"Forever Entwined"

'Chapter Seventeen'

The mission went well.

Over all it was an easy scouting trip. The Rock seemed to have pulled back from where they were before; perhaps scoping out the territory before them.

It was safe to assume they would probably be lashing out at Konoha soon - they had something up their sleeves but Sasuke's team wasn't able to meet up with any of the enemy ninja to find out exactly what.

No fighting; just a long camping trip almost. Disappointing, but at the same time the Uchiha was grateful.

He didn't want things getting too bad.

He still wanted to be able to return home to his family.

Sasuke's team had returned to Konoha, walking the familiar path to the Hokage's tower; up the spiral steps to Naruto's office.

They were unkempt; but in fine shape, nothing exciting happened.

Sasuke pushed the doors open, skewing the mask on his head as his ears caught the shrill sound of Nariko's cries.

Sasuke's dark eyes swept the space to his kitsune and then to the portable crib where Nariko was balling her bright black eyes out.

Sasuke's heart clenched to the sound of his infant; he missed her. The Uchiha didn't care that his team was in the room; in a rush of movement the Uchiha was at the crib, reaching down for his child.

He lifted her in his arms - she had gotten bigger while he was gone; she'd been eating well.

Nariko was confused a moment before her eyes fell on Sasuke; lifted in the air her little hands reaching for his face. She giggled and kicked; tears still in the corners of her eyes as she all but screamed her merriment at her mother's return.

Sasuke hugged the baby to himself, caught in an intimate moment his team might be a little embarrassed at viewing.

Sasuke the great emotionless ninja; a puddle of cooing goo as he coddled his infant.

Naruto looked up sharply at the sound of the door opening, over Nariko's cries. He had just set her down not a minute before Sasuke had come into the room. He blinked when he realized the black figure moving to the crib was only Sasuke. Breathing out in relief he shook his head at the man, "You scared me." He laughed slightly before he glanced at the rest of Sasuke's confused squad. "Awhs, did you not tell them about your little bundle of joy?" The fox asked as he glanced back at Sasuke, who seemed too engrossed in their daughter.

"What?" Shinya asked slowly.

"That's our daughter...Nariko." Naruto nodded towards the little girl.

Shinya and the others looked over to Sasuke.


Nariko's little hands were playing with Sasuke's hair, grabbing and tugging at the soft raven locks - causing the porcelain mask to fall off his head and to the ground. The Uchiha didn't seem to care, rubbing his child's back and just inhaling her sweet scent.

...he didn't know why he felt so attached; like a warm feeling all over him, soothing and compelling.

Sasuke turned his dark eyes on his team at Naruto's playful taunt; glancing to his second in command before he regarded the rest of the group. "Mm." Sasuke paused, remaining near the crib not taking a step towards his ninja or Naruto. "She's two months old."

The youngest of Sasuke's team looked at the Uchiha in pure confusion.

...then it hit him.

Taichou hadn't been sick…

...he'd been pregnant.

The group stood awkwardly in the room, unsure what was to be said.

They just found out their -male- leader had given birth to a baby.

The hell?

Naruto smirked, and tried to hide the growing grin.

He wished he had a camera.

He covered his lips and glanced back at Sasuke, his eyes mirthful.

He hadn't told them.

"I wish I had pictures of that night." He chuckled.

Shinya looked back at Naruto, "How…did this..?"

"Sexy-no-jutsu." The fox laughed.

Sasuke was irritated by Naruto's laugh, unsure what was funny.


Sasuke tensed; that's what he looked like.

The Uchiha kept his frown, turning his eyes on the wide window, "Dismissed." He said stonily, still holding the merrily cooing infant.

Nariko tilted her head to Sasuke's stern expression, blinking her wide black eyes, her hands on his chest. She couldn't gain his attention, her little lips tugged into a frown as she turned her eyes to the group of ninja behind him. Her eyes were slitted in a vulpine manner; though her lips were tugged in an almost Uchiha-like frown.


She was definitely their kid.

Naruto smirked as the others left, his eyes on the confused bunch and closing door. "That was fun." He smirked and glanced back at Sasuke's hard eyes. He caught sight of Nariko frowning at Sasuke, "You're daughter is pouting."

Sasuke moved towards Naruto's desk, perching on the end of it before he let his eyes fall back on Nariko. The little girl was positioned comfortably in his lap, bouncing her slightly as her pout became a smile.

Sasuke liked her smile.

It reminded him of Naruto.

He turned to the blonde, raising his hand and caressing Naruto's cheek gently. "How was it?" He was referring to the time he had been away.

Naruto's eyes fluttered closed and he groaned at the feel of warm skin against his, "On the brink of hell..." He murmured. "Crying every time I touched her." He shook his head. "I don't know anymore." He glanced back up at his lover, letting his happy facade go, letting the worn features to be seen. "Sakura couldn't figure it out either."

Sasuke frowned slightly, the girl happy in his lap, tugging at his armor as she tried to gain his attention. The Uchiha was focused on Naruto; on his tired eyes and strained face. "Did you have Tsunade try and check things out?" Sasuke said; finding it rather strange.

"She was with you a whole month without me." He turned to the infant now, her bright black eyes giving away nothing of her mystery as she nuzzled her little face into Sasuke's middle. "I don't understand it."

Nariko liked Naruto; she'd look at him and you just knew she loved him; but then…

Why wouldn't she let him touch her?

Naruto sighed and glanced back at Nariko, he wanted to hold her without her crying.

"I haven't called Tsunade." He answered softly. "She kept crying, it was really hard on both of us." He murmured, as he tried to reach out to her, but he watched as she squirmed and dropped his hand.

"I don't know."

Sasuke was at a loss.

He was bouncing their child, his dark eyes on Naruto a long moment before he lifted up Nariko in his firm hands; presenting her to Naruto.

Her dark eyes flicked from Sasuke to Naruto; her lower lip starting to quiver.

"Hold her." Sasuke said, "I'm here, hold her close to me."

…maybe it was a proximity issue?

Sasuke was going to try and figure this out.

Naruto sighed heavily and stood up reaching for their daughter.

She was already tearing up as Naruto's hands came in contact with her skin. He carefully picked her up and cradled her to his chest. He moved over to sit on his desk, right next to Sasuke, their shoulders touching.

Nariko started to wail, large tears dripping down her cheeks.


Sasuke didn't understand it.

The Uchiha tried petting her head, down her back, but she still kept wailing. She kicked and flailed, her black eyes nearly pained as she looked from Naruto to Sasuke. She reached out for her mother but Sasuke refused to take her and Nariko cried harder almost in frustration.

…it was strange.

She looked so pained, her little faced screwed up; her cries almost urgent.


It hurt Sasuke's heart to have her cry like this, but he wanted to understand. He wanted to know why Naruto holding her was such an issue and then...

Nariko's chakra spiked; catching the brunette off-guard, her black eyes flashed as she nearly exploded from the fox.

What the…?

Sasuke reacted at a moment's notice; Naruto stunned as the little girl popped away from him; the Uchiha catching her expertly a short distance away and cradling her gently to his chest.

Sweat was on her forehead; an odd pinched expression on her face, her tiny hands fisted urgently in Sasuke's shirt.


That had happened, right?

"Naruto," Sasuke breathed, his brows knitted together, "What happened just now?"

Naruto blinked, his hands still outstretched out where Nariko seemed to propel out of his grasp. He slowly closed his eyes and let his hands drop. "I...I don't know." Reaching towards his chest he rubbed at it, he felt as if something had pushed against him. He hadn't caught the chakra burst, but he had felt the push of it. "…d-did she just push me?"

"…her chakra spiked." Sasuke murmured softly holding her safely against him, her face slowly relaxing back into childish happiness.

Her dark eyes peered up to Sasuke innocently again; cooing at him hoping to gain his attention.

Sasuke was focused on Naruto, shock still apparent on his face. "Do you think it might have something to do with..." Sasuke paused, it was a strange theory, but what else would it be? What else would make sense? "..with you're demons?" He glanced to Nariko, looking at the two identical grooves in her cheeks. "Do you think she might have some of the kyuubi in her?"

Naruto's brow furrowed.


Blinking, he reached down for the hem of his orange tee shirt and pulled it up to look at the seal.

The black ink was standing out against his tanned skin.

But he hadn't used chakra…

The fox dropped his shirt and stared at the girl before he moved to sit back in his chair.

"I'll call Tsunade."


Tsunade had been there a little over an hour now. Nariko was perched in her hands, cradled against her generous bosom as her expression turned thoughtful.

Sasuke had watched the woman intently; his eyes never leaving the way her glowing hands passed over his daughter and more than once did Naruto have to put a hand on his shoulder to stop him from going over and taking Nariko back.

The little girl was looking at her fathers whom were sitting on Naruto's desk, her brows knitted and a forceful pout on her lips as she whined for them.

...that look was what made the Uchiha antsy.

He wanted to go over there; coddle her and make her smile. But Naruto wouldn't let him; their hands laced together but it was more of a restraint than a reassurance.

"Well..." Tsunade's voice broke the tense air, "She's a healthy baby girl, but there's one thing that makes her different from normal children."

Confusion bled into Sasuke's eyes, "What're you talking about?"

"She has a demon inside of her."

"So? Naruto has a demon in him, what does it matter?"

Tsunade sighed, waving her hand, "Sasuke, I'm trying to explain this, stop snapping at me!"

The Uchiha wanted to retort but thought better of it, keeping his scowl as his foot bounced in irritation.

"Apparently when Naruto reproduces so does the Kyuubi." She started slowly, "Nariko was born with a demon; Naruto wasn't born with it. Sealing her Kyuubi might cause problems, but the Kyuubi inside of her makes it impossible for her to be close to Naruto."

"Why?" Sasuke poked in again; his tone edged.

Tsunade gave him a pointed look before her eyes fell on Naruto; the woman walking up to the parents. "Their chakras are similar but different; they seem to repel each other and since Nariko is so young she doesn't know how to control that and the feeling scares her, a reason why she cries and tries to get away from Naruto."

Sasuke turned his eyes on his lover then down to their infant who was reaching her arms towards them but Tsunade kept her away; just enough.

Nariko's little whines were hard to ignore.

"I can seal her demon..." Tsunade began, "But I'm not sure how that will affect her normal chakra development or natural growth."

Naruto quietly took in the information and sighed heavily.

"Call for Hinata." He murmured softly.

Tsunade looked over at the blonde and raised an eyebrow, before it hit her.

The Hyuuga's could see chakra channels, and would be able to tell whether or not Nariko's system held more than one channel, much like Naruto's.

"I'll call her." She answered as she stepped forwards handing the squirming, whimpering girl to Sasuke.

Sasuke held his child gratefully; Nariko smashing her tiny head against Sasuke's collar as her little hands tugged on the front of his shirt. The Uchiha gazed down at Nariko's pure black eyes; unsure what might happen soon.

Would they be able to seal her?

…was that a good idea?

Would it hurt Nariko?

Sasuke frowned; his fingers ghosting over her tiny head, his uncertainties channeled in his gentle touches.

Hinata had entered the room with Tsunade not fifteen minutes after; the shy girl turning her gaze on Naruto and Sasuke and the little child she had met a month prior. She slowly walked up to them, her cheeks flushed - though Tsunade cut in for her, "Hand her Nariko." Tsunade commanded of the Uchiha; knowing prying the girl from Sasuke was a difficult task in itself.

...such a protective mommy.

Tsunade grinned to that; watching as the Uchiha plopped his daughter in Hinata's waiting arms.

The girl activated her blood line eyes; looking down to Nariko as the baby stared right back up at her apparently intrigued by her strange eyes.

"Orange and blue." She said in a soft tone; Nariko was a pure mix of Naruto and Sasuke.

Kyuubi and Sharingan flowed within her.

Tsunade nodded and smiled gently, "Well, the good news is she can be safely sealed."

Naruto let out a sigh of relief and shifted a bit closer to Sasuke.

There daughter would be sealed, trapping the Kyuubi power from her.

"That's good."

Tsunade smiled gently, "Tomorrow sound good?" She asked gently, "Your place, she's not going to like this."

Hinata had dismissed herself from the room, the door shutting quietly behind her.

Sasuke held Nariko in his lap, his free hand joined with Naruto's. "Tomorrow is fine." The Uchiha said evenly, looking down to their smiling tot.

"Good, it will be a bit painful." Tsunade added after a moment. "It'll be sealing a part of her chakra." She explained, "So, both of you will need to be home tomorrow."

Naruto nodded, "Okay."


Sasuke held his daughter closer; but didn't voice his upset over it. Nariko couldn't handle the demon's chakra; it might start growing before she was ready and what then?

Not to mention Naruto couldn't even touch her this way.

The Uchiha nodded to Tsunade; his dark eyes guarded, "We'll be home."

Tsunade let out a quiet sigh, waving her goodbye to the two men. "Tomorrow then. See you." She left the office just like that; the door shutting silently behind her.

Naruto didn't know what to feel the moment Tsunade left.

He couldn't help but feel like this was his fault.

He had passed his demon on, and his daughter was paying for it.

Sasuke turned his eyes on Naruto; Nariko's expression sleepy as she looked to the blonde, her head tilted on Sasuke's chest. "…you'll be able to hold her." Sasuke ventured; unsure what to make of Naruto's expression.

Naruto nodded slowly, he would be able to hold his daughter without hurting her. "But I passed on something that should never have been passed on." He added softly. "Now she has to pay for it?" He looked back at Sasuke and slowly shook his head.

Sasuke was quiet a moment, his dark eyes looked to the small child whom had now fallen asleep.

Her little face was contented, her hands in little fists as she relied on Sasuke to keep her stable in his lap. She had the whisker marks on her pudgy cheeks; the sprouts of blonde hair, she looked like Naruto with her eyes closed like that - nothing but the black eyes seemed to hint at Nariko being Sasuke's.

"We don't hate you." Sasuke said quietly before his eyes flicked up to his lover; hand moving up to cup Naruto's face to bring him close - their lips touching. "Don't be upset over it." The Uchiha murmured, pulling back slightly, "She'll be fine, she'll learn to grow with the kyuubi just like you did."

Naruto would have protested but found that there was nothing really to protest.

He had grown up trying to figure out the mysterious power, with no one to really guide him.

Nariko would have that; she would have people helping him.

"I know." He sighed heavily, "But I thought that it would end with me, I didn't think it could be passed on."

Sasuke looked down to their child; just watching her sleep in his arms, his thoughts starting up in his mind. "...if you knew she was going to have Kyuubi," Sasuke started, "Would you not have wanted her?"

Naruto looked up at Sasuke as if he were crazy, "Are you kidding?" He asked, "She's my life." He wanted to reach out and touch her. "I was just overly hopeful that it really wouldn't pass on." He looked back up at Sasuke, and smiled gently, "I don't regret her."

Sasuke looked relieved; a soft smile on his lips as his dark eyes remained on their sleeping infant. "...she'll be fine."

She would have the demon sealed.

She'd get over it.

She had two great ninja to guide her through life; she would have a very loving home, nothing would happen to her.

Naruto nodded slowly, his eyes fixing on Nariko once more.

She would be okay, but still.

He'd forever feel guilty for bestowing her with his curse.

"Yeah, you're right."



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