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The life of Harry Potter, and Hermione's part in it.


Part 16.


Cornelius Fudge was in an extremely good mood as he strutted around the office of Amelia Bones, head of the Wizarding police force. He had just handed over a large file containing evidence of the crimes of his long time rival Albus Dumbledore. The file supplied by a witch named Sorcha McGonagall was filled with sworn statements from witches and Healers about Dumbledore's nefarious meddling in the lives of his pupils, those that were soul mates who had through his illegal use of Legilimens not married their soul mate was a rather long list, a crime punishable by life in prison for just one offence, Amelia was more than certain that they could get quite a few more than just one conviction because quite a few of the witches named were family of Wizengamot members.

Cornelius gloated as Amelia growled "Dumbledore will be spending a long, long time in Azkaban for this, I doubt he will ever see freedom again, and the Wizengamot is going to be kept busy for weeks nullifying all these marriages. Not to mention the Unspeakables who will need to perform a lot of remedial memory work."

Cornelius rubbed his hands together gleefully "Shall we go and begin our interrogation of the old fraud, Madam?" he asked as he held the door open, a huge smile on his face that lit up his eyes with a look of true enthusiasm for his work. Together they left the office and made their way to the holding cells where Dumbledore sat with no idea what was about to happen to him.

... ... ...

The ancient old man looked rather ill his face unusually pale as he slowly made his way toward the grave yard in the small village. He was leaning heavily on the old wooden shepherds' crook he carried as he slowly made his way across the road. His long white beard was tucked up into his belt to keep it from dragging on the floor. Reaching the gate into the grave yard he stopped to rest for a few short minutes.

He staggered a little as he pushed his almost 187 year old bones from the old church gate he had been leaning on, and willed his old legs to take him just a little further. Just another fifteen yards would be enough to reach his goal.

The well kept tidy eighty year old grave of his second wife, and the even older graves of his mother and father stood just a few more extremely long feet in front of him, the task of reaching them seemed a daunting one.

He was quite surprised at just how much going back into the past to deliver his book had tired him; his return to the present had taken all the energy his old bones could muster, it was a side effect he had not expected, and had made no provision for. Reaching the grave he sat down on the little bench he had placed next to the grave the day they had buried his beloved and wonderful wife Hermione.

"Hello my love, I thought I would pay you one last visit here before I come to join you in the next great adventure. I broke the law a little this morning and I came to ask you too forgive me, you see I took the book I was writing and I went back into the past to give it to you as a tenth birthday gift. I know you asked me many times why I was writing it, and well, now you know. We never really had the life together we deserved for all we did; we never had the children we wanted. So I have attempted to change the past. I took the book I was writing to you because I know that even as a ten year old you would know what to do.

I couldn't give it to my younger self because I couldn't trust myself not to make a right royal mess of it all over again. I mean I had every chance to tell you how I felt about you all those years, but I was never quite with it in those days was I. What with Dumbledore and Snape placing thoughts into my head, not to mention Molly's constant speeches about the way things were meant to be.

Hopefully you won't change things to much; just enough for us to be together, to have our family and to share our love the way we should have done. I think though that you would know that just a few small changes will be all that is needed for you and I to spend our entire lives together, and hopefully we will have a whole bunch of kids and be happy together. We will of course choose 'proper names' the next time around with out that coniving, well I best not say what I wish to call him, dont want you telling me off for swearing now do I.

You know when I saw you coming out of the school as a ten year old, I felt like that little eleven year old boy sitting on the Hogwarts train for the first time once again. You had not changed very much from the memory I have of a bossy little know it all that I met on the Hogwarts express. I think I underestimated the effect seeing you looking so small and vulnerable would have on me. I had the crazy urge to stay and watch over you. I wish we could be there to watch when you begin to read the story of my life. I wonder what you will do to change things first."

Harry sat back and listened to the wind as though he were listening for the voice of his soul mate taken from him before they were ready to part.

A slight chuckle slipped from him as he once more remembered the first time he had seen Miss Hermione Granger as she sat and lectured him and Ron Weasley on their first trip on the Hogwarts express. Other memories of times spent with her began to flood his mind, a few of the memories made him sad and small tears left his ancient eyes to work their way over the wrinkled skin and into his beard.

Through the entire evening Harry sat as he usually did, talking happily to his dead wife. The bench had a comfortable softening charm on it and each evening he sat for hours telling Hermione's headstone all about his day leaving out no detail no matter how small.

Harry was about to say his goodbyes for the night to the one true love of his life when he noticed the name on the headstone begin to disappear.

"It would appear you did something to change things much sooner than I expected you to my sweet," he said before the name vanished along with the headstone.

"Yes you definitely changed something my love," he managed to say before he and the world around him also faded into nothingness.


As their second year came to a close Harry with help from Myrtle revealed to Minerva where the chamber of secrets was and what lived in there. He was unable to open the secret entrance with out the horcrux in his head allowing him to speak parsletongue so with help from the Goblins and Merfolk several small holes were drilled into the top of the chamber from the bed of the black lake. The chamber was flooded and with the seal of the main chamber still being in place the monster within was drowned having never seen the light of day.

When Hermione woke on the last day of their second year she found her self alone in the bed, Harry was sitting at the desk writing furiously, a huge grin kept appearing on his face as he wrote. Intrigued Hermione climbed from the bed and having poured herself a cup of the tea Harry had acquired from the kitchen she asked him what it was that had him so excited.

"Just a minute sweetheart," Harry said as he finished what he was doing. With a huge grin he passed the book to her and pointed at the page he had just been copying.

Hermione read the words with her eyes growing larger as she read, she could not believe she had not read this part of the book earlier, what Harry had found was the answer to their biggest problem, and it could be solved with the help of their parents and friends. The only problem she could see was in the last lines of the page.

'We were unable to test the ritual on a soul as it should be used, instead we used it to capture and contain a demon that had been set loose on the Yorkshire moors, we were able to summon and confine the demon until Hermione dispatched it back to where it came from'.

"We need to show this to aunty Min," Harry said enthusiastically as he handed the copy he had made to Hermione, "she should be able to make all the arrangements, then we can get rid of all of Voldemort forever."

Hermione read his copy through checking he had not made any errors in his rush to copy it, having found nothing wrong with it she sipped her near cold tea before smiling and leaning over to give her husband a kiss she thought he well deserved. If the ritual he had found worked they could save a lot of lives that would other wise be wasted by a violent and early death at the hands of Voldemort's sick followers and the war they would start.

The day they left Hogwarts at the end of their second year 'The Book' simply faded away, their new unknown future lay in front of them and they were prepared to face it together.


On the morning of her thirteenth birthday Hermione sat up in bed with a start. 'That had to have been one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had' she thought as she rubbed at her eyes. She remembered every detail, every word, the smell of the fresh cut grass mingled with the scent from many flowers, she remembered the sadness in the older Harry's eyes as he sat and talked to the grave stone of his long dead wife. The grave stone of Hermione Jane Potter her self.

Turning slightly she looked down at her sleeping husband and gasped in shock when she saw in her mind something of the future they would now share. She saw four children growing up in a loving home, a happy and contented Harry and herself sharing the love they had for each other with their children as they grew. Some how she knew they were going to have a good and happy marriage that would last for well over a hundred and fifty years, smiling at the things she was seeing in her minds eye she fell back asleep, content and happy as she wrapped herself around Harry once more.


The part of Voldemort's soul had that had been possessing Quirrell they had destroyed with the blood potion, and thanks to the book they knew where all his evil Horcruxes were hidden. With help from Minerva, Sirius, Remus, Flitwick and a few others using the ritual to gather and contain the fragmented soul pieces, all the remaining soul fragments were destroyed by the beginning of their third year. The rest of their schooling they did as almost normal children with no further threat from Dark Lord's. They finally revealed they were married during their fourth year, which caused quite a stir among their fellow students, especially their two best friends Ginny and her boyfriend Neville.

Side by side throughout their lives in what ever they did Harry and Hermione were rarely apart for more than a few hours. At the end of their seventh year Harry and Hermione Potter left Hogwarts with the highest ever recorded scores on their exams. By the time they were twenty years old they took their first son Tobias who apart from his jet black hair looked like Hermione's dad, home to their house in Godric's hollow.

Three more children were taken home to Godrics Hollow over the next five and a half years. Harold, who was almost a carbon copy of his father Harry in everyway. Jane who like her mother had bushy brown hair and loved books and learning. And the youngest Minerva who looked remarkably like Hermione except for the raven black of her bushy hair. Of them all only Minerva had the emerald coloured eyes of Harry, the other three all had eyes that Harry thought were exact copies of the most beautiful brown eyes in the entire world.

Harry and Hermione both eventually became teachers at Hogwarts and Harry became headmaster with Hermione as his deputy, though he told all who listened that in truth he was the deputy and she was the boss. From the first day Tobias arrived home the small house in Godrics Hollow rang out with joyful laughter through four generations of Potter children, before Harry and Hermione died within two hours of each other, they had been married for one hundred and seventy two years and died surrounded by their loving family on their wedding anniversary after the celebrations of the day were over. The new witches' magic keeper after Hermione was the great granddaughter of Neville and Ginny Longbottom.

The End……