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The room felt empty.

That was the first thing Ken noticed when he entered his brother's room. Only hours after the funeral and not even a week since his untimely death; already a fine layer of dust coated the surface of the bedroom.

No one had been in there since the accident… until now. Ken had come home early—eyes still swollen and bloodshot—only to find himself standing in the doorway of his now-deceased older brother's room.

He was clutching a photo frame, one with Sam's image in it, as he remarked several things simultaneously.

First, Sam's computer was still on, its humming sound thrumming throughout the room. Second, Sam's bed was unmade, which meant that he really shouldn't have had breakfast that morning because Mom always said that only good boys got to eat breakfast after they'd gotten dressed and made their bed.

Thirdly and lastly, most of Sam's textbooks were strewn across the computer desk and littered on the floor, indicating that the Ichijoji genius had been in the middle of a study session before…

Curious as to what Sam had been studying; Ken stepped forward and waded through the mess of notebooks, pens, heavy textbooks and calculators before hesitantly skimming his hand across an open book. His eyes traced the words across the page in wonderment at his brother's genius. He frowned at the words he didn't understand, but hurriedly snatched up a dictionary, determined to comprehend at the very least what the book was rambling about.

After much flipping through the reference book, Ken smiled a bit to himself. Now that he grasped all that technical jargon, this stuff wasn't so hard.

Taking one of Sam's pens (he knew it was his brother's because it was all chewed up on the end), Ken began solving equations and figuring out problems.

Before long, Sam's homework was done and Ken was really smiling for the first time in a week. He felt like now, there was a part of Sam with him—guiding him, helping him. Remembering what he'd brought into the room with him, Ken placed the framed photo on his brother's desk, and he decided that maybe this room didn't feel so empty after all.

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