Forgotten Angels

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A/N: This is just a short introduction to my new story. The rest of the chapters will be much longer. This is primarily a Clary/Jace romance. Everyone is human and things will get very "mature." Hope you enjoy!


"Angels are bright still though the brightest fell." -Shakespeare, Macbeth.

Clary still had on the silly plastic princess crown Simon gave her at the restaurant. Her sixteenth birthday wasn't quite as exciting as she'd imagined, but dinner with her best friend and her family made for a nice evening. When her mother opened the door to their Brooklyn apartment, a small red light blinked in the darkness. Clary and Luke stumbled in behind her chuckling about a clumsy waitress that spilt coffee in an old man's lap.

Jocelyn tossed her keys on the dining room table and turned to her daughter. "I'll get the machine."

"Erase it if it's something stupid." Clary replied. "Hopefully Simon didn't get his band to sing Happy Birthday to me again." She rolled her eyes and smirked, as she turned to walk out of the room. Jocelyn reached for the blinking button, pressing it with her long index finger.

Clary was in her room when she heard the unfamiliar voice echo through the apartment. She couldn't make out what he was saying, but the message sounded angry. Staring into the mirror she pulled the crown out of her fiery red hair, the plastic prongs were digging uncomfortably into her scalp.

Suddenly her door flew open. Jocelyn ran in and began to frantically dig through Clary's closet. She reached for her brown suitcase and threw it on her bed. Clary just stood there confused and unable to speak. The look on her mother's face was alarming. Her porcelain features were contorted into a worried grimace of shock and terror. "Come on Clary!" She shouted as she flung open her dresser drawers and indiscriminately tossed clothes into the open suitcase.

Tears of frustration began to flow from Clary's eyes. She muttered quietly, trying to stifle a sob. "Mom, what's going on?"

Jocelyn didn't turn her head to look at her daughter. She shouted in a loud and frantic voice, "He found us Clary." The plastic crown slipped from her grip and hit the hardwood floor with a quiet rattle.

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