Note: I just realized while I was fixing the spelling errors in this story, I forgot that this story was about Lis a character I made up and not Bella. I'm so used to using Bella for my stories I didn't even realized I used her name when I wrote the point of views. This whole story is from Lis's pov, No twilight character are in the story, I apologize for that error and I'm too lazy to refix this story yet again.


Next Day

I decided not to let the other night bug me, keeping my thoughts to myself as Jake and I cuddled on my bed.

"I got to go." Jake said getting up.

"What's going on?" I asked curious.

"Oh, the guys want to do a guy's night out."

I snickered. Jake turned to me amused.


"Guys actually do that?"

"Apparently." Jake answered, leaning down kissing me sweetly.

I sighed as his lips left mine.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said heading towards the door.

"Or you could spend the night." I offered.

Jake stopped in his tracks, giving me an accusing look.

"What, you used to spend the night all the time." I argued.

"That was different, that was when you were innocent."

I acted hurt.

"I'm innocent."

Jake snickered.

"Innocent my ass."

I came over playfully hitting his arm. Before I knew it Jake scooped me up in his arms and planted a quick kiss on my neck causing me to squeal.

"Bye." Jake said.

I play pouted.

"So, will I see you later?" I asked, eagerly.

Jake stood in the doorway deep in thought.

"Do you think that is wise?" He asked.

"Wise, no, fun, yes."

He snickered, shaking his head side to side. I rolled my eyes getting annoyed.

"I won't touch you, virgin!

Jake looked shocked.

"What did you say?"

I cross my arms to my chest, standing my ground.

"You heard me."

Jake rolled his eyes.

"Fine, I'll come back later."

I grinned, pecking his lips.

"I probably won't be back till two or three in the morning." He added.

I shrugged.

"I don't care.

"Ok." He answered, leaving.

I looked through my dresser drawers excited, trying to find something appealing to wear.

I waited up all night hoping Jake was wrong about the time but as time flew by, no Jake. I yawned tired, it was one thirty.

This is crazy I need my sleep.

I soon felt my eyes drift close.


Jake sat around bored and feeling awkward as a bunch of half-naked girls danced on poles. Glad Lis didn't ask him where his friends and him where going. He watched as his friends cheered the girls on.

Taking one last swig from his beer he was ready to go.

"Yo, I got to go." He said looking at his watch which read two a.m.

"Lis is expecting me." He added, getting up from their table.

"Oh, really?" One of his friends asked, grinning.

"Not like that." Jake declared, grabbing his stuff.

"Sure." His friend said rolling his eyes.

Jake silently headed in Lis's room, not sure if she would be up or not. Considering how late it was he figured she was probably asleep. His thoughts were confirmed when he saw her lights were off, Lis, facing the window with the covers over her.

Jake smiled thinking how cute and innocent she looked. He headed to his side of the bed. Feeling hot, he declothed, left in only his boxers.

He slipped under the covers about to sleep himself when he felt Lis move in her sleep over to his side, wrapping her arm and leg around him. Jake groaned, trying to gentle move her over but she didn't budge.

Frustrated, Jake grabbed Lis's arm roughly pushing her on her side of the bed, ending on top of her in the process. Lis woke up, suddenly alert.

"What, what happened?" She questioned.

"You did it again."

"What?" She asked than rolled her eyes figuring out what he meant.

"God forbid I touch you." She said removing her leg and in the process lifted the covers, revealing her outfit to Jake.

Jake gasped, staring intently, seeing Lis was just wearing her bra and underwear. Lis weakly grinned at his response.

"I got hot." She stated, rolling back to her side.

Jake groaned.

"You're such a tease."

"Excuse me, who turned who down yesterday?"

Jake sighed, wrapping his arms around her, whispering in her ear.

"You're killing me here." He stated, kissing her neck.

Lis sighed.


Jake grinned in her neck. Lis turned and started Kissing Jake on the lips but stopped tasting alcohol.

"Ah, how much did you drink?" She questioned.

Jake laughed at her disgust.

"Just a couple of beers." He confessed, trying to kiss her again, but she pulled away.

"Oh, now you don't want to kiss me, a couple of beers, that's all it takes." Jake asked, rubbing his face against Lis's.

"That's right, brush your teeth." She stated.

Jake sighed, getting up.

"You can use my toothbrush." Lis announced as Jake rolled his eyes, heading to the bathroom.

Lis excitedly checked out Jake's body as he left.

"So, did you have fun?" She questioned from the bed.

Jake gargled, spitting in the sink before answering.


Lis laughed at his lack of enthusiasm.

Jake came back to the bed, leaning in for a kiss. Lis eagerly expected a soft kiss.

"Ah, minty fresh." Lis teased.

Jake snickered, returning for more but Lis stopped him short.

"So, where did you guys go?"

Jake frustrated went to her neck, kissing it, giving Lis chills. Jake answered in between kisses.

"Strip club."

Lis tensed turning to him.

"Oh really?"

Jake shook his head, now licking her shoulder. Lis started having trouble concentrating.

"See anything good?"

Jake snickered against her neck.

"Just you."

Lis grinned at this.

"Good answer."

Jake smirked kissing her on the lips.

Lis happily accepted, suddenly a thought came to her.



"You didn't get a lap dance, did you?"

Jake froze, interested.

"No, but I wouldn't mind getting one from you."

Lis looked him over, he wasn't laughing.

Lust was beginning to show in his eyes and something that looked like hope.

"You want me to?" Lis questioned.

"Only if you want to." Jake said kissing her shoulder sweetly.

Lis silently got up.

"Where are you going?"

"You'll see."

Jake bit his lip looking at Lis's body, feeling himself get hard. Jake grinned wickedly when Lis returned with a chair placing it in the center of the room.

"Come here." She demanded.

Jake hoped off the bed eager.

"I like this bossy side of you; it's kind of a turn on."

Lis snickered as Jake came over. She pushed him down onto the chair.

"Damn, girl."

"Shut up." Lis ordered.

Jake shut his mouth afraid he might say something to change her mind. Lis silently straddled Jake, staring at him. Desire filled his eyes as Lis shocked him taking off her bra.

Jake gasped not sure if he should touch her or not. She rubbed her face against his neck, slowly licking and sucking it. He groaned, grabbing her waist. Lis could feel his excitement beneath her, causing her to moan against his neck.

She slowly started grinding against him, Jake gasped gripping her tighter.

"Lis, ah, oh god."

Lis started grinding harder as Jake continued.

"Maybe we should…"

Lis pulled his hair, interrupting him.

"Stop talking? Yeah, your right."

Jake rolled his eyes but let it go as Lis stopped her movements on him, kissing his lips. He soon joined adding his tongue. Lis moaned, bringing Jake's hands from her waist to her breasts.

He gasped in the kiss but didn't stop kissing her. He began massing her breasts. Lis broke the kiss arching her back in pleasure as Jake squeeze her breasts hard, kissing her neck.

Jake groaned as Lis started grinding against him again. All his actions stopped.

"Lis." Jake stated.

She began to grind faster and harder feeling desperate. Jake's breathing picked up.


She continued ignoring Jake's request.

"Lis." Jake said which came out more like a moan, making Lis moan in the process.

"Shit." Jake said as desire started taking over him.

He grabbed Lis's hips roughly slamming her against him.

"Uh, oh, umm, ah." Escaped Lis's mouth.

"Uh fuck, god, I um, shit." Came from Jake's mouth.

Lis suddenly stopped, shy of cumming. Jake tried to control his breathing with sweat on his forehead.

"Shit Lis, Why did you stop?" He voiced clearly frustrated.

Lis got up.

"Where are you going?"

She grinned going to her knees. Before Jake knew what was happening, lis pulled Jake's boxers down.

He gasped as the air hit him. Lis leaned down. Jake fought the urge to stop her in need of relief. She slowly took him in her mouth. Jake groaned as his eyes instantly closed.


Lis slowly moved her mouth back and forth, bringing her tongue over the tip ever so often.

Jake swarmed.

"Uh, oh god, harder."

She did as told and before she knew it Jake was buckling his hips up to her mouth.

"I uh, am about…"

before Lis could finish, Jake pulled her away. She gave him a questioning look.

He pulled her in for a kiss; she happily kissed him back, moaning at their closeness. Before she knew it she was thrown on the bed. Underwear tossed across the room, making out passionately.

Jake slowly brought her legs around his waist.

"Please." She begged.

That was it, just like that Jake thrust into her. Lis gasped half in pleasure, half in pain. Jake groaned against her neck, trying to kiss the pain away.

He kissed her neck going to her chest. Lis arched her back in pleasure as Jake took one of her breast in his mouth. Hot, wet, erotic. Soon Lis was used to Jake's size; she slowly began grinding against him.

Jake groaned in response, thrusting in her all the way, causing her cherry to break. Lis winched, gripping Jake's shoulders in pain. Jake looked at her unsure if he should continue.

Lis tried not to think of the pain as Jake continued moving in her.

"Uh, god, you're so tight."

Listening to the sounds of Jake's pleasure making the pain go away, Lis started moving with him. She gasped as she started to feel what Jake was talking about.

Before they knew it they were thrusting together, hard and fast, making the bed squeak.

"Uh, god, shit, Lis, uh!"

"Uh, oh Jake!"

Once done, both were sweating and breathing hard, Lis was curious and feeling self-conscience.

"How was it?"

Jake smirked ear to ear.

"Best lap dance I ever had."

Lis snickered as Jake lean down stealing a kiss, before they drifted off to sleep.

The end!

Note: I know I suck at sex scenes, lol! Hope you liked it. ;)