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Whoever said magic isn't real has told nothing short of a lie. I should know, and I'll tell you why. It cannot be learned or wanted or sought; quite frankly, it is merely a thought. The thought does not have to do with magic at all. In fact, it comes from a wish, no matter how big or how small. A wish to help ones friends in need, or a wish for a gain stemmed from greed. How can it be so simple and plain? Well, my name is Wizarmon - let me explain.

The wish is a thought that comes from the heart. Therefore, it is still a thought, and that is the start. The wish then becomes a "real" thought the mind can read, and then it gets the attention it so desperately needs. The thought becomes a spell that the thinker can say, and voila! You have magic where the wish is portrayed.

Are you with me so far? Did everything click? Hmm... I may have gone on a little too quick. I shall have to slow down my pace, and show you a scene where some magic takes place.

Imagine a monster - let's say a giant squid - picking on a couple of poor, helpless kids. They're quite clearly in danger, stuck in a rut, one kid's stunned speechless and the other's eyes are clenched shut. I just happen upon this horrible sight, and my heart cries out "I have to fight!" And so I think with all of my might, This creature must fall! and out comes the spell, "Electro Squall!" The children are safe to live another day, because of the magic that blew the monster away!

Ehh? What's this? You call me a fool? Why, Tailmon, must you be so cruel? I'm only making fun of myself, keep in mind! Sheesh, good company these days is so hard to find. You have to go and spoil the fun, when my tales are second to none! These children asked for a bedtime routine, and to give them one I was only too keen. What? You think I'm corrupting their heads? Nonsense, dear cat, only helping them to bed! You say they'll have nightmares if I'm not wary? But this telling of magic was quite far from scary!


Okay, okay! I get it, I'll desist! No more nighttime adventures, since you insist! I'll take my departure just as soon as can be! Just please, Tailmon... don't kill me.


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