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Word Count: One hundred each drabble.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: alert. Two related drabbles of Sam and Dean on the hunt for vamps. Possible spoiler if you haven't seen Bloodlust.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. This is for entertainment only, and not for profit.

The heads-up came from one of the vamp wanna-bes in town. There were hunters in the area.

Two of them, two brothers, the same ones who let Lenore and her group live.

Frank knew the story. And Frank could care less.

He loved his unlife now, took whatever, whoever he wanted, anytime he wanted.

Now he wanted the younger brother, the shaggy one. Didn't matter how good this hunter was, he was only human.

The freakishly tall kid stepped out, machete in hand. Frank laughed as he turned to face him.

Frank's head separated from his shoulders.

Just like that.

One more.