Ego and oh shit!

Author's note-Ok! A song obviously is going to be in the chapter! I'm sorry! I couldn't help it. Lol. Anyway 2 things are to happen what are they going to be? You have to wait and read on!

Everyone except Jasper and I was at home.

Alice and her new boyfriend Kyle were at some movie.

Rosalie and Emmett went out to Panama for the weekend. They needed some alone time. Ugh.

I was cleaning the kitchen since Jasper's lazy ass won't do it.

I was listening to my iPod in the deck as I heard Beyonce's song called 'Ego'

I started to sing as I moved my hips a little to the song as I washed the dishes.

It's on
Baby lets get lost
You don't need
To call into work,
Cuz you're the boss
For real want you
To show me how you feel
I consider myself
Lucky that's a big deal

Why, well,
You got the key to my heart
But you aint gonna need it
I'd rather you open up my body
And show me secrets
You didn't know was inside,
No need for me to lie

It's too big
It's too wide
It's too strong
It wont fit
It's too much
It's too tough
He talks like this
Cuz he can back it up
He got a big ego
Such a huge ego
I love his big ego
It's too much
He walks like this
Cuz he can back it up

Usually I'm humble
Right now I don't choose
You can leave with me
Or you could have the blues
Some call it arrogant
I call it confidant
You decide when you find
On what I'm working with
Damn I know,
I'm killing you with them legs
Better yet them thighs
Matter a fact it's my smile
Or maybe my eyes
Boy you a site to see
Kind of something like me

It's too big
It's too wide
It's too strong
It wont fit
It's too much
It's too tough
I talk like this
Cuz I can back it up
I got a big ego
Such a huge ego
But he love my big ego
It's too much
I walk like this
Cuz I can back it up
I, I walk like this
Cuz I can back it up
I, I talk like this
Cuz I can back it up
I, I can back it up
I can back it up
I walk like this
Cuz I can back it up

It's too big
It's too wide
It's too strong
It wont fit
It's too much
It's too tough
He talks like this
Cuz he can back it up
He got a big ego
Such a huge ego
I love his big ego
It's too much
He walks like this
Cuz he can back it up

Ego so big
You must admit
I got every reason
To feel like I'm that bitch
Ego so strong,
If you ain't know
I don't need no beat,
I can sing it with piano

"Wow Bella you never ease to amaze me." I jumped and dropped the dish in the water.


Jazz's Pov

I was watching the football game. Esme told me to do my chores but I was too lazy to do them. Bella being the wise one decided to do them since she already did hers.

I heard singing and I knew it was Bella.

Was she singing 'Ego' by Beyonce? I had to see this.

I walked downstairs to see my love dancing and singing. When the song was over I decided to surprise her.

"Wow Bella you never cease to surprise me." she jumped and dropped the dish in the water.

"Hi. You shouldn't have saw that." she was so adorable when she blushes.

"Love, you were beautiful." I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her forehead.

"I love you Jazzy." she giggled.

"You know I hate that name." I groaned.

"But you love it when I say it." Damn.

"True love true." I kissed her.


Fast forward 2 weeks later.

Bella's Pov

Jasper for some reason left this morning.

Alice put me in this beautiful prom like dress.

It was a lime green fairy like dress.

My hair was wavy and I had green make up.

I was walking to a beautiful meadow like Jasper told me. It had roses, lilac,forget-me-not,peach blossoms and so much more.

"Hi Isabella." I turned to see Jasper in a very nice outfit.

It was a lime green shirt like my dress and he was wearing dark blue jeans and Sperry.

"You look so beautiful Bella." he said. He kiss me.

"You don't look so bad yourself." I smiled.

He gave me his heart stopping smile.

"Isabella there is a reason I wanted to do this." I was confused.

He got down on one knee. Omg! Is he doing what I think he is doing?He took my hand.

"Isabella when I first met you I could have sworn I have died and gone to heaven. You were so beautiful underneath the bruises. I promise to love,cherish, and nurture you for the rest of our days." I had tears. He pulled out a blue box.

"So Isabella Marie Swan, would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Isabella Hale? Bella will you marry me?" he took out the ring and I gasped.

It had to be at least 6 or 7 carats.

"Yes!" I squealed.

"Yes?" he asked just to be sure.

"Yes! I will marry you Jasper Hale!" he slid the ring on my finger and picked me up in his arms and spun us around. Both of us laughing.

"I love you Bella." he said.

"I love you too Jasper." I kissed him hard on the lips.

"Whoop! Go Bella!" we both pulled away to see the other mostly the girls squealing and cheering.

"I am so happy." Alice hugged me. She had tears in her eyes.

"Oh Alice." I hugged her back. I had tears of Joy in my eyes.

"Can Rose, Casey and I plan the wedding?" Alice asked.

"Yes and Casey is my maid of honor." Casey had tears.

"Really?" she asked.

"Of course. You are one of my best friend. You help me get through a lot. I love you for that Casey." she hugged me tightly.

"I love you too Bella." she cried.

"Rosalie." she was crying. She never cries!

"Bella." I hugged her.

"Bella is getting married! Oh my god!" I laughed.

Emmett picked me up in a bear hug.

"I am going to have a baby sister!" he laughed.

"Fiancée can't breathe." Rosalie smacked him on the head.

"Sorry." I stumbled into Jasper's arms.

"I love you." we both said. I giggled and we all walked back to the house.

Esme and Carlisle were sitting in the living room.

"Kids why are you all dressed up and looked like you were crying? Is everything ok?" Esme asked.

"I'm getting married!" I squealed. Esme had tears.

"Oh my bookie bear is getting married." she went to hug Jasper while we all were laughing our asses off.

"Mom. I just proposed for god's sake." he whined. He was too cute.

"I just joking sweetheart. Now I have another daughter." she came to hug me.

"Thanks mom." she beamed happiness at that.

"My son has finally found his dream girl." he laughed. I raised and eyebrow.

"Jasper was always looking for that special someone so he called you his angel." Carlisle explained. I turned to him.

"You are me angle as well." I kissed him.

Rene called me later to let me know that Charlie was at the hospital. I told her I am coming and bringing someone.

I told her not to put Edward on the visiting list! If he found out I was back in know what I don't want to think of that.

I am set free and it's all thanks to my wonderful Fiancée Jasper Hale.

Edward's Pov

Ok that's it! I have looked everywhere in Forks! I decided to travel to find her. I will find her.

She Is mine and I will kill any bastard who has stole her away from me. Her body and heart!


Author's Note-Ok! Before I continued this I will like to fast forward this. Trust me dear readers I am that excited!

Next Week

Jasper and I sat in the plane to Forks. I was nervous.

"Love are you ok?" he asked.

"No. I am afraid." I whispered.

"Why are you...oh." yeah now he knows.

"Bella he isn't going to hurt you. I promise. That is why you took karate lesson and martial arts remember." he said.

"Oh yeah but he is 3 times bigger." I said.

"I know and Bella don't get mad but I brought Emmett and everyone else here." he said quietly.

"Oh Jasper that is fine" I said.

"Really you aren't mad?" he asked. So cute.

"No bookie bear I'm not mad." he glared.

"Very funny Bella bear." he kissed my nose.

I smiled.


5 hours later.

We finally arrived to Forks and got in the rental car. The others were on the next flight.

Alice told me they were over Phoenix.

Jasper and I got to the hospital and went to Charlie's room.

"Hi mom." I gave her a hug.

"Hi Bella. Oh dear I missed you." she gushed.

She noticed Jasper standing in the corner. He was talking on the phone.

"Who in god's name is that?" oh my god. Seriously she is a dating whore.

"That mom is my fiancée Jasper Hale." mom froze.

"Are you serious?" she smiled.

"Yep. Isn't he gorgeous?" I gushed.

"He looks like a cowboy kind of guy." she said,

"Yep. He lived in Texas." I said.

"So you are over Edward?" she asked. I froze.

"Yeah. I am. Have you talked to him?" I asked.

"He calls like every week. I swear he is like a stalker to me and your friends." she sighed.

"He has called my friends. I mean they know where I am but damn did he have to go that far? Besides they are in Europe." I said.

"Yes I know. I wish things were better for you." Mom said.

" I know now let's go see Charlie." I said.

I walked in.

"Hey dad." I said.

"Hey Bells. You look so much better. Did you leave that bastard of your boyfriend?" he asked.

"If by left you mean travel with Casey to Florida to get engaged to some hot guy later then yes." I gigled.

"Splendid where is he?" he asked.

"Oh yeah. Jasper?" I looked around to not see him.

"Excuse me." I walked out of the room.

"Jasper?" I was confused. I ran into a nurse.

"Excuse me have you seen a really cute guy with blond hair and blue eyes?" I asked.

"Oh yes he left with a hot bronze haired guy." Oh shit!

"Thanks!" I started to run down the stairs with my gun in my backpack. Yes I carry a gun. I have a permit thanks to dad.

I ran to the parking lot to see Edward putting Jasper in a head lock. I took out the gun and put lots and I mean lots of bullets in it. I started to yell.

"If you value your life you will put my fiancée down and back the fuck away from him!" I screamed. Jasper actually looked scared for one that I have a gun and that I actually cuss.

"Well, well, well my Bella. I haven't seen you in almost 3 months. Where the fuck were you?" he growled walking towards me.

"That is none of you business asshole!" he slapped me.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled.

"Don't yell at your owner!" he yelled back

"I am not your fucking owner and second of all I am engaged for your info." I growled in his face.

"Well then I guess I have to change that." he pushed me to the ground and walked towards Jasper.

"Don't touch him Masen!" I yelled with the gun in my hand.

"Oh come on Bella we know there is no bullet in there." he smirked.

"Stay from my brother!" I turned to see Emmett with a gun as well. We both smirked.

"What the hell is this?" he demanded.

"This is my family. And the guy you were about to kill is my fiancée and if you take another step towards him I will shoot." I promised darkly.

"Bella we know you wouldn't shoot." he smirked.

"Your right I won't." I dropped the gun. Emmett had a what the fuck look.

I gave him the lok and h understood.

"Good now dump this asshole and let's go home." I went up to him and punched in the face.

"What the fuck is wrong with you bitch?!" I kicked him square in the stomach for that.

"Don't call me that!" I punched him again.

"Come near me, my fiancée, or my family and see what fuckin happens." I growled darkly in his ear. He nodded obviously afraid.

I punched him once more in the stomach and let the cops take him away. I wouldn't get in trouble because mom told them about the abuse.

"Bella!" I turned to run to my fianc'ee."

"Jasper." I cried.

"Bella shh it's ok." he wiped the rears from my eyes.

"You almost got hurt." I said.

"I know and you came quick enough to save me. I am so thankful and I love you more than I already do." I hugged him tightly.

"I love you Jasper." I sighed.

"I love you too Bella." he kissed me.

"By the way, seeing you a gun,cussing, and beating the crap out of Edward was fuckin hot." I laughed and slapped his arm playfully.

"luckily I wore the hand glove or my hand would be damn broken." I said.

"I'm glad it isn't." he kissed my hand.

"My ring is ok!" I hugged it.

"What about me?" he said.

"Jazzy is ok!" Alice came over and hugged me.

"Bella that was awesome!" Casey,Rosalie,and Emmett said.

"You beat the shit out of him." Rosalie said.

"Yeah that should be Youtube mater ital." Emmett laughed.

"Shut up." I hit his shoulder.

"Rosalie Bella hit me." he whined.

"Suck it up." I stuck my tongue at him.

"Come on you guys can meet my mom. Jasper my mom finds you hot." I added. He blushed. We all looked at him. I have only saw him blush once.

"What?" he said as the blush faded away.

"Ok did you just blush?" Rosalie said.

"Maybe." he mumbled.

"Awww so cute!" Emmett guffawed.

"Fuck you." Jasper whispered.

"Come on." I walked through the door.

"Guys these are my parents Charlie and Rene.

Guys this is Alice, Rosalie, of course you know Casey,Emmett,and this cute guy is my fiancée Jasper Hale." I took his hand.

"Well nice to meet you all Jasper you hurt Bella like that bastard did, I will be haunting you with my ghostly form." he warned. We all laughed.

"Don't worry Charlie I will never hurt Bella. I love her too much to hurt her in any way." he kissed my hand.

"The wedding is in Panama city Florida." Alice said.

"What?" Jasper and I said.

"Yeah." she said.

"We are so talking about that later." I said.

"Let us know and we will come." mom said.

We spent the rest of the week planning and spending time with everyone.

We went back home to be married in Pensacola at the meadow where he proposed. I was free. Edward can kiss my ass.


Author's note-Ok I hope it was long! I was too excited.

Anyway tell my where the honeymoon should be? The wedding and honeymoon will be in the next chapter.

Until then bye my peeps!