Disclaimer: I own nothing. This actually started out as a completely different story in which Drizzt was in an abusive relationship with Entreri, but it quickly evolved into an experiment to describe what dying would feel like to Drizzt. Let me know what you think!

Lying on the floor was nothing new. It felt as though he did it every day of his life. Muscles aching distantly, head throbbing, cuts bleeding. Instead of pain, he now felt a blissful numbness that began in his gut and slowly spread to his extremities. The cool stone beneath him numbed his face, rendering him immobile. If he closed his eyes, he could pretend he was dreaming and ignore what little remained of the pain. He was fully aware, though, of the blood pooling beneath his still body. He could still feel the cold bite of steel, but even that was fading. He thought it was snowing. Vague visions blurred across his eyelids, so fast they were only brief flashes of color and memory. A comfortable sleepiness settled over him like a warm blanket in the chill of an autumn night. He was content. Nothing had ever felt so good.

He opened his eyes, only to let them settle on his outstretched hand. His fingers twitched as though reaching for the remnants of his broken scimitar. These were all-new feelings, ones that he couldn't quite register; it was almost like the memory of feeling. He could barely move his head, but when he did he saw why he was numb. The dagger held fast in his chest, gripping him. Pain was gone, and he was glad he couldn't feel it anymore.

He was distantly aware of a beautiful woman pulling his head into her lap. She was screaming, crying, but he couldn't hear. He knew that he was close to her, loved her even, but he didn't know her name. He wanted to reach up to her and tell he was all right, but his hand wouldn't cooperate.

A fuzzy darkness was encroaching at the very edges of his vision, black and ominous. Everything was going soft. He knew what was happening, but he didn't have a word for that, either. But he knew that he wasn't scared. This was just something that was bound to happen, and it had happened today. He was aware of his slowing heart and the warm rush of blood as it left him. He closed his eyes again and let himself fade away into the night.