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"Here I got some beans from Korin, Gohan, but he only had…" Gohan wasn't listening.

'Why didn't anyone else go out there? Dad should have been able to notice that dark ki sensation… Somebody should have stepped in even if it was a tournament.'

"It's because he doesn't care… It's because he is a true Saiyan warrior and lets all notable warriors have an honorable battle! I could tell form the moment we met that woman that she would have made a fine Saiyan, and it's only expected that your father would notice that."

'You need to stay quiet… and no! My father is a good person and should have stepped in…' Gohan growled in response.

"What you label as a good person is nonexistent in an honorable Saiyan. Besides, how can he be a good person if he left you alone to fend for yourself and your half-pint brother?'

Gohan was about to let out another growl when he felt a wave-like sensation go through him as Goku grasped his shoulders. "Gohan, are you in there?" Goku questioned with a mixture of worry and amusement.

Gohan blinked a few times, looking at the onyx color of the dead man's eyes. "Huh? Oh ya, what were you talking about?" he asked as he started to walk more towards the entrance leading to the ring.

Goku looked at him with a more worried look. "I was just telling you that I got some senzu beans for that girl." Gohan glanced into Goku's hand and shook his head.

"It's alright, I already gave her one." Gohan gave his father a small smile and continued towards the arena with screaming fans in the background.

"Vegeta, does Gohan seem a little different to you?" Vegeta eyed his rival with a narrowed eyebrow.

"Well, Kakarott, I would think that seven years of growing up, plus raising his brother, and then adding the fact that he was forced to provide for both of them with that cursed company of his would make him different from the eleven year old boy who fought Cell. But, besides that, yes, I have noticed a few things amiss, Kakarott." Vegeta ended with a grunt and turned from his rival to focus on the ring.

Goku gave Vegeta a confused look. He wasn't alone in the idea of Gohan's behavior being strange as well as his attitude, and he was sure that if Gohan had any kind of problem he would tell him, right?

Piccolo soon joined them, closely followed by the short, purple man named Shin. "It is time; you do not need to worry about Gohan. I promise you that he will be fine. But no matter what happens, I want you to promise me you will not intervene. Do you understand?"

Krillen eyed the mysterious man. "What? No way!"

Goku eyed him as well. "Why, what do you want with Gohan?"

"He wants to see his power." Piccolo didn't even spare a glance towards them, focusing entirely on the ring.

"I don't know you, little man, but a Saiyan doesn't need help to win his battles, and I also don't agree with you telling me what to do. Just who do you think you are!?" Vegeta's anger was slowly rising along with his voice.

Piccolo finally looked away from the ring to spare the Prince an angered look. "Vegeta show him some respect; that is no way to be talking to the Supreme Kai!"

Krillen's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets while Vegeta lost his posture against the wall.

"Whoa… I've heard stories from King Kai about a Supreme Kai, but I thought they were just stories! Shin, you're the Supreme Kai?" Goku's mouth started to catch flies as Shin just gazed onwards towards the ring.

The crowd kept roaring. "All right! We have Gohan vs. Kibito!" The announcer yelled as more screams were voiced. "Ladies and Gentleman, as it turns out, Gohan is actually the older brother of our already crowned Junior World Champion. Will Goten's older brother be crowned as the champ today as well?" The crowed cheered some more in response, not really listening to the announcer. They were only concerned about the fight. "Are the fighters? Ready? Fight!"

Gohan got into a defensive stance. Sure the guy was much bigger than he was and there was the whole "holier than thou" aura radiating off of him, but Gohan wasn't about to blindly attack him. Kibito just stood there, throwing Gohan off a bit.

"Gohan, I want you to turn into a Super Saiyan." The gruff voice echoed through Gohan's mind. As soon as the words had left the red man's mouth Gohan's eyes went up in shock before they quickly narrowed.

"How do you know what a Saiyan is, let alone a Super Saiyan?" Gohan asked with a serious tone.

"That doesn't matter. Turn into a Super Saiyan at once or I will force you to do so." Kibito sounded irritable.

Gohan didn't like his tone one bit, and his own irritation was on the rise. "Try as hard as you like but I made a promise earlier and I'm going to keep it."

Kibito's eyes narrowed and immediately went on the offensive. Gohan was easily able to dodge all of the attempts, causing Kibito to become and making his technique to become sloppy.

Gohan smirked. "Your ki is one of those holy kis that I sensed earlier; don't be so angry."

Kibito stopped as his eyes bugged as his composure was lost for a moment. "You can sense that?"

"Of course I can. I wasn't exactly sure who you guys were, but I was able to notice a little bit before the tournament started." Gohan stopped, causing angry shouts from the crowd.

"Then, if you can sense that, it should just give you more reason for you to trust me and turn into a Super Saiyan! It's for the sake of a serious mission to save this planet." Gohans' eyes widened at the words.

"Gohan!" The half Saiyan took a glance towards Piccolo, who just nodded a yes.

Gohan turned back to Kibito. "Alright, but then you neeed to tell me whats going on. If you were going to use me I would have preferred to have known about it before hand." Kibito only kept staring down at him, not giving him a reply.

With a small grunt his hair turned golden, and his eyes teal. Kibito only kept gazing at him. "It looks like the first level isn't as glorious as you wanted it, so how about I take it to the next level." Gohan then balled his fists and brought them up near his face, and gathered up more power. Lighting bolts started to dance across his body as a golden aura started to shoot up around him like flames. His hair and clothing danced wildly in the wind created by his energy increase as his tail was lifted lightly from his waist, but it still remained wrapped around him. His tail started to turn into a lighter shade of brown. The aura around him and tiles were being dented through and made small cracks course through them. Some of the already weaker tiles started to be uprooted around him. Gohan finally stopped, just enough to be below the third level, and calmed his flame-like aura until it slowly vanished, but the lighting bolts kept appearing around his body.

Kibito could see the pressure emanating around his body, and how it was affecting the close area around him but no were else. He could hardly feel anything other than the condensed pressure his energy was giving off. Gohan raised an eyebrow, confused by his opponent's lack of response. "Why can I not feel the extent of your energy? Is this really the power of a Super Saiyan? It seems so weak for it to only have made a difference in such a close proximity to your self."

Gohan's eyebrow twitched but brought his attention to the necklace underneath his clothing. "It would be because of this." Gohan took the necklace off and held the chain out towards Kibito, its pendant dangling in the air. "For the past seven years my brother and I have been wearing these. It erases our energy signature to the untrained and it can only be recognized clearly if you know what to look for. Also, if it were to break it lets out a high enough ki source to notify the others." Gohan pulled the chain to bring the pendant up to his grasp and let it roll around his fingers then pause to grasp the whole thing firmly and shatter it, sending a tsunami of energy through out the whole stadium, not just from the pendant but also from the wave of energy that was being detained.

The announcer crashed into the near by wall near the entrance and Kibito was grounded into the floor, barely able to stay on his knees. The crowds were all stuck in there seats, covering their faces to shield themselves from the intense wind. The Z fighters in the waiting room had to cover the faces as well as attempt to hold their ground.

Gohan spoke up again. "I also built this so my brother and I could live in seclusion and away from pity."

Yamu and Spopovich, sensing his power level, then leapt out of nowhere and sped towards Gohan. He was about to defend himself when he found he couldn't move a muscle. Spopovich was able to get him into a full nelson while Yamu stabbed him with a round knife-like device. Gohan yelled the top of his lungs at the immense pain the object caused him and the energy draining effects started to take effect. He kept trying to counter to defend himself, but he found it to be impossible since he could not break whatever spell had been cast on him since he was losing energy so quickly.

"Gohan, stop struggling. They are only after your energy. You will be fine." Kibito's voice rang through Gohan's head as he stopped struggling, but he was still not comforted from the amount of pain he was experiencing.

Goten and Trunks were watching the scene of terror play out. Goten had tears streaming from his eyes. He quickly undressed from the disguise and dashed toward his older brother as fast as he could in order to save him, only to be stopped by the powerful force of Goku's arms. "No! Let me go! Gohan needs my help! He's in pain! Why are you just standing here?" Goten kept pleading and struggling to get free, and he finally resorted to turning into a Super Saiyan, causing his tears to flow upwards before they evaporated in the vast amount of energy. Even with his extreme power up, he was still held back by his father.

"Alright, Spopovich, lets go! We have acquired as much as we can." Yamu yelled as he removed the stabbing device from Gohan's abdomen and took off into the sky.

"Right" Spopovich replied as he dropped the now raven-haired Gohan and took off into the same direction as his accomplice.

Gohan weakly fell to the ground, his hair and eyes fully reverted back to their natural onyx shade. Kibito then walked up to Gohan kneeled and started healing the injured Saiyan. Goku finally released his grip on Goten, who sped across the stage in order to be next to his brother.

Goku then turned to Shin, expecting some kind of explanation. "Thank you for you cooperation. I must now go and find out where they are taking Gohan's energy," Shin stated stoically.

"What, you're leaving?" Goku yelled angrily.

"I could use your help. I can understand why you would need to stay here, but I must go." Immediately Shin took off in pursuit of the two muscle-bound cronies.

Goku nodded to the rest as Krillen and Piccolo took off as well. It took a little bickering on Vegeta's part but he joined as well. Goku quickly flew over to his son before he left though. "Kibito, is Gohan going to be okay?"

"He will be fine. He will probably wish to join you as soon as we are through here." Goku nodded and took off with out another word.

"Hehehe. Look at that...he hardly spoke a word to you even after he prevented your brother from being at your side. Hehehehe"

Gohan moaned a bit as started to come back to reality and his body returned to normal. As he started to stand up he was immediately taken down again by something very small and very fast.

"Gohan! Gohan! Those big scary guys were hurting you and Dad wouldn't do anything. Neither did any of the others so I tried to, but Dad stopped me." Goten started to cry into Gohan's shirt as he thought about his brother being hurt by the two mean men.

Kibito interrupted the tender moment a bit harshly for the eldest half-Saiyan's liking. "Gohan, you need to hurry." As soon as he finished his sentence he took off to catch up with the others.

Gohan just nodded back and turned to Goten. "Goten, I need you to listen to me." Goten looked up at his brother, ready to do whatever he said when he heard the seriousness in his voice. "I want you and Trunks to have fun here at the tournament, but I need you both to be absolutely serious when protecting mom and everyone here. Is that understood?"

Goten nodded in confirmation. "But…wait, Gohan how will you know if we're in danger?"

Gohan just smiled knowingly at him and tousled his hair lovingly. "If you're in any danger I want you to destroy that necklace, alright?" Gohan got up and gave Goten one last hug, then brought up two fingers to his forehead and disappeared to Kibito.

Gohan quickly grabbed hold of Kibito and reappeared beside the others, startling Goku and everyone else. "Whoa, Gohan! When did you learn instant transmission?" Goku asked excitedly.

"Well, after watching you do it so many times it was only a matter of time before I could figure it out." Gohan gave a small chuckle. "Studying was another thing I was good at besides fighting." Another wave of dread washed over him again, and Gohan immediately put up the best fake smile he could concoct. Shin spared a look toward Gohan, but quickly looked back ahead of him once more as he continued the story of Majin Buu.

'Damn, I wish Vegeta would stop toying with this guy so we can get to Dabura quicker,' Gohan thought to himself as he watched Pui Pui attempt to hit the chuckling Saiyan Prince.

"Haha, is some one getting jealous over our prince?" Gohan started to hear the sound of water droplets coming seemingly from nowhere, but he did not look around for the source. The young Saiyan warrior stood stoically and watched the fight with a blank expression.

'I wouldn't call it jealousy; I just want to free my friends from the stone prison they are in,' he quickly justified to his voice. 'Vegeta is always irritating like this anyway. He should just finish off his opponent quickly since this is such a serious matter.'

"Yes, but you're more impatient to fight than anything else. The prince is enjoying his meal and you have yet to feast." Cackling soon followed in an echo, the voice completely disappearing within a few seconds.

Gohan watched seemingly uncaringly as an enraged and bruised Pui Pui made a mad charge at the Saiyan Prince. His anger, getting the better of him, resulted in a devastating move from Vegeta. The cocky Saiyan easily stopped him mid-charge by placing his hands on the alien's chest and charged up a large ki blast. Pui Pui, unable to get over his shock in time, was destroyed by his opponent's lethal attack.

The smoke cleared soon after, leaving no trace of Pui Pui anywhere. Vegeta scoffed in annoyance at how easily his opponent was defeated and walked back over to the group of warriors before their surroundings changed once more to the ship. They were free to advance to the next level.

"Would you look at that? It seems dear old dad trained well the past seven years." It was pitch dark as Goku turned to a Super Saiyan to act as a flash light, and was releasing more only to feed to energy eating monster. Gohan raised his eyebrow slightly in interest as he watched his father fed more energy to the monster. "I wouldn't be surprised if he has reached the third level. And look it seems our deer Prince has also noticed." Soft laughter echoed again in his mind. The half-Saiyan stopped himself before he rolled his eyes at the voice so as to not draw attention to himself.

Gohan just grunted back at his other self quietly as the monster exploded, sending his innards throughout dark cavern. 'Hey, it looks as though your father's fight is over. Let me out. I want to fight the next one. It's been so long since I've had the reigns." Gohan immediately shut the voice off before mentally checking on that door and exiting from his mind and back into the current situation.

'This is no good,' Gohan though to himself as the room around him changed from the dark cavern back into the ship they had previously occupied. 'He is back and he is stronger than ever. I can't allow him to take over again. I will fight Dabura, and I will fight him on my own. It's getting harder to close him off though. I need to figure this out whenever this whole Majin Buu mess is over with.'

"What's taking those goons so long? I have a tournament to get back to so I can prove I'm better than Kakarott and his brat!" Gohan held back a chuckle and spared his father a glance, who was currently chatting away with the Supreme Kai.

The small green imp Babidi was waiting patiently for Dabura to finish preparing for his upcoming fight, but something brought his attention to one of the fighters. Babidi immediately followed the sensation to the teenager, and then dove deeper into his mind, only to find himself standing in a shallow pool of water with a dungeon type setting. As damp as the surrounding area was he was still, surprisingly, very dry. A small cackling could be heard echoing down the corridor so Babidi decided to follow the sound. He could hear a faint conversation but he couldn't quite make it out.

At once a huge surge of killing intent and power rushed through the dungeon, causing him to fly across the dungeon and out of the damp realm. Babidi shakily lifted himself off the floor of his chamber, "Dabura! Stop what you're doing and get back here! I have a better plan!"

The red shaded demon King Dabura was quickly at his master's side. "What is it, master Babidi?"

"Dabura, take a look at this." Babidi's crystal ball formed a picture of Gohan, standing and waiting impatiently for Dabura to walk out of the chamber door. Then the picture morphed into the dungeon-like space leading up to a sealed, heavy dungeon door. "Can you sense the power, the darkness just emanating from that door?! That boy may be pure of heart but whatever is beyond this locked door is not. Just think, if we were able to turn him into a Majin we could send him off to kill his own friends and the Supreme Kai, leaving the rest for us and Majin Buu to take care of. Oh, what a wonderful story that would be! To be betrayed by your own friends!" Babidi was grinning from ear to ear in excitement and laughing at the thought of having Gohan as an ally.

Dabura liked the power but knew there had to be a reason that door was sealed. "Master Babidi, there is a reason why the boy would have that entity locked up. Perhaps it was too powerful for even him to control. You are skilled, master, but is it still a wise risk to take? Why not turn the shorter one into a Majin instead? He is strong and will be easier to control."

"Nonsense, Dabura! My abilities are more than enough for the brat, and the shorter one isn't as strong as the boy." Babidi just waved him off and began to unlock the door. His excitement built with every second that passed, causing him to feel a giddiness he hadn't felt since turning Dabura into a Majin.

'So he's been in this world for more than three hours and all he has had interest in was the fun times hes had in the other world… It's probably for the best though…Wouldn't want to remind my self of why he is there…wouldn't also want him to have any regrets…'

Gohan then started to feel a very familiar sensation of pain in the back of his head. He immediately retracted in to his minds eye and saw the door he had locked start to open. His energy level started to rise gaining the others' attention. "No! Don't open that door!" Gohan shouted as his hair started to flicker between gold and onyx.

"Hahaha! I'm afraid it's a little too late boy!" Babidis' voice rang through out the room.

The suffering half-Saiyan thrashed around in pain and grabbed his head in a futile attempt to throw the small wizard out of its inner confines. His yell of pain grew as red bolts of electricity shot around him, scorching the ground any time they made contact with it. He could feel Babidi inside his mind, unlocking the door that he had hoped would remain locked for the rest of his life. He continued powering up in a vain attempt the force the small alien out of his head, hoping to save his friends from the terrible force inside the locked chamber.

Shins eyes went wide as he realized what was happening. "You must fight it, Gohan! Re-lock that door! You are strong, Gohan! You must not give up! FIGHT HIM!" The Supreme Kai tried to get closer to Gohan, but the incredible winds inside the room and the red lightning bolts would not allow him to do so. He could not help him. This was a fight that Gohan would have to battle out on his own.

Gohan kept on powering up and screaming "Haha! It's no use, Gohan! I told you I would be back at any chance I got! You can't kep me locked up forever!" a different voice had come from Gohan's mouth. It sounded cruel, almost demonic. His mad cackling alone was enough to send chills down even the bravest man's spine. The door had been opened.

"No!" Gohan grunted back between a yell.

"Damnit, Brat! You didn't subdue your oozaru properly!" Vegeta spat while trying to stay upright. The force of the winds generated around them was incredible. It took everything Vegeta had to remain upright in his base form, surprising him at the boy's strength. Their surprise grew as Gohan's hair burst from its onyx color to a bright Gold. Blue lightening bolts in his aura mixed with the red, giving him an ominous look. He had ascended straight from his base from into Super Saiyan Two.

Gohan's hair, much to the bewilderment of the gang, started to grow. The others had to cover their faces from the intense energy emanating off the half-Saiyan. His aura expanded outwards and both the blue and the red bolts of lightening shot from it at a greater intensity. Everything was quickly spiraling out of control. They were losing him, but they could do nothing about it.

"Come on Gohan fight it! Dig deep down!" Goku shouted, nearly losing his footing in the process.

"Shut up, Kakarott! Your incessant babbling is where the problem is coming from!"

"Gohan! You can do it!" Shin yelled back.

Gohan's teal eyes began to alter from teal to gold as his hair began to taking on a white golden hue. His muscles bulged and began to shake intensely as energy began radiating off of him at a dangerous level. The others could only watch and hope that Gohan could somehow win this battle.

"Ah! Gohan it's been so long! You should have let me out sooner!" the sinister voice yelled out of Gohan's body.

"Gohan," Goku whispered sadly as he reached a hand out toward his son. The voice sounded so foreign, so harsh, and too evil to be coming out of his son's mouth. Goku couldn't help but feel dread and anguish build up inside of him as he watched the pain swirl in his son's eyes.

"No! Get back in there!" his voice alternating once again. The sclera of Gohan's eyes started to web and spread into blackness around his golden irises. He began to look more like a demon, the appearance fitting to the evil force attempting to take control of him.

"Come on, you stupid half breed!" Vegeta yelled angrily, not attempting to take any steps toward the struggling boy.

In one more wave of energy the storm surrounding them started to die down, causing the group of warriors to fall to their knees in surprise. Goku, Vegeta, and Shin slowly stumbled back to their feet and looked up only to see a dust cloud reaching up to the roof. A slow, maniacal laughter could be heard from the dust. All three suddenly became very worried.

The dust started to clear as the sound of laughing increased. There stood a being with long, golden-white spiky hair reaching down to a dark golden-white tail. The maniacal laughter increased even more in volume. "Yes! It's been so long, the last time being against Cell!"

The figure turned around to gaze back at the others, his eyes a dark gold color with a look of an animal ingrained into them. The whites of his eyes were now black. A flaming M tried to form across his head, but was failing to make its full mark.

A smirk appeared on the feral-like face. "Go…Gohan?" Goku finally muttered.

The figure fixed his gaze upon Goku and smirked menacingly, showing its enlarged fangs. "Now, let the fun begin."

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