Warnings: Uh…sex? Pairing order matters.

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Summary: Written from prompt: Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud - underage sex - "Jail-what?" Cloud is fifteen. If that freaks you out, move along. Probably not what requester had in mind…bossy bitch!Cloud muse wouldn't leave me alone.

"He's jailbait, love." Zack's voice was low enough that the rest of the SOLDIERs and trainees wouldn't hear him.

Standing at the edge of the training ground, Sephiroth and Zack watched the newest SOLDIER candidates being drilled by the Thirds assigned to boot camp duty. To everyone watching, the General and his SiC seemed to be huddled over the latest status reports for the new recruits. Technically, they would have been correct.

Actually, they were checking out the fresh meat.

"Mmmm…" Sephiroth hummed, studying the report in front of him then glancing up at the particular recruit. The picture in the pages was of a young blond boy, face blank and eyes filled with apprehension. The boy on the field was a slightly older, slightly more self-assured version of the boy in the photograph.

But only slightly.

"You have to be sixteen to join. That's legal," Sephiroth refuted, pointing to the boy's reported birth-date. It made him exactly sixteen at the time he joined, about four months ago.

...which was very convenient.

"There is no way that boy is sixteen," Zack said under his breath. "Jailbait."

"Maybe we should investigate. A little interrogation sounds like a good idea," Sephiroth suggested, finger tracing the line of the boy's face in the photograph.

Zack smiled. "As long as I do the talking. The last thing we need is to frighten the little thing to death."

"The boy's been in basic training for the last four months. How weak do you think he is?"

"Point," Zack conceded, watching as the little trooper towed a large, heavy cart behind him. It easily weighed more than the blond did, but he gamely trudged across the field staying just behind the much larger grunts in this particular group. Endurance training, Zack thought as he smirked. What a bitch.

"Go pull him out," Sephiroth ordered as he snapped the folder closed. "I'll be in my quarters." With that, the General turned and stalked away to the salutes of his men.

Zack ran a hand through his unruly spikes of hair and whistled a happy tune as he made his way over to the little blond trooper. He was totally going to get laid.


"What…what was this about, again? S-sir?" the little blond asked, fidgeting nervously as they ascended the elevators of the Shinra building.

Zack leaned against the wall, studying the petite teenager. High-strung, self-conscious, a little flighty. Cuter than a bug's ear.

"We had some questions about your file," Zack said casually, tapping an inane rhythm on the metal banister that lined the elevator wall.

Cloud watched those thick fingers tap, transfixed and a little afraid.

"What kinds of questions, sir?"

"You'll find out when we get to the interrogation room," Zack replied, wishing the elevators would move at a pace faster than one legged turtle.

Gulp. "In-interrogation?"

"It's not as bad as it sounds, kid."

"O-okay. Sir."

Too gods-damned cute.

They reached the top floor, which was divided into two suites; one for the president, and one for Sephiroth. It had been one huge suite at one time. That was, until Sephiroth had thrown a fit of epic proportions. It hadn't been a week later that the renovations were finished and Sephiroth shared the penthouse space with the President. No one knew that Sephiroth wouldn't have even bothered if Zack hadn't wanted the apartment so badly. Something about a place with a view…

The elevator dinged open. Stepping out, they had the choice of two doors labeled simply with silver letters proclaiming One and Two. Zack moved to the door marked Two and swiped his keycard.

Inside revealed a swank, high-class penthouse.

The little trooper gaped. "This is an awfully fancy interrogation room, sir."

"Wait till you see the bedroom," was the retort that confused the tiny blond even more. "C'mere, kid," Zack invited as he threw an arm around narrow shoulders.

The boy tensed at the contact but didn't resist as he was lead to the seating area. Zack plopped the blond onto one of the dark leather couches and told him to stay put for a minute. The brunet wandered deeper into the apartment, listening for signs of life. A soft shuffle and the sounds of keyboard clicking reached his ears.

Home office it was then.

"Honey! I'm home!" he cried exuberantly as he crashed into the room. "And I brought dinner!" His smile was slightly feral.


Cloud gulped audibly as he looked around the apartment. Granted, his only acquaintance with interrogation rooms were from bad cop shows on daytime television, but he had assumed that they would be remotely similar in real life. He couldn't fathom why an interrogation room needed such a big television. Or a balcony. Or a kitchen.

Or what looked like a fully stocked bar.

Maybe the real interrogation room was somewhere in this apartment?

And what could they possibly want to interrogate him about? He was just a nobody from nowhere. What could have been so interesting in his file that they had to come look him up?

He gulped again.

Looking around the room in silent anxiety, Cloud almost wet himself to realize both Zack and The General were standing right behind him. He shrieked and fell off the couch in an undignified heap of elbows, knees, and blond hair.

"I told you we shouldn't have snuck up on him. The little thing's terrified!" Zack cooed as he picked up the little blond and petted his head like a prized puppy.

"We weren't sneaking. We were walking how we always walk."

"I'm s-s-s-sorry, sir. I-I-I didn't hear you," Cloud stuttered, failing to be miffed at being treated like a stuffed toy by Zack. He was too flustered to really focus.

Sephiroth watched Zack cuddle the smaller boy as the duo sat back on the couch. The blond fit perfectly in the SOLDIER's lap. Cloud's eyes were huge as he found himself in a rather compromising position, but he couldn't even think of a way to protest without humiliating himself further.

"The reason you're here, cadet," Sephiroth began as he seated himself on the large, overstuffed chair that matched the couch, "is that we feel there is a discrepancy in your file."

"Dis-discrepancy? Sir?"

"Your age." Sephiroth looked a little dangerous as his eyes flashed green for moment. "My Second and I highly doubt the birth date you have listed. Care to tell us the truth?"

Although it seemed anatomically impossible, Cloud's eyes got even wider. Sephiroth couldn't help but admire how beautifully blue they were.


"Out with it, little one," Zack coaxed as he stroked the smaller boy's back soothingly. "We won't be angry."

Cloud's eyes closed and he seemed to shrink into himself. "Fifteen. I'm fifteen."

Zack's eyebrows lifted. "Try again."

Blue eyes opened again in sincerity. "No! Really. I'm fifteen. I just passed my birthday last week."

"So, a very, very young fifteen," Sephiroth said, looking at the smirking Zack.

"Jailbait," Zack replied, his voice very deep and almost dark.

"Are you…are you going to kick me out, sir?" the little trooper asked, clearly at a loss as to how to salvage the situation.

Sephiroth leaned so that his head was supported by his hand, elbow planted firmly on the chair arm. "Why, that all depends, Army. How well can you keep a secret?"

Cloud looked bewildered for a moment before replying, "Well, I've kept this secret for a long time…until you called me on it."

"We're gonna give you another secret to keep, little Chocobo," Zack murmured as his tongue traced up the tiny, delicate throat that was just starting to show the promise of strong tendons and lithe muscle. "You can stay as long as you don't say a word."

Cloud trembled as a large, leather clad hand worked underneath his regulation shirt. "I won't," he promised, muscles fluttering under Zack's hand. "I won't say anything. Just please, I don't want to leave." A little, terrified noise escaping as Zack chafed a nipple.

"Good, very good," Sephiroth approved, watching the blond shiver in Zack's hold.

"We won't hurt you, baby," Zack purred. "I promise you'll love this. We're gonna make you feel so good…" The SOLDIER pulled Cloud's dirt and sweat-stained shirt over his head. His lips closed over a shivering throat and tasted the salt of Cloud's hard work during boot camp.

Cloud's eyes were clenched shut, as if he could make it all go away.

Sephiroth slid down in his chair. He was content to watch for now. His turn would come later, after Zack had broken the little cadet in. It wasn't sloppy seconds, oh no, it was preconditioning.

That, and he was truly a voyeur at heart.

Cloud struggled a little as Zack unbuttoned his pants. "Please, don't," his voice was weak and sounded broken.

"You don't want this?" Zack murmured into Cloud's ear. "If you don't want this you need to show me, baby."

Cloud struggled with a little more vigor, uncertain and clearly terrified.

"You can do better than that, kid. Let me see what you got."

The blond eyebrows furrowed as Cloud struggled harder, twisting and biting and pulling out all the stops. He managed to practically turn himself into a pretzel in order to kick Zack in the face. Sephiroth smiled in pleasure. That's what he liked to see. Flexibility.

Zack's grip faltered as he saw stars from the kick. In the back of his mind, he was wholly impressed by the force behind the blow. In the forefront of his mind, he swore as Cloud wiggled from his hold to head-butt him in the face.

Zack winced heavily and lost his hold completely. Cloud bolted for the door. Sephiroth watched, greatly amused as Zack popped up and tackled the blond. They grappled, and both SOLDIERs were surprised and delighted as Cloud put up a tremendous fight, actually making Zack work to pin him.

Sephiroth outright laughed as Cloud head-butted Zack again. The brunet was stunned long enough for Cloud to wrestle him onto his back and straddle him. Small fists swung into that handsome, usually grinning face. The blows were perfectly executed for maximum damage, using every bit of leverage the blond could muster to make up for lack of muscle mass.

Cloud hit Zack until his arms grew weak and he stopped, panting on top of the big SOLDIER. Zack lay still beneath him, arms up around his head to shield his battered face.

Sephiroth stood and walked over to the duo. His strut was slow and calculated. "Very good. Very, very good."

Cloud's head snapped up at the reminder that someone else was in the room. His beautiful blue eyes widened and his breathing accelerated to the point where Sephiroth felt the boy would hyperventilate.

"And I believe," Sephiroth continued, "that you just won. Claim your prize."

The blond looked terribly confused and still completely terrified.

"Look at him," Sephiroth whispered, "he's yours. He's all yours."

Cloud looked down as Zack lowered his arms to let them fall limply by his head. Sephiroth knelt down next to Cloud and leaned forward slowly. "He's at your mercy," Sephiroth's voice resonated in such a way it was as if Cloud were hearing voices within himself. "He's down, and doesn't he look beautiful?"

The General lightly took one of Cloud's hands, the knuckles split and still bleeding from pummeling the large SOLDIER. He guided the small hand to Zack's face to cup the bruised and bleeding cheek. Cloud's breath stuttered badly and he made an unidentifiable noise.

"He's yours," Sephiroth reiterated. "What are you going to do with him?"

Zack trembled. To Cloud, the tremble indicated a degree of fear.

To Sephiroth, the tremble indicated incredible, overwhelming arousal.

"Take him," the General whispered encouragingly.

Cloud's breath hitched as he leaned forward. He seemed hypnotized as he pressed his lips to the elder boy's while his hand still cupped the handsome face. Zack's lips opened to Cloud's probing tongue. The large SOLDIER lay passively underneath the small boy, body relaxed yet still seeming to thrum with energy. Cloud became bolder, pressing inside the inviting mouth and dominating the caressing tongue with firm thrusts of his own tongue.

Zack moaned deep in his chest as Cloud strongly gripped his chin to tilt his head back. Cloud mouthed at Zack's neck before taking a deep, aggressive bite of the tanned flesh. The SOLDIER shuddered hard and uttered a full, open mouthed moan.

Sephiroth's eyes darkened. Oh, yes. This little one was so full of fire. He was just what they needed. Sephiroth snuck his face in to where Cloud sucked and nibbled on Zack's neck. A large, slightly bloodied bite was steadily bruising under the blond's ministrations. Sephiroth kissed the area and maneuvered so he kissed Cloud's busy lips. Cloud looked up, again startled by the reminder that Sephiroth was more than just a voice inside his mind. The blue eyes darkened to a deep black-blue as the blond bit sharply at plump, smirking lips.

Sephiroth closed his eyes as Cloud dominated the kiss as easily as if he had been born to it. And maybe the boy had. The General didn't think they could have chosen better. Pretty boys usually conformed to the submissive stereotype, and it was the rare one that could take control. Dominate.

Sometimes it just took a little coaxing.

A small, bruised hand gripped in Sephiroth's coat and flung him to the ground. His smile widened as much as it could as Cloud plundered his mouth. Sephiroth pushed up into the kiss a little, and Cloud mercilessly slammed him back down.

"Don't move. I'll deal with you later," Cloud growled against Sephiroth's lips.

Gaia the boy was a natural. It seemed like he and Zack's hard-to-fill kink was finally coming true.

He really knew how to pick them.

Sephiroth lay passively on the floor where Cloud had put him as the blond returned to Zack. The brunet let his head fall back to expose his neck again. Cloud resumed marking the skin there, a sense of rightness filling him as he pinned Zack's hands to the floor.

Cloud sat up and surveyed the two men laying beneath him. He almost lost all of his confidence as he realized just what he was doing and with who, but Zack rolled his hips up into Cloud's to very thoroughly distract the moments-from-panicking blond.

The little blond adjusted his position until he was between Zack's legs instead of straddling them. He popped the button on the brunet's pants and pulled down the zipper. When Zack tried to push his hips into Cloud's hand, the blond smacked a muscled thigh authoritatively. "You move when I tell you to," Cloud ordered as he pulled the uniform cargos down.

Zack sighed in pleasure at the sharp, tingling slap. He moved as Cloud instructed so he could pull off the combat boots and the pants to leave the brunet bare from the waist down.

Cloud looked sideways at the silver-haired warrior laying beside them, still fully clothed. "Take your clothes off," Cloud said with a sharp jerk of his chin.

Sephiroth obeyed with a mischievous smirk as Cloud touched and fondled Zack's legs. The brunet thrust his hips upward again with a loud moan as Cloud massaged the back of Zack's bent knees.

The sharp slap to his hard dick made Zack sit up in a sharp curve of pleasure as he cried out. Cloud put a hand in the middle of Zack's chest and pushed hard until he fell backward again. "I didn't say you could move," Cloud said darkly as he again slapped Zack's cock.

Zack stuttered a cry, but didn't move this time.

Sephiroth was breathing heavy, laying nude beside the pair. He wanted to touch and suck and fuck, but he wanted to see what Cloud would do with Zack first. It was obvious it was the boy's first time, Cloud's hand shook a little as they cupped Zack's balls in a tight, almost painful looking grip. The blond's tongue kept wetting his lips in nervousness. His face would move from delightfully aggressive to sincerely unsure every few moments. He'd let the boy figure himself out first before he started pushing him and testing his limits. He had no desire to ruin his newly found treasure.

He wanted the boy to be magnificent, even if it meant training him a little first.

Cloud's fingers drifted down to trail between Zack's cheeks. Zack closed his eyes and panted as a dry finger poked and prodded his hole and even managed to wiggle inside a little. Cloud looked uncertain and his eyes flicked to Sephiroth.

The silver haired man smirked and held out the bottle of lube he'd retrieved from under the couch when he had taken his clothing off. Cloud took it with a little tremor in his hands. Sephiroth took Cloud's uncertainty as a cue to reach up and kiss the blond. Cloud's innate instincts made him immediately take over dominance of the kiss. Sephiroth closed his eyes and let the little blond push him back down to the ground.

Once again in charge of himself, Cloud slicked his fingers with the lube and started prodding again.

Zack's lust-clouded eyes opened to watch the blond as he dipped his fingers inside. Cloud's eyes widened and his mouth formed a little 'o' at the first feeling of tight, gripping warmth around his fingers. He pressed his index finger in…in…until his knuckles came up tight against Zack's ass. Cloud winced a little as the tight hole clenched around his bruised and bloodied knuckles.

Zack closed his eyes again and sighed deeply.

Cloud watched, fascinated, as he moved his finger in and out a few times and all thoughts of any discomfort of his injured fingers vanished in a roll of hot lust. Gaia, but he couldn't wait to get his cock inside that wonderful, tense heat. Impatience ruled for a moment and Cloud greedily shoved three fingers inside.

Zack arched at the sudden, intense stretching and then cried out as Cloud spanked his erection again.

"Do you want him to come apart for you?" Sephiroth asked as he pressed up against Zack's side. He kissed a well-muscled shoulder and continued speaking with his lips brushing Zack's skin. "Have you ever fingered someone before?"

Cloud's fingers stilled inside of Zack as he contemplated Sephiroth. The blond looked down where Zack's legs parted around his hand. The unsure look came over him again. "I…I haven't ever…"

"Curve your fingers," Sephiroth purred. "Toward the front of his pelvis."

Zack's mouth parted and throat arched as Cloud slid his fingers in and pressed firmly upward. Cloud's eyes dilated as he watched Zack writhe on him.

"That's it," the General whispered. "Right on the sweet-spot."

Cloud took his time, previous impatience forgotten. He played with the sensitive spot inside Zack. He pushed his fingers inside slowly, feeling out the spot that made Zack hiss and roll his hips. Cloud massaged deeply, pinched, and kneaded until Zack's dick was a hard, weeping mass of need.

Panting with arousal, Cloud fondled Zack's balls and twiddled his fingers on the brunet's prostate. The SOLDIER shuddered and whimpered, the stimulation almost too much and not enough at the same time.

Sephiroth's eyes were heavily lidded and his mouth parted with harsh breaths as he watched Cloud become more and more sure of himself. The blond's fat little erection was poking out of the top of his unzipped pants. A bead of precum beaded at the top, and Sephiroth liked his lips at the desire to suck the sticky fluid into his mouth. The General moaned nearly as loud as Zack when Cloud's hand came down hard on Zack's balls. The heavy handed slaps continued over Zack's thighs, cock and balls while his fingers pressed hard on the sweet spot over and over.

One particularly hard hit to his erection had Zack bucking uncontrollably in a gut clenching almost-cum. Cloud leaned forward and licked a hot, wet path up the jerking organ and Zack screamed in orgasm. The blond kept stabbing his fingers inside to milk Zack's prostate. The SOLDIER felt like his orgasm would never end. Just when he thought it was starting to slow, Cloud would massage hard at his sweet spot or suck hard at the spot right underneath the head of his cock.

It finally ended, Zack's body spent and relaxed on the floor. He jerked at each touch of Cloud's lips on his cock or movement of Cloud's fingers inside of him. Cum covered his stomach and chest and some spurts had made it up to his neck and face.

Cloud's eyes were hazy, almost lost within his own mind as he watched Zack's pleasure. He removed his fingers from the now relaxed hole and breathed deeply to steady himself.

The boy looked to Sephiroth who was still aptly watching Zack, but mostly watching Cloud. The boy flushed heavily, seeming to come out of his trance.

"I…I'm sorry I…I should never have…" the blond's breath hitched in embarrassment and overwhelming nervousness.

"Shhh…" murmured Sephiroth. "You did wonderfully." The silver haired man hefted his body up onto his elbow. "I'm still waiting, little one." His eyes drew Cloud in, made him forget his anxiety and brought out the assertive, bossy little bitch he hid deep inside of himself.

Sephiroth fell back to the floor in a languid heap to await what Cloud would do to him. The boy was perfect. He was everything: pretty, small, domineering and…and…

He couldn't wait.