Small humms could be heard from the small bedroom as Three Days Grace filled the room from the stereo. Ash sighed in annoyance. She could never get her hair to go the way she wanted it to. Always being so long to where it reached her ankles. Straight at the top, then got curlier as it went down till it reached a point were she had to keep parts tied back.

She looked at her black alarm clock. The red digits reading 6:50 AM.

"Oh no! I'm gonna be late!" she shouted as she quickly flipped her steroe off then ran to her kitchen. Slipping her shoes on she left through the only available exit in her beat up, run down home.

She ran around to her front yard then jumped over the white paint chipped picket fence. Running she saw the bus drive past her then stop at the corner.

"Here she is." Sasori called to the bus driver hoping the man would wait. Mike tapped his foot impatiently. He did have other routes.

"Why dont you just take your fancy car, Red?" The middle aged man asked his friend laughing. The redhead's cheeks turned bright red.

"S-Shut up. And why dont you buy your wife a convertable." he stuttered. As soon as the girl was in arms length he grabbed her and pulled her onto the bus steps with him. Mike closed the doors as soon as she was on the steps.

Ash blushed when she noticed her skirt was caught in the doors, she blushed redder when she realized she was in her best friends arms. Well, not best friend, closest guy friend she would call a possable love interest.

Ash yanked her skirt out of the public transport bus doors. Mike laughed a little.

"Not funny." she said annoyed as she went up the steps of the bus. Sasori, Mike, and several others on the bus laughed. Ash sat down in the nearest seat available and crossed her legs. Sasori smiled and rolled his green eyes. Sitting next to her, he placed an arm behind her so it was resting on her shoulders. The girls face turned pinker.

"Apology accepted." she myttered looking out the window. Sasori smiled. Everyone would call him a anti social bastard, but when Ash was around, he was rather pleasent to be around. She was the better half that brought out his own better half.

Several minutes later they arrived at Amegakure Highschool for the Gifted.

Gifted as in speaial ability's and talents, not gifted as in Special Ed.

They both got up and left the bus. They only had about 30 minutes till class started.

"Yo Danna, Ashtray, over here!" Deidara called waving to them from under their usual meeting place right under a giant cherry tree. In the beginning of spring the tree had small, tiny leaves, if you could call them that.

"Okay I dont see around wherever she i--Sensie!" a loud shout was heard as Sasori was roughly tackled to the stony ground. Ash and Deidara both laughed outloud.

"Hi Ash-chan." Taiyo greeted.

"Hi Taiyo." Ash responded. The ember eyed girl smiled.

"Brat, Get off." the redhead growled annoyed into the ground. His voice muffled. The burnette got off of the older boy bouncing slightly. Deidara helped the redhead up off the ground. Sasori gave him an annoyed look. The blonde showing off his cheeky childish grin.

"Shut up. It's only cause I taught her to ride a bike." he said annoyed heading into the school building.

"Aww Sun-chan you made Danna mad."

Ash laughed a little at the blush that tinged Taiyo's cheeks.

"Atleast I dont blow up boys bathrooms!" she said. The boy blushed as well.

"Atleast I dont bomb trashcans and lockers!" he retorted. They both stared at each other for about 5 seconds till they burst out laughing. The bell rung and Ash headed inside with the three behind them.

The day was pretty much a blurry same as usual day. Someone mad Taiyo mad, she blew up their locker, Deidara put a bomb in the boys bathroom again, when someone was actually in their using the tiolet did it blow up.

Deidara and Sasori got into a fight about art. Ash threw an eraser, and a pencil at someone, the pencil hitting him. They all had lunch detention together.

So by the time 3rd period fell they were pretty much out of stuff to do.

"Attention students and teachers: All classes have been canceled for today. Also, Sasori Akasuna please report to the main office immedatly, Sasori Akasuna to the office."

Everyone made an oh sound like in one of those cheesy old sitcoms. Ash laughed a little. Sasori rolled his eyes. Before the teacher had a chance to react Sasori had dragged Ash with him and they were walking down the hall. Arms linked together.

"What did you do?" she asked him smirking.

"I do not know what you are talking about." he said.

"Sure ya dont." she said smugly. When they entered the lobby blinding flashes of lights were all around them. Nearly blinding them.

"Prince Akasuna, why did you leave Sunagakure?" someone asked.

"Sasori, was it a political matter?"

All sorts of questions were being thrown at them.

One thing went through Ash's mind.

"Why were they calling him Prince Akasuna?"