"Forever Entwined"

'By: Emo Fox and Kareian'

It had been six months since the death of Orochimaru.

Six months and Sasuke had been training with Kakashi to stabilize his mind; gain control over his sharingan.

Ibiki was helping him keep his mind in check, keeping it from becoming un-glued and Sasuke seemed to be gaining control of himself quite well.

The Council had been duped by Orochimaru, they had apologized for being stricken under the man's control, and Naruto had been rather forgiving.

The Council had deemed Sasuke sane and allowed him to become a member of society once again; and once joining the ranks of the ninja elite the Uchiha had made his way easily to being Anbu Captain.

Life was going quite well.

Even better now that Sasuke's long scouting mission was finally over. The Uchiha had dismissed his team, climbing up the tower instead of using the stairway. He perched himself on the edge of the balcony, jumping down upon the floor of it as he silently made his way through the window.

His dark eyes glinted as they regarded the ninja in the room -- Naruto was sitting at his desk, shoulders tensed, saying something or other to the men in front of him.

Sasuke was like a cat stalking his prey.

His chakra was masked, his feet silent on the tiles, and he knew that the ninja wouldn't give him away.

Smirking the Uchiha came up behind his fox, mask skewed on his head as his dark obsidian eyes looked down to the blonde's spiky head. Casually the man lifted his hand, deft fingers ghosting along the back of Naruto's neck in a deliberate movement.

I'm back...

Naruto almost jumped at the feel of cool, calloused fingers on his neck.

He paused in his talking and refrained from turning.


The last sixth months had felt like an eternity to the fox.

He had attended trial after trial with the council about Sasuke, and dealing with the aftermath of Orochimaru sneaking into the village and assuming a position in the high Council.

It had become apparent almost a month after Sasuke's wound had healed that the man needed to do something. Had to be active, and refused to sit still.

That was when Naruto had approached the council about letting Sasuke back into the ranks, which was how they came to the conclusion of Ibiki and Kakashi training Sasuke.

After that, Sasuke had seemed more at ease with Konoha and joining the Anbu ranks.

It hadn't been long before Sasuke had reached the top rank in the Anbu, the Anbu Captain.

Naruto's personal guard.

He smiled gently to himself as he gazed out at the Anbu that were in front of him. "You guys just finish your reports and submit them to Shikamaru tomorrow."

As the men left the room -- the door shutting silently behind them the Uchiha lazily wrapped his arms around the blonde's shoulders.

Sasuke's nose ran up the arch of the blonde's neck, lips whispering against the skin as he moved to nip at his earlobe. "Miss me?" He purred against the shell of the blonde's ear.

Naruto purred and arched his neck at the feel of those lips. His eyes fluttered closed at the strong feel of the corded arms wrapping around him. "Of course not." Naruto teased slightly. "Now I can't have my secret affair."

"Affair?" Sasuke bit along the arch of the blonde's neck, his eyes slipping shut as he dragged his firm teeth down the corded skin. "You can't cheat on me..." Sasuke continued to talk in that same silky tone; his dark eyes flashing as they flicked to Naruto's profile, "I own you." He said, biting where shoulder met neck for emphasis; a feral smirk on his lips.

It was good to be back…

Naruto moaned out at the feel of those sharp teeth against his skin. "Mnn..." He leaned back against his lover's upper chest, the chair blocking the rest of his body. "I guess I'll call them and let them know."

Sasuke's hands slipped through the robes, under the shirt and finding skin as his possessive fingers touched everything they could on the way down to the waistband of Naruto's pants. "Tell me their name." Sasuke growled against the blonde's neck before he trailed kisses up to his ear, "I'll tell them for you." The Uchiha murmured with a more sinister meaning.

Naruto lightly arched his hips as the hand slowly crept down to his pants. He let out something that was a combination between a hiss and a moan. He held up his right hand so Sasuke could see it, "Righty." Naruto answered in a strangled voice, as he let his hand drop down to the arm rest. "And lefty." He answered as he lifted his left hand so Sasuke could see it.

Sasuke's laugh was a mixture of a purr and a chuckle as he gazed at the blonde's flushed expression. In a rush of movement the Uchiha was parted from the blonde -- spinning the chair around and slamming it back against the desk.

He knelt on the ground before the Hokage-sama, his dark eyes cat-like as they regarded the startled blue orbs. Sasuke's hands found the buckle of Naruto's pants, slowly pulling the belt away -- moving to the buttons a predatory smirk on his lips.

Sasuke wiggled the fabric down just enough, pulling the blonde's already hard shaft, eyeing him a moment before he let his eyes slip shut -- his mouth moving to engulf the blonde's quivering need.

Naruto's hands tightened on the arm rests, his head tilting back, a deep moan escaping him. His eyes fluttered open and he stared down at his lover, his mouth engulfed around his length. His legs spread further apart, giving Sasuke more room to settle between his legs. "Gods...Sasu…" He breathed out, his hands leaving the chair, and moving to thread themselves through the dark hair.

Sasuke's hands rested on the blonde's hips, thumbs brushing over the hip bones as he continued to suck at the heated organ. Sasuke's dark eyes open; a lust buried in them as he gazed up at his flushed blonde. He moaned running his tongue along the underside of Naruto's need before he sucked playfully at the tip.

Naruto bit his lips, and drew in a shuttering breath. He tried not to wiggle or thrust up into his lover, but it felt too good. The moan seemed to travel from Sasuke and into Naruto, making his aching need harder. "Mnn." Naruto tightened his fingers in the dark hair, trying to encourage him to move, to suck, to do something more.

Sasuke chuckled low in the back of his throat, giving Naruto's length one deliberate lick before he parted from the throbbing member.

Naruto's hands were fisted in his hair, Naruto's moans enticing him; as was seeing his lover so hot and bothered panting for him.

He looked so good…

Sasuke's hand moved to grab at Naruto's shaft, just holding it; knowing he was driving the blonde mad. "So responsive." He purred; though he knew entirely why, they hadn't been able to do much of anything to each other in the past months due to the constant trials -- or due to Sasuke's 24/7 training.

Sasuke positioned himself closer to the blonde, his lips nearly touching the tip of him, "What do you want Hokage-sama?" Sasuke asked in that silken purr.

Naruto groaned at the feel of Sasuke fisting him, his body flushed from the constant contact.

God, he needed so much more...

Naruto tried to lean up to those lips, but Sasuke just pulled back from him. "Take me." He breathed out, his eyes opening finding the dark lust filled orbs, "Fuck me."

Sasuke smirked down to the blonde, trying to curb his own need and not just rip the clothes off Naruto's back and slam him over his desk.


Sasuke needed to stay in control.

Sasuke lifted his free hand; tugging off the Hokage robes and letting them fall to the ground; the hand holding Naruto moving up and down at a slow pace as he worked on stripping him.

He tugged the blonde's shirt off his back -- with help from the eager man; which made Sasuke's want for him grow that much more. Sasuke let the blonde's shaft go as he all but ripped the pants and underwear off the blonde, leaving him naked in his chair.


Naruto looked so beautiful.

His skin flawless, his eyes begging, his lips parted and that lovely flushed darkening his tanned skin. With grace the Uchiha undressed himself, letting the mask, armor, the clothing fall from him in a silent whisper to the floor.

Sasuke was teasing Naruto.

Naruto smirked as Sasuke slowly stripped in front of him. He refrained from reaching out, and running his hands across the pale skin from fingering the pink scar still fading on his hip.

Sasuke didn't make contact with him; letting Naruto look at his naked body before he went right back up to the fox. His hands were on the sides of the chair, his face inches from Naruto's own, his dark eyes dancing with a pure feral lust. "Turn around." Sasuke breathed, close enough to kiss but he didn't allow the blonde to meet his lips.

"In the chair?" The fox teased slightly, as he shifted in the chair, one arm stretching above his head the other running down his body. "Switch places?" Naruto moved his leg so his calm rubbed against Sasuke's thigh. "You sit in the chair, me on top?" He breathed out as his own hand reached out to Sasuke's length, lightly stroking it.


Sasuke tried not to focus on the fingers gently ghosting along his length.

He wanted to say something, wanted to snap at Naruto for trying to tell him what they should do, but at the moment the Uchiha didn't care.

He just wanted to be in Naruto; right now he didn't care how that got done.

Sasuke wordlessly lifted Naruto's larger frame in his arms, feeling the kiss of skin against his own and it caused him to groan in want. He sat down in the chair, shifting Naruto's weight so the blonde could easily straddle him. His hands were on Naruto's hips, positioning him for his ass was just over his aching need. Sasuke's hands gently kneaded the flesh of his hips, his lips and teeth finding home across Naruto's taut chest.

Naruto moaned, letting his head fall back as Sasuke's lips and teeth nipped along his chest. The hands along his hips encouraged him to move, to sit on his lover's length.

The feel of their warm skin finally meeting and the hot lips was almost overwhelming. Sasuke had been gone for almost three weeks on the scouting mission, going all the way up into the rock county. Shifting his legs he slowly started to take his lover into himself. He groaned loudly at the feel of the hard heat moving up into him, pushing passed that ring of muscle. "Sasuuu.."

"Ah..." Sasuke's head tipped back on the chair, his dark eyes half-lidded as he gazed up at the ceiling as Naruto started coming down on his member. "Gods…" Sasuke purred as Naruto took all of him inside that tight warmth, his hands nearly bruising on the blonde's hips as he started to rock the fox. The movement caused another groan to vibrate in Sasuke's throat -- he had missed this.

Naruto's pink tongue slipped out between his lips, moistening his dry lips. His arm looped around Sasuke's neck, his fingers gripping the skin on his pale back. He felt Sasuke start to roll his hips, and the fox complied, moaning as he felt the organ move further and deeper into him. His other hand came up to cup Sasuke's neck, his fingers feeling the quick pulse in his neck.

Sasuke tilted his head as he felt the blonde's fingers over his neck, his heated black eyes focused on his lover as the kitsune moved with his rocking hips. "Mm." Sasuke moaned as he felt Naruto all around him -- rocking his hips a little faster, forcing the Hokage-sama to nearly bounce in his lap as he tried to create a rougher friction.

Naruto breathed heavily as he attempted to shift his legs, his thigh muscles starting to burn ever so slightly at having to support his own weight. The fox bounced up and down against Sasuke's length, his own erection rubbing between their bodies. "Gods...Sasu..." Naruto panted.

Sasuke let his body be taken by the intense feeling; he hadn't felt Naruto in weeks and it had been driving him crazy.

He craved this…

Sasuke's lips and teeth found home across Naruto's collar and shoulder, biting up his neck as he groaned against his flesh.

He needed more.

"Naruto." Sasuke nearly growled, forcing the blonde to bounce faster, ramming him as he forced the fox to grind back against him.

It felt so good...

He was getting so close…

The ache in Naruto's legs left him as he moved faster, up and down on Sasuke's length. He moaned deeply, his fingers moving to the back of Sasuke's neck, keeping the man's mouth against his upper body. The hot friction between their bodies trapped his erection, making the organ harder and tighter.

He almost whimpered at the feel.

Naruto needed the release, he needed to feel it.


Sasuke panted, the sweat beaded on his alabaster skin, his cheeks flushed as he tried to keep up the rigorous pace. Sasuke moaned and growled into Naruto's neck, nipping angry purple marks as he felt his muscles start to tighten. His hands on Naruto's hips became firmer, forcing the blonde down in one swift movement as Sasuke felt his orgasm rip through his body. He yelled Naruto's name feeling his hot seed explode deep inside of his lover as he forced Naruto still as his length spasmed.

The last thrust penetrated the fox deeply, nudging that bundle of nerves that sent a burst of pleasure up his spine making him see spots. He could feel the hot cum smearing his insides, and his muscles clenched around Sasuke's length, as his own orgasm hit. He tried to moved into Sasuke, as the pearly white liquid coated his and Sasuke's stomachs and chests. He moaned out Sasuke's name, as his head fell forward to Sasuke's shoulder, his muscles going lax, his arms holding Sasuke close to him.

Sasuke tried to catch his breath, holding the blonde close as he listened to his fluttering heart in his ears.


Sasuke had a lazy smirk on his lips as he tilted his head, kissing the blonde's sweaty temple as his hands lazily trailed along the kitsune's spine. "I missed you." Sasuke purred easily, his dark black eyes half-lidded as he regarded his lover.

Naruto was still trying to catch his own breath as he heard Sasuke's low words. He moaned gently at the feel of those strong fingers moving up and down his back. "…missed you too." He breathed out, his lips pressing against the pale neck in front of him. He didn't move in Sasuke's lap, feared that if he did, he slip backwards off of his lover and onto the floor.

Sasuke sat there a long moment before his legs started to feel numb from Naruto's dead weight. The Uchiha mustered up his strength, picking up the blonde in a quick fashion, holding him bridal style before he plopped him back down on the wooden seat -- smirking to the look of alarm the fox had as his sore bottom hit the chair. Lazily the Uchiha gathered pieces of their clothing, frowning a bit to himself as he looked around for something to clean the mess off themselves.

Naruto shifted uncomfortably on the chair, his hands holding the edges, trying to alleviate the pain. He watched as Sasuke picked up their clothes and he leaned to the side to open a drawer where the tissues were. "I think the tower heard you." He teased gently, his eyes somewhat playful, but more sated than anything.

"Heard me?" Sasuke smirked slightly, tossing the used tissues in the trash and handing some clean ones to his lover. Sasuke had tugged on his pants, but hadn't bothered with anything else. His weaponry and armor were laid on Naruto's desk.

The Uchiha had draped Naruto's clothes over the back of the chair, his dark eyes looking down to his sated fox. "I think you drowned me out." Sasuke murmured before he placed a simple kiss on the kit's temple.

Naruto chuckled lightly as he reached for the tissues on his stomach, "I can't help it." He reached up to his lover, slipping his hand through the dark bangs, brushing them back before he pulled Sasuke over his chair just a bit more so his lips could meet Sasuke's. "I love you."

Sasuke's hand lifted the blonde's chin, keeping him there a moment as he pressed their lips together a bit more firmly before he parted. "I love you too." He said easily, slipping away from the fox, one hand lazily in his pocket the other running through his matted hair.

"Now get dressed, I want to go home." Sasuke said in an edged voice though a playful glint was in his black eyes.

Naruto smirked and looked back down to his cum smeared stomach, and wiped the mess away. Tossing the soiled tissues away and reached up and behind him to the top of his chair for his clothes. Dragging his khaki colored pants down, the fox somehow managed to wiggle his way into them without getting out of the chair. He easily fastened them before he finally pushed himself up and out of the chair. He grabbed his orange Hokage robe and easily slipped it on over his bare chest. "Alright, we're going home."

Sasuke and Naruto walked out of the tower, down the steps, Sasuke enjoying the blushing faces of the ninja they passed as they bowed their heads in respect to the Hokage-sama and Anbu captain.

Both were shirtless; though Naruto had his robes, but anyone who hadn't heard, definitely knew what had happened in the sacred tower.

The Uchiha had Naruto's hand in his, the blonde close to his side in usual possessive manner as they made their way down to the main street of Konoha intent on going home.

Naruto was long used to the stares so they didn't bother him. Their laced fingers were a gentle reminder that he belonged to Sasuke. The small smile that had made its way to the fox's face after their love making had yet to disappear.

As they walked back to their home, Naruto's house, the fox moved closer to Sasuke, wrapping his arms around the man's middle, his lips pressing to the junction of Sasuke's jaw and neck. "Our bed missed you."

Sasuke allowed himself to be pulled into the blonde as they made their way up the porch steps and into the home. They lazily walked down the hall to their room, Sasuke climbing up on the bed and laying out on his spine. He let out a long sigh to the feel of their comfortable mattress under his spine.

...he had been sleeping on the ground over the past weeks; he had missed the soft bed and the cold sheets.

Sasuke closed his eyes, content as he laid there, feeling Naruto's weight on the bed. "...that mission was too long." The Uchiha grumbled after a moment, "Nothing to do."

He hated scouting trips.

Sasuke was always one for more direct action; but those missions were hard to come by since the state of the world seemed to be one more of peace now.

Naruto chuckled slightly as he moved on to the bed, once more straddling Sasuke's waist. "I know." He purred out, his hands slowly moving up Sasuke's body, trying to easy the muscles. "You know I'd let you have a better mission if there was one." He leaned down and gently pressed his lips against Sasuke's.

Sasuke's hands moved up to Naruto's hips, ghosting over them and along his sides as he gazed up at his lover. He moaned softly in the back of his throat at the hands running up his own body -- at the soft lips against his own. "I know." Sasuke knew the blonde didn't keep things from him; Sasuke was the top Anbu, his squad was the first on any high rank mission.

There just…wasn't any action at this point in time, it was boring.

Naruto smiled almost sadly, he knew Sasuke needed some action, he needed something to do. "Awh." Naruto teased gently, his hands running back down Sasuke's body before they shifted at his hips and started up his sides. "My baby's restless." He chuckled, his lips moving down to Sasuke's neck, trying to further relax him.

Sasuke smirked slightly to Naruto's silly nickname, his head tilting back as Naruto ran his lips across the arch of it. His muscles were slack, his body relaxed under the blonde's tender ministrations; it was clear the Uchiha was enjoying this. "A little." Sasuke admitted, his dark eyes turning to regard his kitsune in a lethargic manner.

Naruto moved his arms so he could hold his weight, looping them under Sasuke's shoulders resting them on the bed. Pulling his lips away from the sensitive neck, he smiled gently down to the soft look only reserved for him.

"I'm sorry." He apologized; It was his fault, he'd been able to establish peace between Konoha and other ninja villages, and with Orochimaru dead...

Well there really wasn't many threats out there.

"You'd know I'd cause trouble for you if I could."

"I could cause trouble." Sasuke murmured, though Naruto knew about his past all too well. Sasuke's arms were looped around the blonde, keeping his weight against him as his eyes slid shut. He inhaled the blonde's scent absently, his lips brushing over his high cheekbone.

Naruto smiled gently and let his eyes close as well. "You cause enough trouble here." He shifted his legs slightly on top of Sasuke, moving to lay out on top of the man, his legs tangling with Sasuke's. "You could always work out in the garden, or you could fix the dining table we broke before you left." He couldn't help but smirk at the memory.

"House work." Sasuke groaned, shifting under the blonde's weight, letting himself sprawl out a little more comfortably as Naruto's legs tangled with his. "I'd rather be scouting." The Uchiha said in a serious tone.

Naruto chuckled again at the words, he knew Sasuke was serious. "I'm just saying." he joked, the laugh still in his voice. "We do need a new table."

"Mm." Sasuke murmured, smirking a little as his fingers ran through the blonde's hair. "We can go out and get one." Sasuke didn't feel like fixing it, it was old anyway, a reason why it broke in the first place.

Naruto nodded against Sasuke's shoulder, "Maybe if you hadn't thrown me on it." He joked, although he knew he had instigated it, by murmuring heated words into the Uchiha's ear. "But that was the last room we needed to have sex in." He added as an after thought.

Sasuke smirked to the memory, "Mhm." The Uchiha agreed easily, his nails running along the blonde's scalp. "We'll get a stronger table this time." Sasuke said in a purring tone; easily hinting at where his mind was at the moment.

"Solid wood." He smirked adding on to Sasuke's wandering mind. "Maybe we could add on to the house, make a fun room." Naruto added, picking his head up to gaze at the Uchiha his eyes playful.

Fun room..?

Sasuke's mind was definitely planted firmly in the gutter as his lusty black eyes opened to gaze at Naruto's playful blue orbs. "We should do that." Sasuke murmured in his usual silken tone.

Naruto smirked down at his lover, "There, you have a project." He leaned down and caught the pale lips in a chaste kiss.

Sasuke sucked at Naruto's lower lip before the blonde pulled away, twisting their bodies so Naruto was laying beneath him -- the Uchiha sprawled on top. Sasuke's chin rested on the blonde's collar, his bright black eyes gazing up to the kitsune as he relaxed over him.

"A mission?" Sasuke joked; not minding that work, it would give him something to do while Naruto was at the tower -- and the end result of the room itself would be well worth waiting for.

"S-Ranked." Naruto answered back, moving his arms to rest above his head. "I don't think Konoha's had this important of a mission before." He shifted their legs slightly, getting more comfortable. "It all rests on you."

Sasuke kept his arrogant smirk, his head lifting so his lips planted on Naruto's throat. "Build a room." Sasuke murmured against the skin, kissing down the arch of his neck. "Fuck the Hokage-sama senseless in it." Sasuke's hands moved up along the blonde's sides as his teeth grazed over his collar. "I accept."

Naruto chuckled and moved with the wandering hands, his eyes fluttering shut as he arched his neck, "Good."

Sasuke lazily placed a few more wet kisses on the blonde's throat before he eased himself back down again. His ear was planted on Naruto's stout chest -- listening to the strong heartbeat within. His dark eyes closed as he lay across the man. "I'll start tomorrow." He murmured in a low tone, settling his body down.

Naruto moved his arms down Sasuke's body, resting on his pale back. "Sounds good." He murmured, his fingers lightly running across his shoulder blades.



I know the people that have been complaining said they won't read a sequel but I don't care, I'm going to respond to what they said.

First off, the whole fact that Naruto doesn't go Kyuubi on the tower was explained with Iruka. What would be the point?

Sasuke is a traitor, a convicted criminal and it was feared that he might lure Orochimaru back to the village.

What would be gained if Naruto went crazy, killed the elders, attacked the village and then ran away with a mentally unstable Sasuke? Naruto worked hard to gain Hokage, he loves the village and all the people, he has friends there.

He tried his best for Sasuke.

One man or the entire village?

What should he choose?

As for the previous story and Sasuke's "first time" it was referring to the consensual coupling of him and Naruto – and actually Sasuke had never taken anyone before, therefore a first for him, and he had never been consensually taken.

Yes, I did explain that in the story but if you skipped the lemon of Naruto and Sasuke you would have missed it.

Also, as for Orochimaru being dead, he's not dead.

The characters think he is dead, a reason why he's referred to as dead. Naruto knows the Orochimaru he killed was probably a puppet, but he doesn't want to rouse Sasuke's paranoia and as long as Orochimaru doesn't surface or hasn't yet, what's the point in getting Sasuke all riled up again?

No, he's not dead. There, okay?

Okay, my rant is over.

As for everyone who read this sequel I thank you for coming along for the ride and please leave a review if you want to see what happens next. I assure you this happy little fluff won't last long so get ready.

Someone complained the last story was too "dark and depressing" when I clearly stated it was full of angst and dark themes. This one is the same, if you have a weak stomach please turn back now and leave the flames at the door.