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Truth/Lie: Explanation



I stared into my bowl of cereal, dangerously close to falling asleep and drowning in the milk.


Truth: I'm not a morning person. At all.

It used to piss off my family, but hey, I'm 16 years old.

Deal with it.


My short, black hair poofed out from my head in a tangled nest. I wasn't wearing makeup; I had stopped using it after discovering it gave me rashes. Plus, I hid inside my favorite oversized sweatshirt like always. Overall, I looked like crap, unlike my fashion-conscious sister.

Hanabi sat next to me in a skin-baring ensemble, complaining about the nutrition of a bowl of cereal.

"This crap is like 5,000 calories!" she shrieked, tossing her glossy, brown hair for a dramatic effect. "How am I supposed to fit into my new miniskirt after breakfast?"

"I'm the one eating it, not you," I pointed out, wondering how we were sisters.


Lie: Hanabi and I are the exact same.

Truth: Hanabi, unlike me, wants people to notice her naturally good looks.

She constantly reapplies lip gloss and diets almost to the point of anorexia.

She has also inherited the long, luxurious Hyuuga hair that never frizzes.

Even though she's only 11 years old, she's way better looking.

And more confident.


Speaking of confidence, Mr. Confident himself strode into the kitchen.

"You shouldn't be concerned about your weight, Hanabi," Neji stated as he sat down across from me with a peeled banana in his hand. "Or wearing those type of clothes."

"It's better than dressing in that," Hanabi rolled her eyes as she pointed at my outfit.

Well, excuse me for not looking like a slut! In fact, I dressed like the exact opposite of one. On purpose, of course.

My so-called sister then left for school, skipping breakfast altogether. Again.


Truth: I am Hinata Hyuuga, the daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga, the sister of Hanabi Hyuuga, and the cousin of Neji Hyuuga.

Lie: I love being a Hyuuga.


Neji and I ate breakfast in silence. Actually, it was just Neji who was eating; I just continued to stir my bowl of cereal. The soggy, chocolate chunks looked like crap, literally. There was no way I was going to eat something diarrhea-like. I dumped the contents of my breakfast into the sink.

"That's a waste of food," he pointed out.

Then he got up, threw away his banana peel, and left for school.

"You're a waste of life," I mumbled, letting my morning grouchiness get the best of me.

I reluctantly followed my cousin to school.

"Okay," Kakashi-sensei said lazily, "how about let's just have a little reading time today? You guys deserve a break from diagramming sentences."

The class cheered him on for being so understanding of a teenager's needs. I silently groaned when I noticed that he pulled out a copy of Icha Icha Tactics and hungrily started reading. Why was I cursed to have such a perverted teacher?

"I don't have a book to read!" Naruto yelled aloud.

On cue, a blush appeared oh-so-noticeably across my pale face. My stuttering kicked in automatically.

"Y-y-you can b-borrow my b-book," I said quietly as I held out Memoirs of a Geisha.

I knew my offering wouldn't really suffice. Naruto probably preferred comic books, but I offered it anyway just in case.

After eyeing the novel he declared, "Sorry, Hinata, but that has too many pages. It'll make my brain hurt."

"O-okay," I squeaked as I looked down in disappointment.


Lie: I have a crush on Naruto Uzumaki.

Truth: I pretend to have one in order to hide the truth about my real crush, Sasuke Uchiha.

After all, I can't risk having Sasuke pay any attention to me.

Since he's the most popular guy in school, all of the girls would pay attention to me too.

They wouldn't like it if I stole Sasuke from them.

IF I even did, which I never will. Too risky.


"Oh, Sakura! Can I borrow your book?" Naruto grinned at the pink-haired beauty.

"Get away from me, Naruto!" Sakura Haruno shouted.

"I know you want me," he muttered.

She smacked him before turning to Sasuke and squealing, "Sasuke! Your lips look so sexy today! Mind if I inspect them?"

I felt like bitch-slapping her, but decided to stay in my seat. After all, I couldn't have people staring at me, wondering what possessed me to actually do something other than sit and draw.


Lie: I'm shy.

Truth: I pretend to be shy… because of him.

I tend to pretend a lot; I guess you can call it lying.


As always, Sasuke ignored Sakura's attempts to flirt with him. As always, I sighed in relief. For now, he was still single.

"You know what? You guys are too noisy," Kakashi-sensei suddenly spoke to the class, eyes occasionally drifting to his perverted book. "I change my mind. We're going to diagram sentences."

He paused as the class started to groan.

"Fine, we're not going to diagram sentences. You're going to diagram sentences. Alone," he threatened, looked at his book, then softened. "With partners."

He scribbled a couple of random sentences onto the board as everybody started pairing off. Chouji and Shikamaru. Kiba and Shino. Gaara and Kankuro. Temari and TenTen. Of course, I didn't have any friends in class, so I was alone. Unless…

I looked at Naruto and stuttered, "N-naruto? Do y-you want to b-be-"

"Sorry, Hinata! I'm already partners with Sakura," he interrupted with a sloppy grin.

"Hell no! I'm partners with Sasuke!" Sakura screeched as she grabbed onto the Uchiha's biceps. "Oh, Sasuke, have you been working out?"


Lie: It didn't bother me at all how Sakura openly flirted with Sasuke.


He brushed her off and stated, "I'm working alone."

She squealed, "But Kakashi-sensei said we need partners!"

"Fine," he grunted. "I'm partners with Hinata."

Sakura and I gasped at the same time, both surprised. Sakura looked like she wanted to strangle me while I tried not to smile.

"Her? But she doesn't even talk!" she pouted.


That's a lie…


"Exactly," he smirked as he gathered his belongings and sat next to me.


but if it drew him to me, I wouldn't mind pretending.

I would just have to be careful to not let him get too close, though.


"Since we're partners, you're going to have to talk," Sasuke stated.

"O-okay," I said, barely audible.

"Let's do number one," he sighed.

We worked well together, not saying any more than we had to.

I even remembered to add the appropriate amount of stuttering. Too much would make him think I like him. Too little would ruin my disguise of shyness.

As we diagramed the sentences, I couldn't help but think we were bonding. This pleased me and worried me at the same time.

"Do you like Naruto?" Sasuke asked suddenly.

I blushed, "U-um... w-why?"

"It seems like you do," he shrugged, "though I don't know why. He's annoying."


Lie: I disagreed with Sasuke.


"N-no he's n-not!" I argued. "N-n-naruto is v-very nice!"

"So you do like him," Sasuke smirked.


That's definitely a lie.


"A l-little," I whispered.

"Good," he grunted. "I hate it when girls are obsessed with me, like Sakura."

I winced at that statement. What would Sasuke think if he found out that I too was a fangirl? Well, I couldn't let him find out anyway.


Truth: Lying always ends up hurting you.

I just had to pretend to be shy, though.

I had to pretend to blend into the background, to be a wallflower.

I couldn't be noticed by anyone, even if I did like Sasuke.

Kiba… He was the one who made me like this…

Lie: It wasn't my fault for letting Kiba hurt me.


"B-but Sakura likes y-you," I mentioned.

"That's the problem. I'm not interested in looking for a girlfriend right now," Sasuke stated, "especially one who's addicted to touching my hair."

"O-okay," I squeaked, embarrassed because I had daydreams of running my fingers through his locks like Sakura did.

"Hey, Sasuke! You're already done with your sentences? You're so smart! Come help me with my work; my partner doesn't know a thing," Sakura butted in and grabbed his wrist. "Maybe you can tutor me sometime!"

I looked down and mumbled, "Thanks f-for being my p-partner."

"It's better being with the mute than Sakura," he said to himself, but I heard him.

Hell yeah!! He liked me better than Sakura!!

Hell no… I couldn't let this happen.


Truth: Due to my illusion of shyness, I have no friends at my current school.

That's why I call Ino, my friend from my previous school, so I don't feel too socially inept.


"He liked being my partner!" I gushed into the phone while doodling in my sketchbook. "He thinks I'm better than that bitch Sakura!"


Lie: After moving to Konoha High, I decided to start anew and changed everything about me.

This includes adding shyness and subtracting hobbies.

Truth: I couldn't bear to stop drawing.

Without it, I would probably be even more insane than I already am.


After school, I had immediately dialed Ino's number and listened to her rant on how pointless learning math was. In turn, I described to her my total Sasuke-loves-me moment.

"You're so lucky you got a hottie crawling over you," Ino squealed.

"Actually, we didn't really talk," I admitted. "He thinks I'm shy."

I scribbled all over my sketch and turned to a fresh new page.

"Since when is Hinata Hyuuga the timid kind?" she fake gasped.

"Um, I've been pretending to be shy ever since I moved here a month ago," I explained.

"You need to forget him," Ino said seriously, shedding her usually playful demeanor.

I knew that she was implying about Kiba, not Sasuke. I stopped drawing for a second, looked at my work, and scribbled over it. Ugh, why was I screwing everything up?

"I'm sorry, but I can't," I said quietly. "I have to be shy and quiet now. I don't want anybody noticing me again, not after…Kiba."

"You don't want anybody noticing you? Not even Sasuke?" she inquired.

"Well," I hesitated. "I can't trust him; I can't trust anybody."

"He's not like Kiba; nobody can be as jerky as him," Ino insisted.

"Yeah," I agreed, clutching my pencil. "It's too bad I found that out the hard way."

"Hinata, you have to forget him," Ino said. "You have to be yourself."


Truth: Ino was right; I shouldn't lie about who I am because of something Kiba did to me a month ago.

Lie: I followed her advice.


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