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"How was school today, honey?" My mom asked me while we were standing in the kitchen and she was cooking dinner.

"It was O.K.." I shrugged.

My mom rolled her eyes at me definitely not satisfied with my answer.

"Anna this year….."

"Is really important. You are giving me this speech every year ever since I entered school." I smiled, interrupting her.

She gave me a look.

"So how was that English test?"

"English was O.K. at least it wasn't Math. God knows that's not exactly my forte. Hmmm…where did I get that weakness for Math from?" I asked innocently.

"What I always had good grades in Math." She defended herself.

"Yeah, because you cheated."

"So, as long as you know how and don't get caught." She shrugged smugly.

"Wow what a roll model." I shook my head in mocked horror.

"Don't get to choky missy." She threatened playfully.

I stuck my tongue out at her and laughed.

"Yeah, really mature." Mom sighed, shaking her head but an amused smile was playing on her lips.

The door bell rang and I went to open it. It was my little brother Chris. Peaceful and peachy was out of the window the second he stepped through the door. Aside from being generally a pain in the a** he was developing a sadistic tendency. I try to stay out of his way as much as possible.

"I'm starving!" My little brother announced when he entered the hallway.

He threw the two plastic bags he was holding on the ground and got rid of his jacket. I turned on my heel and was about to walk back into the kitchen.

"You could make yourself useful and carry my bags, idiot." There went my "lovely" brother.

"If hell freezes over, moron." I retorted.

"You are just a lazy witch." I sighed I was used to this. The older he was the meaner and more of an a** he became.

"Really you are a complete outsider at school with no friends. It's a shame for me to have you as a sister." He fired away. Not that it affected me. I liked my solitude.

"Chris would you please stop that?" My mom's voice rang through the hallway. He just rolled his eyes at her.

"I'm hungry." He barked out shoving me against a wall as he passed me to get into the kitchen.

I sighed again knowing that there was no use in starting an argument about the shove I just received from him. Mom couldn't be angry at him for longer then a few minutes. She is loving and strong and once she flies into a fury everyone is scared of her, well except of me and my brother. In his case unfortunately.

She would scream bloody murder when he did something again but not to him. Either I our dad or Mic, her boyfriend, had to listen to her rants about Chris.

I loved my mom but this was driving me insane. Since I couldn't win this argument anyway I decided to just drop it, not in the mood to have a fight today.

"Ugly!" I heard him mutter under his breath while I walked into my room. My sanctuary. Once I closed my door behind me I had my peace.

I didn't let his least comment get to me since I knew that I wasn't ugly. I would never describe myself as beautiful far from it. Unfortunately I didn't inherit mom's beauty but I was O.K. looking. I didn't need to hide myself.

I have long brown hair with some high lights and curls. The curls are big and it always looks like I have spent hours to do my hair but all I need to do is to comb it, guess I got lucky there. I have brown eyes and perfect shaped red lips which I'm proud of, by the way. My figure well I'm not skinny but not fat either I have humps on all the right places. I'm not the hottest girl but also not the ugliest.

I'm a solid middle and that's just fine by me.

I went over to my desk and turned my computer on. Today the trailer for "New Moon" had been released and I couldn't wait to see it. I liked the story. I read all four books in two days.

I wasn't obsessed with the story nor was I in love with Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, unlike millions of females of all ages all over the planet. Jacob Black wasn't my cup of tea to begin with and Edward ……let's just say that boy had a lot to learn. The story just had something that kept me interested for some reason.

I went on You tube and quickly found the video. The make-up for the Vampire was better this time, not so overdone as in Twilight but I was disappointed with the appearance of the Werewolves. They weren't dangerous and terrifying but cute and cuddly.

After finishing the last of my homework and spending some more time with my family without the little pest being there, lucky for me he went to sleep at his girlfriends place, I went to bed.

The first thing I noticed when I was waking up was that I wasn't lying but sitting. Still groggy with sleep I dragged my eyes open and was wide awake the second I took the scenery around me in.

I wasn't lying in my bed anymore but I was sitting in a seat in a plane and the pilot was announcing that in a few moments we would touch grounds in Seattle. To say I was shocked and confused would be an understatement.

What happened to my bed and my room and why was I in a plane all of the sudden? I didn't understand any of this. I was just sitting in my seat and shaking like crazy.

The plane landed in Seattle and stuardes came to me.

"Hallo honey can I see your ticket please." She asked politely I started to search the bag that was beside me and found a plane ticket with my name on it, to my emense surprise. I gave it to her.

"O.K. honey my coullege will bring you to your next plane with the other passengers." She told my frendly I just nodded.

I was scared and creeped out but didn't think that freaking out in a plane would be a good idea, so I just went along with the other stuardes.

She brought me and the other people to a small plane she called it a "puddle jumper". As I entered this not really trusty looking plane I got to know the destination of the flight.

We were going to Port Angeles.

Not that this information helped me in the least I didn't know anyone in Port Angeles. Why in the world would I go there?

I felt sick, my stomach twisted the entire time and I was slipping in a zombie state. I didn't think anymore I was just absorbing informations but I didn't give any reaction away. Just like a zombie. I wanted to freak out but I was to scared to do so, I didn't know were I was going but being shipped of into a funny farm wasn't an option for me. Being a zombie was the safer way out.

When we finally arrived at the airport I waited to get my luggage and when I walked out of the terminal there was a man who run up to me and hugged me tight.

"Oh Anna I'm so sorry about your parents. Don't worry I will take care of you, it'll be alright." The man said with concern in his eyes. The man seemed to be a nice guy and even though I didn't know him I just nodded at him and went with him.

As we made our drive from Port Angeles to the small town where this man lived, it was raining the whole way.

We arrived in that little town and it could be described in one word.


My mind was not able to think it was completely frozen I was only taking the scenery in. I haven't spoken a word so far. I wasn't sure if I was able to keep myself from screaming if I opened my mouth.

We were driving through a quiet, little, sleepy town but it had it's own charm. I was never really a fan of the rain but I could arrange myself with it.

And then we finally stopped in front of a house. It was an old tow-storied house but it had a lot of space, big rooms and a lot of charm just like this town.

The house has four bedrooms and it looked like it had been renovated recently every, bedroom had it's own bathroom.

The man led me to a room upstairs with the sight of the forest. The walls in that room were painted cream, there was a big bed, a desk, a chair, a love seat near the window and a little walk in closet.

The man brought my luggage in the room and said.

"Listen Anna I will bring you to your new school tomorrow. It was a long flight you should take a shower and go to bed now. I will see you in the morning." he smiled sympathetically at me kissed the top of my head and went out of the room that was now mine.

I was to confused and tired to think at all I grabbed some clothes out of the suitcase went into the bathroom and showered. When I was finished I went straight into bed, put the covers over my head and prayed that this was just some kind of nightmare.

Unfortunately I didn't have so much luck. The man form yesterday woke me up telling me to get ready for school.

The rational part of my brain told that I should run away I was in a strange house with a man I haven't seen before and it wasn't safe. I should have called the police or done something, anything but my inner voice told me that I had to go with the flow and I would figure out soon enough what happened.

I'm usually a rational person but there was nothing rational about that situation so I went along with my inner voice.

It was a Monday in December as the man drove me to strange school that was located just off the highway. Last time I checked we had June but whatever. A collection of matching houses before us was supposed to be the school; but the sign "Welcome to Forks High School" was unmistakable.

The word Forks made something stir in the back of my mind but before I could think about it the man said.

"We are here."

We got out of the car and headed for a building that had the sign declaring it as the front office on it.

We went inside the small warm office. These people here in this small town really had it with the green because plants were growing everywhere in this tiny office.

The man and I made our way to the counter and a large, red-haired woman who was wearing glasses greeted us.

"Hallo Kevin and this must be your niece Anna Forester."

The man who seemed to be my uncle nodded.

"Hi?" I said with an unsure smile. While my head was making a mile a minute I didn't have an uncle in the USA and I didn't know anyone with the name Kevin. This was getting weirder by the second.

So I were already the top gossip of the school if not of the whole town. This people knew about me and my arrival but how?

"I will get your papers, wait a minute." I nodded politely again with a smile on my face while, while not understanding what was happening around me, she was searching for all the papers I needed to start school here.

"Well here it is. The schedule for you, a map of the school and slips you have to get signed by each teacher and bring it back at the end of the school day."

She explained everything to me and when we were finished we said our good byes and went off to our first classes. As the man named Kevin signed papers I could see that his last name was Billings.

I didn't know anyone with the name Kevin Billings and the other thing was, here I was already 16 and they put into the junior classes.

Kevin wished me a good day and drove off. I just stood there for a while before going into the building, hoping I would get to know what the heck was happening soon.

My first class was English lit, I sat down on a free seat and the girl next to me greeted me.

"Hi, I'm Jessica Stanley. You must be Anna Forester nice to meet you."

That name of this girl caught my attention and Twilight quickly crossed my mind but there just was no way in hell, right.

"Yeah that's me. Nice to meet you, too." I said politely with a friendly smile on my lips but my insides were going crazy.

"Hi, my mane is Mike Newton. How do you like Forks so far?" Asked a blond haired boy with blue eyes who sat before us while I was getting the creeps.

"I just arrived yesterday I didn't have the chance to get to know the town yet." I answered him like on autopilot but my mind was making a mile a minute.

"You should sit with us at lunch. How about it?" Mike invited me.

"Sure." I answered again on autopilot.

Before they could say anymore the teacher started the lesson. In the next classes before lunch break I met Angela Weber and Eric Yorkie.

I did register the information but my mind was frozen for a new reason. They were characters out of a book but they were here and they all looked just like in the books described. It was clicking in my head I was in Forks in the Twilight Forks but how could that be? Instead of getting answers more questions were adding themselves to my pile.

There I sat in my last class before lunch break and I was paralyzed, I felt nauseous, my stomach twisted the whole time, I couldn't grasp what was going on. This was insane and creepy.

Maybe a joke.

O.K. my theories.

So here were the possibilities:

I had an accident and I'm unconscious or,

I'm in a coma,

hmm….I've gone insane,

I happily lost it was also plausible.

But mainly this was just creepy and the question that popped out in my mind about a million times since all of this started was.

What the heck just happened?

And where am I for the love of all that's holy!

When the bell for lunch break rang I was about to have a melt down. I went out of the class room directly into Mike's arms.

It's just a saying people, don't worry I stopped before him.

"Hi, Anna I show you the way to the cafeteria since you are new here." Mike said as he grinned at me.

At the word cafeteria a light went on in my head.

If Mike, Jessica, Eric and Angela were here and I was in Forks then that meant that the Cullen's also should be here.

At that thought I almost blacked out.

How do you like it so far.