Hey you guys! It's me again. This may be a bit confusing to read, because it's choppy and I didn't put quotation marks where Erik speaks, except for that last exclamation. Erik switches back and forth with the first person and third person because he is crazy. The "I" and "Erik" are all the same person, but different personalities? It is all done purposefully, but all other grammatical errors or spelling errors are not intended. This is a continuation of Be Like Me to Love Me, and reviews are greatly appreciated. This may be continued. It's rated T for its morbid theme and character death. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Gaston Leroux does, but I think that even ALW has to write one of these for using dear Gaston's characters. (:


Hmm, Erik is curious. In fact, he thinks that he can almost relate to Christine's curiosity when she'd taken his mask.


Christine hasn't said a word all week. She hasn't eaten anything either. Hmm, I wonder what she is doing.

Is she trying to be like me? Is she trying to become thin like Erik? I am glad, and so flattered. She finally loves me! She understands what I want. She will learn to be with me soon.

I plan to do it within this week.

Oh yes, Erik cannot wait until our wedding day!

Christine, I call. Hmm, there is no answer.

Christine? I try again, I wouldn't want you to die in there! Haha, at least not yet.

Strange, she hasn't responded to Erik's call at all. He needs her to be perfect for their wedding day.

I am growing impatient now, My dear, I am going to have to break this door down.

No answer.

So, I break down the door.

This is where I assume I would stagger back from the stench, but I don't. Haha. I don't have a nose!

You see, Christine is dead. She got to herself before I got her. She is a smart girl.

I feel a bit ashamed. Erik was the last to arrive. Even the rats were faster than he! They've made some progress.

Erik had planned on dying with her, but she makes it so convenient. I was wondering on how to deal with the struggling and squirming.

I look at her, and I wonder what to say.

"Christine, I want to thank you for understanding. You flatter Erik so much! But I think you've overdone yourself, my dear. Erik knows that he is thin, but you didn't have to call the rats!"