TITLE: Gotta Find You

AUTHORS: Erin (TheDiamondPrincess) and Alanna (Acting-Singing-Bella_

RATING/GENRE: T/Hurt/Comfort/Friendship

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SUMMARY: Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are the perfect couple. Everything was going great until Troy disappeared and goes missing. One year later, he's still missing and his body hasn't been recovered either. Gabriella never lost faith that he may still be alive. He constantly appears to her as a spirit and begs her to find him. Will she ever find him before its too late? Troyella!


Gabriella looked out the window in Chad's car as Chad drove to Tennessee. She couldn't help but wonder if this is real. Is going to Tennessee really going to help her and Chad find Troy? That's always going to be in her mind and she has a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong. She just can't let it go but at the same time, she just wants to get Troy back. That's all she cares about; her life means nothing without him. She really needs him. Why did this have to happen? Why did Troy have to be taken away from her? She will find him though. She promised him she would find him and she keeps her promises. It doesn't matter to her if she lost her life, trying to save Troy. The only thing that matters to her is Troy finally being safe.

Chad looked over at Gabriella and he could see how nervous she looked. He had the exact same things on his mind. How can they really know if going to Tennessee will help them find Troy? Why in the world would Troy be in Tennessee? All these things kept running through Chad's head while he drove. For all he knows, Troy could already be dead. He just can't seem to help but wonder. But, he sure just can't not try. He's got to save Troy somehow. He owes it to Troy after everything he did. He can't let Troy down again, especially after what he and Gabriella did the night Troy disappeared. It just wouldn't be right.

"Hey, Chad," Gabriella spoke up, breaking the silence between her and Chad, "is it really a good to leave without telling our parents where we're going to?"

Chad looked over at Gabriella. "They wouldn't understand what we're doing. Troy's in danger, we have to get to him."

Gabriella understood what Chad was saying but how does Chad know that Troy is in danger? 'Did Troy visit him also and beg him to help me find Troy?' Gabriella asked herself. She wants to ask Chad how he knows about what's going on but she's afraid to. What would she say to him? Chad, how did you know Troy is in danger? Did Troy visit you too? Yeah, that wouldn't work.

"I know what you're thinking, Gabs," Chad snapped Gabriella out of her thoughts. "you're probably thinking wondering how I know Troy's in danger, right?"

Gabriella looked over at Chad and nodded as she leaned over to turn the radio off. "Well, this is going to sound crazy, but Troy visited me and begged me to find him. You have to believe me, Gabriella. I know I sound crazy but you have to believe me."

"I do believe you, Chad. Troy's been visiting me too and begging me to find him." Gabriella replied and she sounded on the verge of tears. "We need to find him, Chad, I can't lose him."

"We will, Gabriella," Chad reassured Gabriella. "we will. Don't worry, we'll find him."

Gabriella turned to look out the window while Chad continued to drive. 'It's quiet,' Gabriella thought to herself, 'a little too quiet. I hate it when thing get so quiet.' Gabriella looked over at Chad. "Chad, do you really think we'll find him? Do you really think he's in Tennessee?"

Chad looked over at Gabriella. "I don't know, Gabs," Chad replied as he looked ahead at the road in front of him, "but we can't just not look. He wouldn't have told us both to go to Tennessee if he wasn't there. We have to look. He's counting on us."

"You're right, Chad," both Gabriella and Chad heard. Gabriella turned around and saw Troy sitting in the backseat of Chad's car. He had more cuts and bruises on his body and they're definitely fresh. Troy's still getting hurt; they need to get to him before this man kills him.

"Troy?" Gabriella asked, in a low voice. She almost couldn't hear her own voice. Troy stared out the window while a tear made its way down his cheek. Gabriella wanted to climb over the seat and wrap her arms around him and whisper comforting things to him but she couldn't while Chad was driving. She just couldn't stand to see Troy is so much pain.

"Chad, Gabriella, you have to hurry," Troy closed his eyes and took a deep breathe, "you see, he's planning to move me tonight. I need you guys to hurry, please."

Chad couldn't take anymore of this. He knows he has to get to Troy and quick but Tennessee is still a couple of hours away. He doesn't want to speed up and risk getting pulled over. The last thing he needs is a ticket. "Troy, I'm going as fast as I can. We'll be there soon, just don't go anywhere."

Troy's eyes widened at Chad's remark. 'Where does he think I might go exactly?' he looked out the window and turned back to Gabriella and Chad. "Where are you Troy? Where is this man holding you?" Gabriella's voice snapped Troy out of his thoughts. He looked at Gabriella. How is he going to tell her where he without Colin getting his dirty hands on them? He can't let Colin hurt them

"I'm in this small town called Auburntown." Troy replied, more tears came to his eyes and down his cheeks. "Its right off route 145 and it's in Cannon County."

"We'll be there before you Troy," Gabriella replied, "just hang on tight."

Troy looked over at Gabriella. "You guys have to be very careful. This is one dangerous man we're talking about and he will kill the both of you if he has to. Be very careful, I'm count-" Troy started off before he stopped abruptly and began to scream in pain.

Gabriella helplessly looked at Troy while he screamed in pain. Now, she's one hundred percent sure that they have to get to Troy and quick too. "Troy, what's wrong?" she finally managed to get out, in a very desperate voice. She began to cry hysterically at the sight of her beloved Troy in pain. "What's he doing to you?!"

"Hurry, guys!" Troy managed to yell as he closed his eyes and squeezed them shut. "Hurry," was the last thing Troy yelled before he disappeared.

Gabriella and Chad both looked at each other. It seems they're both thinking the same thing. They have to get to Auburntown before it's too late.


(A/N: This is Acting-Singing-Bella)

Troy found tears falling from his eyes as he was trapped in the darkness once more. Home didn't exist to him anymore; the only home he had been in was in a secret room in a wall. The only light he would see was when the man who had kidnapped him would come to feed him once a day or he would come and beat him. Troy was certain that he was going to die soon, but he was still fighting for his life. A part of him wanted to be dead; he wouldn't have to feel the pain he felt. But he wanted to stay alive so he could hold Gabriella once more time. He wanted to tell Chad he forgave him. He wanted to live.

Troy couldn't hide his racking sobs when the door in the wall opened. The time was twelve midnight; why was he coming in for Troy now? Troy could see his face. The man's name was Colin Hickman. He was about fifty-five years old and had gray hair and frown lines all over his face. Troy had learned why Colin kidnapped him. Colin had a wife and son and lived a charmed life. But then his wife died when his son was five and his son soon became the only person he counted on always being there. But then when Colin's son was seventeen, he died in a hit and run accident.

What does this have to do with Troy? Colin's son looked like Troy.

Colin had been in Albuquerque on business and he saw Troy and he began to stalk him. He wanted to kidnap Troy because he wanted to feel like his son was home again. He was tired of being alone. But he kept Troy in the wall so he would never leave him and he abused him so Troy would be too weak to attempt to escape his home. He had also seen Gabriella a number of times and he swore that if he ever found her looking for Troy…he was going to kill her. He has used that threat against Troy several times.

"Hello son…how about we go on a trip?" Colin asked with an evil cackle. As he took a step toward Troy, Troy scrambled on the floor and pulled himself up against the wall, his incessant sobs unable to control itself.

"No…no, no…please don't hurt me." Troy pleaded as his tears got mixed in with the fresh blood that was dripping down his cheek. Colin stood over Troy and just stared at him. Finally he crouched down and he punched Troy Square in the face. Troy yelped in pain and allowed more tears to fall from his eyes. Colin then grabbed Troy by the neck and he lifted him from the floor so that Troy could look right into his eyes.

"We are going to do things my way boy…there are no questions about it. You're lucky I've kept you alive for this long…I would've killed you the first time you cried like a little boy. But if you are going to keep playing games like this with me, then there is someone who is going to pay much worse than you. That sweet little Gabriella Montez. Remember her? Remember I told you that I was going to find her and I was going to peel the flesh from her bones? Maybe I should just go and kidnap her right now so I can show you what real pain is." Colin hissed into Troy's face.

"If you lay…one finger on her…I'm going to tear you apart." Troy managed to say above a whisper. Colin chuckled once more and he threw Troy over his shoulder.

"As weak as you are right now son…I'd like to see you try. Now how about we just go before I decide to make you pay for it." Colin said as he carried Troy outside his small house and towards his car. This was the first time in almost months that Troy had been outside and the air overwhelmed Troy. Colin opened the trunk of his car and he dumped Troy into it. Troy looked at his surrounding in a panic before he looked back at Colin.

"Where are we going? Where are you taking me?" Troy demanded in a flustered voice. Colin stared at him and he shook his head.

"I'll tell you once we get there son. Sit tight." Colin said before he shut the trunk. Moments later, Troy felt the car moving.

With a nervous heart beating harshly against his chest, Troy's weak hand managed to go into the bloodied pocket of his jeans and he pulled out his wallet. In his wallet, he had a photo of him and Gabriella. It was his favorite photo of the two of them. It was a picture of the two of them at semiformal. She was beautiful in her black dress and he thought he looked dashing in his tuxedo. He had both his arms around her stomach and her back was pressed tight against his back and they both had big smiles on their faces. They looked happy…they looked happy and in love.

"I'm coming back Gabriella…I promise. I won't die on you…not until you're in my arms. I promise Gabby…I promise." Troy lovingly promised as he brought the picture to his lips and he gently kissed it. Shoving the wallet back into his pocket, his eyes soon grew heavy and he found himself going into unconsciousness.

He promised that he would gain his strength back. He would…no matter what it took. He had to be there for Gabriella.

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