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1. Many Emotions

Its been seven years since he left me. Seven years since the lights in the sky I call my life, faded. Seven years since I felt anything other than rage. Seven years since I cared about life. It has been seven long, dark and painful years since I died.

For the first couple months after that fateful day, I only felt pain. Pain so excruciating, so mind blowing, that I wished It would just do away with me. The aching. The gaping hole in my chest where my heart once lived. Every time I heard or saw anything that reminded me of them I felt the pain. A pain that can only be compared to vampire transformation. Something that I will never really be.

After the pain, I felt sorrow. Sad that I could never be happy. Sad that I could never love the way I should love. Sad that my father, Charlie, has to see his daughter dying of a shattered heart. Sad that I cant make Charlie, the only person that truly loves me, a happy father.

Once the sorrow wore away, I felt guilt. The guilt is by far the worse. Well second to the pain. The guilt comes from me being a tease. For pretending to love again. I knew I didn't love Jacob the way he did me. I only acted as if I did to make him happy. He knew I still loved him but Jake put up with my lies. I never thought that my little charade would backfire so badly. Jacob imprinted on Leah Clearwater. I wasn't angry, just upset. But they were happy, so I fiend happiness, for Jake's sake.

Then the unthinkable happened. The event that officially killed me. One day, while I was at home sulking, I got a call from the hospital. Charlie had been shot on duty and had bled to death. With out warning. My body official shut down.

It hurt. It hurt like hell to know that I couldn't even show my father how much I loved him before he died. My father…Charlie. This hurt worse then anything. It hurt a hell of a lot worse then the pain of him leaving me. It was like comparing a pin prick in the finger to a dagger in the heart.

Charlie was gone. I refused to live with Renee. I just wanted out! I didn't want to live and If I had to, I would live in anger, for it is the only emotion I have left. I wanted to feel rage! I wanted to be pissed. I wanted to hate Edward Fucking Cullen for the piece of shit that he was! This was all his fault.

So, I lived alone in Forks for a while. Then, as if to add fuel to my now raging fire of a life, the Volturi finally decides to show up! If only I knew I would find so much happiness in the one thing I have feared for so long.

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