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"and that's why dad won't becoming back… I'm sorry mom"

"it's ok dear... your father is just doing what he thinks is best. Although I am going to miss him dearly we both can continue on with our lives peacefully."

"but mom its my fault that he isn't coming back if I had just listened to him and finished cell off like he told me to he wouldn't have died. In a way I might as well me the person labeled as my father's killer."


"No Gohan! Don't you dare! You defeated Cell, a terrible tyrant that would have destroyed countless number of lives. A number we couldn't even imagine. Your father just stepped in to make sure that didn't happen. And when it ended up taking his life as well he had time to think and decided that if he left for good these evil beings won't come. So remember Gohan your father chose this so that we could live peacefully. Now go wash away your worries, and put a smile on your face while I get dinner on."

~~~~~few weeks later~~~~~~

Gohan and his mother started to land down onto the front lawn of the Ox king home, getting together for lunch was always nice to do once in awhile. The ox king has become more involved in Gohan's life mainly acting as the father figure for him with Goku gone and all. Bringing Grandfather and Grandson more close than ever.

ChiChi has also been finding more comfort with her father. He would help around the house with various things and of course be the shoulder to cry on when needed be.

As Gohan and ChiChi were approaching the door Gohan stopped dead in his tracks. Then almost instantly grabbed the door handle and ran inside the house.

Gohan rushed into the home only to the smell of something burning in the oven and some sort of substance overflowing the pots on the stove. Then to look towards an open refrigerator door with the Ox-King dead on the kitchen floor.

"Gohan? What is it dear?"

ChiChi had finally caught up to her son only to find him starring at his grandfather with wide eyes of shock and horror. ChiChi finally noticing what her son was looking at and she just ran over to her father and started to cry.

'what have I done… why wasn't I paying attention to his ki signal, I would have been here sooner. I could have done something. Damn. Another person I my mother loved and I took him away from her. Another reason for her to cry at night, wait… what else is it that I'm sensing towards mom. Its like there is two ki signatures there... wait…shit she's pregnant…'

~~~~~~8 months later~~~~~~~~

Gohan could just hear his mother's screaming down the hall hoping that things were going alright and what not. A few more moments later the nurse came down the hall.

"Gohan Son?"

Gohan stood up immediately and followed the nurse back down the same hall. Upon entering the room the room there were still nurses around helping here and there, and there was ChiChi holding a small bundle in her arms. Gohan slowly walked over to his mother giving her a smile along the way. She smiled and nodded back and handed the small bundle to him.

'oh my gosh he looks just like Dad the hair everything. This little guy is practically a clone of him. I'm sorry kid that you won't get to meet him he was a good man for the most part. Family always came second in his life sometimes even third heh. But not me little guy I will always be there for you, hmm…huh…?'

Gohan's thoughts were interrupted by the little guy's tail wrapping around Gohan's waist.

"hmm I thought it would be a nice idea for him to keep his tail. You always did love having your tail when you were younger so I thought he could enjoy having his for a bit until he decides if he wants to keep it or not."

Gohan smiled at the idea it was a good one the little squirt should be able to make that his own choice.

"it's a great idea mom! Have you picked out a name for the squirt?"

"I thought the name of Goten what do you think?"

"Goten Son. I like it mom."

'Gohan certainly looks the part when holding children hmmm he would probably make a really good father one day. Grandchildren!'

Gohan couldn't take his eyes off of Goten. He was just slowly rocking him back n forth. Gohan didn't even notice when the Doctor had come in the room.

"Alright Mrs. Son we're going to be giving you some more of these pain killers then we'll let you rest a bit more and the you can go home."

The doctor started to get busy with the medical procedures that were suppose to be done and Gohan was still holding Goten and rocking him as his mother started to drift off to sleep. Gohan then started to notice the sharp drop of his mother's ki signature and the heart monitor started to beep slower and slower until the loud noise of beeping started to chime in for the call of an emergency. Gohan's eye's widened he was going to loose his mother. The doctor and now a heard of nurses were doing everything they could and when they noticed Gohan they just ushered him out of the room closing the blinds.

~~~~ Week later and at the funeral ~~~~~

It turned out that the medicine the doctor had given her was a type that she was allergic to and the doctor gave her a dosage high enough to take her life.

'She died because of the mal practice by the doctor and so her death was not of natural causes meaning she could be revived by the dragon balls, but she was with Goku and her father now how could I take her away from her being happy. She will most likely want Bulma to take us in but you know I am not one to runaway from what life has thrown at me.'

Gohan had notified the other's of Chichi's death and were holding her funeral today. Piccolo and Dende said they would watch Goten up at the look out while Gohan attended the services, and he'll just come by to get him after. No one else really needed to know about Goten, so the three of them just left it at that.

Gohan landed outside his old home and capsulated all his and Goten's clothes, the remaining food, and all the books placing them all in his pockets.

'Well I guess this is it a new beginning for me and Goten, with the place I've been working on for the two of us this place will just become a museum of sorts I suppose.'

With that thought Gohan took off to were the funeral services were being held.

All the Z fighters were the minus Dende and Piccolo. They all sat in various places while Gohan just sat in the back leaning against the back of his chair with his eyes closed. Barley even listening to what the person was talking about. After a good thirty minuets Gohan just couldn't take it anymore and just stood up and left taking into the sky. Krillin was about to go after him but Vegeta stopped him.

"He needs to be alone for now he'll come to us when he is ready."

To say Krillin was shocked was an understatement. Vegeta never said anything in concern for anyone besides himself. With that said Vegeta just grabbed Bulma and Trunks and headed off to their home. The other's soon followed.

Gohan eventually landed on the lookout to just find Piccolo trying to figure out how to change a diaper. Piccolos just decided out of pure frustration to energy beam the mess and the diaper and just materialize a new diaper on Goten. Gohan couldn't help but laugh at the scene causing Piccolo to be more frustrated and handed Gohan Goten. Gohan then went to place a necklace on Goten then on himself. Piccolo immediately began to notice this giving Gohan a raised eyebrow expression.

"so you decided to go into hiding basically."

"heh not entirely Piccolo. I just don't want to be bothered by everyone in their quest to take care of me and Goten. I especially don't want Vegeta to find out how powerful I get during my training sessions heh. Anyway thanks Piccolo for watching Goten, see you guys later."

A small energy shield started to wrap around Goten and Gohan as Gohan took off from the look out leaving Piccolo behind.

'Well Goten… I want you to know that I will always be here for you. No matter what problems may arise or what choices you make in life. If an evil arises I will protect you and the Earth I won't run away. I won't runaway from the problems that are in front of me Goten like our father. I won't pick your path for you like our mother. I will make sure though that you become strong and intelligent so that you can one day face the world's challenge's. Goten I want you to live a happy carefree life, and I will do all in my power to make sure that you are happy.'

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