New Soul Reborn

Chapter 6: Resolution

The group quickly went back to Jeri's house, but they were too late. Calumon was gone and there was no trace of him left. "Oh dear, this is my fault," said Jeri, "I shouldn't have left him alone."

"No, if there is anyone to blame here, it is me," said BlackWarGreymon, "I was the one who provided the distraction needed to kidnap him. But the past does not matter now. What matters is that we find him before something happens to him."

"But how?" asked Henry, "We don't even know who took him."

"Maybe not, but I do know who can find him," said Takato as he pulled his cellphone and started looking through its directory.

Hypnos was currently studying the digital network. They had detected a disturbance earlier and they were checking to see if any wild ones had escaped into the real world. So far, they haven't found anything. "Whatever's going on, I hope those kids are more onto it than we are," said Yamaki to himself.

Suddenly, his cell phone ringed and he answered it. "Yamaki, here." He listened to Takato give them a brief synopsis of what's happened and the current situation. "So do you want us to do about it?" he asked.

"If you can any strong Digimon signals, I think we will find Calumon there," said Takato.

Yamaki nodded and turned to the two women operating the supercomputer. "Scan for any strong digital signals," he ordered, "If that doesn't work, search for Calumon's signal."

Riley looked up from her screen and said, "We've found Calumon's signal. He's at the wharf."

Yamaki turned back to his cell phone and said, "We've found your little buddy. Standby for coordinates."

Within a few minutes, the group was heading towards the docks. Everyone was riding their partner Digimon, with the exception of Beelzemon since Ai and Mako weren't with him and Alice was riding alongside Henry on Rapidmon.

"So, I heard that BlackWarGreymon spent the night at your house," said Henry.

Alice nodded, "It was kinda fun. Almost as if Dobermon was back." But then Alice got a sad look on her face.

Henry put his hand on Alice's shoulder and said, "I'm really sorry about what happened to him. We never forgot what he gave up so we could face the D-Reaper. And we could only imagine what you had to go through. I hope it's not too late for us to be friends."

Alice smiled at him and said, "I don't think it's ever too late to become friends. My name's Alice McCoy."

"I'm Henry, Henry Wong."

Then Rapidmon had to ruin the moment by saying, "Will you put a lid on that mushy stuff? We've got bad guy butts to kick."

Alice and Henry immediately stopped looking at each other, a blush on both of their cheeks. "Rapidmon, do you ever try to do things subtly?" Henry asked through gritted teeth.

"Depends, what does 'subtly' mean?" asked the Cyborg Digimon.

Henry rubbed his forehead and said, "Nevermind."

Meanwhile, Daemon was hard at work. He was standing on one of the concrete docks that stretched out into the harbor. In front of him was a magical pentacle that he placed there and chained to one of the mooring posts was Calumon. "You are gonna be in so much trouble when my friends get here!" shouted Calumon, "You have any idea who they are? They beat up the D-Reaper. And you're going to get beat up too."

"If your friends ever find this place, they'll be too late," said Daemon, "In moments, the portal shall be open and not long after that, you'll will learn why I brought you here."

"That's what you think, you big, dumb, pointy-horned doodoo-head!" snapped Calumon, "When my friends come, you're going to end up a big yucky-"

Daemon, being the Demon Lord of Anger, had a finite amount of patience and Calumon's seemingly-empty threats and high-pitched voice was really starting to get on his nerves. So right when Calumon was in the middle of his next threat, Daemon snapped his fingers and a gag appeared over Calumon's mouth. "That's better," he said, "Now where was I?"

Suddenly, Daemon sensed something getting close to the digital field he had conjured. "It those dratted Tamers I bet," he said, "Couldn't they have wasted a little more time searching? Oh well, I suppose I'll have to provide some distractions of my own." He waved his hand over the water and it began to ripple, then froth. Shortly afterwards, an enormous Digimon that resembled a large Devimon with several Gesomon tentacles arose from the water. It was followed by many fish-like Digimon that were wearing scuba gear. "MarineDevimon, Divermon, there are some intruders coming our way. I want you to stop them from getting here." The amphibious Digimon nodded their heads in acknowledgement and climbed out of the water and onto land.

Meanwhile, the Tamers had just breached the fogbank surrounding the docks. The instant they entered, they felt a chill all over their bodies. Whatever had created this digital field was extremely powerful and extremely evil. "We better biomerge," said Takato, "I have a feeling that there's a Mega Digimon waiting for us."

Rika nodded and held up her Digivice. But to her surprise, the Digivice refused to respond to her biomerge command. "Hey, what gives with this thing? It won't let me biomerge."

"Mine either," said Henry.

"That's weird," said Jeri, "Mine's just fine."

"That's because we cannot biomerge," said IceLeomon, "This digital field has somehow neutralized your ability to biomerge."

"I do not require biomerging to reach Mega form," said BlackWarGreymon.

"Me neither,' said Beelzemon, "I say we fly in and kick their butts."

Suddenly, there was a cry of "STRIKING FISH!" and several harpoons flew out of the mist right at them. The group scattered to avoid being hit. "What was that?" asked Rika.

"It appears that the kidnapper has brought back up," said Taomon. She waved her sleeve and called, "TALISMAN SPELL!" A gust of wind blew out and fanned away some of the fog. It revealed several sea-based Digimon below, mainly Divermon and a gigantic one that looked like a twisted human wearing a dark blue suit, but what could be seen of his skin was pale white and he had squid-like tentacles for limbs.

Jeri looked at her Digivice and said, "That's MarineDevimon, a Sea Animal Digimon, Ultimate level. He plays against any rule that's in the book and his Dark Deluge both blinds and burns."

"Can't we just fly over these guys?" asked Rapidmon.

"I don't think so," said Henry, "They won't let us through that easily. If we do try to fly over them, they'll shoot us down or chase us, causing a lot of collateral damage in their pursuit. I think we need to fight through these guys first."

"What about Calumon?" said Beelzemon, "We gotta go save him."

"And we shall," said BlackWarGreymon, "You and I are the strongest. We'll go on ahead and try to find Calumon. The rest of you can deal with this flotsam.
"Wait," said Alice, "I want to come with you."

"It's too dangerous," said BlackWarGreymon, "I don't wish to see you hurt."

"It's my fault that Calumon's been captured," said Alice, "I have to help save him. Besides, if you guys are fighting the kidnapper, he'll not notice me freeing Calumon."

"Kid's gotta point," said Beelzemon.

BlackWarGreymon considered this for a while and said, "Fine, but you are not to get involved with the fighting under any circumstance, understand?"

"Fine," said Alice. Then BlackWarGreymon gingerly transferred her onto his back. Once she had a good grip on his back armor, he and Beelzemon flew over the sea-based Digimon below. They tried to attack them, but the others started attacking them, causing them to switch their attention.

The two Viral Megas flew forward into the mist. "You think we can handle them?" asked Beelzemon.

"Back where I come from, the only ones who were my equal in strength were WarGreymon and Imperialdramon," said BlackWarGreymon, "I don't know whether this new foe has similar power levels, but working together, we should be able to defeat him."

"You sound like Dobermon," said Alice, "he always said that teamwork could defeat anything."

This made BlackWarGreymon slow his flight slightly and reflect a bit on what Dobermon had said to him. Perhaps he was meant to be his replacement. But now was not the time for that. Now was the time for action. He increased his speed towards what he thought was the heart of the fog.

Eventually, a lone concrete wharf appeared in front of them. They immediately spotted Calumon chained to one of the mooring post, the gag on his mouth preventing him from shouting. BlackWarGreymon and Beelzemon landed on the wharf and Alice slid off of BlackWarGreymon. She ran over to Calumon and started working on his bonds. "Don't worry," she said, "We'll get you out of here soon."

But as soon as she got the gag off, Calumon shouted, "Get outta here! It's a trap!"

Before BlackWarGreymon or Beelzemon could react, a voice called out, "EVIL INFERNO!" A wave of flames hit the two of them flying a sizeable distance. Alice glanced back at where the flames had come from to see Daemon emerge from the fog. "Well, well," said Daemon, "Looked what washed up on the wharf."

"Daemon!" shouted Beelzemon as he tried to get up.

"You know this thing?" asked Alice.

"Well, not personally," said the biker Digimon as he got back onto his feet and brandished his cannon, "But we're about to get real familiar."

"Indeed we are," said Daemon, his eyes narrowing, "Now that I've seen you in person, I can certainly tell that you're not the Beelzemon I have worked with so long ago. Nevertheless, I will not allow you to smudge the reputation of the Seven Great Demon Lords any further."

"Yeah, yeah, big insult to the name of Demon Lord, heard it all before," said Beelzemon, "That nymphomaniac chick said the same thing and she got her empty head vaporized."

"Yes," said Daemon, chagrin lining his voice, "Lilithmon is a bit of… an embarrassment to us. But actually, the one I should know the best would be your large black friend."

"What are you talking about?" said BlackWarGreymon, getting back onto his feet, "I've never met you before and I'd never want to work with the likes of you."

"True," said Daemon, "but we have more in common than you realize. We both come from the same Digital World and we've both invaded the human world connected to it. As a matter of fact, we've missed each other by 1 day."

"Mere coincidence," said BlackWarGreymon, "But I doubt that Anubismon would allow one like you to come to this world."

"Quite right," said Daemon, "I was banished to the Dark Ocean by those accursed Digidestined. I was going to focus on fighting my way back to get revenge. But then I found that the Dark Ocean can open into other Digital Worlds. So I managed to force my way to this one. While I fully intend to return and deal with those brats, I find that this world is very useful for my plans in the long run. Among them is liberating another comrade of mine who was also trapped in the Dark Ocean."

Suddenly, the harbor's water at the end of the wharf began to froth with foam. Then it collapsed down as a large whirlpool formed. BlackWarGreymon tensed in preparation. This was no ordinary whirlpool; it was a portal to the Dark Ocean. And something was coming out of it, something really evil.

Then a form started to emerge from the frothing foam. First appeared a large, blue, bulbous head with red markings on it. Tentacles were fringed around the head and a jaw full of sharp teeth hung from it. Then followed the torso, with wings on the back that looked like fins. As its body continued to rise, it became apparent that it was entirely composed of blue tentacles. Chains, straps and collars were used to restrain three sets of tentacles to form the legs and left arm. The right arm was simply one large tentacle. Oddly enough, a large necklace with purple beads hung from its neck. This Digimon towered over the wharf, throwing all on it into shadow.

Alice pulled her Digivice and held it towards the Digimon. Though it was basically useless in battle, it could still identify Digimon. "That's Dagomon,' said Alice, "an Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon. He's known as 'The Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor'. He can wipe out coastlines with his Forbidden Trident attack but feels no remorse at all."

"An Ultimate huh?" said Beelzemon, "Looks like all that time in the Dark Ocean screwed up your math skills, Daemon. We're two Megas against you, another Mega, and an Ultimate. The scales' tippin' towards us."

"Yes, it would appear that way, wouldn't it?" said Daemon, "But Dagomon's a lot more powerful than he looks. Why don't you show them, Dagomon?"

"FORBIDDEN TRIDENT!" roared Dagomon and he smacked the water with his right 'arm'. That caused a large wave to form. As it approached the wharf, it morphed to form a three-pronged trident shape. The wave hit BlackWarGreymon and Beelzemon and knocked them backwards. The attack did hurt them significantly, but not enough to seriously damage them.

"A powerful blow, but it will take more power to defeat us," said BlackWarGreymon as he got back up.

"Of course," said Daemon, "Which is why I brought a little jumpstart." He held his hand towards Calumon and said, "Now, you will unleash your power of digivolution for Dagomon."

Alice stood up and stood in front of Daemon, her arms spread out. "You're not going to use Calumon like that," she said, "He's not some upgrade card that you can use and then just toss away."

Daemon looked annoyed and said, "Your courage is admirable, but your common sense leaves much to be desired. You're no longer useful to me so begone." With one smack from his outstretched hand, Daemon sent Alice flying into the harbor.

"Alice!" shouted BlackWarGreymon and dived in after her. Beelzemon turned to blast Daemon, but Daemon flapped his wings to knock Beelzemon away.

"Now that the distractions are dealt with," said Daemon, "It's time to awaken your true power, Dagomon!" He held his hand towards Calumon and a bolt of energy shot out. Calumon screamed in pain as the energy shocked him and the symbol on his head started glowing. He hadn't hurt this much since Takato's anger caused WarGrowlmon to digivolve to Megidramon. Then the symbol on his forehead let off a beam of light which hit Dagomon.

Meanwhile, BlackWarGreymon was swimming down after Alice. She had apparently been stunned with Daemon struck her and was sinking to the bottom. Despite the amount of armor he was wearing, BlackWarGreymon was able to swim pretty well. He managed to reach Alice before she lost all her air. Holding her gently, he swam back up to the surface. On the way, he noticed that the whirlpool from which Dagomon came through was churning even faster. As a matter of fact, it looked like it was lifting from the ocean floor. He swam even further to the surface and eventually got back up to fresh air. As Alice coughed the water out of her lungs, BlackWarGreymon asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yes," said Alice weakly, "but I think we've got bigger things to worry about."

BlackWarGreymon looked up to see that the whirlpool was actually lifting out of the water around Dagomon. He quickly swam for the wharf and hoisted both himself and Alice onto it. Beelzemon was just getting back up from Daemon's attack and now he was watching what was happening.

Pretty soon, the whirlpool hid Dagomon from view, but it didn't stop there. It extended even further out of the water, forming into a large water spout. Dagomon's silhouette could be seen as the water spout grew higher and higher. Then his form began to glow and then it began to grow and alter. It seemed to grow steadily longer until it filled up the entire water spout.

Then there was a bright flash of light and the water scattered. When the trio could look again, Dagomon had dramatically changed. Now, he resembled a gigantic red crocodile, towering over seven stories high. His incredibly long snout had dark grey armor on the upper side. Down his back were two rows of blue spines. These spines continued onto his tail, even after they split into two. "Behold the power of Leviamon," said Daemon, "Demon Lord of Envy."

"We could be trouble," said Alice.

"I believe I agree with you," said BlackWarGreymon.

Leviamon sneered down at the small group and said, "So these are the ones who thought they could stop my return?"

"So they had thought," said Daemon, "But they were obviously mistaken."

"Nevertheless, they shall drown here in the might of my floods," said Leviamon. He lifted his tail and called out, "CAUDA!" His tails swiped out along the wharf. Fortunately, BlackWarGreymon was able to grab Alice and Beelzemon grabbed Calumon and both jumped out of the way. Just as well as Leviamon's attack carved a large chunk out of the wharf.

"I'll take care of Leviamon," said BlackWarGreymon to Beelzemon, "You handle Daemon."

"Hope ya know what yer doing," said Beelzemon as he aimed his Death Slinger cannon at Daemon and shouted, "CORONA BLASTER!" A blast of purple energy came out of the cannon and hit Daemon. This caused him to buffet, but he was more enraged than hurt. He flew straight at Beelzemon, flames flickering in his hands.

Meanwhile, BlackWarGreymon had flown Alice to another wharf and said, "You cannot help me here. You have to stay out of the way."

"Actually, I think I have a card that can help," said Alice as she reached into her pockets.

"It won't work," said BlackWarGreymon, "I'm not your Digimon partner, remember?"

"Not yet, you're not," said a voice. Both of them turned to see Dobermon's ghost floating near them.

"Dobermon!" cried Alice happily and ran to hug him. However, she simply just went right through.

"I'm sorry Alice," said Dobermon, "But my time has ended. Now BlackWarGreymon must take my place as your partner."

"But…" protested Alice.

"BlackWarGreymon cannot defeat Leviamon without your cards. He'll need you to help him, but you can't help while you're still attached to me," said Dobermon, "But don't worry, I will always be with you in a way."

Alice was teary-eyed, but she nodded in understanding. BlackWarGreymon sighed, knowing what he had to do. He focused on Dobermon's data and started drawing it in. Dobermon's ghost dispersed into particles and went into BlackWarGreymon. Now BlackWarGreymon could feel Dobermon adding his strength and experience to his own. Then Alice's Digivice flashed and came back to life, its screen showing BlackWarGreymon's stats.

"I'm sorry about what I had to do," said BlackWarGreymon.

"It's okay," said Alice, "We have to do what we have to do. And right now, we have to stop Leviamon from destroying the city."

BlackWarGreymon nodded and took to the air. He flew straight at Leviamon, who was still searching for him. "Looking for me?" said BlackWarGreymon, "BLACK TORNADO!" He spun rapidly around and went along the underside of Leviamon's snout.

Levaimon winced in pain as BlackWarGreymon passed him. "Is that the best you've got?" said Leviamon, "To me, that was just a close shave. ANIMA!" A blast of multicolored fog came out of Leviamon's nostrils. It hit BlackWarGreymon with a surprising amount of force and blew him back a fair distance.

"Let me help," said Alice, "Digimodify! Speed boost card activate!" Suddenly BlackWarGreymon felt his body pulse with energy. He flew at Leviamon, a lot faster than before. Before Leviamon could react, BlackWarGreymon hit him broadside with his blades. Leviamon roared in pain and tried to swat BlackWarGreymon with his tail. But the speed boost allowed BlackWarGreymon to dodge Leviamon's every strike.

Finally, his voice surging with frustration, Leviamon called, "ROSTRUM!" Before BlackWarGreymon could react, Leviamon snapped his mighty jaws around him. Fortunately, BlackWarGreymon was able to catch the jaws before they could close. But this left him pinned between the Demon Lord's powerful jaws, in danger of being crushed by the sharp teeth within. He had heard before that WarGreymon had been in a similar position with MetalSeadramon. However, he doubted he'd be able to slice through Leviamon the same way WarGreymon did with MetalSeadramon.

"I've got this," said Alice, "Digimodify! Prism shield activate!" A wall of crystal surrounded BlackWarGreymon, forcing Leviamon's jaws a little more open.

The shield not last, but it would give BlackWarGreymon enough time to strike. "TERRA DESTROYER!" he shouted as an enormous ball of negative energy appeared in his hands and he threw it down Leviamon's mouth and into his throat. The sphere detonated with a loud explosion, blowing BlackWarGreymon out of Leviamon's mouth. Leviamon was greatly injured by the attack, but not mortally so. He gave a loud roar of pain as he dived beneath the water and into a waiting whirlpool.

Daemon had watched what had happened while he was busy grappling with Beelzemon. "Looks like your big friend decided to call it quits," said Beelzemon.

Daemon glared back at him and said, "This is not over." Suddenly, he disappeared into thin air, leaving a bewildered Beelzemon looking at empty space.

Things wound down after that. After Leviamon and Daemon fled, what remained of their henchmen also ran off. And with the last of the evil Digimon gone, the fogbank disappeared from the wharf. Granted, there were plenty of cracks and holes in the concrete, but the city had long ago put a stockpile of money away to deal with damages caused by Digimon. But the important was that everyone was ok and Calumon had been rescued.

Later, the Tamers went over to Alice's house to help clean up the mess that SkullSatamon created when he kidnapped her. "I hope you guys haven't put too much off to help me," said Alice as she was rearranging the books on the shelves.

"Are you kidding?" said Takato, "Compared to what you and Dobermon did for us, this is nothing. We owe you big for that time. Besides, what kind of friends would we be if we didn't help you out?"

"Friends?" asked Alice.

"Sure," said Henry, "You don't have to a stranger around us. You could come over and hang out our houses sometime."

"Thanks, I think I'd like that," said Alice.

"Hey Impmon, check out the lovebirds," muttered Terriermon.

"Ah, ain't dat sweet?" said Impmon, "Would like to join me in my irritating song?"

"It would be an honor," said Terriermon.

Fortunately, before the two could get one teasing note out, Renamon had walked over and whacked their heads together. "Don't you think we've had enough chaos for one day?" she muttered as they rubbed their heads.

About that time, Rob came into the house. "What's all this I've heard about Digimon at the wharf?" he asked. Then he noticed all the Tamers and their Digimon. Now, a large majority of parents or grandparents would demand to know what they were doing in their house, but Rob was more that familiar with them and simply said, "It's nice to see that you're making new friends Alice. How about I cook up some ramen for all of you?"

"Feed me!" cried Terriermon before Henry covered his mouth with his own ear.

"We would be honored," said Henry, trying to be the diplomat here.

In a few minutes, Rob had managed to whip up enough ramen to feed his granddaughter's guests. He would have to go buy some more ramen now, but it was worth seeing his granddaughter happy with friends, and the Digimon Tamers no less. He felt that she couldn't have fallen in with a better crowd.

But then Alice noticed someone was missing at the table. Seeing how her new friends were all enjoying themselves, she stood up and walked towards the back door. She opened it to see BlackWarGreymon staring at the rising moon. "Did you have enough to eat?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you," said BlackWarGreymon, "I'm just not used to being among others."

"Well, me neither, but I think that's going to change," she said.

"I'm sorry about what I had to do with Dobermon's data," said BlackWarGreymon.

Alice sighed and said, "Well, I suppose I should have let him go a long time ago. Besides, now I have you and Dobermon will always be here as long as you're around."

"I shall try to make a good partner to you," said BlackWarGreymon, "But I hope you won't mind me preferring to stay in my Mega form."

"Not at all," said Alice, "Henry told me about there being this boy named Kenta who has a MarineAngemon who stays in Mega form all the time. Incidentally, you made need to be wary if you meet him or his friend. They'll probably ask for your autograph."

"Uh, what's an autograph?"

"You'll find out soon enough," said Alice chuckling.

BlackWarGreymon looked back up at the moon and said, "There is a lot to find out about this new world, but at least I've found my place in it."

And there it is, the final chapter. I hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I have. I felt that considering what BlackWarGreymon and Alice had to give up, they deserve a little homage. And now they're partners, isn't that exciting? I put in that little Henry/Alice part because the other couples seem to have been established with Takato/Jeri and Rika/Ryo. But there's also Daemon and Leviamon to consider. But they won't be appearing again until the next story, which I'm not quite sure when that'll be. I hope you all appreciate this. Please review.