A Wounded Heart

By: Phoenix Ride

" In order to gain happiness,

I betrayed those who loved me most"

"But now that I've been forgiven,

everything in the past is toast"

"And it's all because Carly has shown me the way,

from the path that lead my heart astray"

" Through her, I have learned to piloit my own life,

my love for her grew, and seemed to end my strife"

" But then the darkness tried to take her away,

for me to fight that day"

"The fight had a no win situation,

ending in death, my heart ached in desperation"

" I was so determined to save her that I willing not to let her die alone,

but she turned it around, and now only she is gone"

"When she disappeared, the only feeling I felt was pain.

It hurts to even say Carly's name"

"But her lesson lives on, and that's what I have come to share

That even a wounded heart can be saved by someone who truly cares"

"And as you go on, wishing for a life filled with fame, fortune, and more.

Remember the story, of a heart, that was once sore,"