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Dean opened the door to their crappy hotel room. If he had to spend one more night here he would've burned the place down. He threw his coat on the chair and headed straight to what had to be the world's most rusted fridge to get a beer. After asking Sam if he wanted one he sat down in the chair and took a huge almost choking gulp. God was he tired it seemed like every demon in town wanted to get a piece of them today.

Sam lay on the bed with his feet hanging off the side. He'd give anything for 20 hrs of peaceful sleep they haven't really gotten any for a few days. Man it seems like the more they want to relax the more trouble the demons cause.

"I can't believe Cas sent us here and then didn't help when all those demons showed up." He sighed and tried to relax but was still irritated with Castiel. It's one thing when it's two but four that's kind of pushing it

Dean ran his hand trough his hair. Sam did have a point sure there are other seals breaking but still they barely made it out of there. He took another swig of his beer, which was starting to calm his nerves. He'd probably have to drink three more just to return to normal.

"I'm serious the man needs to lighten up a little" Sam continued obviously still upset. "Dean, are you even listening to me." He turned his head to look at Dean.

Dean was about to tell Sam to just drop it and let it go when he got an awesome idea. "Yeah" he finally answered smirking. "And I know just how to loosen him up." He got up and started pacing the room trying to better his plan.

Sam started to get nervous he'd seen that look on Dean's face before. Last time he did they both got grounded for a month and had to chop 100lbs of wood. "What do you mean?" he asked almost afraid to get an answer.

"Sammy I just got the best idea" Dean continued to pace the floor mumbling to his self. Yeah he thought. This could defiantly work.

"What?" Sam asked still waiting and starting to get irritated again. Dean just continued to pace oblivious to Sam. Sam was about to throw his shoe at Dean when he finally spoke.

"But how will we get him here?" he started taking shorter and shorter strides still trying to perfect his plan he was so sure it would work.

"Dude, do you care to share or not?" he finally got tired of getting ignored and watching the pacing marathon. He stomped over to Dean and hit him on the shoulder.

"We're gonna make Cas think that I'm possessed" he said with the biggest smile on his face. He waited for Sam to respond but he just kept staring at him like he lost it or something.


"Well I figured we could call him and once he got here I'll put my hand up and throw you against the wall." his smile got wider. Just hearing the plan out loud was making it that much better. This was going to be awesome.

"Dean, You do realize that you can't really throw me right" Sam stared at him he could see the excitement in his eyes they were practically sparkling. He was started to get more anxious.

" I know that, that's why you're gonna throw yourself" Sam started to smile once he understood. That is a good idea and it would make him feel better about getting hauled around Michigan if he could get some revenge never mind the consequences.

"But" Dean continued "I'm not sure how we're supposed to get Cas here." He started to pace the floor again. "He won't come just because we call him" he knew the answer was right in his face but he just couldn't grasp it.

Sam thought about it for a while before he figured out a way. "But he'll come if he thinks something's wrong. I'll say something's wrong with you that should work right?" They both smiled knowing that would definitely get Cas done here.

"Not bad Sammy." He hasn't been this excited in a long time. But for the sake of the prank he'd have to calm down. Everything had to be perfect they were trying to trick an angel.

"Oh and I know what will make it even better" Sam said. "How about flickering lights."


For the last hour they practiced getting there timing right and finally had it down. They then rehearsed their lines. Dean was having trouble so while he continued to practice Sam rewired the room and set it to go off by a remote. It was a lot of work but they forgot about their exhaustion once they started and now had everything ready.

Sam hit the switch causing the lights to flicker. With one last look Sam called with terror in his voice. "Cas, something's wrong with Dean hurry"

They both held back their smile when the plan worked and Cas appeared right away. So far everything was going right. They set the rest of their plan in motion. Dean put his hand up towards Sam and Sam flew back against the wall.

"What is going on?" Cas demanded he stared wide-eyed from Dean to Sam wondering what on earth was happening. How did dean do that?

Sam stared at him with a terrified expression. "Cas I think he's possessed." Castiel looked like he had a stroke as he turned back to Dean. He couldn't be. This had to be a mistake.

Dean just stood there with what he hoped was an evil expression. He chuckled under his breath trying to sound more menacing. Judging from the look on Castiel's face it was working.

"Dean stop this right now." He tried to sound calm but was failing.

Hearing the panic in Castiel's voice Dean put on his best demon voice. "He's mine." He snapped. "And he'll do as I say." He turned back to Sam and put his hand out again this time Sam threw his self across the bed landing on the pillows hidden behind it.

Sam couldn't contain his laughter anymore he stood up. "Got ya…" He froze. The room was empty. Cas and Dean were gone. He looked around and realized that Cas must have taken him. "Crap."

Guess they really didn't think this one all the way through. They didn't see this happening. He sat on the bed not sure if he should laugh or worry about Dean.