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Author's Rant: So, here we are... embarking on a hundred chapter journey known as the 100 themes challenge! (fireworks blow up in the air) My friend on deviantART challenged me, and since I can't draw worth a smelly crap, I thought I'd write this instead. Hey, it gets the job done. For this challenge, I'll be using Adventure 02 and possibly Frontier from time to time, as well. Well, I've blabbered enough. Hop on the bandwagon with me and enjoy!

JUST SO YOU KNOW: The themes will NOT be in chronological order. So they could be in college one chapter and old cronies the next (not that I intend on writing them as old cronies... hahaha). I guess you could call this a collection of random drabbles.


I sighed as the professor walked into the classroom, her wild hair frazzled and papers falling out of her bag. When I signed up for this psychology course, I hadn't known that our teacher was psychotic! In a way, she kind of reminded me of Jyou - always running late, like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I heard snickers from higher up in the room (we were in a lecture hall, so the set-up was kind of like an auditorium), and someone snorted into their coffee upon sight of her, spraying the helpless girl in from of him with scorching liquid. Despite the large size of the room, there were only about twenty of us, at most.

They're all a bunch of idiots... I thought. Why couldn't I have just gone to Odaiba University with everyone else? Why did my mother insist that I come with her to America? Even though in America I was considered of age, back home the child was under the care of the parent until they turned 20, so even if I had stayed to attend college there, I wouldn't have had anywhere to stay. Onii-chan and Dad would have taken me in if they could, but as it were, there was no more room for another bed, and the rule of the apartment complex was if there weren't enough beds, then that was just too bad. I sighed again. So what if I can still see everyone in the Digital World? This place is a hell-hole!

When the professor had finally pulled herself together, she turned to the room in general and smiled. "Welcome, class, to the wonderful world of psychology! Since our class is so small, I'd like to start by getting to know each other better. I would like for you to introduce yourself, by stating your name, your age, where you come from, and something about you that others wouldn't know." The cheerfulness in her voice was laid on so thick that it was sickening. I rested my head in the palm of my hand - I could feel a headache coming on. It was only a matter of time. "Any volunteers to start us off? No? Well, then, young lady in the front, why don't you go ahead?"

A timid looking, dark haired girl looked up, and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "Umm... my name is Claire Blackwood. I'm nineteen, I'm from Kalamazoo, Missouri and I'm majoring in law?" The way the girl answered sounded more like a question than an answer. A pair of boys in the back of the room erupted in laughter.

"Law? You couldn't argue yourself into a guy's pants!" he chortled. It was quite obvious that he was under the influence of... something, and I guessed that he was probably either drunk or smoking pot. Most likely both.

"If you're so clever, why don't you introduce yourself, piss-breath?" another girl snapped. She was donned all in black and decked out in spikes, and looked ready to kill. I made a mental note not to ever make her mad.

"Sure, honey, anything for you! The name's Johnny D'Angelo, 21, from sweet home Alabama, and I'd really like to get some of that licorice!" Johnny's buddy honked in laughter, and the scary chick just rolled her eyes with a disgusted look on her face. By now I was really close to just getting up, walking out and getting on the next flight to Narita Airport. I was self-reliant enough; I could figure out things when I got there. The introductions went on, and I did my best to ignore them, until the professor called on me.

"It looks like you're the only one left!" she stated, which was obvious. Nothing was more annoying than stating the obvious. "Go ahead, you've got the floor."

With a forced sigh, I stood, and earned a couple of weird glances from my classmates. Apparantly none of them had stood for their introductions, and I was cursing my habit from Japanese schooling. "I'm Takaishi Takeru. I'm eighteen years old, from Odaiba, Japan and I really wish I weren't here right now." With that, I slumped in my seat. The two idiots in the back, Johnny and his goon, howled in laughter, and even the teacher seemed... interested, that I wasn't American.

"Oh, an international student? I haven't had one this year; you're the first, Takaishi, congratulations!" She giggled. "But, your name is kind of long... can I call you Taka for short?"

I felt a vein throb in my temple as the blood rushed to my face. I'd slipped up in my English and said my first name last - something that was always so perplexing to Americans for no reason. "My name is Takeru," I said through gritted teeth.

"But you just said--"

"My family name is Takaishi. My given name is Takeru. In Japanese, we say our family name first because it is respectful to our ancestors." I hadn't realized that I was this irritated - but I guess I'd never had to explain my name to anyone before. What the hell was so confusing about it? But Johnny's little friend wouldn't let it go.

"In case you hadn't noticed, we're in America, dumbass! Learn to speak English! Or is it too hard to rearn? 'We say our famiry name first because it is respectfur to our ancestors!'" he mocked. "So much for the geniuses of the world!" That was it. I shouldered my backpack and turned my back to the teacher. On the way out, I turned and socked both Johnny and his friend as hard as I could, and smirked.

"It doesn't take a genius to know how to fight," I sneered. And then I was on my way back to my mom's apartment, ready to chew her out and retreat to the Digital World for some time to cool off. Just wait 'till the others hear about this... I slammed the classroom doors so hard that the window on it cracked a little.

The professor just turned and looked at meek little Claire at the front of the room. "Was it something I said?"


A/N: Annnnnnd there you have it, folks. Chapter one is done. I don't like it too much, because it's kind of a boring theme. Once I get the ball rolling, there are some interesting themes on down the list, but the first couple are really lame and generic, so you'll have to bear with me. Until next time, ja ne!

PS. When thinking of the professor in this drabble, think of Professor Trelawny from the Harry Potter movies! :P