Angelus threw the doors to the huge armoire open and pulled out a set of clothes for William. The mansion's owner wouldn't need them anymore and he looked to be about the same size as the small vampire.

"Take off them rags yer wearin' and clean up," Angelus growled as he threw the garments he had chosen at William. If there was anything Angelus had hated more, it was seeing his little family dirty and bloody after a kill.

William cut his eyes at Angelus and stifled a growl of his own as he bent down to pick up the clothes at his feet. He hated taking orders from the older vampire but there was nothing he could do but obey since Angelus was his sire and entitled to respect.

The two demons glared at each other when William straightened up, eyes flecked with gold in a show of dominance and rebelliousness. William knew that he was too weak to challenge Angelus and win but he was determined to let him know that one day, that challenge would come.

William seethed while he bathed and then dressed. He had killed his first slayer and all Angelus could say was, "Congratulations".

~ fin ~