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Just inside the vast expanse of woods were two figures, one holding the other to his chest. To the eyes of an onlooker they wouldn't see the two figures, but instead they would see the trees, all-bending low as if in protection of something within. Along with the trees every animal in the forest gathered offering their own protection seeming to know the event happening inside.

"Dean.. Dean! Hey, stay with me man. Help will be here soon. You'll be okay."

"Sammy, you always were a horrible liar." Dean replied in a strained voice, tears coming to his eyes as he looked to his brother.

"No Dean, you will be fine. Your not allowed to leave me!" Sam cried tears steadily streaming down his face.

"It's okay Sammy. I know I'm not gonna just walk out of this one." Dean replied as his breath became more ragged.

"Dean…" was all Sam managed to get out before the sobs encompassed him.

He tightened his hold on his older brother believing that if he held on there was no way he would leave. Dean realized what Sam was thinking and this brought out his own tears. Both brothers safely concealed from the outside world continued to cry with nothing holding them back. To soon though the sobs turned into gasps for breath. It was only the that Sam realized that no matter how hard he held on, he couldn't keep dean with him. He looked down to look at his brother, to see him gazing back at him.

"Dean, I love y-" Sam started to say, but was cutoff by Dean.

"No Sam. Don't say it, it doesn't need to be said. Anyways this isn't goodbye, it's just see ya later." Dean whispered, as he fought for each life sustaining breath.

See you later Dean." Sam sobbed out not taking his eyes off his brother.

"Ya, see you later Sam. Bitch." Dean took one more breath, smiled at his little brother and closed his eyes. His chest stilled.

The anguished cries of the younger brother alerted all watching to what had transpired. They knew though that he had lost more than an older brother. He had lost his protector, his teacher, and most of all, his best friend. Along with that young man, the woods let loose anguished cries for the loss they ad all witnessed.

Every year on that day, December 24, the wood erupts in what sounds of anguished cries. Cries for what the world had lost, whether it was realized or not. Cries for the day a young man lost his reason for living. The day two souls perished.

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