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Summary: Remy and Rogue have never met but they've both been captured by Trask and have been in Area 51 for about a year. They have cells next to each other and start to have conversations to keep their sanity intact. How will their relationship develop and will they ever escape? If you haven't guessed by now this is a ROMY fic.

~The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body~

~Publilius Syrus – 1st Century BC Roman author~

The bright light seared his retinas, after all the testing they had done on his eyes the scientists had realised his preference for the dark, shadowy places that protected his sensitive eyes so they had insisted that to keep him even more incapacitated while in his cell that the lights should be the brightest they could find and Merde did it hurt! But still over the constant screaming stream of curses that always when through his mind while stuck in the hell that was Area 51 he heard a female voice cry out in pain through the wall he was slumped against.

"'Ello? Is there someone dere?" his scratchy voice called through the wall, to be able to talk to someone, to not be alone in his torment would make it slightly more bearable, and something in that voice, an innocence that he couldn't explain called out to him and he wanted to help her, to stop her from hurting the way he hurt. The physical and emotional scorching pain combined with crippling exhaustion we're enough to kill you, but of course, Trask wouldn't allow that. If they died, although they were meaningless filth, it would cost more time and money to capture more of them and Trask was a member of the government so he definitely didn't want unnecessary costs that could have been avoided by treating the ungodly creations with just enough humanity to survive from one day to the next, well just about, they didn't have to be fully conscious all the time. Remy LeBeau the caged Prince of T'ieves called out again willing the girl to answer to at least be healthy enough to do that, look how desperate he became with just a suggestion of contact, of life other than pain and misery.

"Wha? Who sa?" A slightly drugged and pain laded southern voice answered through the wall. Remy let out the breath he had been hold in, why he had no idea he had never talked to this femme before, had no idea that she even existed but now his very survival seamed to hang on the fact that she had answered, she was alive, and had a very sexy voice…WHAT! How could he think that at a time like this? Sometimes he thought his lifestyle was too ingrain and just flared up at the most inopportune moments just to torture him even more than Trask and his evil mad scientist lackeys.

"You OK in dere chere?" He questioned.

"Well le'see for the past year Ah've been drugged, beaten, experimented on, leered at and poked and prodded in every which way imaginable, how'd ya think Ah'm feelin'?" replied the voice, she had sass even in this godforsaken situation she still had strength and he felt heartened by that is she could survive it all and still be able to joke like that then so could he! He was not going to die broken and begging, he was going to go honourably and every inch the royalty that he was. God talking to this girl was good for him they'd only said about five sentences to each other but he felt almost normal while trying to think of and appropriately witty answer to her sarcastic question. He chuckled albeit painful it was good to feel something other than pain.

"Sorry chere, just a little overwhelmed that I can talk to someone other dan de psycho doctor boys"

"Ah know what ya mean, sorry, just, not as trustin' as ah was yunno?" Her voice was quickly becoming clearer and loosing the drowsy quality induced by the drugs

"I know, how bout we introduce ourselves, Remy LeBeau at your service Mademoiselle" His eyes were still clamped shut and he realised that he was talking through a wall but he still had the urge to tip his imaginary hat to the girl that was going to be his was of saving his sanity from the sadistic scientists that wanted to destroy him.

"Rogue" He could hear the smile in her voice and a ghost of his old smirk touched his own lips

"Jus' Rogue?"

"Yeah, Jus' Rogue"

"Well, Jus' Rogue it's a pleasure to talk to you, I woulda gone crazy soon, I'm sure" And they both realised that they were using each other for the survival of their sanity and they both accepted it, an unspoken agreement to help each other last for as long as they could

She chuckled and replied "Ah think ya already are hun"


Merde – Shit

Femme – girl

Chere – Dear one

Mademoiselle – Miss