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"Here then?" The red-headed Turk shifted side to side, watching his partner place the last bit of remains inside a crate.

"It is what the president ordered." He placed the metal lid on top of the box, fastening it quickly yet with sheer efficiency. Rude straightened his sunglasses, examining the crate for any intimation of a possible breach.

Reno picked up a smaller box. "We had to separate each one?" He placed it back on top of the large pile and crossed his arms. "Sounds like a waste of time if you ask me, yo."

"Wrong." The black haired Turk came through the shadows. Unlike Reno, his suit was spotless. He commanded authority simply by stepping into the area. Tseng hung up his cell phone, placing it smoothly inside his suit pocket, and looked back at his two Turks. "Remember Reunion?" He wasn't too surprised to see Reno's head shake no. "It's the Jenova cells. They want to be together."

Rude looked quizzical, "So we're locking them up in here?"

His superior nodded. He tapped harshly on the top of the titanium crate. "In pieces."

"Yeah, relax!" Reno patted his partner on the back. "It's just old bits of corpse." He smirked and gently kicked a nearby box, earning a glare from Tseng. "Not like Sephiroth will just poof back."

The last of the crates were piled in the corner. Tseng pressed the keypad, and the door locked behind them, never to be opened again. "Back to the surface."

These were the moments he liked best. The whole house and bar were completely quiet, still with the peace of dusk. His whole body felt warm, elated. He didn't know if he should dare to stir and break this ethereal calm. His mind decided against it. He would only open his eyes a bit; just enough to see how much light was peering into the room.

Blue gaze met the white room quickly. His eyes only wanted to look at the window, only for a moment, but the arm across his chest immediately grabbed their attention. His head shifted against the pillow, and he felt himself smile at the white hand in front of him.

But an even greater distraction, an even greater comfort, was on his shoulder. The tangled dark hair trailed from his collar bone to the top of his chest. She seemed so relaxed. So perfect. He had to fight the urge to just touch her cheek, just feel her skin. He quickly turned to face her, unable to resist.

She awoke when his hand touched her face gently. Her brown eyes flashed in surprise, instinct reacting before realization. "Hey." She eyed the man sleepily and removed her arm from his body. Her own figure stretched in the bed.

"Sorry I woke you." The blonde sat half way up. His hair was ruffled up in frizzy spikes.

The black haired girl simply yawned. "Good morning, Cloud." She couldn't suppress the smile as her mouth formed the words.

"Good morning." He bent down to her head, kissing her lips and then her cheek.

She sat up to face him, "Did you sleep well?"

How could I not? "Yes, Tifa."

"My bed was comfortable?" She smiled coyly and laughed at his blush. "I'm glad." She looked around the room, looking a little nervous. "Cloud, what time is it?"


"…what?" She fumbled out off the bed, slipping the covers from the mattress and causing Cloud to flinch back a bit. "The kids are probably awake!"

Cloud simply nodded, knowing that she was probably correct, but he confused at her panicked state.

"They're probably wondering where we are!" Tifa's fingers went through her hair, a sad attempt to make it straighter. She grabbed her robe off the hook on the back of the door and then swiftly turned around, noticing Cloud smirking at her figure. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

The smirk grew. Cloud got up from the bed and picked his white t-shirt off of the floor. He placed it back over his chest and made no attempt to flatten down the blonde spikes. "How long are we going to hide this Tifa?" It had only been a week since they had admitted their feelings, but Cloud was getting uncharacteristically anxious. It took them so long to reach where they are now, and they had to hide it? Cloud didn't like the idea, but he respected Tifa's wishes.

Cid and Shera had announced their engagement to them a few days ago. Apparently Cid had become completely drunk and grabbed Shera's hand. He told her that his new airship was named after her because he loved her, and that he'd do anything to make her marry him. Shera, after being completely shocked that he didn't just ask her for tea, accepted.

Cloud thought that after a day or two they would at least act like how they felt. He noticed how Tifa constantly smiled at him and asked how he was doing, so he naturally assumed it was okay if their relationship was now 'open' to the public. One morning, while Tifa was making breakfast for the kids, Cloud placed his hand on her waist. Tifa cringed back and moved away from him. "Cloud…"

"What?" He walked closer.

"Not yet…" Her eyes glanced from him to the kids.

Cloud crossed his arms, "But how you were acting. All the smiling, the questions…I just thought…"

He stopped, seeing Tifa start to laugh. "Cloud!" She shook her head and grabbed his shoulders, saying in a soft murmur. "That's how I've always acted with you."

"Until after the wedding."

He immediately frowned, but understood Tifa's timing. Shera had asked Tifa to help her with the wedding plans, as a maid of honor.

"Cloud…" She walked over to him and smiled. "If you want to just tell them now, it's fine. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I should just be happy that it happened." Tifa caressed his cheek. "It's just…I never once thought about how our friends would react to this…or the children. What if Barret doesn't like it that we're…you know." She gestured to the bed. "What if he takes Marlene away? And what if they think I'm…because Aerith…"

Aerith? "You shouldn't worry about them, Tifa. It only matters what we think."

"You're right." But she still looked reluctant to say much else about the issue.

Cloud was searching for a compromise. He placed his hands on her shoulders, "…How about we tell them slowly, one at a time."

"One at a time? Then Yuffie better be last." She smiled and looked up to Cloud. "Okay. But who first?"

The blonde thought for a moment, about who wouldn't have any negative thought about the situation. Who would be happy? But it was hard to come up with anyone who'd be unhappy about this. To him, Tifa's worries were incredibly unwarranted, but he respected them nonetheless. "Denzel." He wanted to give the young boy a true family since day one. "I'll tell him."

Tifa was pulling at her bangs. "…okay. I'll get Marlene away for a moment, and you can tell him. But just make sure to say it's private, Cloud." Her voice was stern but still laced with anxiety.

"Relax, Tifa." He gave her a tight quick hug and kissed her firmly. "Even if they don't accept it, there are worst things that could happen. Much worse."


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