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Innocence and Roses

Chapter 10

Prophecy Completed

Luna stood at the doors of the Great Hall, greeting the students and handing them each a bottle of perfume. She instructed them to send it home to their mothers, even offering them a piece of twine for the owl. Hermione refused hers, claiming her mother was allergic to roses.

"That is quite all right," Luna smiled. "She is a Muggle."

"What does being a Muggle have to do with it?" Hermione spat, becoming angered, at the perceived slight to the conditions of her birth.

"Let it go Hermione, I'll tell you later." Ronald tried to pull her away.

"Ronald," Luna smiled and handed him a vial. "So, how is Percy doing?"

Ronald looked at the vial, handed it back, grabbed Ginny and hurried her away. Then returning to the hallway he set up watch for the twins.

"I'm sorry Harry, but you and I don't need one. Not really."

"Luna," Harry glanced over his shoulder as he saw Snape walk up to the dais and take his seat. "Maybe we should talk about this before you hand out any more."

"No need," she smiled and turned to hand a bottle to Crabbe. Seeing his confusion, she explained it should be sent to his mother to honour the day.

He nodded and walked off, holding the bottle in his hand seeing the other students summoning owls. Snape frowned at the activity and walked off the dais, suddenly growing cold when he saw the label on the small vial in Crabbe's hand.

"Luna Seven a Scent of Heaven"

Prophecy Delivered

"Miss Lovegood, follow me." Snape sneered at Luna and turned in a billow of robes as he stalked out of the Great Hall and to his classroom. Waiting until she had closed the door behind her, he warded the door shut, and pointed to a desk, frowning until she sat down.

"Now that I have your attention you will explain to me what you are doing."

"I am finishing what I started," he looked at him confused.

"What exactly have you started? Other than a rather un-ladylike habit of greeting Death Eaters in the forest?"

"Oh, I had to stop doing that."

"Yes, Miss Lovegood, I remember that conversation quite well." He leaned over her desk, placing his palms on the desktop, and glowering at her. "Now explain what you are doing."

"I am finishing the Prophecy of course."

"What Prophecy?"

"You know. The big one."

"Miss Lovegood." He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"The one about the baby born in the seventh month. Have you heard that one?"

Severus lowered his chin to his chest and folded his arms. "Miss Lovegood, first of all, I do not know where you get the idea that you are part of a prophecy, and second of all, you need to stop doing this."

"But," she tilted her head and worried her lip. "Harry is having such a hard time with this, I thought to help him. My mother was working on the solution as well, but she didn't know about Harry. She thought that the seer meant her, or rather me."

"You?" Severus couldn't stop from hearing her out. He knew he would later regret it, but it seemed such a small thing.

"I was born in the seventh month."

"Then your birth certificate and registration at this school is incorrect."

"No, silly," she smiled up at him, "in the seventh month. You know, I was premature."

Severus felt something hit the bottom of his stomach. He frantically tried to remember the reasoning Riddle had used to target Lily. He raked his hands through his hair and took a step back from her, desperately needing to hear the prophecy again.

"Go on." He intoned.

"It's simple really. A witch would say that her baby was born in the seventh month if it came early, and in July if that is when it was born. Do you understand now?"

He nodded and flicked his wand at the door, lifting the wards and nodding at her. Unable to trust his voice he waved her to the door. He stood and mindlessly stared at the desk she had sat in, until he could at last collect his thoughts, and seek out the Headmaster.



"She has a point," Ronald said frowning. "That's how Mum talks. She says the twins were seven month babies."

Hermione looked at him and shrugged. "Don't you think they would have thought of that? And what about the other things, the scar, the fact that Harry can see what he is thinking?"

"I was still the one he came after," Harry said. "If Voldemort thought it was me, and he came after me, the fact that my Mum saved me still would have protected me. That's why he couldn't kill me. The old magic did that, not the prophecy, but the whole thing about he couldn't live…he. "

"It's a man thing." Luna smiled at Hermione. "You know, they just want to protect us. It's sweet really, but I was told that it was one couldn't live while the other did."

Hermione opened her mouth to say something then quickly turned her head. "Harry?" she squeaked.

"I don't know, Hermione. Dumbledore himself said not all prophecies come true, and that it is only after they play out that we know what they meant."

"Wouldn't hurt I guess." Ronald eyed the small bottles Luna carried in a basket slung over her arm.

"Come on," Harry jumped up and grabbed a handful, stuffing as many as he could in his pocket. "Snape and Dumbledore are still gone."

He hurried to the door and began handing the vials out as Luna and Ronald went up and down the aisles between the tables, giving out the vials and instructing the students to send them home at once.

By the time the Headmaster and the Professor of Potions returned they had almost completed the task. Dumbledore nodded at Snape who went at once to the Slytherin table.

"Mr. Malfoy," he said softly, as Draco reached for a vial. "Do remember your Aunt. I am sure no one else will think kindly of her today."

Draco shrugged and took two, one for his mother and one for Bellatrix, smirking at the look on Harry's face that he took as reluctance to give him more than the rest.

Snape strode back to the head table and sat next to the Headmaster.

"I have given up fifteen years of my life because two of the greatest wizards in history could not figure out what 'baby born in the seventh month' meant. I expect a raise, a big raise."

"Severus, it was you that brought the prophecy to Riddle, nothing has changed."

"Nothing has changed?" he said incredulously. "Look at her. How can you say nothing has changed? She is the chosen one."

"We still have the problem of the horcrux to deal with." Dumbledore frowned as he watched the owls whisk the vials up and out of the Great Hall.

"Professor Snape?" Luna's voice silenced their conversation. "Do you have a mother?"

He swallowed hard fighting to keep his face unmoved. "My mother is no longer with me."

"Good," she sighed. "Not good that she is dead, but good she won't be wearing the perfume. It is quite strong you know. One whiff and … well … one whiff and no one would want to be too near."

"Tell me, Miss Lovegood, does this work the same way as the bushes?"

"Oh yes," she twisted her radish necklace and smiled wistfully. "Better for the mothers you know."

"Severus." The Headmaster put his hand on Severus' arm, with some urgency, and nodded to ward the door. "You should retire to your quarters."

Severus looked up and saw Lavender Brown dab some of the perfume behind her ears, and trail her moistened finger along her throat to her opened top button. Blanching, he stood and hurried away.

Luna sat at the Gryffindor table, joining Ronald, Harry and Hermione. She looked up as Crabbe made a strangled noise and threw down the missive he had just taken off his mother's returned owl. The four turned and watched as he ran from the room in tears, then looked up to see more owls start to descend and cries of anguish sound out.

"I was thinking of looking for the Horned Snargle Footed Toad today," she said as she picked up her spoon and attacked her pudding. "Anyone want to join me?"

Harry grinned and nodded, winking at her. "Yeah, after that we'll go find those Nargles."


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