In commemoration/anticipation of the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya, I've decided to write another story. I have another, longer story I may write in the future, though that depends on the reception of this one and time restraints. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Scary Stories

"We're going to celebrate Halloween!" Haruhi yelled, jumping up from her place at the computer and startling the beautiful quiet of the clubroom.

I wasn't really surprised by her declaration. She had been moping around the clubroom for the last week, staring at the computer screen just searching for something adventurous. Yesterday I noticed she was visiting a page covered in pumpkins, so I could only assume she was planning something Halloween-related. I mean, what else do you use pumpkins for?

I glanced around the room for a moment to see if anyone else would protest with me. Nagato-san was sitting in the corner, still reading her book, completely unmoved by Haruhi's sudden outburst. There would be no protest from her.

Asahina-san was scrambling to clean up the tea she had spilt all over the table when Haruhi screamed out her new scheme, and I doubted she had even heard what it was we would be celebrating.

And of course, Koizumi was sitting across from the table from me, smiling like he thought it was the greatest idea ever.

"What's the point of the five of us dressing up and going around the town? We'll be the only ones, so no one's going to give us candy. We're too old for that, and we'll just look stupid," I said.

"Idiot," Haruhi whispered. She grabbed her things and started walking to the door. I wondered for a moment if she was really mad about what had I said, but then she stopped, turned to look directly at me, and shouted, "Halloween's about being scared!"

Then she left.

I didn't really think much about the whole episode that night. I figured I would receive some kind of strange, disproportionate punishment for my objection the following day, and I also assumed we would be running around town in costumes come Halloween night despite what I wanted.

But Haruhi was late showing up to the clubroom the next day--so late, in fact, that the rest of us were about to leave when she came walking in carrying a stack of papers.

"Here is your list of requirements for the first annual SOS Brigade Halloween Campout," she said, tossing the papers to each one of with a frantic excitement reserved only for children and psychopaths. "Be sure you're prepared."

I read the list to myself as Haruhi continued to ramble:

1. Blankets and a pillow to sleep on.

2. Snack foods for the night.

3. A working flashlight.

4. At least one scary story.

I sighed as Haruhi continued to talk. What were we getting into?

Then I noticed that "Costumes are mandatory!!!" was written at the bottom.

"What is this?" I asked.

"This is your new club task," she replied. "We'll meet at the train station at 5:00 pm on October 31. You'll be in costume and have a scary story ready for the night!" She spoke directly to me, probably assuming I would be the one unprepared, which is probably true. Asahina-san wears costumes most of her waking life and Koizumi and Nagato-san will do whatever Haruhi tells them to.

Why am I the only one fighting the power?

"Train station? Where are we going?" I asked, hoping the answer was at least reasonable, though that may be too much to ask with Haruhi.

"That's a secret," she said. I don't like it when Haruhi keeps secrets, because her secrets will likely hurt, both physically and mentally.

"And what's this about stories?" She gave me an evil eye. I was obviously protesting too much for her taste.

"We're going to tell scary stories. Everyone will have to take a turn, so it better be a good one."

"I don't know any scary stories," I complained.

"Then make one up!" With that, Haruhi ended the conversation.

I didn't bother looking around because I knew no one else planned to jump in and say anything. I guess if they don't have a problem with Haruhi toting us off to some unknown location to spend a night telling what would assuredly be mediocre stories, then I don't mind either.

Who am I kidding? I mind. I mind a hell of a lot. I just don't mind enough to bother struggling against the never-ceasing blitzkrieg that is Haruhi Suzumiya.