soft response to it. Releasing her after a good minute, he leant back, smiling.

"You don't know how long I waited for that.", he admitted, winking sheepishly at her. She giggled. "Me too." Gratified with how the events of the last days had taking their turns, both fell back into the silence they had shared earlier. Gabriella skidded back into her previous position, finding his stomach really cosy. A little bit too cosy maybe, seeing as her eyes kept closing because of her tiredness. It was too bad that they would have to attend detention in ten minutes. Suddenly she felt Troy chuckle from beneath her. She opened her eyes again. "What?"

Troy shrugged, smirking mischievously. "You look so cute when you're sleeping." Her heart melting, she put on a faked remonstrative face. "I was so not sleeping!" Troy chuckled again. "But you looked as if you were." Giving up, Gabriella rested her head on his chest, falling back into the languor she had been in before Troy had started speaking. Troy, however, didn't give her the chance of being charmed to sleep. "You know what?" Gabriella drowsily raised her head from his chest. "What?" He smiled down at her. "I forgot to ask you something." Gabriella was surprised. "And what would that be, Mr. Bolton?"

Seeing her smirk, Troy panicked for a short moment. What if she said no? Are you dumb? A little voice inside his head gave him a shout. Where were you these two last weeks? There's not a way in hell that she's going to say no! Troy nodded slightly, trying to compose himself. "Will you be my girlfriend, Gabriella?" The brunette looked up at him, astonishment clearly written all over her face. "You're kidding me, right?" Troy's face fell. Alright, maybe there was a way she was saying no. Gabriella noticed his face, making her laugh. "Do you really have to ask?" She brought herself in an upright position.

Troy gazed at her, not really comprehending what she was saying. Giggling, she threw her arms around his neck, for he, too, had decided to sit up. Giving him a small kiss on the cheek, she gave him a nudge and said: "Of course, I'll be your girlfriend. What kind of question is that after we kissed for about… how many? Ten times in the last days? Really, Troy!" She shook her head, seeing his face breaking out into a relieved facial expression. "For a moment you really had me thinking that you would turn me down." His voice showed how serious he was. He really had been worrying over this.

Gabriella broke into a laugh. "You're impossible, Bolton!", she giggled, resting her head on his shoulder. "Oh yeah?", Troy replied, shaking his prior thoughts over-board and looking at her with an evil grin on his face. "You sure about that?" As his girlfriend nodded, he raised his hands and brought them near to her rips. "Then you better run!" Gabriella starred at his hands with a worried expression, before jumping up and racing to the school's door as fast as she could. Too bad for her that he was faster than her. Within two minutes he had sprinted up to her and brought her down with him in one swift motion.

Rolling in the grass, both of them couldn't stifle their laughter and soon the whole school grounds where filled with it. Struggling for dominance, they both fought to get the upper hand. Not able to overpower Troy, Gabriella found herself on her back, starring up at Troy's grinning face. "Take that back!", he demanded, holding his hands dangerously near her rips, ready to tickle her until she gave up. Gabriella shook her head no. "No way!", she shouted, but broke into a giggling fit, as soon Aaron's hands made contact with her body.

After a while she couldn't bear it anymore. "Please, stop it, Troy!" The boy, hovering over her, shook his head. "Oh no, I don't think so. Not until you've finally admitted that I'm the cleverest boy you've ever known." She cast him a look that should undoubtedly be asking if he was insane. He met her gaze with a shrug. "Say it or you'll get to know my tickling skills again!" She shook her head, laughing. "Alright, alright! Troy Bolton is the cleverest boys I've ever known." After some rethinking she added: "Or at least, the hottest." Troy pretended to think about it. "Okay, I think I can live with that." He got up and pulled her up along with him. Gazing into his eyes, she leaned in to receive a kiss. Then she noticed that it had grown silent around them.

"They are all staring at us, Troy!", Gabriella whispered, carefully looking around the grounds to search for any familiar faces. Troy just shrugged. "You better get used to it, babe, I don't think they'll stop staring soon. After all we are 'East High's golden couple' again!" Gabriella looked up at him. "Your ego doesn't need to be flattered, I think. It's already big enough as it is, isn't it?" The sandy-haired boy grinned down at her. "You know you love me for it!" Gabriella could only shake her head at that. Of course she did. "But that doesn't solve the problem of them staring at us. What for anyways? We're just standing here!" Troy got a thoughtful look on his face, before leaning down to Gabriella and whispering into her ear: "Then why not give them something to look at?" And with that, he pulled her to him and pressed his mouth on hers, which she immediately responded to.

Melting into the kiss, they both wouldn't have had a problem with standing there for forever, but unfortunately someone else did. Chad made his way through the crowd and interrupted them: "Hey, guys! Get a room or do it elsewhere, but I'd be really thankful if you wouldn't do it in public, you know?" Troy pulled back, a grin still noticeable in his face, and groaned. "Chad! You do have the worst timing ever, you know that?" Gabriella giggled. Trust Troy to get annoyed with his best friend for interrupting them. Tucking at her boyfriend's sweatshirt, she stood on her tiptoes and whispered: "We could finish this little make-out session in detention, you know?"

Troy looked at her, completely taken by surprise. It was the first time ever he heard Gabriella making such a proposal. But he really didn't care about that. "Then why are we still standing here?", he whispered back and tucked at her hand, pulling her into the school building and to the stairs leading upstairs. "Eager, are we?" Gabriella joked, but she was smiling all the way long. Holding hands, they slowly made her way up to Mrs. Darbus' room, ready for the detention that was awaiting them.

So much had happened in the last week, it was unbelievable. Things that had gone wrong for years suddenly were right again and things that had gone right for years began to go wrong, but that was nothing anyone wanted to worry about. All that counted was that, here and now, everything was alright.

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