Ripped Out Pieces


In the end they broke his heart.

That was true.


Martha Jones

But he wasn't the only one who lost.

They give him their hearts to begin with.


Tegan Jovanka

To fly, to see the stars.

And they lose part of themselves to stay.

Or, perhaps, he rips him out himself.


Dodo Chaplet

And what they lose, it never returns.

The hole, it gets bigger.

They lose more of themselves.

Until, finally, it gets too big to stay standing.


Astrid Peth

And then, they fall.

Fall long and fall hard.

And he can only do one thing.


Jamie McCrimmon

He can be there for them when they finally crash.


Leela of the Sevateem

When time finally catches up with them.


Zoe Heriot

When their minds have gone, and the dreams that haunt them are things they forgot.


Sarah Jane Smith

When they've moved on.


Liz Shaw

Or when he has to find out they've died.


Jack Harkness

When he can't bear to deal with them.


Rose Tyler

When he has to push them away.


Donna Noble

When he has to cut them off completely.


Lady Christina de Souza

So he says no.

Because a heart, even two, can only break so much before it's irreparable.

So he says it.



Sara Kingdom



River Song


Susan Foreman

Because the list has grown so long, and he's not about to add another name.


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