"I heard your soon to be hubby is hanging out with another girl?" Ino asked Sakura over the phone as she fixed her hair into many curls atop her head.

"Nothing I cant get taken care of. I'm sure it's just out of pity." Sakura said as she lounged on the day bed in her light pink night gown.

"Ow! Watch it with the pedicure!" Sakura yelled at her maid who was giving her a pedicure. The other one giving her a manicure.

"So how's your birthday party coming along?" Sakura asked the girl with a yawn. Ino giggled.

"Wonderfuly. Sai made me a painting of myself in an old victorian style outfit." she said smiling fluffing up her curls more as she placed a black choker with a blue gem around her neck.

"How wonderful. I wonder when my Saso-Kun will get me a gift." she said.

"Dont you have everything Sakura? Your kinda spoiled." Ino said as she slapped some lipstick onto her lips. Sakura scoffed.

"Puh-lease. I'm like the most awsome princess in the W-O-R-L-D." she said matter of factly like it was true. Ino rolled her blue eys.

"Suuuure it is."

"Why dont you come out here tomorrow Ino-chan. You'd love this little town. So cute!" she said smiling. Ino smiled as well.

"Sure Sakura. I'll see you tomorrow morning at 11." she said smiling.

"Bye bye Ino-chan." Sakura said as she turned the phone off of speaker.

"Shut up both of you!" Ash and Sasori shouted at Deidara and Taiyo. The two were constently talking about their position they had been in last night. Ash was redder then Sasori's hair and Sasori was redder then a tomato.

During homeroom everyone was in for a shock. Sasori looked annoyed at the text messsage he just received from Sakura. She wanted him to meet her for lunch.

"No way in hell!" Sasori shouted at lunch that afternoon.

"Sasori calm down." Ash tried to reassure him.

"Poor Sensie." Taiyo said as she watched the boy pace under their tree.

"She is ruining my life." he hissed.

"Sasoooooooooori!" The girl called as she ran across the courtyard with a blonde wearing a ponytail following behind her. Ash rolled her eyes as she walked away.

"A-Ash!" Sasori called. Deidara glared at the two girls. Sakura was annoying. The pink haired girl ignored Deidara and Taiyo. The blonde girls hair swishing in Taiyo's face making her scowl.

"Sasori this is Ino my best friend! Ino this is Sasori." she said latching onto his arm.

"My fiance!" She shouted several people hearing what they said. Deidara's eyes widened a bit shocked. Thank god Ash wasnt around.

"Well lets go." Sakura said smiling.

"No way." Sasori told her shrugging her off.

"What!? Why!?" she asked annoyed.

"Because I'm eating lunch with Deidara, Taiyo, and Ash when we find her."

"She's probably already at the meeting place." Deidara told him.

Sasori nodded turning to walk away. Sakura growled in annoyance and pulled him back.

"What?" he asked her giving an annoyed glare.

"Your grandmother wants to have lunch with us."

"I'm busy." he tried shaking her off again before Ino grabbed his other arm and pulled him away with Sakura.

"S-Sorry guys!" Sasori shouted as he was dragged off.

Taiyo gave a look. Deidara too.

"Ash is not to know about the rumor." Taiyo told Deidara. They both agreed on that. It would brake her heart.

"I dont get what she's trying to do!?" Ash shouted as she paced the roof Hidan sitting cross legged next to Kakuzu. They were sitting under the wooden gazebo that was made for students who often came up to the roof. And for the gardening club's meetings.

"Well tell the bitch off." Hidan told her.

"Tried that. She just got mad and stormed off."

Kakuzu humed slightly. They turned their heads when they heard the door open. Itachi walked up to them with his little blonde kitten Mikari behind him.

"H-Hi Ash-chan." Mikari stuttered the girl smiled.

"Hi Mikari."

"Awwww Mika-chaaaaan!" Hidan shouted going to glomp the blonde before Itachi's foot blocked his way. The blonde boy made a small eh sound as Hidan fell to the ground. Itachi took the boys hand in his and walked over to the gazebo and sat down at it.

Forcing the blonde into his lap.

"I heard about Sakura." Itachi told them.

"Neeeeeeighn! That name is forbiddden around me!" she told them.

"Yeah speacially since that bitch is goin around saying and and Sasori are--hmph!" Hidan stopped as his mouth was covered by Kakuzu's hand. "Dont tell her. She doesnt know." Kakuzu hissed.

"That there what?" Ash asked.

"That....That their going on dates together!" Hidan reassured her.

Ash rolled her eyes then sighed.

"I'm skipping."

"EH!? YOU!? SKIPPING!?" Hidan asked shocked as the girl left out the door and down the stairs.

"Got a problem with it?" she muttered as she walked down the steps. Stopping mid step.

'Why do I feel like their hiding something from me.' she thought to herself sighing.

Walking down into the lobby she froze. There against the wall was Sasori Sakura leaning up like she was gonna kiss him. No way in hell was she gonna let that happen. Besides Sasori looked really grossed out by the thought. Ash walked over and grabbed Sakura by her hair.

"I dont think he wants your disguisting lips on him." Ash told the girl.

"Hey Ash." Sasori said all too releived to see her. Sakura turned around smacking Ash's hand away from her.

"How dare you touch me!" she shouted. Ash rolled her eys. Taking out the handkercheif that had the anitials VD on it again she walked over to Sasori and wiped his cheek. "You got something on it Sasori." They both turned red. Sasori knew she was doing this just to make Sakura mad.

"T-Thanks." he said smiling. Sakura gasped at the handkercheif.

"Why do you have something that is the property of Vincent Delegros!?" she shouted. As raised an eyebrow.

"Are you that stupid." she told the girl.

"He's my dad." she responded. Ash quickly grabbed Sasori's hand and walked away with him. Ino stood in the corner shocked as she walked up next to Sakura and watched the two walk away.

"I knew she looked fimilar." Ino told the girl.

Sakura ignored the blonde. She was too busy glaring daggers into the back of Ashley Mitirishi's head. The girl would pay deeply.

Calling a number on the phone she checked with her aid.

"Do we have a press converence tomorrow at Amegakure Highschool for the Gifted?" she asked. The women on the other end responded with a yes.

Sakura smirked. this was going to be good. The girl might have heard the news via the student body. But just incase she hadnt. This would leave Sasori all hers!