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The life of Harry Potter, and Hermione's part in it.


Part Five.


Hermione sat down wondering what had just happened, what it was she had just felt flow through her entire body; a pleasant powerful tingle had filled every part of her as she hugged the old woman, she sat and she wondered.

"So child, you have been reading the book Harry gave you, did you see anything in it that you have not understood?" Sorcha asked quietly, leaving time for Hermione to think.

Hermione thought about the question for a while before she answered, "Apart from not understanding how it came from the future or how it was done, there was a little I read in one of the later chapters, Harry referred to me as Mrs Weasley, but I never got to finish that part."

"You should do as Harry asked and read from the beginning, but to answer that part, I can tell you that there are those who would knowingly steal your heritage, they will attempt to steal your blood, to change who you are destined to become," Sorcha said with a sigh.

"Why would someone want to steal my blood?" Hermione wondered out loud.

"You misunderstand me child, when I say they will steal your blood, what I mean is they will do all they can to place you in a marriage with a pure blood wizard, they will want your blood line to strengthen an old wizard family bloodline that is beginning to die out, or become unstable. They will try to marry you to one you should not marry, your place is with Harry," Sorcha explained, "but now you have found me I can give you a small extra gift, I can place my protection on you."

"When you said now I have found you, does that mean that I did not find you before?" Hermione asked curious.

"It does indeed seem that way child; the gift doesn't allow me to see into the future, or into the world of the Harry that gave you the book, but I think Harry knew, though how he knew I can not tell, but I feel sure that he did indeed know what no other wizard has ever known. You see for thousands of years the chosen witch has only received their gift on their twenty first birthday, you have received yours today," Sorcha answered with a warm smile.

"What is the gift?" Hermione asked feeling excited now she knew the tingle she had felt was a gift.

"On your twenty first birthday you will take my place as chosen keeper of witch magic, you will become the greatest witch of the age; witches from around the world will seek you out when they need your help. You will have the sight, and the power from the maker, and with it you will see their troubles and the answers to those troubles," Sorcha answered quietly.

"Now it's time for you to go homeā€¦ Oh and Hermione place your protection on Harry, he is going to need it, you will know how, just let your magic work for you." Sorcha said as she waved her hand before pointing a bony finger at Hermione.

A brief flash of light dazzled Hermione for a moment and she blinked her eyes closed, when she opened them again she found her self back at home in exactly the same spot she had been in before. Hermione had been gone for just half an hour yet both her mother and Harry were almost frantic with worry and fear.

Hermione assured them that there was nothing to worry about, and after her mother had checked her over, turning her around as though making sure she was all in one piece and had not grown any odd appendages, she was allowed to carry on with Harry and Minerva. Once her mother had left the bedroom she told Harry all that Sorcha had told her, she then placed her hands on Harry's head just as the old witch had done to her.

Hermione felt the power of her magic as it built up somewhere deep inside her, she for all her cleverness and understanding could not decide where the feeling was coming from, but she continued until she felt the power release and flow down her arms into her hands and then she felt it form a protective wall inside Harry's head. As soon as she was certain that there was nothing else happening Hermione sat down on the bed and began to try to analyse what had happened.

Minerva soon distracted Hermione from her musings as she began to teach them some simple spells, like Wingardium leviosa, and Alohomora, it took Hermione just one failed attempt before she managed to make the pen she was using lift into the air without apparent support. Harry took three attempts before he managed the same spell, Minerva taught them several spells before the evening darkness made them realise how late it was, Minerva taught Hermione a charm that would hide Harry's scar when they left the house, and she explained how it was one of the ways that people from the world of magic could recognise him, then with a hug for each of the children Minerva vanished right in front of their eyes.

"Wow that was neat, if I could do that it wouldn't matter if they take me back to Privet Drive, I just go pop and vanish, I wonder where you go though?" Harry said, his enthusiasm for learning growing by the hour.

Hermione sat on the bed and decided it was time she found out if her magic had worked and was now protecting him, she could not help but wonder what it was supposed to protect him from, she asked Harry if he had felt anything, or if he felt anything had changed.

Harry repeatedly answered her questions with the same answer, he had felt absolutely nothing. Knowing that Sorcha had wanted her to read the book as the old Harry had intended Hermione also wanted to find a way to see if her magic was able to protect Harry from what ever it was meant to protect him from. Putting together all she had read so far and the little she had learned from the old chosen witch she decided this was more important than reading the book chronologically, she began to flick through the pages of the book, glancing from page to page she searched for anything that mentioned mind reading or mind protection.

It had not taken Hermione long to find the part where Harry spoke about the cruel and painful nightmares he had suffered at the hands of Voldemort, she wondered if this was what Sorcha wanted him protected from, but for reason's she could not yet work out she knew the protection was against something far more sinister than any nightmare.

Realisation about something came to Hermione when Harry mentioned one of her books and asked if he could borrow it to read, she had been deep in thought until he had poked her gently, she watched as he pulled the book from the book shelf and sat down in his favourite spot.

Opening the book Harry flipped through the pages and began to read the last few pages.

"Harry, you should read it properly, start at the first chapter not the end, how are you going to know how they got to the end if you don't read it right," she joked.

Then it was like a small light going on in her mind, she realised she had been doing the same thing with the book, the only way to really understand a story was to begin at the beginning.

Together Hermione and Harry began to read and study the book properly from the beginning; they soon learned that their magic grew stronger and quicker if they followed the story and learnt the spells as they were supposed to.

Just two weeks later Harry was enrolled in the same school as Hermione, he was placed in the same class and they sat together for all their lessons.

Hermione's thirst for knowledge had some how rubbed off on Harry, and he tried hard to catch up, he no longer had to fear getting good marks, and with Hermione's constant help he worked his way to being next to top of the class in all their subjects, Hermione was still the top of the class and Harry knew he would never be as clever as she was.

He had his first fight in the first week at the school when the school bully began to pick on Hermione. Harry had been a little slow putting away his things as the bell rang for the lunch hour break, when he finally joined Hermione he found her surrounded by some rather nasty kids who were calling her names.

Harry stormed through the crowd around Hermione, and as the ring leader tried to hit her Harry stepped forward and hit the boy with a good left hook. The bully was startled that anyone had the nerve to stand up to him and turned on Harry, the fight broke out between the two of them while the bully's usual cronies backed away. They could see something in Harry that scared them though they had no idea what it was. After the brief fight the bully lay crying on the play ground, Harry helped the boy up on to his feet and warned him if he ever picked on his cousin again he would do more than just hit him.

For reasons unknown to Hermione or Harry the school bully seemed to lose all his hangers on, two of them actually said they were sorry to Hermione and eventually they became friends of sorts. Immediately after the fight Hermione thanked Harry for sticking up for her, something no body had ever done before. Then she proceeded to tell him off for fighting, complaining he might have been hurt. Harry wasn't quite sure whether he should be pleased or annoyed but eventually decided it was just the way girls were, he knew that after years of Dudley bullying him, he would never again allow bullies to get away with their bullying if he could help it.

That Saturday Minerva arrived at the Granger house just as the family were leaving to go on a day trip, the fact that Harry had never been taken anywhere by his relatives had been wheedled from him by Hermione and they were off for a day at a sea side resort, Harry's very first visit to see the sea.

Rather than return to Hogwarts Minerva joined the Grangers and spent the day with them, teaching the two young ones a few things about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as they all enjoyed the day. She was asked to stay for the night and slept in the guest bedroom, early the next morning over breakfast Hermione asked how she had vanished and where she had gone, she also asked if they would be able to do it.

Minerva spent quite some time that morning debating with herself as to whether Hermione and Harry were to young, she could see the benefits there would be if the two children could indeed disapparate but she had never heard of any one so young being able to do it, she was about to tell them that they would be to young when she over heard as Harry told Hermione about the day he had vanished from the school playground and ended up sitting on the school roof. Minerva changed her mind, if Harry had already apparated once there was no reason he could not do it again. She had never heard why it was that people in the wizarding world had to be seventeen before they were taught how to do it.

Although she had some fear that one of them could hurt themselves Minerva began to teach them how to travel from one place to another almost instantly. Hermione was the first one to manage the task of moving to a spot at the other side of the room simply by concentrating on being there, Harry was able to do it just a few minutes later.

By tea time that Sunday evening both Harry and Hermione could apparate from the bedroom to any room in the house, Minerva knew that over the next few days the two amazing children would continue to practice until they could travel just about anywhere they wanted. They were both amazingly quick to learn and seemed to have no problems with what ever spell or charm she taught them. She could see the bond between them growing stronger each time she visited them, there was a true love bond that after six weeks of teaching them Minerva could tell no one would ever be able to break.

Hermione and Harry studied the book each night after they had their evening meal and finished their homework, they practiced the different spells, and they discussed the things that the book revealed. Together they were being prepared for their time at Hogwarts, and the future war. Hermione promised her self she would never let Harry face any of the things that were in the book by him self, she swore to always be there for him. Gradually day by day they both grew in both magical strength and in confidence. Together they discovered that the innate magic they were born with could be strengthened simply by believing. Hermione lost the self doubt being bullied had filled her with, and along with Harry she knew they would be able face what ever came as long as they were together.


Albus Dumbledore searched every where he could think of in his search for Harry Potter, he had recalled the Order of the Phoenix and set them searching as well, after six weeks of the fruitless search he paid another visit to the Burrow.

Sitting in the kitchen with Molly, Dumbledore told her he thought that Harry had been taken out of the country and that he was considering giving up on the search, he was not usually one to give up easily but every method available had been tried and they had not been able to find Harry's magical signature, even with help from the ministry they had gotten no where.

Molly was not at all happy as she saw the end of her dreams of her only daughter marrying the boy who lived, she was now regretting the years she had spent placing ideas into the young girls head. It was time to begin to try to undo the work she had been so diligent with.

Albus wondered if they would ever hear from or see Harry again, he too was having regrets. He regretted placing Harry with the Dursleys, allowing him to be abused so badly that some unknown wizard had chosen to rescue him. If only he had placed him some where better, some where safer he felt sure there would never have been a need to remove him.

Now he began to worry about the future of the entire wizarding world he wanted to lead. If Harry was as he suspected living in a different country then the prophecy would never be fulfilled, Voldemort would return and the British wizarding world would sink into darkness.

He discussed these fears with Molly who became even more unhappy about the way things had happened, she did not want to believe there would be another war, one in which her children would be involved. A war they could not win with out Harry Potter.


The two children had been studying the book carefully for six months, they practiced the spells they came across with great care to the details. Hermione on odd occasions would flip through the pages, looking for connections to the spell or charm they were working on, especially if it was proving a little difficult to master.

It was during one of these times that she came across the story of Sirius Black, who was apparently an innocent man locked away in the worst prison on the planet. As she flipped through the book finding all the little references to Mr Black she came to a decision, telling Harry about her idea he had agreed that they should do something, though what they could do he had no idea. After supper that evening as they sat quietly reading in Hermione's room, she suddenly knew what to do about Harry's godfather Mr Black.

Standing in the middle of the room Hermione called Harry to stand with her, wrapping their arms around each other Hermione told Harry they were going to apparate. With a deep breath and holding tight to Harry Hermione gave her wand a little twist and without a sound the two of them vanished.

Hermione looked around when they landed with a gentle bump, she was truly surprised she had managed to take them both where she had intended, through all their practice sessions they had never gone further than to the back garden before.

Taking Harry by the hand she turned to knock on the door they stood at, "Come in child, come in out of the cold," came Sorcha's voice an instant before Hermione knocked.

Sorcha gave them both a warm welcome before telling them off for leaving home without some one to watch over them, but even as she told them off she was smiling and both Hermione and Harry knew she was not angry with them.

Telling Sorcha about Sirius Black and where the real culprit of the crimes he was accused of could be found gave Hermione a warm pleasant feeling, they were beginning to use their magic to help someone, and she knew that they were doing the right thing.

Sorcha Promised she would send out several what she called compulsion letters, and assured them that Sirius would be free by the week end, the first letters she wrote were to a Madam Bones, and Mrs Fudge at the ministry of magic, all the details of Sirius's case were quickly written down in the letters. Once several letters had been written to various witches Sorcha waved her hand over the letters and cast a silent charm, with another wave the letters all vanished.

"There child, once they read those letters they will be compelled to do something to right such a wrong," Sorcha said looking at Harry "though if you wish to meet your god father you will need some help from my niece."

"Now time for you two to go home," Sorcha said as she waved a finger at them, a quick flash of light and Harry and Hermione found them selves back in Hermione's room.

"How did she do that?" Harry gasped as he looked around.

"I have no idea, but I bet it would come in handy when fighting those death eaters Harry mentions," Hermione said thoughtfully, she wondered if one day she would be able to do such powerful magic.

It was three weeks later when Aunty Minnie, as they had taken to calling Minerva, arrived in Hermione's bedroom just before supper.

She was not alone, for the first time since they first met she had someone with her.

"Oh hello aunty Minnie," Hermione said as she shoved the book she was reading under her pillow "Harry is just in the bathroom."

Hermione was studying the tall dark haired man who had arrived while he protested about being whisked away without warning.

Minerva chuckled "Oh do stop whinging Padfoot," she said grinning.

"Hermione Granger this is Sirius black, who now thanks to you is a free man, Sirius I would like you to meet one of the two people who led to your being cleared," Minerva said still chuckling a little.

Sirius was shaking Hermione's hand and thanking her profusely when Harry walked into the room, Sirius froze with his mouth hanging open when he saw Harry; it was like meeting James all over again.

Over the following months Sirius got to know them and helped Hermione and Harry with their lessons, spending as much time as he could with the two of them. He had been shocked and angered when Minerva had told him on that first visit why Harry was living with the Grangers and why she was teaching them magic in secret. The fact that they were hiding from Dumbledore really angered him and he demanded to know all the details that led to Harry becoming a Granger.


On Harry's eleventh birthday both Hermione and Harry were having breakfast and opening Harry's birthday cards when their letters from Hogwarts arrived, they had both been expecting them but they were still excited by actually receiving them.

"So I don't suppose I will be your cousin for much longer," Harry said as he read the letter addressed to Mr Harry Potter.

"Oh I don't know, we could still tell every one at school we're cousins just like we have always done, we don't have to have the same surname to be related, and we don't need to change a thing when we are home," Hermione answered smiling.

"Yeah, maybe it will stop that Ron Weasley being cruel to you, you know I cant believe we were still friends with him after the way he treated you for the first few weeks, mind you I'm glad Harry told us all about him, maybe we should give him a try, see if he can change, what do you think?" Harry asked as he opened another birthday card.

"I don't know, I think I like that Neville boy much more, he seems a lot more loyal than that Ron, I mean don't forget according to Harry he deserted Harry when he was entered into the tournament thing. Then he did it again, and there is no way I will ever want to marry him, not when I have you." Hermione answered seriously.

"Ok Neville it is then, after all Harry did say he wanted you to change things so we could be together for ever, so yeah Neville as best friend," Harry said placing his open birthday cards on the kitchen window.

"Are you still going to be my boyfriend when we get to Hogwarts?" Hermione asked sounding a little unsure.

"Of course I'm still going to be your boyfriend, just as one day I am going to be your husband," Harry answered slightly shocked she had asked.

Hermione leant over and kissed him on his cheek "Too right you are, and don't you forget it Mister Potter," she said as her confidence took a small boost.

"You know it sounds odd being called Potter again," Harry said as he wrapped an arm around Hermione's shoulder, "I mean I've been Harry Granger for the last two years, I've sort of got used to it," Harry stared at his birthday cards lined up on the kitchen window sill, they were all from Hermione's relatives apart from the two from Aunty Minnie and Sirius.


Minerva visited them that night and having given Harry a card from the staff at Hogwarts she was meant to post, and his present from her. She reminded them that even though they were well up to fourth year level with their magic they would have to hold back a little once at Hogwarts, "We don't want anyone getting suspicious. Besides I will still be teaching you at weekends as often as I can."

Minerva was proud of the progress the two children she now loved as though they were her own had made. They could easily take and pass all their OWL level exams; she was quite sure about that. She thought back over the past two years and could not remember a single time they had struggled with anything she had taught them; she wished that more of her students were so thirsty for knowledge and so easy to teach.

Giving them both a hug and a kiss goodbye she told them she would see them soon and with a quiet pop she vanished once again.