"I'm home, everybody!" I heard Edward call from the front door.

Immediately Annalie grabbed Emma's hand, running for the door. Jackson, our two year old, followed behind them trying to keep up.

I got up from the couch with a cranky and sleepy Makayla, our six month old, in my arms.

"How was life in the E.R. today?" I asked as I gave Edward a peck on the lips.

The girls, now seven and four, were pulling on his pant leg and trying to get his attention. Jack had already been picked up by Edward and was hugging him around the neck.

Makayla was now fully awake and reaching for him. They all missed their Daddy when he was at work all day.

Wow, our life had just flown by!

One minute I was in the hospital having Jackson, and the next we were finding out Edward had been accepted at the hospital to work in the E.R, and the next I was in the hospital having Makayla.

It was a lot to keep up with, what for both Edward and I being just humans. But, I think we have managed pretty well.


Speaking of humans, we are no longer alone in our family. It had now been six months since the Cullens had been changed.

They previously had a run-in with the same vampire that changed Edward back. She was so generous to do it for the rest of them. Now our whole family was human.

Rosalie couldn't have been any happier, though.

To her luck, she became pregnant just a few weeks after being changed. She and Emmett were the typical, happy almost-parents.

I couldn't say the same for Alice, however.

After trying and trying countless times - not including a second honeymoon to Paris where she came back only with a new puppy in tow - Alice had miscarried twice.

I felt so bad for her.

It must've been hard to watch me with my little ones and to watch Rosalie walk around pregnant.

I dearly hoped that she would become pregnant soon, or otherwise I don't know what will happen.


We had barely found enough time for family and friends, but we managed.

I remember when we ran into Angela's family awhile back.

We were at the park downtown in the middle of summer, merely because we had nothing else to do. I saw Angela playing with two little girls and I ran over to talk to her.

She was in town for a family reunion; apparently some of her family lived here in Alaska. The little girls she was playing with were her twin daughters Alexis and Allison.

We talked for at least two hours, had dinner together with our two families after that, and then went our separate ways.

We still keep close contact through phone calls to this day.


Not much had really changed with our family except for a few key things.

Otherwise, we were the same family we'd always been…plus a couple members.

Hopefully, things would stay the same for awhile. I don't know how much more craziness I could take.

The End of Volume 1

Thanks so much for reading everyone! Look for Volume 2 soon!