New Soul Reborn

Chapter 1: Requiem

It began neither in light or darkness. It was more like a place of twilight, a place between life and death, existence and oblivion, reality and fantasy. A place that marked many endings and many beginnings.

First came consciousness. He could see all around him in all directions. But there was nothing, except a perpetual veil of twilight. There wasn't even him. Where was he? Why was he here? How could he be here? What was he? Who was he?

The anguish on nothingness was crashing down on his mind. Something needed to exist. He needed to exist. His sanity couldn't survive without something to feel, something to hear, something to see.

A silent roar came out of his nonexistent throat. There was no one to hear this roar, but if one were able to, it would have shaken them to the core. As he roared, small black particles started to appear. The particles started to come together. He felt himself attach to these black particles. Yes, he need more, he needed a whole body. He exerted his will to draw in more particles from the twilight.

More particles came together. As the mass gained more particles, it began to take shape. Arms grew from the shoulders of the torso and its lower half extended into legs. As the head began to form, something seemed amiss. A body was forming, but it was incomplete, lacking exact definition.

Then it occurred to him. He was not just blackness. There's more that needs to be added. He stretched out his mind into the twilight for something more. Grey particles began gathering, but they did not join the black particles. Instead, they gathered in clumps around the black mass and started forming into smaller masses. One of these began to take on the form of a helmet. It was somewhat strange looking, oval shaped with a sharp horn at the nose. He drew the helmet over to the body where the head was. The helmet slid on and settled there. When that happened, the black particles underneath settled together in a more solid shape.

Seeing what happened with that, he started working on making armor from the other grey particles. A large chest plate formed and positioned itself onto the front of the torso. With that addition, the black particles started forming particles on their own. Large shoulder pads appeared as well as hip guards. Two halves of a large octagonal shield appeared on the back. The grey particles forged a central hip guard, like a loincloth, and attached itself at the waist. That helped the black particles formed the upper legs into more solid shapes.

Then six smaller shapes formed from the grey particles, more like blades. Three of them floated over to the arms. As they attached, the lower arms built up into large gauntlets and the blades became claws.

Then the last of the grey particles formed into two leg guards which attached to the legs. The black particles underneath formed into saurian legs with large feet that ended in three grey claws.

The body seemed complete, but something was missing a final detail. Reaching once more into the twilight, he started pulling in yellow particles. Instead of forming into armor like the grey particles, they started flowing into the body through the empty eyeholes of the helmet. As they entered, details formed on the rest of the body. A pair of grey horns with yellow stripes grew out of the helmet. They were like those of a bull in both shape and position. Then the yellow particles started flowing in and out of the holes in the chest plate, forming into tethers. Similar tethers formed on the back of the leg guards as well as coloring the metal in the front. Similarly, the yellow particles colored the middle part of the central hip guard. A spike with a yellow ring in the middle grew out of each shoulder pad. Finally, yellow hair started growing from underneath the helmet and grew down to the shoulders. Then the flow of yellow particles stopped, revealing yellow eyes in the eyeholes.

Now he felt his consciousness become part of the body. He lifted his head and looked around. His surroundings remained the same, only now his vision was concentrated in what he saw with his eyes. He looked down at his body. It was a strong one, one of a warrior in armor. Somewhat resembling that of a dinosaur or dragon, but had the basic shape of a man.

"At last, I have form," said the warrior, "and yet, I feel incomplete. Why do I feel this way? Is it enough to have a physical body again?" He paused for a moment. "Again? When did I have a body before? How can I not have an identity? Why does my mind feel so empty?" He looked around for something to explain it, but there was still only twilight. The warrior sighed and said, "There is no point in asking questions with no one to answer them. If I am to find my identity, I shall begin searching within myself. What is the last thing I remember?" The warrior sat down in a meditative position closed his eyes in concentration. At first, the interior of his mind remained a blank, but then a solid image began to form.

He felt the energy field as soon at it appeared. It drew him like a magnet to where he was. He emerged into the Real World above a small park. He saw his enemy, the pale man in the purple overcoat. He had absorbed the Dark Flower of that girl and now its energy was floating around him like a purple cloud. He knocked aside his two minions with ease. Oikawa smirked back at him, "Have you come back to face the truth? Perfect, I can make use of the energy of the Control Spires that created your image."

"You're only a human," said the warrior, "My power far surpasses yours. You'd be signing your own death warrant."

"Stop flattering yourself," said Oikawa, "You're simply an electronic being."

"Did you create your two flunkies because you were afraid to be alone?" said the warrior. The man grimaced in anger. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

"That's absurd," said Oikawa as the purple cloud flared, "Do you really think I'm that foolish? I could obliterate you in a heartbeat, don't forget that."

"You think that power is going to bring you happiness?" said the warrior, "If you do, then you're living in a dream. Power isn't going to help you escape the loneliness you feel because you don't have any friends. It just makes it worse. Take it from me, the more powerful you get, the more alone you become." Oikawa grabbed his head in pain. "Can't take the truth, can you?"

Suddenly an old man ran in between them. "I came as fast as I could," he panted.

"Grandpa!" cried one of the children watching.

"I'm sorry to get here so late, my boy," said the old man to his grandson. Then he turned to Oikawa and said, "It's been a long time, but I remember you. You were a good friend of Hiroki. You never had many friends and I always thought you were a bit of an oddball, but I'd never imagine you'd go completely mad."

Oikawa stopped clutching his head and stared at the old man. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"What to know how I know you so well, Yukio?" asked the old man, "You see, I'm Cody's grandfather and Hiroki's father."
"His father?" said Oikawa.

Cody's grandfather continued, "You two spent hours together, playing games and making up outrageous stories. You actually believed the characters were real. You were so lost in this world, I thought your minds would rot. Pretty soon, I had to put my foot down and bring an end to it. You both took it very hard. I still remember the sad look on your faces. You were miserable. Things never changed as you grew up. You still spent long periods of time dreaming about that strange other world of yours. You never let anyone else share in your thoughts. You were afraid they would take them away. Then one day, it happened. Hiroki was gone forever. You were beside yourself with grief. You became a lost and lonely soul. It wasn't normal. But then, Hiroki had been your only friend. I wish I could have seen it coming. I would have tried to make it easier for you. I never saw anyone so sad in my life. I had to say, it was a very difficult thing to watch. You may not be interested in hearing this, but I'd like to be your friend. It would be nice to talk to someone about my son. You think that would be alright?"

Oikawa's face softened dramatically. "You must miss him even more than I do," said Oikawa and started walking towards Cody's grandfather. Suddenly he grabbed his head in pain and screamed loudly. When he opened his eyes, the corneas had turned red and the purple cloud flared. The warrior tensed, whatever dark influence was in that cloud was interfering.

Then Oikawa pointed his hands towards Cody's grandfather and a blast of purple energy shot out. The warrior quickly moved in front of the old man and the blast hit him in the chest plate. He grunted in pain as it tore right through into his dark innards. The warrior stared back at Oikawa, trying to identify the source of the dark power. Then behind Oikawa's eyes, he sensed another presence, a being with yellow eyes, a red mask, a hooked nose, and a fanged mouth twisted in a sneer. The dark being chuckled darkly as it hid back behind its host's presence.

The warrior's eyes opened wide in recognition, "Oh no, you! It can't be!" Then the pain of his wound got to him and he fell down onto his hands and knees. "How could I have been so blind? I should have known."

Then the purple cloud faded away and Oikawa's eyes returned to normal. "You're perfectly right about being alone," he said, "We're both doomed to remain this way forever. There isn't any other choice."

As Oikawa turned his back, the warrior said, "He's controlling you. This changes everything."

"You're very perceptive for someone so narrow-minded," said Oikawa, "I have to harvest all the Dark Spores in order for me to fulfill my deepest desires. I've always wanted to go to the Digital World." He laughed madly and ran off.

The warrior grimaced as he felt his strength leaking out of the mortal wound in his chest. He stood up and said, "He must not be allowed in the Digital World ever again."

Then a warrior that resembled him except with lighter colors ran over to him. "What do you mean again?" he asked as he helped the warrior from falling down.

"Again? Nobody ever tells me anything," said one of the boys, "Are you alright big guy?"

"My body's not going to last much longer," said the warrior, "The image created by the Control Spires will soon start to break up. But there's still something I have to do."

"Save your strength!" called another warrior, who resembled a strange mixture of dragon and insect.

"No, my strength is my final gift to you, my friends," said the warrior. He shrugged off the other warrior and walked forward. "I will seal the Highton View Terrace with my own body."

"Don't do it!" called the lighter warrior.

"I must!" cried the darker warrior and leaped into the air. He soared into the air, roaring his death cry. His body dissipated into particles which fell over the area of the city to seal the gate.

As his mind faded, he heard the lighter warrior cry out to him, "BlackWarGreymon. BlackWarGreymon! BLACKWARGREYMON!"

Then his eyes sprang back open. "That's it, I remember now," he said as he stood up, "I am BlackWarGreymon. But that still doesn't resolve why I'm here. I sacrificed my body so that Myotismon could not enter the Digital World, so I should be dead. And even if I were, how could I be a ghost? I'm just a hollow creation made of Control Spires. I have no soul to remain after I've died."

"Your actions have proven otherwise," said a voice.

BlackWarGreymon turned around, his claws raised up. "Who said that?" he demanded.

"Fear not," said the voice, "I mean you no harm."

"Then show your face," demanded BlackWarGreymon.

A Digimon emerged from the twilight. He resembled a human dressed in white pants, sandals, and jewelry resembling the ancient Egyptians. Two brown bird wings extended from his back and his head was like that of a jackal with Egyptian dreadlocks. "I am Anubismon, the Judge of the Dead," said the Digimon, "I am he who decides whether Digimon who have been deleted goes to the afterlife or are reborn."

"Then why appear before me?" asked BlackWarGreymon, "My nature is such that I should be sent to the Dark Area without question."

"So you think," said Anubismon, "Your data has not been measured as it is sealing the Digital Gate of Highton View Terrace. It must now be removed."

"No!" said BlackWarGreymon, "I cannot allow that. Myotismon is trying to get in. He must not be allowed back in the Digital World!"

"Be at peace," said Anubismon, "Myotismon is no longer a factor. Though he tried to enter the Digital World, the seal you made with your data detoured him into a parallel world where the Digidestined managed to defeat him."

"You mean, he's already gone?" asked BlackWarGreymon.

"Actually, it's been a year since MaloMyotismon has been destroyed," said Anubismon, "Your sacrifice made it possible, but now your data no longer serves a purpose as a seal."

"True," said BlackWarGreymon, "I guess this means I am to face true oblivion."

"On the contrary," said Anubismon, "The Harmonious Ones have decided that your deeds have earned you a second chance."

"A second chance?" said BlackWarGreymon, "Are you unaware of what I am? Don't you know how much evil inside me?"

"Let us find out," said Anubismon and he waved his hand. A long staff with a scale on the end appeared. One side of the scales was black while the other was white. "It is time for the final assessment of your data," said Anubismon, "What are your sins?"

"My sins are many," said BlackWarGreymon, "I was created from 100 Control Spires, isn't that enough?" The black side tipped slightly.

"That merely describes your origins," said Anubismon, "Arukenimon created you to be a servant and to destroy the Digidestined, but you did neither." The scale balanced itself out.

"But my claws are stained with the blood of many Digimon," said BlackWarGreymon and the scale tipped towards the black again.

"Not so," said Anubismon, "The only Digimon you ever destroyed were the ones created from Control Spires, and they were not truly Digimon. Every other Digimon you've battled, you've left injured, but alive." The scale balanced itself out again.

"But I attacked the Destiny Stones," said BlackWarGreymon, "I nearly destroyed the Digital World for my desire to fight Azulongmon." The scale tipped black again.

"But you did not succeed," said Anubismon, "And you were unaware of the danger you were creating. When Azulongmon corrected you, you stopped your quest of destruction and changed your ways." The scales righted themselves.

"Changed my ways?" said BlackWarGreymon, "I went to the Real World and tried to destroy Oikawa. I could have damaged much in my way." The scales' balance was once again in the black.

"You did not succeed at that either," said Anubismon as the scales righted themselves, "Furthermore, you saved Cody's grandfather from Myotismon's attack and stopped him from entering the Digital World." The scales were now tipping towards the white side.

Anubismon smiled, "It would seem that you are worthy of redemption after all. You now have a choice. You may cosign yourself to oblivion and cease to exist or you may be reborn to live your life again. However, there is one condition."

"What is that?" asked BlackWarGreymon.

"If you choose to live again, it will be as a new Digimon in a new world. And you may never see the world you came from again."

BlackWarGreymon considered this. Should he simply end all this and become nothingness. To one who lived a life like he had, this seemed anti-climatic. Not just that, it seemed cowardly. A warrior like him should end his life in a more purposeful way.

"I have made my decision," said BlackWarGreymon, "I choose to be reincarnated into this new world. But before I go, I have one request."

Anubismon's face became stern, "I can grant you a request, but be warned. There are some things that are not within my power to grant."

"I wish to see how those I will leave behind remember me," said BlackWarGreymon.

Anubismon's face softened, "That much I can do." He waved his hand in the air and a large window appeared. BlackWarGreymon looked through the window to what lied on the other side.

It was the park in Tokyo, the one he had faced Oikawa in. On the side of the path where he took the blast for Cody's grandfather, there stood a stone slab of black obsidian. Carved on it was an image of BlackWarGreymon with an inscription reading, 'In memory of BlackWarGreymon, a warrior who found the reason for why he was born.'

BlackWarGreymon nodded to himself. A lonely marker befitted a warrior such as him. He was about to turn away when he spotted movement. He turned to look at the window to see a group of children and Digimon coming. "The Digidestined?" said BlackWarGreymon, "What are they doing here?"

"Stay and watch," said Anubismon.

The window also allowed BlackWarGreymon to hear what was going on the other side. "I can't believe you were able to land that record deal, Matt," said Tai.

"You and me both," said Matt, "Never thought we could so popular so fast."

"Think you could set me up with one of your fans?" asked Davis.
"He's a rock star, not a magician," said TK. Everyone laughed except for Davis, who didn't find it funny.

"Sure was nice of your mom to let us use these flowers," said Mimi.

"No problem," said Sora, "Mom knew the whole story and she was more than happy to contribute."

BlackWarGreymon's eyes narrowed in confusion, "Flowers?" He looked closely and saw that each kid and Digimon had a bouquet of some kind. Then they all paused in front of BlackWarGreymon's memorial.

"Hard to believe it's been a year," said Kari.

"Yeah," said Yolei, "He really gave his all for this."

"Wait a second," said Izzy, "Where's Cody?"

"He wouldn't want to miss this, would he?" said Ken.

"Oh, there he is," said Joe pointing.

The group turned to see Cody and his grandfather walking over. "Sorry we're late," said Cody's grandfather, "I'm not as fast as I used to be. We didn't miss it, did we?"

"Nope, we were just about to start," said Tai.

Then the atmosphere became more respectful. Cody started speaking, "We gather here today to preserve the memory of BlackWarGreymon, who gave his life so that the Digital World could be stopped. His sacrifice was not in vain and he'll always be remembered for it." The group bowed their heads respectfully and started laying their flowers around the memorial.

BlackWarGreymon could hear them mutter some words as they placed the flowers down. His ears were able to pick Agumon saying, 'I'm glad we could be friends' and Cody's grandfather saying, 'Thank you for giving this old man a few more years of life'. Afterwards, the group left.

BlackWarGreymon felt something stir inside of him at the sight. What was once a lonely gravestone was now a decorated memorial of those who remembered him. He never felt so appreciated before. He blinked as he felt something on the outside of his right eye. Gingerly, he lifted his claw up there to see what it was. He pulled it away to examine the small drop of water on it. He sighed and said, "I've seen enough. I'm ready to go."

Anubismon nodded and the window disappeared. "Remember this; you also have a purpose to fulfill in this new world. And like your old world, you will have to find it out for yourself." Then everything disappeared in a bright flash of light.

And there's the first chapter of a new story. This story isn't so much a sequel to Digitial Conspiracies (written by my co-author) as it is a midquel between that story and the sequel to it we're planning on writing later.

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