E/O Challenge

Word: Alert

Word Count: 100 – On the nose

Disclaimer: I own nothing – it all belongs to Kripke, but I sure do like playing with his toys!

Never Accept a Drink From a Stranger Chapter 1 by Impaladreams

Dean raised desperate, bloodshot eyes towards where his brother sat blocking the doorway.

"Lemme go to her, Sam. I gotta find her. She's calling me, she needs me."

"Dean, I can't let you go, dude. I just got you back. It'll wear off soon, I promise."

"Sam, what the hells wrong with you. You're just jealous cause she doesn't want you!"

He advanced menacingly, grabbed Sam's jacket and hauled him from the seat.

"Dean, don't!"

"Get out of my way, Sam, or I swear I'll put you down."

Dean turned, alerted by the soft click as the door handle turned.


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