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Pein gawked at the beautiful dining hall. It was all sparkly and everything with snowflake designs everywhere. Harry noticed this and laughed. Patting Pein's head, Harry soon noticed Ron and Sasori playing wizards chest with Orochimaru and Severus watching.

"What are they playing Harry?" Pein asked confused.

"Wizard Chest," Harry said happily then walked towards them.

The two sat and watched the wizard chest take place when Kisame and Hermione came. They were packed up and ready to leave."

"We're going out," Hermione said then whispered something to Harry then looked at Pein. "Oh and Nagato I got you a present! I know it's not Christmas yet but I want to see you with it!"

She handed him a box wrapped with brightly colored wrapping paper. Pein looked at Kisame and noticed he was about to laugh. Glancing down at the box, he slowly opened it and pulled out a bright pink rabbit. His mouth dropped seeing it and glared back when he heard the Akatsuki chuckle as well as Ron, Harry, and Severus. Looking back at Hermione, he smiled slightly.

"Er...thank you....," Pein said. "I...Love it.."

Hermione smiled big then walked out with Kisame who was snickering. Pein then frowned and looked at the pink rabbit disgusted. Sighing, he held it out to Sasori who quickly shook his head no.

"I don't want a pink rabbit," He said. "I'm not girly."

"NEITHER AM I!" Pein said angrily then looked at Harry. "Wait...Harry what did she say to you?"

"Oh nothing you need to worry about Nagato," Harry said then patted his head. "Why don't you go play with your toy with your friends?"

"Come on tell me!"

"No Nagato...now go outside and play in the snow or something."

Growling slightly, Pein pulled his wand from behind and aimed his wand at a mistletoe and brought it over Harry and Severus. Snickering now, Pein walked out with Sasori and Orochimaru while leaving behind a rather angry Harry and an embarrassed Severus.

Once outside, Orochimaru tried to get a ice flake on his tongue while Pein and Sasori huddled close to keep warm. Isn't he the one who's like a snake shouldn't he be freezing like us? Pein thought shivering.

"Hey I got one!" Orochimaru said happily.

"Why hello you three," A familiar voice said.

Turning around, they saw Dumbledore standing there smiling. He walked towards them and glanced down at Pein's stuff animal.

"I see you got an early gift," He said.

"Hermione's fault," Pein said turning red from embarrassment. "She wanted me to have it and..."

"Not saying it's a bad thing...Now I bet this must be the easiest thing you have done."

"Yeah...but Professor...Harry's been secretive about something and I don't know what it is..."

"I see...may I see your toy Nagato?"


Pein handed over the pink rabbit and watched Dumbledore tap it and handed it back. Looking back at it, Pein wondered what Dumbledore did with it.

"Sir what did you...," He started to ask then notice that Dumbledore was gone.

"That guy is weird," Orochimaru said.


"Hey Pein look at your rabbit now."

Pein looked down and noticed the rabbit was white and slowly turning yellow as he wondered why it was changing colors. Sasori looked at it for a second then back at Pein.

"It's changing with your mood," He said. "Relax."

Relaxing a bit, Pein noticed the rabbit turn blue. Smiling big, he looked at Orochimaru and Sasori who were staring at the plush.

"Yeah I'm keeping it now," He said smiling.

"It's still girly," Orochimaru said then smiled big. "You know I could take it of your hands before someone says you're a girly gay boy."

"My mood changing stuff animal."

Orochimaru pouted then remembered something.

"Oh yeah where's Kakuzu and Hidan?" He asked. "I haven't seen them since this morning."

"Making out underneath a mistletoe?" Pein asked.

"You call it snogging."



"Wake up Pein," Kakuzu said shaking the tired boy.

"Ten more minutes...," He said.

"I'll keep your presents then."

Pein slowly woke up then got out of bed. He usually wasn't that excited during Christmas time but whatever he got he knew that Kakuzu would sell it. Following Kakuzu silently, Pein gawked at the gifts underneath the tree. Heading towards it, they started to get their gifts. Pein had gotten a bunch of sweets from Mrs. Weasley Sasori's fake mother. He also gotten a sweater that was yellow and black. Putting the sweater on, Pein soon noticed it fit perfectly.

"Sasori said he has a little sister," Kakuzu said then snickered. "She possibly had to get her to wear it first before she knew it would fit."

"Shut the hell up," Pein said angrily then smirked. "I see your sister got you hair clips for your oh so pretty hair."

Kakuzu blushed then pushed away Cho's gift. Soon Orochimaru came down smiling and hugged Pein and Kakuzu from behind. Groaning slightly, Pein pushed some gifts towards Orochimaru and smiled slightly.

"Merry Christmas," He said then frowned. "NOW LET GO!"

Orochimaru quickly took the gifts and started opening them. His mother got him friendship necklaces that Pein and Kakuzu didn't want to take part of, and a yellow and green scarf with little snakes on the side. Staring at the gifts, Orochimaru then smiled and pocketed the necklaces. Pein watched him do this and rolled his eyes. No one is going to wear that other necklace He thought eating his sweets. Getting up now, Pein was about to go out to see Harry when he saw another gift. Picking it up he noticed it was labeled to him.

"What's that?" Kakuzu asked.

"Not sure...," Pein said then opened the box.

Inside was a choker and engraved in it was a lily. Staring at the choker, Pein slowly put it on. Looking back at the box he saw that there was no tags or anything.

"Who's it from?" Orochimaru asked.

"It doesn't say...," Pein said.

"Well whoever it is they're implying you look girly and deserve jewelry."

Pein shot Orochimaru a glare then turned to walk out.

"I'm going to get breakfast," He said.

"We're coming!" Orochimaru said.

Kakuzu and Orochimaru then followed Pein to the dining hall. Once there, Pein soon got a surprise hug by Harry and a pat on the head.

"Merry Christmas little guy," He said then noticed the choker. "Nice necklace."

"Quiet," Pein said pouting. "And it's a choker."

Pein pouted then walked towards the table with Orochimaru and Kakuzu following him. Taking a seat at the table, he was about to eat when he noticed Harry was hiding something. Staring at him for a second, Pein got a bit curious.

"Wonder what he's doing...," He whispered.


Pein checked around before sneaking out of the hufflepuff house. Walking down the hallways, he looked around curiously then bumped into something. Looking around, he started to freak out a bit seeing that there was nothing there.

"Nagato what are you doing here?" A voice said.

Pein was about to run off when he saw Harry appear right in front of him holding a cloak.

"What are you doing out of bed?" Harry whispered.

"I should ask the same thing to you," Pein said.

Soon the two heard something and Harry quickly put the cloak over both of them. Heading towards the sound, they soon saw Lupin talking to Quirrel.

"Don't you dare betray Dumbledore Quirrel," Lupin whispered then looked towards Pein and Harry.

They quickly scurried off to a room before Lupin could check who was there. Going into a room, the two closed the door behind them then panted. Now they were sure that they wouldn't get in trouble. Harry quietly took off the cloak then looked around the room.

"Hey Harry a mirror," Pein said pointing to a mirror.

Seeing it, Harry walked towards the odd mirror with Pein following him. Pein quietly walked around it while Harry just stared at it.

"Mum....dad...," Harry whispered.

"What was that Harry?" Pein asked.

Pein walked towards Harry seeing him gawk at the mirror.

"You do look like mum," He whispered. "I look like dad..."

"Have you completely lost it?" Pein asked then sighed. "Come on Harry we better get going...I'm getting kind of tired..."

Harry slowly looked away from the mirror then nodded. Putting the cloak around them again, he started walking towards the Hufflepuff dorm. Pein slowly went inside when the portrait opened then went into his bed.

"Pein where'd you go?" Kakuzu asked slowly waking up.

"It doesn't matter now night," Pein said and yanked the covers over him.


Soon a week went by and Pein saw Harry go to see the mirror often. It worried him for a while and he knew he wasn't going to get paid if Harry just sat in front of that mirror all the time (lol selfish reason XD).

"Don't worry Pein un," Deidara said. "He hasn't been going there lately now is he un?"

"You're right," Pein said.

"Oh yeah Sasori found out what Harry, Ron, and Hermione were talking about."

"Seriously? What?"

"Later! We're going to the lake! Guess who's birthday it is today."

"....AH Severus! Why are we doing it though?"

"Surprise party of course!"

Pein let out a sigh then nodded. Though he didn't know what to get him. When Deidara left he started to walk off when he remembered something. A smirk grew on his face as he walked towards the gryffindor house.

A while later, Pein was at the lake with the others. Deidara and Draco were sitting next to each other afar from Harry, Ron, Sasori, Hermione, Kisame, Kakuzu, Konan, Hidan, and Pein. Draco was glaring at all of them while Deidara was of course flirting with Sasori. Rolling his eyes, Pein soon saw Orochimaru holding Severus's hand smiling.

"Your gift is over here Severus!" Orochimaru asked.

"Orochimaru I told you I didn't want a gift," Severus said sighing. "I don't want anything."

"You're like this gift Severus!"

Orochimaru walked towards them smiling and Severus gawked at the group.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEVERUS!" They all shouted.

His eyes widen and soon Harry walked towards him and gave him a hug.

"MY GIFT TO YOU!" Pein said laughing.

Everyone started snickering at the blush Severus had on his face. The little party went on as everyone gave Severus gifts and watched him try his hardest not to smile. Hermione actually got him something he really wanted (besides the hug from Harry) an advanced potions book that were for seventh years. That gave him a smile which enhanced his girlish features which Hidan so kindly pointed out.

"You look like a bloody chick!" Hidan said laughing.

"Shut up," Severus said holding the potions book close. "Or else I'll hex you!"

"Whatever pansy."

"Shut up Hidan," Sasori said then smirked. "You think Sev looks pretty."

"No Harry does," He said snickering. "And Sev thinks Harry is sexy!"

That got the potion book to the head. Everyone started laughing at Hidan's misfortune as he started rubbing his head.

"FUCK!" He shouted.

"HIDAN!" Orochimaru, Harry, Ron, and Kisame shouted as they covered their siblings ears.

I hear this on a daily basis why the hell is he covering my ears? Pein thought as he tried to get Harry to let go of him.