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Summary: After being disowned from the Hyuuga Mansion and chased out of the village by mobs Hinata walked around the forest, crying. That's when she has stumbled upon a boy named Toshiro Hitsugaya. A boy who has no memories of his past about the Soul Society, being a Captain Shinigami, and his friends. Of course he still has his personality but was grateful to Hinata when she took care of him when he was injured. They soon became close friends to one another and liked each other's company. Years later their feelings to one another grew but trouble start to form when they became Genin. Truths and secrets were revealed about Hinata. Soon Hitsugaya's past came back to bring him back. Will Hinata's and Hitsugaya's relationship stay strong or be torn apart?

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Chapter 1: Meeting the Shinigami in the Snow

7 years ago a beautiful yet vicious ice, water dragon attacked Konoha. No one really knows why it attacked. The Yondaime's only choice to defeat the dragon, Aisu Tsubasa, was to seal it in a new born baby. The only new born was Hinata Hyuuga. It pained the Yondaime to make the young baby to suffer such a burden, but knew there was no other way. He only hopes that his son will be alright and befriends with Hinata.

The Yondaime went to the battle field after summoning Gamabunta. After battling sometime with Aisu Tsubasa the Yondaime performed Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin (Demonic Soul Sealing Jutsu). Using that jutsu summoned the Shinigami, sacrificing himself by asking the Shinigami to seal Aisu Tsubasa inside Hinata. The sealing became a success.

Everyone was grateful but mourned about their Fourth Hokage. After the sealing the Sondaime found Hinata with the seal visible on her stomach. He soon noticed her eyes were more lavender colored and a bit cat-slit in the middle.

Word spread quickly about the dragon being sealed inside Hinata. Many demanded for her death but the Sondaime defended her and said she was the jailor of Aisu Tsubasa not the dragon itself. Hiashi didn't mind still having the child, thinking she'll become a formidable force for the Hyuuga clan. Even so the village still hated the girl thinking she was the dragon itself.

The Sondaime did everything he could to keep her safe. He soon made a rule to never tell her what's inside her or any of the new generation. Or it will be death for their punishment.

As the years go by the older generation made sure to make the children to hate and despise her. Only a few saw her the jailor and a hero to Konoha. Hiashi mad things difficult for the poor girl. He kept training her till she couldn't move. Hiashi was disappointed to find her weak and disgraceful dispite having the monsterouse dragon inside her.

Hinata's mother was one of those who saw her as the jailor of Aisu Tsubasa. She did everything she could to teach her love and to care for others. To Hinata she was everything she wanted to protect.

After her training with her father, she trains again after her wounds healed. She kept training herself to prove everyone she wasn't weak and deserves respect like everyone else. She soon came across meeting Naruto who too wanted to prove everyone that he's strong and to become Hokage. They soon became friends rather quickly. They both promised to train to get stronger and to protect those who are precious to them.

Right when Hinata's sister, Hinabi, was born her father disowned her. Saying that she was no longer a Hyuuga anymore. 7 year old Hinata cried, feeling hurt, betrayed, and heartache. On her back was her backpack, filled with some clothes, First Aid Kit, and some medicine ointment. Hinata continued to cry harshly, but still manage to contain herself. Saying that everything will be alright. Promising to herself to get stronger.

While walking around Konoha people kept throwing nasty glares at her, which frightened the ex-Hieress. After an hour of walking around she felt a kunai flying past her cheek, leaving a scar on her cheek.

Hinata turned around to see a huge mob full of drunk shinobis that are at least Chunin level. Soon enough civilians joined in and start beating the poor girl. After awhile having so many beatings she managed to find a gap from the mob.

Once she manages to sweep past them, she quickly ran off. She has been running for 2 hours. Her breathing increased, gasping for air. Normally people will just collapse right about now even to most shinobis but Hinata has more stamina than even a Jounin would have. Hinata was also desperate to get away from the mob. Ahead Hinata noticed the Konoha's gates. Not hesitating to leave she immediately increased her pace. Forgetting the only friend she's leaving behind.

The mob stopped chasing after her when they noticed her leaving the Konoha gates much the girl's relief. She didn't like the way they looked at her. They were full of hatred, sorrow, and anger. Something she would never liked to see.

It still broke her heart when she heard a faint cheering from the mob behind. She couldn't help but cry the whole way. It felt so wrong. It ached so much inside her chest. She felt like she wasn't needed, that she shouldn't even exist. Even her own village hates and despices her just as much as her family does. But no matter how much they do she still feels the need to protect them. She didn't care if they don't appreciate it but she still hopes to get their attention.

'I hope that someday they will notice me for who I am,'

The temperature soon dropped dramatically when she went deeper inside the forest. Most would have been freezing but to Hinata it felt so right. She couldn't explain it but she has always loved cold temperature. She especially loves snow, it matched her pale skin. It kind of fit, considering the fact that her birthday is on December.

Wind of snow started to dance around Hinata. As if leading her to something or someone. In a trance she followed. There she found a boy unconsciouse. Hinata immediately ran toward him. She noticed he was about the same age as her. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was about the same height as her if not taller, and has white hair which tends to blend in the snow. He wore a long white garb with a black colored hakama (sp?). A green sash around his shoulders held together by a round clip. On his back was a katana which could be about 120 cm long.

But what Hinata mostly noticed about him was the blood covering over him and the snow. She nearly panicked, not knowing what to do.

"Take him a away from the snow first. Then wrap him with the bandages and ointment you have in your backpack, child," said the voice in her head.

The voice was nice and warm to Hinata. She didn't know why but she feels like she knows the voice. Hinata trusted the voice for some reason as if she knows that it was only trying to help her.

Hinata carefully picked the boy up and wrapped his right arm over her shoulders. She really needs to place him down to somewhere warm and safe. The snow still continued to come down and the temperature continued to drop. The boy's wounds are deepening and the blood keeps goosing out. She's utterly worried for the boy. 'Where can I place him in? I need to take him somewhere warm. I need to find it fast! I don't think he can last long,' Hinata thought worriedly.

As if hearing her plea the wind again danced around her and the boy. She noticed it was leading her to somewhere warm. Again she hears that soothing voice.

"Follow the wind. It's leading you to a safe place for the boy and yourself. Don't worry child, I won't let anything happen to you or the boy," The voice reasured.

Hinata mentally nods. And so she followed the wind around her and carefully carried the boy along. The wind led her toward a warm looking cave. Once inside Hinata carefully set him down for awhile. She went through her backpack and found her sleeping bag.

Before picked the boy up she took off the sword off his back and set it down, near the sleeping bag. Hinata then picked up the boy again but gently so he wouldn't feel anymore pain than he already is in. She carefully tucked him in the sleeping bag. She went back toward her backpack and took out the First Aid Kit and the ointments.

Turning back toward the boy Hinata blushed for what she's about to do. She took off his white garb and took the top of the hakama down. Hinata could definetly feel herself about to faint but remained consciouse. She noticed how his chest well developed compared to other 7 year old boys and thought he looked very handsome. Hinata blushed again thinking that way. She shook her head.

'No! Bad Hinata! You shouldn't be thinking this way! He's injured right now so I should be treating his wounds!! Not admire his...!' Hinata blushed again. 'Mou! That silver haired Ero-Jounin really has corrupted me in some way! When I see him again, I'm so going to burn that orange book of his,' Hinata thought angrily.

Meanwhile that Ero-Jounin shivered. He securely put his book away. 'Why do I have this feeling someone is out to get me and burn my precious book,' The Jounin thought nervousily.

Hinata sighed and carefully put the ointment on the boy's wounds while blushing the whole time. The boy groaned, feeling the pain of his wounds but then sighed. The pain was gradually getting less painful.

After putting the ointment on she gently bandages his injuries. It took awhile and hard work but she managed to comeplete it. Hinata put the top of his hakama back on, then tucked him in. She then gently folded the white garb that the boy wore. It was still stained in blood so she decided to clean it later. Hinata put the white garb inside her backpack.

Hinata tucked on her big, baggy, ripped sweater tightly around her. Her clothes were still tattered, ripped, and covered with her own blood. She put some ointment on a few of her bruises and injuries. The temperature was still cold but became a bit warmer than last time.

Hinata stayed up the whole night looking after the boy. She watched him the whole time. She sat down with her back on the cave's wall. Brought her knees up toward her stomach and wrapped them with her arms. Her eyes became heavy later on. Hinata watched the boy with kindness and gentleness like she normally does with everyone else.

'I hope he'll be alright,' was Hinata's last thought before sleep overcame her.

The next morning the snow stopped and showed the warm sun up on the sky. The boy, who has been sleeping in Hinata's sleeping bag, slowly woke up. 'Where ami I?' the boy thought.

The boy felt warm and safe for some reason. The boy relunctly sat up. He looked around and found what he was looking for. He picked up his Zanpakto and sighed. "Hyorinmaru, you there?" he asked.

A low booming voice answered, "Yes. It took awhile for your injuries to heal. That was one big gash you've gotten there from the Hallow,"

The boy looked down and noticed his injuries were wrapped with bandages and very taken care of. The boy raised an eye-brow. "Who healed my injuries?" he asked to himself, not really expecting an answer.

A low soft moan was heard to his right. He turned around and was a girl, who looked around 7 years old, sleeping on the floor. "Who's the girl?" the boy asked to Zanbakto.

"She's the one who took care of your injuries. That girl is something," Hyorinmaru said.

"She did? Isn't she yound to be alone?" the boy asked.

"Like you're one to talk," Hyorinmaru said, amusingly.

"What are you talking about, Hyorinmaru?" the boy asked, coldly. He did not like the tone his Zanpakto was using. He's having a real bad feeling.

Hyorinmaru smirked. "Look for yourself," Hyorinmaru said.

An ice mirror was soon formed in front of the boy. He looked at himself and soon his eyes widen. "Why do I look like a 7 year old boy?!"

Hyorinmaru couldn't handle it anymore, he began to laugh hysterically. "I-I...haha...haven't seen...you...haha," Hyorinmaru couldn't continue, he was laughing too much to finish.

The boy gritted his teeth. The boy slowly calmed himself down but was still pissed off. "Answer me Hyorinmaru! Why am I back being a 7 year old?" the boy asked coldly.

Hyorinmaru stopped laughing after a minute. "I'm not really sure,"

The rubbed his temples feeling very irritated. 'Great, just what I need," he thought sarcastically.

A soft moan was soon heard, again. The boy turned around to the girl. She was starting to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and then sat up. She cutely rubbed her eyes to adjust her surroundings. The boy found himself holding his breath when he noticed her eyes. They were so different. They were lavender with no pupils but when he looked at them more carefully he noticed her eyes were cat-slit in the middle.

Hinata noticed the boy up and looked at him worriedly. "A-ano, a-are y-you o-o-ok?" she asked.

The boy nodded. He couldn't trust his voice right at the moment.

Hyorinmaru chuckled, finding this all too amusing. "What's wrong, Hitsugaya? Are you finally interrested in a girl? Nice choice she really is cute," Hyorinmaru teased.

'What are you talking about? I'm just surprised from her eyes Hyorinmaru,' Hitsugaya said, angrily at his Zanpakuto.


Hitsugaya snapped out of it after hearing Hinata's voice. He noticed the girl tilt her head nervousily. "A-are y-y-you s-sure y-y-y-you're a-alright?" Hinata stuttered/asked to Hitsugaya, worriedly.

Hitsugaya nods, with his normal cold, expressionless face. Hinata sighed, relieved to know he was ok.

"A-ano, i-i-f it's o-ok m-m-may I-I ask wh-what's y-your n-name?" Hinata stuttered out nervousily.

Hitsugaya was surprised but answered anyway. "Toshiro Hitsugaya. What's yours?" he asked curiousily.

"O-oh r-right. M-my n-name is H-Hinata," she answered.

Hitsugaya raised an eye-brow. "You don't have a last name?" he asked in a montone voice.

Hinata dropped her head, hiding her sad and cold eyes. Just remembering her father's betrayal makes Hinata feel angry and sad about it. "N-no, I-I don't. Th-that is, n-n-not anymore," Tears began to fall on her pink cheeks to the floor. Hinata cursed herself for being so weak. Especially in front of a stranger.

This did not go unnoticed. 'She's crying? Why?' Hitsugaya wondered.

He moved toward the shaky, crying girl slowly. He didn't know what to do. His face soften a little at the girl in front of him. He rubbed her cheeks, wiping her tears away.

Hinata blushed at Hitsugaya's action. She looked up into his eyes. It was strange, Hitsugaya felt kinda exposed looking into those lavender, cat-slit eyes. Hitsugaya never felt this way before, he felt the need to protect her. He has never met a warm, frail, gentle, and kind person such as this girl. Her whole being says she was made out of innocense.

When Hinata looked into those eyes they were full of warmth and softness inside them. Just looking at them made her feel dizzy and weak. But there was sadness and confusion. As if wondering who he was and the sadness meaning of his past life. She didn't know how she was able to know this but she just does. She also noticed how he surrounds himself with barriers, not wanting anyone to notice his true feelings.

For some reason it made her feel sad knowing this. Hinata noticed how close she was to him and blushed. She backed up a bit, her face still flushed from her cheeks.

Voices were soon heard outside of the cave. They sounded as if they were looking for something or someone.

"She should be here," a voice said.

Hinata immediately froze. Her whole body immediately stiffened and tensed up her muscles. She went deeper inside the cave, trying to hide herself. She knew immediately who were the voices. They were from her village. They were looking for her! Hinata felt fear build up inside her. 'Why do I have to be soo weak!!' she thought angrily to herself.

Hitsugaya noticed her actions and gave her a questioning look.

"The demon girl should be here. We all saw her coming here," said another voice.

Hinata shivered in fear. 'I thought they were going to leave me alone,'

Hitsugaya noticed Hinata shivering. He carefully approached her. "Hey, you ok? What's going on?" Hitsugaya asked her.

When she looked at him, he noticed fear and sadness in her eyes. 'Why is she scared and sad?' Hitsugaya wondered.

"There's a cave up ahead. I think she's in there. Come on let's kill the demon!" There was cheering outside. Chorusing 'Kill the Demon!'.

Hinata felt horrified. Her whole body shook uncontrolably. 'Why? Why do they call me a demon? What did I do to them to hate me so much?' she asked herself repeatidly.

Hitsugaya didn't like how the mob outside were talking. He could actually feel their killing intent so clearly from there. He looked back and noticed Hinata shivering in fear. He could see new tears forming. Hitsugaya gritted his teeth with fustration. He didn't like how Hinata reacting, not one bit!

"Hitsugaya, you should take Hinata and get out of here! I'm getting the feeling that those voices are after the girl," Hyorinmaru said.

'What? Explain, Hyorinmaru,' Hitsugaya ordered.

"There's no time! Take her and get out of there!" Hyorinmaru yelled out.

Hitsugay nods, he could hear the mob coming closer. He set his Zanpakuto on his back before he could go toward Hinata. He carefully picked her up, bridal style. "Eeep!" Hinata squeeked, surprised. Hitsugaya picked up her backpack and sleeping bag to Hinata. She thanked Hitsugaya and hold on to them.

Hitsugaya then Shunpo before the mob could even spot him. "Hinata, you know where we should go?" Hitsugaya asked, while Shunpo from tree to tree.

Hinata was amazed by Hitsugaya's speed that she almost didn't hear what he said. Hinata nods at Hitsugaya. "W-we c-could go s-s-see the H-Hokage," Hinata said. When she noticed him giving a questioning look she said, "A-ano, th-the Hokage i-is th-the leader o-of m-m-my v-village,"

"Were is your village?" Hitsugaya asked.

"I-it's up a-a-ahead," Hinata answered.

Hitsugaya nods. "Hold on tight," He soon took off.

Hinata made sure to hold on, which Hitsugaya noticed how careful she was holding on to him. He couldn't understand it but he felt very overprotective of her. He looked on ahead and went off. Heading straight toward Konoha. Not knowing what will await him that will change his life.

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