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My first fic, "To love again" was based on a pairing she wrote in, "Abyssus Abyssum Invocat". It was just too delicious to ignore. Her stories have been a source of my inspiration. The story here is also based on one of her pairings mentioned therein. Hope you like it!

Story took place in 2006, the year Jeff Hardy re-signed and came back to WWE after a three-year hiatus.


Chapter 1

"Welcome back, man!" Hunter, gave Dave a friendly slap on the back. "Things just aren't the same without you here!"

Dave had just returned from an injury, a torn tricep that had put him out of action for several months. He was now back, ready for action!

Dave smiled back at Hunter, "Thanks Hunter! I'm glad to be back. So, how's Steph? I heard she's into her eighth month. "

Hunter's eyes softened at the mention of his wife. She was due next month and they were expecting their first newborn, a girl.

"She's doing really well. The doctor said the baby and her vital signs are good. We'll be expecting a healthy baby girl! I can't wait to hold the itty bitty baby in my hands!" Hunter gushed with excitement.

Dave laughed at his friend and regular training partner, "I can see you're all excited. I bet you have been reading all kinds of stuff about taking care of babies. Being a first-time daddy is a huge task, let me tell you that!"

Dave was married before and had fathered a child but things didn't work out. He was currently single and available. Standing at 6 ft 6" and at 300 lbs, he had an impressive physique. Dave took pride in the strict discipline he put himself through each day at the gym. He was all muscles, no single ounce of fat could be found on his perfect body. He was, without a doubt, deemed a good catch by both women and men. Somehow, nobody had caught his fancy and after his failed marriage, he decided to stay single, unless that special someone came along.

Hunter groaned and rolled his eyes, "You're telling me! Steph has me running errands. Hunter, buy this! Hunter, buy that! I don't think there is enough storage space for all the stuff we've bought. If this keeps up, we may have to house all that baby stuff in a building by itself!"

Dave clapped his friend on the back, laughing lightly, "It's your first child, everyone's excited about her arrival and they are bound to get carried away. You'll be surprised how those things would come in handy when the baby arrives."

As the two men continued their conversation, Matt Hardy strolled past the dressing room and saw them.

He rapped on the open door grinning as he walked in, "Dave, glad to see you back! Hey Hunter!" They exchanged greetings and everyone got reacquainted with what had been going on in each other's lives.

"So, Dave, met anyone yet?" Everybody in the locker room always posed him that question when they saw him. They were counting down his bachelor days but he always surprised them with his reply. They couldn't believe that such an attractive guy was still unattached. Besides good looks, Dave was actually a real nice guy, he was down to earth, friendly and easy going.

"No, not yet. What about you, Matt?"

Matt pulled a long face and sighed, "No one wants me!"

Hunter laughed, "Don't listen to him Dave. I know personally that there are several divas here who are dying to go out with Mr Mattitude here! The problem is, he doesn't know who to choose!"

Matt blushed lightly, shaking his head, "Not true man! We're just friends, that's all!"

He thought for a bit before adding, "Hey guys, I'm throwing a bash at my place on the fourth of July. Do you want to come? I'll be inviting almost everyone here plus some others over at Raw."

Hunter shook his head, "Steph's in her advance stage, I can't leave her," and turning to Dave, he said, "You should go, you know, to mingle and catch up with the others."

Dave considered before nodding his head, "Sure, why not?"

"That's great! I'll catch up with you later. I've got to go now, Vince wants to see me." Matt was in a hurry. No one keeps the Chairman waiting!

"Are you in trouble with Vince?" Hunter teased, knowing that with Matt's work etiquette, that was highly unlikely.

"No." He had a big grin on his face and his eyes gleamed with excitement.

"I know that look. What's going on Matt?" Hunter prodded. He could tell that Matt was keeping a secret.

Matt looked like he was about to explode, he could barely hold back.

"I guess there's no harm telling you guys now. Vince would be making the formal announcement later on," he grinned and burst out, "Jeff just signed on with WWE!"

Hunter clapped his arm around Matt's shoulder, "That is great news! The Hardy Boyz back together again!"

Dave looked at Matt, "Jeff's your brother?"

Both guys turned to look at Dave and then at each other, a puzzled look on their faces.

It suddenly dawned on Matt that Dave had never met Jeff before.

"Oh, you haven't met my brother yet! He left around the time you joined. I'll introduce the two of you later, but I need to go see Vince now. Jeff's in his office. I'll see you guys later."

He quickly made his way out. It wouldn't do to keep Vince waiting. He smiled happily to himself. He was really glad to have Jeff back. They had been away from each other for a long time. Although he got to see Jeff on his off-days, he missed his baby brother somewhat fierce. They had been so close, more than any brothers and Matt still felt it was his duty to watch over him. He was anxious to know if Vince had decided to put them on the same show. He was praying he would, so that he could keep an eye on his little brother.

Matt reached Vince's office and knocked.

"Come in," Vince's authoritative voice resonated clearly through the door. Matt took a deep breath before entering. This was it! He was going to find out if Jeff would be rostered to stay on Smackdown as well.

Dave spent most of the afternoon getting to know his co-workers. He had only been away for nine months but so much had changed. He saw many new faces and was pleased to see that Mark, whom he had grown close to and looked upon as a good friend, was on the same brand as he was, on Raw.

He caught up with Mark and both men got reacquainted with each other. They were seated in the common waiting area with the other wrestlers. They had been given the plans for the night. Their storylines would be opened for discussion. Changes would be made if they were deemed suitable and appropriate. It was all up to Vince who headed the Creative Department and made all the final decisions.

The room was buzzing with endless chatter and discussions on the work plans they had just received. Hunter soon joined them and shortly after, Matt came in and moved to sit beside Dave. Dave noticed that he didn't look too happy and was about to ask him if anything was wrong when Vince walked in and took centre stage.

Everyone immediately hushed up, giving the Chairman their full attention.

Vince greeted everyone, "Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone's got their schedule for the night. Please go through them and if you're not happy with what was planned, you may give me your suggestions and if they are feasible, we'll try to make the necessary changes before the show begins."

He paused and looked at his workers, making sure that he still had their attention.

"Now, before we go into it, I have a few announcements to make. I'll be making some roster changes within the next few days. I have already made a list of those who are affected. Janice is now giving out the official posting results."

Vince continued talking as the results were passed out.

"For those who are affected, all terms and conditions of your contract remain unchanged. If you have a problem with the roster change, you can see me after this and we'll see how best we can work this out."

As expected, everyone started to check where they were posted to. There were sighs of relief and surprised gasps among them.

Vince waited for them to absorb the changes.

"Any questions?"

Matt raised his hand and Vince quirked his eyebrow and gestured for him to speak.

"Vince, couldn't you reconsider my earlier request?"

Vince smiled in understanding, "Matt, I have explained to you why I'm doing this but we can talk about it in my office after this." Matt nodded his assent.

"If there is nothing else, I would like to proceed to the next business at hand."

Everyone quiet down and waited.

"I have just signed on a newbie. Well, not exactly. He was with the company for several years before he left and now he's back with us. Some of you know him very well. He's young and very talented and I would like you to join me to welcome back, Jeff Hardy!"

Cheers and applause erupted when Jeff stepped in through a side door and went to stand beside Vince. He took a bow and waved to the audience, before taking Vince's hand in a handshake.

Matt was already out of his seat and moving forward to pull his brother into a hug. They were immediately surrounded by some of their co-workers from the old days, as well as those who had never met Jeff and wanted to welcome him into their family.

Mark was smiling widely and waited for the crowd to settle down. Moving towards the Hardys, he cleared a path until he was standing just a few feet away from Jeff. Jeff's eyes widened in recognition and in a blink of an eye, he covered the short distance between them and jumped on Mark who caught him with open arms.

"Mark!" Jeff cried out gleefully as he hugged his friend and protector.

"Hello Jeff!" Mark chuckled as he held the younger Hardy in a fierce bear hug. God, he missed the little pup!

Matt stood by and watched, glad that at least Mark would be around to watch over Jeff for him if he was unable to convince Vince to let them stay on the same show.

Mark released Jeff and put him down on his feet. He studied Jeff closely before saying, "You have grown boy and if you don't mind me saying, you have actually become prettier!"

"Hey! Don't make fun of me, Mark!" Jeff punched Mark friendly on his arm while grinning up at him. "I've been working out, put on some weight but other than that, I'm still the same."

Jeff put his hands in the air and performed a pirouette like a dancer, letting Mark see that he was still the same old Jeff Hardy. His exuberance was refreshing, he was just a kid at heart.

Mark shook his head, "I think you're right, you may have grown in size but you have not grown up!"

"There you go again, making fun of me!" Jeff pouted and folded his arms. He had only been there for just a few minutes and Mark was already poking fun at him.

Mark pulled him into a headlock and ruffled his hair playfully, "Don't pout Jeff, it's so unbecoming. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-eight going on eight," he bounced on the balls of his feet, enjoying the playful banter between them.

Mark couldn't help chuckling, Jeff would never change. He was just like before. He brought an energy with him that seemed to radiate and encompass everything around him. You couldn't help but feel drawn to him.

However, he noticed that Jeff had changed physically. His emerald eyes were larger, his lashes longer, his lips were fuller and his chest had filled up. He was not as thin as before. His waist was still small but those hips were fuller, more curvaceous in fact. He had grown his hair to shoulder length and it had green and purple streaks mixed into his natural blonde hair.

Jeff had indeed grown prettier. His looks immediately caught everyone's attention. That fact made Mark feel uneasy. He wasn't sure about Jeff's sexual inclination, but whatever it was, he would have to look out for him. Some of the guys there had displayed homophobia tendencies and might make Jeff their target.

While Mark was busy with his thoughts, Dave couldn't take his eyes off Jeff. He was drawn to him and was studying him with great interest. He couldn't believe that the very attractive young man standing before him was Matt's younger brother. There was no resemblance whatsoever to indicate that they were birthed from the same loins. He waited to be introduced, unconsciously licking his lips as he stared at Jeff.

Matt finally noticed Dave and pulled him forward. He tried to get Jeff's attention.

"Jeff, stop fooling around. I want you to meet someone. Dave, I would like you to meet Jeff, my impossible younger brother who loves to aggravate me and often drives me crazy with his antics."

Jeff stuck out his tongue at Matt before turning his eyes to Dave. Green eyes met dark brown eyes and it seemed time stood still. Jeff could hear his heartbeat, beating rhythmically in time with another. It registered in his mind that it was the heartbeat of the man standing before him. But, how could that be?

He was roused from his reverie by Matt, "Jeff? Are you alright?"

"What? Oh, I'm sorry. Hi, please to meet you." He reached out to shake Dave's outstretched hand.

The moment their hands touched, an invisible electrical charge seemed to run through both of them. Jeff gasped softly when Dave tightened his hand over his instinctively. Dave felt his body tingle with excitement. He quietly swore at himself, he was sexually aroused! His eyes still held onto Jeff's, unwavering.

Jeff, on the other hand, tried to regain his composure, but he could feel his face heating up. Dave had not released his hand and he didn't know if he should try pulling away. Seeing Jeff blushed, Dave came to his senses and reluctantly released his hand. Jeff pulled his eyes away and looked down, unsure how to react.

Their reactions did not escape Matt and Mark's eyes. Matt stared at Dave, a stupefied expression on his face. What was that all about? He turned to look at Jeff who was blushing awkwardly. Something's going on here!

He was positive that something just happened between the two. But Dave wasn't even on to guys! And Jeff? He didn't even know if Jeff was gay or bi. So far, he had not seen his younger brother in any serious relationship, less so with a guy!

His mind plagued with unanswered questions, he stood there considering the possibility that there was an attraction between Dave and Jeff. He didn't have time to ponder on it though, Vince came from behind to cut into his thoughts.

"Matt, you want to take the discussion in my office?"

"Huh, yes sir, lead the way."

He quickly turned to Jeff, "I'll see you later. Just stay with Mark until I come and get you, okay?"

Jeff nodded, "I'll be fine, just go now. Don't keep the boss waiting!"

Jeff watched his brother leave when he felt a hand around his shoulder.

"Jeff, lets go to my room, I want to talk to you alone. We'll see you later, Dave."

Mark firmly pulled Jeff along. He had so many questions to ask the young man. He would talk to Dave after he was finished with Jeff. Jeff turned his head to smile shyly at Dave before they both disappeared from view.

Dave watched them leave, realizing that he was still rooted to the spot even after Mark and Jeff had left the room. He hadn't even mouth a word of greeting to Jeff, he was tongue-tied! He furrowed his brows, did he just had a moment? Was it sexual attraction that he felt for Jeff? It must be! His body and mind told him so. But, I have never even looked at a guy that way before! He was confused, could he be bipolar? He turned to leave, he could read up on that subject on the internet. It would provide all the answers that he needed.

Several pairs of eyes followed him as he left. The owners nodded to each other before taking their leave, leaving a lone guy sitting at the table with his salacious thoughts.

He couldn't believe it, Jeff was back! The young man was more beautiful than ever, if that was possible! He licked his lips as he thought of that lithe body. He had definitely filled up, his hip was fuller and that ass looked so tight and firm! That small waist, he could easily wrap both his hands around it and oh God, he would love to run his hands along those long and slim legs that seemed to go on forever! That pretty face! Those mesmerizing emerald eyes with the long lashes and that mouth! Those sultry lips would taste delicious! He could imagine those lips wrapped around him!

The man felt his cock twitched with the images going through his mind. He was breathing heavily with his lustful thoughts. Standing up, he adjusted his pants to hid his arousal and walked away. He would find a way to get his hands on that little beauty. The young man escaped once, he would not let him get out of his clutches this time!


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