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Pairings: Jenny/Nick (minor hints on Abby/Connor)

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With hindsight, she should have known something was about to happen. It had been too quiet all week long, but she hadn't realised it. No one saw it coming, not even Nick having one of his hunches. He had been suspicious, but hadn't said anything. They had spent the evening in the ARC, Jenny working her way through various reports and Nick at his scale model to predict anomalies. Connor and Abby had been out, they had gone to see a movie, though how Connor had persuaded Abby to go and watch some sci-fi movie, only he knew. And Sarah was in the lab, cleaning up the Artifact, while Becker stood guard suspiciously close to it.

It had been sometime around twelve, when Jenny at last decided that she wouldn't do another report until tomorrow, so she deliberatley closed her laptop and walked out of the door, heading for Nick's office. She had spent a few minutes watching him, sitting casually on a chair, feet on the desk, his gaze staring towards the "Matrix" (as it was called by some) and his brow frowned in deep thought. He didn't even recognize her at first, it was something typical for him, whenever he was thinking. To others it seemed as if he wasn't thinking at all, he wasn't moving in any way or reacting to anything said to him. Connor had once joked that when Nick was thinking, a Stegosaurus could walk past him and he wouldn't notice. That probably wasn't true, it was too big a creature, but something smaller would probably go by unheeded.

Thinking about the possibility that the Professor would ignore a creature from the past walking through his office made Jenny giggle. That sound seemed to pull him out of his thoughts and he turned his bright blue gaze towards her, still frowning as if he was wondering how she got there.

"Hey, Jenny." He said, smiling at her, while she walked towards the desk.

"Having fun?" Jenny answered, her head tilted to the side slightly, while she sat down on the visitors chair.

"Wouldn't call it fun. Something doesn't add up, there's something wrong with it, I just dont know what it is yet. What's the time, by the way?" he returned his gaze back to her, after he had looked at the anomaly map for a few seconds. Strangely he had no clock in his office, Jenny noticed just now, such things never occured to her mind before.

"Around half past twelve. I was thinking to stop by and ask what you were doing after fiddling with your toy." she answered, smiling brightly at him, which was probably the reason why he just grimaced instead of lecturing her that this thing was no toy. Even if it looked like the worlds smallest roller coaster. They talked a bit, each one enjoying the others company, until Jenny stood up and announced that she'd be going home now.

"How about dinner tomorrow night?" Nick suggested whilst standing up and walking towards the door.

"Sounds good, Professor. How about eight at my house?" Jenny answered, turning around, facing him at the doorstep, smiling up at him.

"Right then, eight it is." He said, lowering his voice slightly, giving it a sooting and quite seducing tone. Playfully she clapped him on the arm and giggled again.

"Think of something nice." She said, turning on her heels and walked towards her car. She could feel his eyes on her back, and had to remind her constantly to not turn around. With every step she took, it became more and more some kind of Mantra to her, repeating in her mind.

As she reached the car, a smile emerged on her lips as she thought that he'd probably been standing there, at the doorstep of his office, watching her walk out. If she really thought of it, it was rather cute, though that wasn't a word she'd normally apply to Nick Cutter. He didn't seem the type of man to be cute.

Driving out of the premises of the ARC, she switched on the radio and heard some old songs being played at the station. It wasn't a problem for her to be on the road at almost eleven in the night, usually that was the time they got home after some creature attack, but she was careful. It was a Friday night after all, and people tended to drive reckless in London at that time of day. Jenny was driving normally, stopping at some traffic light she watched the moon rise above the skyline of London. It had a circle around it, like a courtyard and it was bigger than usual.

Full moon, how atmospheric...

On the next crossing it happened. Jenny didn't even saw it coming, all of a sudden her car was filled with a bright light and the blaring of a horn honking. She had just enough time to look to her right, seeing a tall thing just a few meters away and just before it hit the car she could see a small emblem on the front of it. A bulls-head, just at the height of her own head, she realised it the moment the car collided with hers. Metal screeched and was bent, her Airbag unfolded, everything happened in slowmotion as Jenny lost control of her Volvo.

The last thing she saw before the darkness of unconciousness claimed her, was the wall in front of her, rushing towards her.

The next morning dawned brightly as Nick awoke in his bed. Groaning he turned to look at his watch, 6 in the morning, the gods really hated him today. Though it hadn't been the sunlight shining through the open shutters that had caused his waking, it was the beeping of his mobile, lying on the bedside table. Cursing silently he grabbed it and glanced at its display just long enough to realise it was Abby calling.

Why the hell is she calling on a Saturday morning at six?

"Abby, this better be important." He grumbled as he picked up. But it wasn't Abby at the other end of the line, it was Connor. He sounded nervous, anxious even, as if something threw him completely out of line.

"Sorry to wake you Professor, but this is important."

Sitting up, Nick forced his tired brain to concentrate on the boy.

"Anomaly?" he asked as he picked his jeans from the floor.

"No. I'm at the hospital." The boy sounded as if it wasn't him who was injured. Instantly Nick was awake, fearing the worst.

"Did something happen to Abby?" he asked, knowing Connors affection for his flatmate and best friend. It was silent on the other end for a moment, seemingly Connor tried to find the right words.

Oh, shit...

"No, Abby's fine. It's Jenny. She had an accident."

Briefly Nick was unable to say anything. His mind thought of all the things that could have happened to Jenny, how severly she could be injured. The concern for her was almost too much to take for him, the last thing he wanted was to lose her too, after the pain of losing Claudia.

"Which hospital?" he heard himself ask, but his voice was unknown to himself. He sounded as if he had been screaming at the top of his lungs.

"University College Hospital, Regent's park."

"I'm on the way." Nick said, shaking himself out of his dream-like state, forcing his body to move, while his mind probably was already out the door.

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