[Opening: Doubt and Trust from D. Gray Man]

[Two ice dragons facing the opposite of each other; a nine-tailed red fox stood in the middle; a silver three pointed crown stood behind them with a shining heart shaped moon behind it.
(Screen change)
Aizen was showed in front of the screen to the left; to the right behind him stood Hitsugaya in his shinigami hakama and cloak with the number 10 on it with his back turned.
(Screen change)
Hinata curled in a loose ball with ice dragon wings on her back, below her stood Konoha in iced flames.
(Screen change)
Naruto stood in a stance with his father's cloak and tri-kunai in his left hand; a sealing scroll loosely around him. Ghost-like red fox ears on his head and nine fox tails behind him. Behind him was Minato with his back turned with wind-like wings.
(Screen change)
Hoshi, chained around both of her wrist and ankles, her eyes were closed and her hair was chest-nut brown with three thick spikes on her head toward the right, and another two thick spikes to the far left. Her long brown hair was loose. Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades were crossed in front of her. Behind her was a shadowed young man with brown spiked hair from the left side of the screen, and an old bald man with a small silver beard and golden, yellow eyes stood to the right side of the screen.
(Screen change)
Slowly showed 12 Hallowed-like human beings, Orichimaru, Akatsuki, along with Heartless, Nobodies, and Unverse surrounded them. Above them was Aizen and the same bald, old man.
(Screen change)
Showing the Rookie Nine, Ichigo and co., Kakashi, Iruka, Anko, Asuma, Kurenai, Gai, Team Gai, Sarutobi, Konohamaru, Hanabi, Gakkuri, Gaara, Temari, Kankaru, Riku, and Kairi. Above them was the familiar brown spiked hair with a mysterious Key-like blade, and Minato with his Zanbakuto.]

A Shinigami's Angel

By xxHinaAngelxx

"Owari mo miezo hashirinukero."

[Showing Hitsugaya attacking a Hollow, only to be striked from the stomach. This caused him to be knocked unconscious and lay on the ground. The ground was suddenly turned to snow, which made his blood more evident. His dull teal eyes looked up to meet lavender, slit eyes then slowly closed his eyes.]

"Yasuragi wa chouo sakasama ni naru."

[Showing Hinata curled in a ball in an alley. Her clothes were ripped and dirty. Blood dripped down her wounds, and her bruises were dangerousily purple and green. Her eyes were slowly opened to show dull lavender, slit eyes with tears dripping down her cheeks.]

"Kodoku wo fujikomete.
Tozashikakeru manazashi"

[Showing Hoshi with angel-like wings on her back. It suddenly were ripped from her back and was forced into the darkness. Her hand reached out to the light, which showed Naruto with wide eyes as his hand reached out for hers. A black, gloved hand covered Hoshi's mouth, who had wide feared eyes as Naruto glared into those golden, sadistic, yellow eyes.]

"Habataku mono wo mukaeru sa.
Shihai sareru no wo osore ya shinai.
Akogareru mama iu sa,
Subete wo kaeru tame ni."

[Hinata and Hoshi had there backs together as their hands slowly reached out for the other and clasped together. Darkness slowly shrouded behind them when Hitsugaya and Naruto jumped and attacked the darkness with their Zanpakuto with a slash. Light sprouted out.
(Screen change)
Minato, with his blond bangs shadowing his eyes, looked up as a ghostly image of Naruto with a grin and beautiful long, red haired, beautiful green eyes woman with a grin of her own.
(Screen change)
Kakashi and Iruka stood in front of the stone of the past heroes who died in battle. They both looked up as Iruka imagined of his parents, while Kakashi imagined Obito, Rin, and Minato.
(Screen change)
A mysterious 15 year old boy with his back turned, stood on top of the Hokage Monument. His head lifted up toward the raining sky as tears slid down his cheek as he thought about his village that were slaughtered by the Hollows.
(Screen change)
Ichigo and co. looked up in the sky as they all imagined of Hitsugaya, determined to bring him back home and reunite with him.
(Screen change)
Wings sprouted behind Hitsugaya, Hinata, Naruto, and Hoshi as they forcily flew up in the sky, as the chains around them broken. Their expressions were determined to set everything right, and connect the people back to the light.]

"Daremo yurusezu ni,
Doko he yukeru darou."

[Showing Hitsugaya, Hinata, Naruto, and Hoshi standingback to back as they were surrounded by Hollows, Heartless, Nobodies, and Unverse. Hitsugaya's teal eyes were cold, yet determined to end it all no matter what. Hinata's eyes were completely purple with dragon slits, determined to protect those who brought her to the light. Naruto's azure, blue eyes were cool and electric, as they blazed with determination as he was set to kill those who threatened to harm those precious to him. Hoshi's indigo eyes were switched to icy, sky-blue eyes, wanting her past brought to light and determined stop anything to cause harm those she cared.]

"Hikari no moto
Yami wa umare."

[Showing Hoshi raising both Oathkeeper and Oblivion as she glared at the bald, old man, who held her controlled father. Her father raised his hand in the air and brought out Ultima and Wayward Wind. Behind Hoshi floated a ghost-like young man. He looked almost identical to Hoshi's father, but with minor differences. He, too, glared hatredly toward the old man, who smirked right back at Hoshi and the mysterious ghost-like man.]

"Shinjitsu wa itsuwari ni yureru,
Kokoro wo tsukisasu."

[Showing Hitsugaya walking away in a portal with his back turned, as Hinata ran from behind him. Her hand tried to reach out toward his white cloak, but was stopped by Momo, who glared threatenly at Hinata. Hinata's eyes widened then dulled, and suddenly changed into an emotionless Vizard with Aizen behind her with a smug smirk upon Hitsugaya feared expression.]

"Fureta yoru wo kowarasetemo,
Yume to iu yokubou no kage wo yobitsuzukeru."

[Showing Naruto turn around, only to face Hoshi's father. Naruto's eyes widened in fear, but was soon protected by his own father, who blocked the attack with his Zanpakuto. Blue eyes clashed as Hoshi's father's eyes widened in shock, while the other held sadness. They both jumped back, with Minato holding Naruto tightly toward him. His azure, blue eyes set to protect his only son at whatever cost.
(Screen change)
Kairi looked up at the midnight sky at the stars. Light sprouted underneath her as angel-like wings sprouted out behind her back. She whispered out the name of her husband in hope and sadness.
(Screen change)
Hoshi and Hinata held their hands out as light surrounded in a ball in their palm. With their eyes blazing beautifully, they threw it toward the tower Aizen and co. live in as it slowly crumbled.]

"Kimi no tsumi to itami wo shinjiteyuko!"

[Showing Hitsugaya icily glaringas he charged toward Aizen with Hyourinmaru with a clash with Aizen's Zanpakuto. They glared at each other.
(Screen change)
Hinata stood on the Hokage's Monument with ice dragon wings on her back, looking determined down toward Konoha.
(Screen change)
Naruto stood next to Kakashi down at the stone that was written the names who died like a hero. His eyes looked down upon his father's name. His fist clenched as his eyes blaze in determination as yellow chakra slowly surrounded him.
(Screen change)
Hoshi looked up at the midnight sky toward the stars and the heart-shaped moon. Her eyes narrowed, making a promise that she will truly be reunited with her family. Her three pointed crown, chained necklace shined in bright white chakra as white flames made of angel-like wings on her back.
(Screen change)
Hitsugaya, Hinata, Naruto, and Hoshi looked up in the sky from the ground. They were all in a circle with their hands intertwined with each other, promising that their bond will never be broken.]

Chapter 11:



Iruka winced by the sheer volume from the children's yell. Specifically: Naruto, Hitsugaya, Hinata, Hoshi, Sakura, and Ino (along with the rest of the girls in the room). Not that Iruka blamed his siblings, considering the fact he didn't like the idea any better.

'If it's either Hokage-sama's or Kakashi's idea, then their both dead,' Iruka thought, as he looked at his sibling's murderous glares, pacifically Naruto's.

"What do you mean Sasuke-teme is on our team?" Naruto yelled in disbelief and anger.

Hoshi looked at Iruka with dull eyes. Iruka winced upon the emotion of betrayal in them, but quickly explained before the girl came to the wrong conclusion.

Iruka sighed, tiredly. "You heard me Naruto. Sasuke is your fourth team-mate member for Team 7. Your Jounin sensei will be Hatake Kakashi. Besides, these were arranged by the Hokage, Kakashi and the...council members," Iruka explained. Hitsugaya's, Naruto's, Hinata's, and Hoshi's eyes widened then burned toward anger. Iruka agreed with their anger, as he too didn't like the team arrangement. He knew something must have happened, or have gone wrong.

'Probably the latter. Knowing the council, they probably interfered when they shouldn't,' Iruka thought, bitterly.

"But he shouldn't be in the team!" Naruto angrily yelled.

Hitsugaya and Hinata nodded defiantly.

"Sumimasenga (I'm sorry) Naruto, but that's the team that had been arranged. If you have a problem then take it to the Hokage or Kakashi," Iruka said. 'I'm not going to plan to have their anger out toward me,' Iruka thought with a shiver.

They grumbled in response, promising great pain toward Kakashi when they get back home.

"Now, Team 8 will be Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburama, Sakura Horuna and Hoshi. Your Jounin sensei will be Kurenai Yuhei. Team 9..."

"Well, at least you'll be teamed up with Kiba-san and Shino-san," Hinata said, trying to comfort the depressed streaked brunette.

"But the Pinku no Banshii (Pink Banshee) is also in my team," Hoshi muttered depressingly.

Hitsugaya, Naruto, and Hinata winced, and looked sympathetically at her.

"We'll still be able to meet up at least, right?" Naruto asked, fidgetly and nervously.

Hoshi blinked then gave Naruto a brilliant grin. "Mochiron! (Of course!) There's no way I won't visit!" Hoshi said earnestly.

Naruto blushed, much to Hitsugaya's and Hinata's amusement.

"Alright everyone! You can all go for lunch then meet back here for your Jounin sensei," Iruka said.

"Come on, let's go," Hitsugaya said, as he wearily looked at the girls' looking at him hungrily with lust. He shivered upon their looks, along with disgust.

"I couldn't agree with you even more. Those girls disgust me,"Hyourinmaru said, in disgust.

Naruto, Hinata, and Hoshi nodded as they too noticed the familiar lookes the girls were giving toward Hitsugaya.

Without a warning, the four Shinpoed away.


Kakashi sighed as he walked around the streets of Konoha with a familiar orange book in his hands. He's not normally enjoying his book like he usually does.

Why you ask?

It was because of the team arrangements that he and the Hokage did not approve.

'Damn that council and that bastard war hawk to hell!'Kakashi cursed silently.

The council had ordered Kakashi to take in Sasuke as the fourth member of his team, and Danzo wanted to take Hoshi to train her. Kakashi didn't have a choice, especially when they had threatened to tear him away toward his siblings. So, in the end, took Sasuke in, but the idea having the free spirited and kind Hoshi taken in, not to mention, trained by Danzo was something that chilled the Sharingan user to the core. Luckily, Sarutobi prevented that from happening.

To say the least, Danzo was not happy.

Kakashi put his book away. He didn't have it in him to enjoy reading his favorite Icha Icha book. So he decided to walk toward the Ichiraku Ramen stand, which became his family outing with his cute siblings.

"I still can't believe Ojiisan didn't make Hoshi-chan our fourth team-mate!"

Kakashi blinked. 'Was that...Naruto-otouto's voice?'Kakashi wondered, as he kept walking toward Ichiraku. Which happened to be nine feet away from where he was walking.

"Don't get so worked up about it, Naruto-otouto. We all didn't like it any better,"

"Demo Aniki~! This is Sasuke we are talking about!"

"I think he knows pretty well who we're all talking about, 'Ruto-kun,"

"Demo...aren't you at least frustrated that Sasuke-teme's going to be on our team? I mean, he isn't one to work as a team! He's going to make us all fail on Kakashi-niisan's bell test he told us about! It's quite easy to figure out about his test, even though he never told us the real test,"

"We know, Naruto-aniki. But there's nothing we can do. It has already been decided,"

"I say this totally sucks,"

"We know, 'Ruto-kun. Besides, it's not like I'll never see you guys again. I'm pretty sure Kiba and Shino wouldn't mind me seeing your guys again. They both know of our tight friendship after all,"

"She's right otouto. Those two would never stop her from seeing us. They are pretty much loyal when it comes to friendship and comrads,"

"I guess..."

'So I guess they already heard about the team arrangement,'Kakashi thought with a wince. He knew he had to explain to them what happened, or things would get ugly. With a deep calming breath, Kakashi walked inside the Ichiraku stand to see Hitsugaya, Hinata, Naruto, and Hoshi sitting down and eating their own different kind of ramen.

"I see you four found out about the team arrangements," Kakashi said, getting the four's attention.

Once Kakashi was in view, Naruto stood up and pointed toward his older brother accusingly. His eyes expressing his anger, and his betrayed expression made Kakashi cringe. Not a good combination when it came from the most cheerfullest person around.

'Then again, he does have his mother's temper. Being a red head and all,'Kakashi thought, flinching upon remembering another Uzumaki-Namikaze's temper.

"Why did you put Sasuke-teme on our team instead of Hoshi-chan!" Naruto shouted angrily, yet calmly which really scared the shit out of Kakashi, but maintained his calm exterior. He needs to be calm in order for the blond's anger to defluse.

Kakashi sighed. "First of all, sit down Naruto," Kakashi said firmly, his face expressing a serious expression.

With a grumble, Naruto complied and sat back down. Kakashi sat down next to Hitsugaya and closed his eyes. He didn't know how exactly he planned to explain to them, but then again, they have the right to know. Not to mention to warn Hoshi to watch herself from Danzo.

"What I got to tell you is extremely important, especially for you, Hoshi," Kakashi began.

The four nodded, and began to feel worried. Seeing the serious side of Kakashi wasn't something they were used to. It was always the playful, laid back brother they all knew and love. To see this side of him was rather worrying and unnerving.

"Why is that, Kashi-Aniki?" Hoshi asked, feeling slightly worried.

"For many reasons actually. In the beginning, I, along with the Hokage, arranged the teams with you four as a team. Everything was going as planned till...the council desided to intervene," Kakashi said with a grimace.

Hitsugaya's, Hinata's, Naruto's, and Hoshi's eyes widened in realization.

"Th-they were the ones who changed the teams, d-didn't they Kakashi-niisan," Hinata stated with sad eyes.

"Unfortunately, yes Imouto-chan," Kakashi said with sigh, looking at them with sad eyes.

"Kashi-Aniki," Hoshi called hesitantly. "What does this got to do with me?"

This made Kakashi's eyes darkened. "Our plan was actually was going accordingly really. The council didn't care anymore what we do with you four, but...Danzo suddenly came into the picture," Kakashi said.

"Danzo?" Naruto's eyes narrowed.

"The Hokage's old team-mate and rival. He isn't someone you want to be alone with. He actually wanted to be Hokage so he could rule Konoha. He wanted to make everyone an emotion-less puppet, saying that's what makes us stronger. With no emotions getting in the way, not to mention liking to start a war," Kakashi explained with darkened eyes.

"What?" Naruto shouted in disbelief.

"How can that make us stronger?" Hitsugaya inquired with narrowed eyes. "Our emtions of determination of protecting others is what makes us strong. I'm starting to hate the guy,"

Hinata and Hoshi nodded in agreement.

"I'm not surprised really. He actually was close into assassinating Minato-sensei by sending him a false mission one day once he heard that he would be the Fourth Hokage instead of him," Kakashi revealed.

"What?" Naruto shouted, his eyes burned with rage. "How come he hasn't been arrested for that?"

"There was no evidence he was the one who had done it. Believe me Naruto, your mother and I weren't completely happy about it. In fact, if it weren't for your father then Kushina and I would have went to attack Danzo," Kakashi said with a fond smile. He remembered how unhappy Kushina was for the rest of the day, but she finally rellented when Minato gave her the best date that night.

"Let me guess, Hiruzen wasn't thrilled either, was he?" Hitsugaya inquired with a raised eye-brow.

Kakashi shook his head. "No he wasn't. The whole time he was trying to find evidence to stop Danzo to do anymore damage to Konoha. So far, he hasn't found any luck," Kakashi said.

"But why did Danzo intefered with the team arrangements?" Hinata asked, curiously yet wearily.

This made Kakashi turned toward Hoshi's indigo eyes, who looked in confusion. "That's because of Hoshi here," Kakashi said sadly.

"What?" Hoshi blinked.

"What does Hoshi-chan have to do with it?" Naruto asked, scooting closer to Hoshi. Both never noticing their hands suddenly grasping each other's.

"Well..." Kakashi sighed, not knowing how he will explain this to them. He knew Naruto won't take it well if he had Kushina's temper, along with Minato's possessiveness and overprotective nature. "It seems Danzo has taken an...interrest toward Hoshi. In fact, he had asked to train Hoshi-imouto, which is by the worst thing that could happen to you, Hoshi,"

"What do you mean?" Hoshi asked, feeling dread pour down her stomach.

"Like I said, Danzo wants to make all the ninjas of Konoha to be emotionless and under his control. What he wants was train you in this way and become his ultimate tool. He must have found something about you that none of us don't," Kakashi said, looking concerned and troubled.

Hitsugaya, Hinata, and Naruto were shocked then suddenly worried over Hoshi. Hoshi didn't move, but felt sudden fear whelling up inside of her. The thought of becoming an emotionless tool and going through more loneliness was a scary thought. She didn't wanted to be an emotionless tool. For some reason, she didn't want to give up being the one grinning, or making other people feel happy. It was like...it reminds her of someone precious to her.

"Ano yarou! (That bastard!) He can't do that!" Naruto shouted, feeling anger and hatred toward the war-hawk.

"He can't, thankfully, but he could try without Sarutobi noticing. He has done that a few times. That's why I want you to be careful Hoshi. Don't let down your gaurd down when you're alone. If you see something suspicious of someone following you in the shadows, run. It will be a good possibility that they could be Danzo's organization, Roots," Kakashi warned Hoshi.

Hoshi gulped but nodded. "Don't worry about me, Kashi-Aniki. I'll be careful," Hoshi said with a warm smile.

"I know, but you might never know, Hoshi. There could be a great possibility that he might just get you without knowing it. He could easily take you since you're an orphan. I could adopt you, but I already have done this with Hitsugaya, Naruto, and Hinata. If I take you in, the council will deny it since Danzo wants you for himself," Kakashi said.

"I understand, really Kashi-Aniki. I'll be fine and thank you for thinking of my wellbeing. Well, I got to go anyway. Unlike you, Aniki, my sensei is most likely going to be there on time and I don't want to be late. See you guys later," Hoshi said, getting up and left with a smile.

"See you later, Hoshi-chan!" Hitsugaya, Hinata, and Naruto called out.

"And remember to come back, Hoshi. I have the groceries here waiting for you," Teuchi called out.

Hoshi grinned. "Thanks, I'll be there Teuchi-jiisan!"

The four remaining watched as Hoshi left the Ramen Stand.

"I hope she'll be alright," Hinata said softly, while biting her bottom lip.

"She's strong. She'll be able to handle things on her own, especially after what she had gone through most of her life," Kakashi said, yet he looked at the retreating streaked, brunette with sadness.

"It's not fair! Why does the villagers hate her anyway? There's nothing to hate her about!" Naruto said in frustration.

"He's right, Aniki. Why does the village hate her?" Hitsugaya asked with narrowed eyes.

"I don't know. I wasn't there when it happened really. The only one who could answer you is the Hokage and Hoshi-chan," Kakashi said.

Hitsugaya still had a frown. He couldn't work out why the village would try to kill Hoshi.

"Then again, they did try to do the same with Hinata, Hitsugaya," Hyourinmaru said.

'I know, but I'm pretty sure there is also a reason for that as well,'Hitsugaya told his Zanpakuto.

"Come on you three. I'm pretty sure we had made Sasuke wait long enough," Kakashi said.

"Matte! (Wait!) Hey Naruto, this is your chance!" Z-Riku shouted toward his wielder.

Naruto blinked then widened his eyes.

"Hey wait a minute guys! There's something I need to tell you," Naruto said.

"What is it, Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto looked around. "Koko ni nai (Not here). Let's go to our house and I'll tell you there," Naruto said, as he quickly Shinpoed away.

Kakashi, Hitsugaya, and Hinata looked at each other worriedly. They had never seen this type of behavior from Naruto...unless it was extremely important. With a nod, they too, Shinpoed away.


Naruto quickly putten up the Sairenshingushiiru (Silencing Seals) around the room. He didn't want to risk someone overhearing the warning his father had told him about.

"So what is it you need to tell us, Naruto-otouto?" Hitsugaya asked.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto told them everything his father had showed him with his Zanpakuto's help. Needless to say, the three were shocked, especially Kakashi.

"Wh-what do we do, Aniki?" Hinata asked Kakashi, looking really worried what Minato had warned about.

Kakashi's eyes narrowed. "For now, nothing. I may have an idea who these enemies Minato-sensei had warned us. I'll make sure to tell this to the Hokage, but for now, keep your guards up," Kakashi said.

Hitsugaya, Naruto, and Hinata nodded.

"Now let's get going. I'm pretty sure Sasuke isn't going to be happy with us," Kakashi said, cheerfully with his familiar one eye smile.

Hitsugaya snorted. "That's the understatement of the year," Hitsugaya rolled his eyes.

"I bet his royal highness is having a great time," Naruto said sarcastically, as he too rolled his eyes.

Hinata giggled while Kakashi continued to smile.


A young man in his early 30s walked down a calm beach in the cool midnight day. He had curled, spiked blond hair which spiked to the right side of his head. His cerculean blue eyes still shined brilliantly even during the darkened night. The full moon shined upon the young man to show his handsome pale face. He looked much too young than to be his real age. Right now, he wore a black, zippered, sleeveless vest and black sweat pants. His feet were covered in a pair of converse.

He held his hands in his pockets as his brilliant blue eyes looked up at the starry, midnight sky. The sky was filled with nothing but the millions of stars and the shining moon. His eyes held nothing but hope, sadness, and guilt. His thoughts were toward the one person whom he held precious to him...his only family member and the one person who brought him back to the light.

'Anata wa...Otouto? (Where are you...brother?) I miss you...your wife misses you. Your daughter...' His eyes immediately darkened that colored in guilt. 'Watashi wa hontouni gomen'nasai (I'm so sorry). I...I couldn't protect her,'

Tears slowly began to flow down from his shining blue eyes. His fist clenched as his eyes shut tightly down. He could feel the familiar guilt whelming up his chest...his heart. His right hand fist against his chest.

He looked up to see the familiar bended palm tree, which is filled with yellow star-shaped fruit. His feet walked toward the tree on his own. The tree where he used to sit on.

The blond haired man jumped and sat down on it. His eyes lifted up to see the shining raven-blue ocean shined brightly from the shining stars. The tears never stopped, but he didn't bother to brush them away. His thoughts were filled with the little moments of the past toward the boy he had come to see as his brother.

Two familiar footsteps were heard, but the blond didn't acknowledge them. A beautiful young woman sat down next to the blond while another handsome young man sat next to the other opposite side to the younger man. The young woman had long flowing maroon hair, which colored like dark blood. Her eyes shined sadly of indigo eyes as she looked toward the blond. She wore only her pink, spaghetti strapped shirt with white sweat pants. The young man had shoulder length silver hair with his silver bangs nearly touched his beautiful lime-green eyes. His silver hair shined magnificently from the moon's shining ray. He wore a black, sleeveless shirt which brought out his muscled chest and strong arms, and wore navy-blue sweat pants.

"Hey..." The blond said monotonessly. His eyes never leaving the beautiful ocean.

"You can't keep feeling this way you know," The silver head said.

The blond didn't say anything.

"It's not your fault. I...I don't blame you," The red head said, looking worriedly at the blond.

The blond gritted his teeth as his jaw tensed in its position. "Don't you dare say it wasn't my fault! It was and you two know it! So stop trying to say that it isn't!" The blond shouted angrily at them.

The silver haired man sighed. "You do know that he wouldn't want you to feel this way," He told the blond.

The blond tensed.

"Let's not fight you two. Come on, let's go home," The beautiful woman said before the blond could retort.

The two men stood in silence then slowly nodded. The three then looked up at the night sky, hoping to finally find the two people that were swept away from them in the darkness. Neither of them knew where they could be, but they knew they will do everything within their power to finally be reunited with them.

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