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"Tony, if you've superglued my keyboard again, I'll wipe your computer of all those lovely emails and pictures I know you keep on it!" Tim McGee cried as he sat down behind his desk. Tony DiNozzo had just returned from a week-long holiday with no Probie to tease and no Ziva to annoy, and despite it being only 0700 on a Monday morning he was just itching to pull one of his many juvenile pranks. "Now why would I do that, McGag?" Tony replied innocently.

"Do what, DiNozzo?" Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs asked as he walked swiftly past Tony, slapping the back of his head. He reached his desk, collected his weapon and badge from the drawer and threw the keys for the NCIS crime scene van over to Ziva, "Gear up! Armed robbery at Quantico, got a dead marine PFC, one other critical. DiNozzo call Ducky."

"On it boss!" Tony picked up his phone and dialled autopsy, explaining the situation briefly as soon as Dr. Mallard answered, then trailed behind Gibbs to the lift.

Twenty minutes later, Gibbs was regretting allowing Ziva to drive – not because it had a negative effect on him directly, but because DiNozzo always complained about her style of driving – "Tony in Israel, many have become adults around it – some day it may save their life."

"It's 'brought up' by the way, and, it may save their life, but I tend to like having my insides in my body and not being crushed against my ribs at every corner!" Gibbs smothered a slight smile as he imagined DiNozzo's reaction to his own driving. "Hey boss, how come Ziva got to drive? I never get to drive!" Tony whined. After a further twenty minutes of Tony's whining, Gibbs' reaction was instantaneous – he slammed his hand against the dashboard, "DiNozzo!" Gibbs growled, his patience being sorely tested as he sat between the squabbling pair, "If I was able to extend my arm enough to headslap you I would but since I can't – open the hatch and SHUT UP!" DiNozzo obliged and Gibbs turned in his seat to shout through the small hatch to McGee, who had lost out again and had been forced by Tony to 'sit' in the back, "McGee!"

"Yeah boss?" McGee called back as he staggered from his make-shift seat to the front of the vehicle.

"You're sitting in the front on the way back!"

"Really?" Gibbs nodded, "Thanks boss!" McGee smiled at the thought of a comfortable seat and not being thrown around in the back of the van.

Arriving at their crime scene – a fast food restaurant, Gibbs introduced his team to the base commander, "Colonel Warren... Special Agents DiNozzo and McGee, Officer David." Warren nodded to each of them in turn as Gibbs introduced them, "I only wish I were meeting your team under better circumstances, Agent Gibbs." He was interrupted by his mobile phone, "Yes?...I'll be there in five...Thank you Captain." Warren turned back to Gibbs, "I'm sorry but something has come up, I'll send my senior liaison officer to NCIS headquarters as soon as I've finished up."

"Thanks, Colonel. McGee, DiNozzo take photos and bag up the evidence then get it back to Abby. David, get witness statements."

There was a chorus of 'Yes, Boss!' from his team before they dashed off to fulfil their tasks; Tony already planning new tricks to play on the younger agent. Gibbs followed his agents into the restaurant and headed straight to Dr. Donald Mallard and their dead marine. "What do we got, Duck?"

"Well Jethro, it would appear that this poor boy died from a gunshot to the heart...Quite the execution."

"Time of death?"

"My dear Jethro, you really must learn to be patient, Mr. Palmer failed to show up this morning. Again. Liver temperature indicates he died approximately two hours ago, and before you ask, you will have to wait until I do a full autopsy to find out more." Gibbs smiled wryly.

"Thanks Duck...McGee! With me," he whirled round to DiNozzo and David, "You two finish up here, then get back to the office and--"

"Check out disgruntled employees, yes boss!"

"What are we doing here, boss?" McGee asked as they walked through the whitewashed halls of Bethesda Naval Hospital. "Victim's statement." Gibbs said without turning to him.

"Erm boss...the victim is in a critical condition – what exactly is he going to talk to us about?" Gibbs stopped at the nurses' station and, after showing the woman behind the desk his badge and asking to see PFC Starr, turned to Tim, "The killer!"

"I'll show you, his bandages are due for a change now anyway," the nurse offered. Gibbs nodded his thanks and they followed the woman further down the hall towards a private room. Fifty metres in front of Gibbs and McGee, a man walked out of a room. His deep-set eyes flitted from face to face before resting on Gibbs'. There was a flash of recognition before he schooled his face into a neutral expression and he walked quickly in the opposite direction to the NCIS agent. "That man came out of PFC Starr's—" The nurse informed the pair following her but was cut off as they became aware of an incessant beep coming from the room – the marine's heart monitor. As the nurse rushed into the room, Gibbs and McGee ran after the man they had just seen.

They split up as the younger agent sprinted through the door to the stairs and Gibbs continued down the long corridor. However he hadn't gone more than twenty metres when he heard a cry from the stairwell and rushed back to find out what was wrong. Flinging the heavy wooden door open, the first thing Gibbs noticed was a crumpled, bloodied heap at the halfway down the set of stairs.

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