Warnings: Sex. Lots of it. Pairing order matters.

Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII or its characters. I do not make any money from this fiction.

Summary: Written from prompt: Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud - underage sex - "Jail-what?" Cloud is fifteen. If that freaks you out, move along.

Cloud watched Sephiroth lay back, accepting and submissive and bringing out a part of Cloud he didn't even know existed. The blond looked at the lazy brunet who still had his legs spread with Cloud sitting between them. Zack licked his lips to catch the spunk that splash across them during his explosive orgasm.

The sight gave Cloud a wonderful idea.

The blond turned to Sephiroth and narrowed his eyes. "Lick him clean," he demanded and gestured toward Zack.

Sephiroth smirked in a very rebellious way. He moved leisurely, shifting slowly to lean over the pale, toned body of his lover. The hard smack to his buttocks made him purr in pleasure.

"Did I say you could take your time?" Cloud questioned. His voice was still a little uncertain, but given time, the boy would command the utmost of attention.

The silver haired man smiled and moved a little more quickly to lap at the cooling semen coating Zack's body. The brunet sighed in delight at the feeling of the hot, wet tongue tracing across his face and neck. The General made fast work of eating up every drop of Zack's cum, taking his time to stimulate already peaked nipples through the ribbed shirt and push hard at a small, sexy belly-button where the shirt ran up. He trailed his way down the tightly muscled body to Zack's sex and lapped around the softening organ.

Finished, Sephiroth lifted his head to peer at Cloud through his hair. He licked his swollen lips with the tip of a pink, cum-covered tongue.

"That cock-sucking mouth…" Cloud breathed, not even realizing he was speaking out loud.

Sephiroth laughed deeply. He snaked his body over Zack's to kiss Cloud, sharing the taste of Zack's cum with the blond.

Cloud thrust his tongue forcefully inside to chase the lingering traces of spunk. "Mmm…that's right" the blond hummed. "Dick worshipping little bitch."

Sephiroth's eyes closed at the filthy language. A shiver ran down his spine as Cloud lay him back on the ground and crawled out from between Zack's thighs to sit between Sephiroth's. Zack rolled to his side and watched as Cloud leaned over the silver haired man to ravish plump, smirking lips.

Zack unzipped and ripped off his shirt then reached down to touch himself. His breath hitched as he fondled his still very sensitive cock. Zack manipulated himself as Cloud reached out and grabbed around for the lube.

The young SOLDIER chuckled a bit before grabbing the lube and placing it in Cloud's hand. The blond didn't even look up from kissing Sephiroth before opening the cap and pouring some in his hand.

As Cloud reached between Sephiroth's legs, the silver haired man grasped Cloud's wrist and broke away from the kiss. "Just lube up your dick. I don't need it," Sephiroth demanded.

Cloud looked at Sephiroth in a way that wavered between calculating and hesitant. His expression settled on determined and a little wicked. "And the sadist said to the masochist, 'No.'"

The blonds fingers reached down and breached Sephiroth's hole with one slender, gentle finger. Sephiroth shuddered and wanted to beg for more, faster, harder, but knew he wouldn't be granted it. It made the need worse, knowing he would have to wait, knowing he may not even be offered what he wanted.

The boy was a god.

The single, slight finger moved in and out at a horrendously slow pace. After a brief search and discovery of Sephiroth's prostate, the blond purposefully avoided any stimulation of the sensitive spot. It seemed like years before another finger entered and stimulated the constricting ring of muscle. Cloud pulled and prodded at the tight hole, enjoying the way it squeezed and released as fits of pleasure rolled over the older man. His fingers hooked and pulled harshly downward, causing Sephiroth to moan raggedly.

Cloud removed his fingers and brought them to his nose curiously. He inhaled deeply, and then licked his fingers. Sephiroth couldn't believe how fucking incredible the little trooper was. The sight of Cloud smelling and then tasting the fingers that had been inside of him had Sephiroth in a whirlwind of lust. His powerful thighs trembled as Cloud leaned over the General and situated himself a little clumsily.

Sephiroth's eyes glazed and closed as Cloud pressed himself inside. The blond moaned in stuttered, broken near-shouts at the first feeling of an ass clenching around his dick.

And to Cloud's utter embarrassment and complete dismay, he came as soon as his cock was completely inside the General. The blond moaned in humiliation and buried his face in Sephiroth's chest.

The silver haired man whined a little in pleasure as he felt the hot flow of cum inside of him, then dissolved into a deep chuckle.

"Oh, Gods," Cloud lamented, face flaming red with mortification. "I-I-I…I'm so sorry."

"Oh, precious," Sephiroth cooed. He squeezed Cloud's dick which still rested inside of him. The blond's head snapped up with an expression of shock. Cloud shuddered and thrust a little as his semi-hard dick twitched and hardened again. Sephiroth smiled and continued, "You forget about the whole…quick recovery time of the young and eager."

Cloud held himself above Sephiroth on shaking arms as he acclimated to the feeling of hot wetness surrounding him. Once he felt as if he could move without losing it again, Cloud slid himself in and out slowly. It was amazing, feeling the spasms and clenching caressing his virgin dick.

Or, no longer so virgin dick.

Cloud opened his eyes to look down on the silver haired man beneath him. Sephiroth's eyes were closed and his breaths were slow and steady, obviously enjoying himself and the slow, steady thrusts.

The blond's eyes narrowed. This wouldn't do.

Narrow hips jerked hard at the same time sharp little teeth bit almost savagely at a pert, pale nipple.

Sephiroth's eyes flew open and a gruttal growl escaped his lips. Another deep breath came out as a hiss when Cloud continued to lick and bite the nipple until the flesh was abraded and extremely sensitive. The brusque shoves of the cock inside of him brought…not pain necessarily, but a heightened awareness of pressure, and depth, and movement that made the bigger man clench in a soundless plea for more.

Cloud pulled up and balanced on one hand to thumb the abused nipple. The hot little mouth descended again to bite forcefully at a strong, pale neck. Sephiroth moaned, unable to believe how quickly the little, adorable blond was becoming the top of his dreams.

Zack's distracted fondling of himself brought his erection back to full hardness. He reached out and caressed Sephiroth's untouched nipple, alternating between pinching it harshly and flicking the hardened tip between his fingers.

The blond watched Zack out of the corner of his eye while he feasted on the strong, muscled man underneath him. Blue eyes trained on Sephiroth's closed lids, the long lashes fanning and casting shadows on high cheek bones. Cloud's hand moved from stroking Sephiroth's chest to smack one of the pale, patrician cheeks. He grinned in pleasure as the skin turned a rosy red and green eyes flew open.

"That's right," Cloud purred. "Let me see how much you like my dick."

Sephiroth's lips parted in a hitched breath. He loved it when his lover's talked dirty. Zack was good at it, for obvious reasons. He hadn't thought that quiet little Cloud would indulge him in his little kink. It had been enough to find a pretty young top, but to have a filthy talking, pretty, delicate, bossy little top made him clench in an almost-cum.

"You like cock, little bitch?" Cloud growled and thrust hard to prove his point.

Sephiroth nodded and swung his hips into the next thrust.

Cloud hit him again and Sephiroth had to breathe deeply to keep himself from cumming. "Tell me how much you like a dick up your ass."

Sephiroth licked dry lips and moaned before hitching out, "Yes. Gaia, give it to me."

"Give you what, whore?"

"Give me that fat, hard little cock of yours," Sephiroth purred with a sultry smirk. "Do you want me to call you 'Daddy', too?" he said with a sarcastic lilt.

The blond glowered and stopped moving. "Be good, or I'll quit." The threat was a little shaky around the edges, as if the boy didn't really believe he'd be able to stop.

Sephiroth smiled but lowered his eyes submissively. "It won't happen again."

Cloud look at Zack with his eyes heavily lidded. "Why don't you give him some more dick? Shove that cock of yours down this bitch's throat."

Zack's eyes widened and then smiled brightly. "Sounds good," Zack rumbled and shifted so he straddled Sephiroth's shoulders. Cloud sat up on his knees and pressed Sephiroth's legs up and back when he found the angle impossible to maintain. He watched as Zack went to his hands and knees to feed his erection into Sephiroth's parted lips. Under the brunet's slightly bobbing ass, Cloud could see inches of flesh disappearing down a working throat. Zack moaned heavily and started thrusting gently.

Cloud furrowed his brows and spanked Zack's very available ass. "I told you to give him cock. Fuck his face like you mean it."

Cloud's own thrusts sped up as he watched Zack shove his cock deeper and harder down Sephiroth's throat. Sephiroth's eyes closed and he made humming, moaning noises around the flesh stretching his lips wide.

The bobbing, thrusting ass in front of him was too much of a temptation for the overwhelmed blond. He leaned forward and licked a wet path up the crack and stabbed his little tongue into the loosened hole. Zack cried out and shoved his cock farther down Sephiroth's throat, making the silver haired man almost choke for a moment before his throat relaxed and took it all in.

The blond licked Zack's ass like a starving man with a popsicle. His hot little tongue swiped over and over from balls to sensitive hole. He loved it: the taste, the experience, the thought of what he was doing was…was…so dirty.

Sephiroth's hands came up on the outside of Zack's legs and grabbed his ass to feed the hard dick farther down his throat. Inspired, Cloud ran his tongue over Sephiroth's fingers and got them good and wet. The blond felt the trembling in the General's fingers as well as violent clenching around his cock. Hopefully, it was a sign that the silver haired man was getting closer because, really, Cloud didn't know how much longer he could last.

Sephiroth's saliva wet fingers teased and dipped into Zack's ass at the same time he hummed and worked his throat muscles.

"Ah-ah-ah, Gaia fucking shit," Zack swore and came almost instantaneously down Sephiroth's throat. Zack took his time milking his own climax into Sephiroth's mouth, shuddering and balancing on one hand so he could stroke the base to tease out ever last drop. Finally spent, he fell to the side in a boneless, useless pile of flesh and obscenities.

Cloud couldn't take it anymore. Watching Zack cum was it, but he didn't want to go while Sephiroth still hadn't shot his own load. Hoping it would be enough, the blond wrapped his hand around Sephiroth's cock and fisted it roughly, more out of desperation than any real intention to stimulate through manhandling.

Sephiroth, however, couldn't contain himself with the rough handling and clenched hard in an orgasm so hard he saw blurry spots for a moment from the combination of pleasure and lack of oxygen from the large dick that until a moment ago had been shoved down his throat. He curled up on himself and brought his hands up to hold Cloud's hips so the blond was buried as deep inside of him as he could go.

Cloud's mouth fell open and he screamed sharp little bursts of devastated bliss into the air as he was held inside the pulsing, almost painfully unyielding ass. When the orgasm finally slowed into long, rolling waves and tapered off, Cloud fell on Sephiroth and brought them both back down to the ground.

After recovering his breath, Sephiroth chuckled and ran his finger's through Cloud's erratic and thoroughly mussed hair.

"Can you keep a secret?" he muttered to the boy, who almost seemed to have fallen asleep.

"Of course," Cloud mumbled sleepily and crack an eye open to peer wearily at the General.

"Nothing is to change outside this room. I am still your General, Zack is still my Second, and you are still a private. Outside here we are nothing to each other, you are nobody, you are not worth our time or regard."

"And here?" Cloud asked, blushing in both embarrassment and resentment at the need to be treated differently in the eye of the public.

"Here…" Sephiroth purred as both he and Zack leaned so they could kiss and mouth the blond's face and neck. "Here, you are our God."

Cloud shuddered at that, unable to help the surge of power that came over him.

"Do we…need to be like that forever?" Cloud wondered as the two men continued to worship him with their mouths.

"Just until…" Sephiroth trailed off as Zack kissed him deeply. Cloud watched with large, fascinated eyes at dueling mouths and tongues until they broke apart so both men could pant heavily.

"Just until you're legal, Jailbait," Zack purred and regarded Cloud with hungry eyes. "Don't want us to get our asses thrown in the clink do you?"

Cloud shook his head. There was no way he'd ever give this up. He'd keep the secret forever if he had to. "And here, you'll do whatever I say?" Cloud needed to confirm.

Sephiroth smirked and leaned up a little more to whisper against Cloud's lips, "Make me."

Cloud smiled, a little less nervous than he had been, but still not quite secure in his roll yet. However, that didn't stop him from saying, "You'll wish you hadn't said that, bitch."