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Epilogue- The Future Together


It was late when I got home. A small lamp had been left on, lighting the hall and living room so I could see as I made my way inside. Yawning, I walked down the hall to the bedroom while rubbing my neck and giving it a good stretch. The moonlight shone through the big window and beamed down on my two girls lying snuggled together in bed.

Bella was curled protectively around our daughter, her arm strewn across her little waist, holding her close. Lily's face was pressed against her mama's arm, and I could hear the soft sighs she made while sleeping.

I leaned down smiling, and kissed each girl softly before turning to make my way to the bathroom.

"Daddy?" a little voice called out to me. Bending back over the bed, I looked at my pretty, little daughter. Her green eyes, so like mine, stared back at me.

My fingers pressed to her lips as I shushed her. Sitting up, she wrapped her little arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. Her curly brown hair tickled softly against my neck as she snuggled herself in. Quietly, so not to wake Bella, I picked her up and walked out of the room.

Lily let out a big yawn, her body limp against mine. Her thumb immediately went in her mouth, and her small fingers rubbed along her nose. I smiled as I watched her from the corner of my eye; she was falling back to sleep. I walked into her room and pulled back the covers on her bed.

I laid her down amidst pink pony sheets and lacy pillows, pulling the blanket up around her. Her sleepy voice called out to me again. "Daddy?"

"Yes, sweetie."

"My horsy."

She wanted her favorite stuffed animal. As I glanced around the room, I saw the horse's head peeking out from under her bed. My hand reached down, grabbed it, and tucked it in next to Lily.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Welcome," she came back before I could answer her. Love for my girl swelled in me. Her short phrases and new words astonished me sometimes.

My daughter was beautiful. Maybe I was a bit biased, but as I sat there watching her fall asleep, her finger rubbing her nose, and her hair curling around her, I could think of only one person in the whole world that matched her beauty; her mother.

The day my baby was born was one of the happiest of my life. Two years ago Lily Elizabeth Cullen had entered my world, and I fell in love for the second time.

My thoughts on Bella, I stood and walked back to our room. My neck throbbed again, and I rubbed it tenderly.

A nice, hot shower was in order to loosen up my neck muscles. It had been a long night, the concert running later than usual due to the popularity of our set list. Sometimes after hours of looking down at the piano keys, my neck really tightened up.

Stripping down, I stepped under the steaming water, relaxing against the hot spray and closing my eyes. I was just rinsing the shampoo from my hair when I felt soft hands encircle my waist. I smiled and opened my eyes. "Hello, love." Reaching out, I wrapped my arms around Bella and pulled her close.

"Long night?" she asked, rubbing her hands up my chest, curling them against my neck, her fingers massaging into my stiff muscles. She knew what I needed without me even having to ask her.

"That feels great," I said, relaxing under her gentle ministrations. "Yeah, it was a long night. I couldn't wait to get home."

Her fingers moved up to twine into my hair. Tiny jolts followed her touch, my body burning and immediately flushing with desire.

Water ran over me, between us; it glistened on her skin, settling on her hair and eyelashes. She looked so beautiful. Nuzzling my face into her shoulder, my lips brushed against her skin.

"You put Lily to bed?" Her soft voice floated over me as she burrowed into me further.

I smiled and pressed my lips along her throat, nodding. "She woke up when I got home, but she fell right back to sleep without any problems."

She pushed her hips up against my now solid erection, and a low growl erupted from my chest. My dick twitched as it pressed along her abdomen, and she looked up to smile at me knowingly.

My lips found hers as I groaned; my tongue swept into her mouth, tangling with hers and sliding together. Her hand sliding down my back sent a tremor of want through me, and I sighed in contentment as it settled on my ass..

"Edward, I want you." Her lips moved over mine passionately; her hand clenched and pulled me closer to her.

Moving her against the tiled wall, I nudged her legs open with my knee. My hand spread out over her; my fingers teasing, and stroking. My breathing hitched at the feel of her, so wet and ready for me already. "God, Bella. You really want me. Don't you, love?"

"Mmmm.. this is what you do to me. Just seeing you, touching you… knowing the way you can make me feel."

Her leg shifted up, rising to curl around my hip. Cupping her ass with my hands, I lifted her, and her legs wound around me. Her wet body slid easily over me, her breasts pressed into my chest, her nipples hard and rubbing against me. The shower spray pulsed over us; wet droplets ran down her neck, trailing over her collarbone, and getting trapped between her breasts. I flicked my tongue along the swell of her cleavage, licking up the water that pooled there.

She gyrated her hips against me suggestively, her slick warmth sliding along my dick. Breathing in sharply, I rocked against her, my eyes clenching shut as her soft moan filled the room.

"Please, Edward." Her plea sent a wave of lust rolling through my groin, and I moaned as I pushed slowly into her.

"Bella… baby." It was sweet torture to move so slowly, but I wanted to prolong the feeling of her surrounding me, the pulsing heat blinding me to everything but her. "Ungh… oh, love."

Bella's hand pressed into my ass, her nails biting- pain and pleasure combined, leaving me moaning her name incoherently.

With one final minute movement, I was completely inside her, as deeply as I could be, and I paused, concentrating on the rightness of our connection. She was perfect and perfect for me. I looked at her face- her tightened features, her open mouth- all showing that she wanted me.

"Edward… move… please." Her hips jolted against me- pushing, seeking.

Giving in to her pleas, I circled my hips thrusting into her, as a tight ball of want curled within me, knotting and throbbing, pressure building. My hands gripped her tightly, guiding her against me. Her hushed cries mixed with the hiss of the water, both of us panting.

"Bella, Bella… oh… fuck…" Thrusting faster, I buried my face in her shoulder, moaning.

"Yes... Edward... I… I'm.." She clenched tightly around me, incredibly tight and warm.

Her name fell from my lips, a whisper against her ear as my hips jerked, the pressure exploding, and I came deep inside her.

My head lay on her shoulder as I caught my breath and slowly pulled out of her. Placing open-mouthed kisses along her skin, I smiled. "I love you."

"Mmmm. I love you too." She pushed softly on my chest. "Sweetie, we need to get out of here; the water's starting to get cold."

Turning off the water, I reached behind her to grab a towel off the rack. I ran the towel through her hair, tussling it softly, drying her shoulders and down over her breasts and stomach, along her legs. My fingers trailed over her stomach as I wrapped the towel around her, leaving her breasts free to my gaze.

"Edward?" She giggled, raising her eyebrows at me and shaking her head.

"What?" I smiled, grabbing another towel and drying myself off, before pulling her close for one more kiss.

Soon we were warm and in bed, wrapped snuggly around each other.

"Don't forget we're going to Rose and Emmett's tomorrow to see the twins," she said. Bella's fingers ran through my still-damp hair, smoothing it back out of my eyes.

Rose had just come home from the hospital with their new twin girls. Tomorrow I would get to see my nieces. I saw them once at the hospital, but Emmett wouldn't let me hold them for long. He was too busy monopolizing all their time to himself. Hopefully, I would be able to spend a little more time with them tomorrow. I missed when Lily was a baby- she had been so small, and I loved holding her. She grew up too fast.

I was also hoping that, by seeing these new babies, I could talk Bella into trying to have another. I was ready to try for a boy.


Emmett answered the door, opening it wide as Lily ran forward to jump into his arms.

"Uncle Emmie!" she squealed. Unable to say Emmett's full name, Lily had given "Emmie" his own little nickname.

Emmett lifted Lily above his head, giant grin on his face. "Hey, squirt."

Lily giggled as he spun her around. Edward and I followed them out back. There, next to Rose, were her beautiful twin girls. Smiling, I walked over to her and took my friend's hand. She was beaming- tired but so happy.

"Oh, Rose, they're gorgeous. Can I hold one?"

"Of course. I think my Katie's awake."

I bent to grasp Katie, the one with blonde hair, and lifted her snuggling her against me. She was so tiny; it was hard to remember that Lily was once so small.

I heard a loud squeal and looked up to see Emmett tossing Lily into the air. My heart stuttered a little. Sure, she would be okay, but still the mother in me panicked a little at that sight. "Emmett, please be careful."

"Aww… relax, Bella. We're just having some fun. Isn't that right, Lily-bear?" He tossed her over his shoulder, laughing loudly. Lily giggled in delight.

I felt a hand press down on my shoulder and looked up. Edward stood over me, his eyes shining, and a small smile on his lips. Cocking my eyebrow at him, I silently wondered what his look was about.

Katie squirmed a little, so I looked down at the warm bundle in my arms, adjusting her and patting her back lightly. Looking at the baby, I realized why Edward had that goofy grin on his face. My eyes widened while I looked at him.


He nodded his head, his eyes questioning.

Edward wanted another baby. I had secretly been having these thoughts myself the past few months. Apparently, so had he. Smiling up at my husband, I winked and looked away. I'd let him stew on it for awhile- we could talk later.

The second twin cried out from her bouncy seat. Edward stepped forward and looked questioningly at Rose who nodded her consent. He picked up his other niece. Anna had a full head of dark brown hair like her daddy. Even though she and Katie were twins, they looked very different.

I watched him hold the tiny girl in his arms. He was a wonderful father. When Lily was a baby he had always been there to see to her needs, rocking her to sleep when he was home, waking with her in the middle of the night. Now that Lily was a toddler, he played with her and cuddled her. The two were inseparable.

"Hello?" a sing-song voice called out from the house. Alice and Jasper came out to join us. Alice let out a little shriek when she saw the babies, causing Katie to cry out.

Rose scowled at her. "Shush, Alice. Can you turn it down a notch?"

Jasper walked over to say hello to Edward and Alice sat next to me, looking contrite. "Oh. I didn't mean to make her cry."

Jasper and Alice traveled all over the world in the past three years and had just gotten back from their trip to France.

"So how was France?" I asked while holding Katie's hand, and bouncing her on my lap. She was still somewhat upset over all the noise.

Alice's frown turned into a smile as she beamed at me. "It was marvelous. But the best part was when we got home." Her smile widened and she practically glowed. "We found a house. We should be able to move in next month. I can't wait to have a party. You guys just have to see it; it's so cute and perfect, and Jazz likes it too. Don't you, honey? There's this gorgeous kitchen with marble counter tops and a huge oven."

I laughed, shaking my head at her. Alice still prattled on, detailing every room in her house. I was happy for her. They were finished with their travels for awhile and wanted to settle down.

"I'm hungry," boomed Emmett. This time Rose's scowl was directed at her husband when the girls began crying again. He raised up his hands in surrender, lowering his voice. "Sorry, babe. I'm going to go start up the grill now." He sat Lily down who ran over to me to peer down at the baby.

Edward handed off Anna to her mother and walked over to the grill to help Emmett. Lily, seeing her daddy was free, ran over to his side, tugging at his pants.

Looking around, I smiled at the family surrounding me. Rose was hunched over Anna, speaking softly to quiet her cries, her lips turned up into a small smile. Emmett was firing up the grill, a look of concentration on his face as he added the charcoal. Alice and Jasper were off to the side talking, her face alight with excitement, his calm- complete opposites that fit well together. Edward was sitting at the picnic table with Lily in his lap, laughing at something she just said.

Lying Katie back down, I made my way over to my husband and daughter. I sat next to them and joined in their laughter as Lily showed me the small frog she had in her hands.

The End

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