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Ch. 1: Fathoms Below

A very good looking blonde man was drinking in the sea air. The sea breeze gave life to the white sails of the young man's ship. The crew was bustling around the ship working hard at keeping the royal ship in working order. The blonde man looked out to the sea with his cerulean eyes burning with passion. How he loved the sea. At sea he felt free; he did not need to worry about his princely duties or anything. Here all the sailors are his friends and they don't treat him any differently than they do each other.

"Prince Naruto, we really should not be out in the sea. We should be back at the palace figuring out which woman you will be marrying." A man with brown hair pulled into a pony-tail said. The man's most striking figure was his large scar that was right on the bridge of his nose. No matter how many times Naruto asked the man, he would never tell him how he got it.

"Oh lighten up, Iruka. We are out in the sea let us enjoy it!" Naruto yelled as he began to climb the ship's mast. The sea was breath taking. Naruto climbed down from the mast and was greeted by his pet fox. "Hey, Kyuubi, you love the sea just as much as I do huh?" Kyuubi let out a little fox like chuckle of agreement to his master as Naruto petted him. Kyuubi's orange fur was so soft against his hands.

"Prince Naruto, we really need to find a wife for you. How will you rule the kingdom without one?" Naruto rolled his eyes at his caretaker's antics. He knew Iruka truly cares for him, but all the princesses just did not sit right with him. They were not what he was looking for; he wanted someone who was kind, thoughtful, and would always be there for him, cheering him on. He needed that if he was going to rule the country of Konoha right. "Let's go over the princesses you have met…"

"Ugh. Princess Ino was too superficial. She only cared about her looks and hot guys, so I don't want her as my bride. Princess Tenten was way too into weapons, and her precision with them was insane, but that was all she cared about. Princess Temari was scary. She was a peace advocate which is good, but she was a little too much for me." He said still petting Kyuubi. Iruka let out an exasperated sigh. At this rate he is going to effectively eliminate every princess from being his wife. Iruka thought.

"Why don't you stop thinking about that wife problem and watch the see! She is mighty fine today isn't she, Prince Naruto?" One of the sailors said to Naruto trying to save him from the complicated world of political marriages. "King Hiashi must be in a friendly mood today."

"King Hiashi? What are you talking about, Kiba?" Naruto asked looking up at the feral looking brown haired man with curiosity in his eyes.

"Yeah King Hiashi, ruler of the merpeople, thought every good sailor knew about him." Kiba said with almost a smirk on his face. Iruka shook his head.

"Don't pay attention to this nautical nonsense, Prince Naruto." Iruka said with a hint of superiority in his tone. Kiba glared at the man before continuing his story of King Hiashi.

"King Hiashi lives fathoms below in the ocean where he and his children live with all the merfolk. He controls the sea using his triton."

"Triton? What is that?" Naruto asked. Kiba opened his mouth to explain it but was cut off by another sailor who wore sunglasses.

"A triton is a mystical scepter that looks like a fork, but has the power over the ocean." The sailor answered. Kiba nodded in agreement.

"Thank-you, Shino, for your explanation." Naruto said as he turned to look at the ocean with new found admiration. I wonder what it is like fathoms below in the ocean.

Me: So as you can see this story will be following Disney's the Little Mermaid :-) it is my fav movie of all time and NaruHina is my fave couple of all time so I thought, "Why not combine the two?" Anyway just to clear things up at the end of every chapter when a new character is introduced I will say who they are suppossed to be from the Little Mermaid; so here we go!
Naruto: I am Prince Eric! Believe it!
Iruka: I am Grimsby (Eric's caretaker)
Kyuubi: I am Max (WTF I am playing a dog?)
Me: You are playing an orange fox!
Kiba: I am some random sailor who tells Eric about King Neptune
Shino: I am just some random sailor...
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