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Hungrily, Toby was scarfing down every piece of food he could. Anthony enjoyingly ate what he's never seen before but loved it. Johanna tried eating proper, like she has for 15 years, but Anthony stared at her like she was silly. "Johanna, come on, look around at all the other girls-they're not trying to be lady-like. You can eat however you want though." Anthony encouraged. Johanna looked at the girls, most of them really were pigging out. Without any further thought, Johanna took a huge piece of bacon and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. Anthony laughed in amazement. After a few more minutes people started to arise. Johanna grabbed Anthony's arm while Toby followed behind.

"Harry?" Said a younger voice. Toby turned around and the boy was looking at him.

"Who?" Toby asked. The boy laughed.

"Harry, you know..you!" The boy teased.

"My names not Harry...it's Toby." Toby said raised an eyebrow.

"Haha, very funny." The boy laughed.

"Toby, let's go." said Anthony.

"Oh your serious!?" said the boy confused, "Wait, Ron why are you and Hermione holding hands!?"

"Ron? My names Anthony, and this is Johanna." Anthony laughed confused. "By the way, where are we suppose to go?"

"Your suppose to be in Potions, like me." The boy said.

"Oh, can you lead us there?" asked Anthony. The boy nodded and everyone followed behind.

Turpin got up like the rest of the people. "Excuse me, where am I suppose to be?" he asked the green lady.

"Potions class, like your normally suppose to be." She said. Turpin shrugged and headed out to try and find the classroom he awoke in. It was right next to where he was just then. He walked in to find students all gathering in seats. He nervously took the desk and looked at everyone. Johanna was in there too, she sat next to a guy hiding his face with his long hair and a smaller boy on her other side. Turpin sighed angrily at the thought of boys parading around her. Everyone he saw was wearing robes.

On one side of the classroom, there were red themed robs and on the other side were green. Once everyone sat down he began to speak, "Hello class." he choked out. "Can anyone remember what we discussed yesterday?" He turned his head in a few directions hoping somebody would answer.

Somebody from the green side rose their hand, "We were learning about a potion to make people think everything is attractive."

"Potions can make you drunk?" Turpin thought. "Okay, well we'll start at.." He looked around and found a book marked with the exact page. He read where it was last marked. He read off the page and thankfully, people listened and started taking notes.

"Doesn't he look really familiar?" asked Anthony to Johanna.

"Shh, it's Turpin! He can't know your here!" Johanna hushed scared. Anthony did so by looking down the whole time. The class ended and Johanna hurriedly followed Anthony out.

Sweeney and Nellie stared at the strange man. "My Lord? Are you alright?" Sweeney shook his head. Nellie stood up and cowarded behind Sweeney. "Well, are you Bella?" Nellie noticed he was talking to her.

"Who!?" She asked surprised.

"You, Bellatrix." Nellie then snapped.

"Mr T and I woke up alone and confused on a bloody island with sticks that can kill and make creepy things happen, I killed a bird mister! And then we find a broom that can fly, then a snake led us here and we are cold confused and our names aren't Voldemort and Bellatrix!!!" The man gawked at them.

"My Lord?" He asked Sweeney.

"She's right, were not who you think we are, were lost and we demand to be sent back home!" Sweeney hissed. The man looked at them for one more time.

"Where do you live?" He asked with a sigh.

"Fleet street London." Nellie replied.

"Fleet Street? That place no longer exists! It's now just factories." He said recalling his last visit.

"It can't be! We were just there! Are you saying this is the future or something like that!?" Sweeney said furiously.

"Uh, It's 2005. Does that help?"

"It's suppose to be 1887!" Nellie screamed tearfully. "I wanna go home, I want to be back at the pieshop I want my son!" She cried.

"Oh, well what does he look like?" The man encouraged.

"He's about this tall," Nellie put her hand to mark the place, "He has brown hair, he looks...like THAT!" She pointed to a newspaper with him on it. She hurriedly picked it up and looked it over. It was labeled "The Chosen One." She lit up seeing his face. The man came and looked at the picture.

"Harry Potter?" He asked astonished. Nellie shook her head.

"No, that's my son Toby!"

"Son? His parents are dead, he killed them." The man pointed to Sweeney.

"What? No, he's been living with us." Sweeney looked guilty. The man shrugged.

"I know where he is. I can try and get him but I'm pretty sure he's going to resist. I have to visit my son for the holidays anyways." He left and Sweeney and Lovett were alone again, or so they thought.

"You really did kill his only guardian." Nellie laughed back the tears.

It was finally time for a break. Toby, Johanna, and Anthony were enjoying their day of learning about magic. They didn't find it weird in any way. They laughed and watched everything in amazemant. All three sat under a close by tree and discussed how much fun they were having. Johanna though, was having the most fun of them all. She had never been outside of her home and when she finally gets out she gets to be in a school of magic!

"Oh my gosh, this is amazing!" Johanna said joyfully.

"Yah, but how'd we get here?" Toby smiled.

"How'd we get here? You learned how to turn a bird into a cup and you wonder how we got here?" Anthony laughed and Toby shook his head smiling. A girl with blonde hair walked out into the field. She looked lost and confuzed. She walked over to the group.

"Excuse me, I'm lost." she said. All knew exactly what to do.

"Don't worry, we all were this morning." Anthony then looked at Johanna who looked at Toby who looked at him. If Anthony was there-and Toby and Johanna, and also Turpin. Everyone else they knew must be there too, but who's this girl? Somebody came out from a crowd to the girl.

"Luna!" He shouted.

She glanced at him confused. "Luna? ...Lucy.."