And suddenly the colour was dropping out of the world.

Billy lost feeling in his legs and dropped in slow motion onto his bed.

This was it. The end of the world.

He read the words again, praying there was a mistake. But, no.

A text.

From Teddy.

Three words: I'm dumping you.

Billy just stared. No.


No. No. No. No. No.

It wasn't fair.

His eyes turned deep blue and he leapt off his bed. What. No back up text? No reason why? No damned explanation? Lightning crackled off his skin.

Four years. Four years with that self-absorbed, arrogant, little prick. Random objects in his room started bursting into flames.

He'd come out to his parents for that twerp! He'd sacrificed seventeen years worth of secrecy.

Outside, the sky turned from blue to deep red.

Oh, he was going to pay. How he'd bloody suffer. The glared at the door, which ripped itself off its hinges and flung itself to the far end of the room. Billy started to float a few inches off the ground, he threw his arms up and-

His phone beeped.

He didn't even need his hands to flip it open this time- magic was doing everything for him.

A text.

From Teddy.

Three words: that was Tommy.

The speedster couldn't move for a week.

I was trying out this new trend of listening to a song and then scribing a fic based on the music. The song was 'lonely ownio' by Invocal: go to ., please: they really deserve to be better known.