[A/N Ok, this is a school fic. Its about a girl called Gemma, who's me, who has started the next year at Pokè academy. Advanceshipping, Cavaliershipping and some OCxOC. ]

Pokè Academy

Hi, I'm Gemma. Well, people call me flame a lot, probably because I use a lot of fire types. Anyway. I'm on my way to school, man how I hate it, I love lessons like battling but things like Pokèmon breeding classes give me the creeps and classes like strategies I get bored in, because I already have my own strategy. Damn! I'm gonna be late!


(Authors POV)

Gemma quickly put her black cap on over her dark brunette hair and slipped her read short-sleeved jacket over her white top with folded down black collar.

"C'mon out Flareon and Chimchar! Hop onto my shoulders, we need to get to school quick! Kim'll be waiting in Reg! I can't wait to meet the new people in this year's class." Gemma shouted. He Chimchar and Flareon quickly jumped up to her shoulders. "I hope May, Ash and Dawn are in our class again this year. Damn, stop talking and run!" She sped out of the door, grabbing her bag and a piece of toast.

"Bye Mom, Lou and Dad! I'm late!" Gemma called. Chimchar and Flareon almost fell off her shoulders as she sped to her school bus stop. As she arrived she noticed that the bus was just driving off. "Hey! Wait up!"

"Chimchar Chim char cha!"

"Flare!" But by the time she got there it was too late,

"DAMN!" Gemma yelled. "Great, now I'm gonna get a detention!" Sighing she placed her hands in her pockets and slowly walking to her school. She kicked a stone really hard and sighed again. "How many times has this has happened? At this rate I'm never gonna pass anything, and never make it to the school battle team." Soon she arrived at her school, but the gates were closed. "Damn this world! Well, time to use my climbing skills, again." Flareon and Chimchar had to cling as tight as possible to their trainer's shoulders as she gripped the wire and managed to slowly climb over the gate, as she reached the top she fell and landed on her buttocks.

"Ow." Gemma groaned. Shakily she stood up and rushed inside. "Man, I hope I can hack into the lift again, I'm not running all the way to 3rd floor." She checked her watch. "Damn, I'm late by almost 20minutes! Thank the gods that Reg. is over 50minutes long in this damn school!" she ran to the lift and put in the code she had used to hack into it for the past 3 years, the doors, to her delight, opened. "Yes!"


In room 301…

"… And finally Bradley-…." Miss Jonas said, suddenly Gemma burst through the door.

"I'm here Miss! Sorry I'm late!" Gemma panted.

"Very disappointing Gemma, it's the first day back and you're late. I'm afraid you have a detention after school. Kim has been saving you a seat, go and sit down." Miss Jonas sighed; Gemma walked over to her friend and sat next to her.

"Ok class now lets introduce everyone to each other."


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